an unfamiliar ceiling

Prompt 3

It was supposed to be shorter (; ̄д ̄)

Draco ran his finger along the rim of his empty glass absently. The edges of his vision swam as he looked up at the bartender who raised a single perfectly groomed eyebrow at him.

“Another?” she asked.

Draco closed his eyes briefly, squeezing them until they ached, “Bring me… whatever’s next on the menu.”

“Yeah, alright,” she smirked, taking his empty glass, “What did you think about the French 75 then?”

“Nice, lovely,” Draco said absently, not entirely sure he could remember precisely what the last drink had tasted like.

“One Dark n’ Stormy, comin’ up,” she said brightly.

Draco sighed he fished a few more muggle notes from his pocket and shoved it on the other side of the bar. She had been very friendly all night not that he was surprised. There weren’t many people in the bar on a tuesday evening, much less a sad drunk wizard who was likely overpaying a great deal because he honestly couldn’t be arsed to check the numbers on his flimsy paper money.

He ignored her attempts at conversation when she returned and took the tall glass of what tasted like rum and ginger beer. Draco was prepared to stumble through something approximating a conversation when someone sat beside him, ordering a rum and coke and sending her off.

Draco blinked, his brow furrowing, the voice beside him had sounded familiar. Draco turned slowly so his head wouldn’t fall off and found the other bloke watching him curiously. The other bloke that looked remarkably, disturbingly, identical to Harry Potter.

Potter tried on a hesitant smile, “What’s a pretty thing like you doing in a place like this?”

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Under Appreciated TFB Lyrics

“I’m stabbing at the thoughts only to see what’s bleeding while I’m tripping acid and you’re tripping mushrooms.”- The Wrong Way

“You and your friends feel free and you’re way too cool for me and you do drugs now and all your problems run so deep”- Taking My Uzi to the Gym

“I keep asking questions I will never know the answers to”- The Winds

“It’s okay to give up ‘cause nobody here could care less”- So Sick We’re Dead

“We are so dishonest with ourselves”- So Sick We’re Dead

“Keep yourself distant and remote, unhappy and alone”- So Sick We’re Dead

“Times were pretty good before they started to unwind”- Silver Shinbone (Bucket Song)

“Believe me I’ve tried, and what I found
Was what we have is nowhere near as good as what we should have by now”- Not Yet

“I’m fine, I’m alright, but I will never let it go”- Somebody Else

“I have no idea what you’re going through so I won’t act like I do”- Somebody Else

“If I tell you all my secrets will you tell me all your lies?”- Pale Beneath the Tan (Squeeze)

“He said no one’s going to listen until you mean every word you say”- Pale Beneath the Tan (Squeeze)

“We keep saying we’re unhappy and they keep saying that we’re fine”- Pale Beneath the Tan (Squeeze)

“Everything you’re feeling is common even though you’ve never felt so alone”- Rhode Island

“She says you gotta promise not to break no matter how far you are bent”- Rhode Island

“I wanna be stronger than your dad was for your mom”- Santa Monica

“If you need a little sunshine you can borrow some of mine. It’s okay if you’re unhappy, I would say before I leave her,
just take a look around there’s no one here that’s happy either”- Lonely Eyes

“If for some reason, you don’t feel like talking, I would just sit and enjoy your company”- Lonely Eyes

“Stop asking questions and learn to accept that the things that we have right now are the best things we’ve had yet”- Molly

“In this moment, I was pretty pleased with the person I was pretending to be”- Summer Shandy

“Well I’m staring at unfamiliar ceiling and I should leave ‘cause everybody here is tripping some new drug, except for me. WHY?! ‘Cause I don’t have the money”- More Than It Hurts You

“I am alone only half of the time, the other half I am only hiding”- Legit Tattoo Gun

“There’s a voice in the back of my head in the back of my head, says, ‘let 'em be just let them be happy.’”-Legit Tattoo Gun

“Whenever I’m alone or feeling lonely 
I pretend I can play the drums 
Inside my head”- Legit Tattoo Gun

“I need to stop playing out relationships
inside of my head because every one of my memories is filled with shit you never even said.”- If You’re Happy

“I’m scared I’m gonna die as lonely as I feel right now”- Lipstick Covered Magnet

“And this is only a cry for help, you said watch me fade away.”- If You’re Happy

“Today we could do something we would’ve never done before”- Jim Bogart

“Hey, Sweetheart, where’d you get those eyes? You think that I could have a pair?”- Just as Big, Twice as Swollen

“I should hug my friends more than I do”- The Distance That I Fell

“All the kids I used to spend my time with but now can’t stand seem to be dying”- The Bells

“She’ll go to church and pray to god one day but is she getting into heaven? There is no fucking way”- Carry Me Down the Street

“The end of the world makes me nervous because I, for one, have not found god yet or someone to fall in love with, rob a bank, shoot a cop with”- The Cops

“Don’t ask questions, keep your head down, learn your lessons, 'cause no one with money ever goes to jail”- Current Events

“Only the strong survive and that is only the biggest lie”- Current Events

“I shaved my head last night to start anew in a chapter I call without you and it’s going to be the best I’ve ever written”- Current Events

“Sometimes you get sad when we’re together because you’re not sure if you’ll miss me when I’m gone”- Everything I Own

“I get these strange phone calls at night with no one on the other side”- Flying Model Rockets

“I’m always focusing on the wrong things and then the wrong things become everything, I don’t know what I’m gonna do I don’t know what I’m gonna do about anything”- HELP

“She is begging you not to cut your hair 'cause curly hair don’t look good cut short”- Hooped Earings

“She’s coming over because it’s better than being alone”- I Think Your Nose is Bleeding

“Well I’m not going to sit here and deny what I think I felt”- I Think Your Nose is Bleeding

“I’ll stop writing the book because the book, I realized, was boring”- I Wrote a Book

“I just want this to mean something to anybody even if they don’t know who I am”- Swear To God The Devil Made Me Do It

“It’s a shame the bad habits are the hardest ones to break”- Swear To God The Devil Made Me Do It

“I will stop cutting my pants into shorts, I will address the issues I cannot ignore, I will do the things that I think you might like, and I will be alone probably the rest of my life”- Swimming Pool

“I have been thinking about letting my hair grow, I have been thinking about cutting it short, I have been thinking about dying it yellow, but I don’t think I have the bone structure or wardrobe to support that type of look”- More Than It Hurts You
Fic: Over My Dead Body

I have no idea what this is or why this happened… but here. Have a High School!Olicity with a little bit of Tommy Merlyn thrown in. 

Prompt: You look like shit. 

“You look like shit.”

“Shut up, Tommy,” Felicity says, holding onto her stomach as she tries not to throw up.

She’d told Mr. Walsh that she didn’t feel good today and he’d still made her run the mile. She should sue the school for negligence.

Better yet, she should vomit all over his precious Reeboks.

How is it that tuition here is thousands of dollars a year and they can’t afford competent teachers? Felicity would have been better off turning down her scholarship and attending public school.

“Are you going to barf? Because I have to tell you, Smoak. I’m a sympathy puker. If you throw up, I will, too,” Tommy says, earning him a glare.

A wave of pain hits her and she doubles over, crying out.

“Mr. Walsh, I don’t think Felicity is doing too good,” Tommy calls out, putting a comforting hand on her back.

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Trauma and Healing: Cigarettes [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: Jeez part 3 took way longer than expected. Sorry my loves I hope you all like it!

Warning: Mental Illness (hearing voices/mentions of schizophrenia), Mentions of abuse/rape.

Ch. 1 - Ch. 2 - Ch. 4


Ch. 3 Cigarettes

That night wasn’t very hectic. Jason had offered you his room once more but you declined, saying the couch would be fine and that he should get some rest having saved you and all. But you couldn’t sleep, left to be staring at the ceiling of this unfamiliar apartment.

Examining the ceiling you memorized each and every dent or chip in the paint. However your attention was drawn away by the sound of someone’s feet hitting the fire escape and climbing up it.

Curiosity getting the better of you led to you escaping your blankets and following the source of the footsteps. Reaching the top of the building you saw Jason with his back turned to you. Telling it was him by the leather jacket he was wearing. Noticing as he lifted his hand occasionally to his mouth.

Upon coming closer you saw the cigarette in his hand.

“Sorry, I guess I wasn’t as quiet as I was trying to be” he looked over his shoulder at you. His voice startling you. But you shook it off and leaned against the ledge next to him. Your arms only a few inches from his.

“Couldn’t sleep” You shrugged, looking out at the city skyline. “What city are we in?”

“Coast city” He answered before taking another drag of his cigarette.

“It’s beautiful” eyes scanning from right to left. You noticed Jason shift next to you. Looking over you saw him present a box to you, “Want one?”

You examined the box which turned out to be a cigarette box. Hesitantly you took the box from his hands and tapped the end making one slide out. Handing the box back he offered you a light. You’d never had a cigarette before but for some reason the tobacco just sounded appealing.

Taking your first drag of one, you began hacking. Jason couldn’t hold back the chuckle that escaped his throat, “You didn’t say you were a first timer.” Looking over to see a smile had taken over his features.

“Yeah well they didn’t exactly give us such luxuries” You chuckled and he nodded. Taking another drag, doing it correctly this time. Immediately feeling a sense of relaxation, it not only helping your physical muscles but your mental state.

“Wow, it’s actually helping with the voices” you muttered to yourself. Though Jason heard it, “Do you hear them often?” he was still watching you.

Turning your head to meet his eyes, “More often than not” fiddling with the stick in your hand. “No matter what it feels like they are always there in the back of my head.”

“I kind of understand that. When I came out of the pit, I heard voices, or what I thought were voices. Maybe they were, maybe it was just my imagination.” he shrugged. You nodded, even though you didn’t know what this ‘pit’ was.

“Yeah” sighing before bringing the cigarette to your lips once more. A comfortable silence falling between the both of you.

After a minute or so Jason broke the silence, “Hey um. You don’t have to answer this, but did you have any pre-existing conditions before the particle accelerator?” his eyes watching as your expression fell sombre.

“Um. Kind of. I was beginning to develop schizophrenia. It was very minor before the accelerator explosion, nothing anti-psychotics couldn’t handle. But the night of the accelerator explosion there were also some other mental things going on that night. I’d rather not talk about that though. Everything got enhanced from it, that was when I started to actually hear and kind of feel the voices. But the outbursts became less common and I would be able to tell when they were coming. In a way it made it both worse and. better.” Nervously scratching the back of your neck.

He nodded understandingly. “I’m sorry you had to go through all of that. We did a lot of monitoring of that group, I know everything they did. A person shouldn’t have to endure that.” his eyes diverted from yours, looking down at the concrete ledge.

Your eyes diverted to the same place. Remembering everything they would do. The beating, starving, rape, all of it. “Yeah, me too.” Feeling tears sting the corners of your eyes. Quickly you wiped them away before taking another breath of the tobacco. Silence falling over the both of you once more.

Jason watched you as you stared out at the city lights. Thinking about all the torture you must’ve gone through, how scary this must be for you. “[F/n] I want you to know that no matter what Kori, Roy, and I aren’t going to let anything happen to you. You’re safe here.”

You looked at him quickly, astonishment painted plainly on your face. Processing what he said you nodded.

“Come on, you should get some rest” nodding his head in the direction of the fire escape after putting his cigarette out. You nodded, putting your own out before following him.

He helped you back down, though before you both entered the apartment he stopped and looked at you. “Since you told me about some things about you tonight. How about we do this again tomorrow night, there are some things about me I’d like you to know as well.” This caught you by surprise, but smiling you answered “Sure.”

He smiled to before pushing the window open, letting you go in first. When you were in he didn’t take long to follow. Snuggling back into the blankets on the couch as he went to his room, but before going in he said “Goodnight [F/n]”

You stayed hidden by the back of the couch and answered, “Goodnight Jason” a smile gracing your lips. Thinking that there was something different about him, a good different. The kind of good that gave you butterflies in your stomach and made your heart tingle. Though you forced yourself to suppress these thoughts so you could finally allow yourself to sleep.

When you woke up the next morning you were a bit taken aback. Having to reprocess everything that happened the prior day. The final thing to flash in your memory was that cigarette with Jason.

Letting out a sigh while sitting up. It was still early and the Outlaws were all still asleep. Not exactly sure what to do you just wandered around the area, looking at the multiple novels on the bookshelf.

Sliding one from its place. ‘The Great Gatsby’ the title read. You didn’t have much of an education, having been taken when you were young. Having only basic math and reading skills, skimming through the pages but there were many words you didn’t fully comprehend.

“A classic” jumping at the unfamiliar voice you heard. Quickly turning to see Batman and The Green Arrow standing in the room.

“Don’t scare the poor kid Bats” Green Arrow commented. You gave him a weak smile. Soon enough you heard a door open.

“Just let yourself in why don’t ya” Seeing Roy come into the room. “Good to see you to Roy” he walked over to him. Putting a hand on his shoulder, you smiled at the relationship.

“Let me get the others” Roy said before heading away from the three of you. Though you couldn’t help but feel intimidated, Batman hadn’t taken his eyes off of you. Did he find you a threat?

Shifting uncomfortably before placing the book back on the shelf. Beginning to hear the voices again, whispering terrible things to you. That’s one thing you never want to tell them about. The things the voices said.

You visibly winced at the words. ‘Kill. It’s the only way to survive. Take them now.’ The faint whisper said to you. “Just stop” whispering to yourself.

“Is something wrong?” The same voice said. You turned and shook your head. Feeling relief when the others came into the room.

The three looked at you, sensing the discomfort. “Let’s talk in here, just give us a minute” Roy gestured to the kitchen. The two went onto the kitchen leaving you with Roy, Kori, and Jason.

“Are you alright?” Kori came up in front of you.

“I uh. I don’t really know. It’s just the voices they.. never mind it’s dumb” you sputtered, not knowing how to communicate what the voices just told you without giving up what they said.

“You don’t have to be afraid to tell us” Roy followed, putting a hand on your shoulder. Flinching slightly before relaxing under his hand.

“I’d just, I’d rather not.” Looking over to Jason pleadingly. He took notice, “It’s alright you can tell us when you’re ready” stepping up. Allowing you to breath a relieved sigh.

They looked back at Jason before returning their attention to you. “Well no matter what we’ll be here every step of the way. Don’t be afraid to ask us for anything or say that you’re uncomfortable.” Kori smiled at you warmly.

“Thank you guys. I really appreciate everything you’re doing for me.” Smiling at the three. Roy smiled wide,”It may only be a day but you’re already apart of the family my friend” he laughed. Making you and Kori smile. Noticing a smile pull at the corner of his lips.

“We’ll be right in here. If you want you can come join us but no pressure” Roy said ruffling your hair. You were already beginning to get used to his actions.

After that the three went into the kitchen.

Sitting in the couch, letting out a relieved breath. It felt like Batman could see right through you but they really just seemed to know how to calm you down. Running a hand through your hair before thinking you were really going to like it here.

In the kitchen the five had all gotten to talking.

“What do you mean she has schizophrenia? I thought she said it was from the powers.” Roy looked at Jason confused.

“I don’t know it seems she had a minor case of it and the dark matter enhanced it in someway. Since then she’s had those outbursts less I guess but the voices got worse.” Jason looked around at the group.

“We should do some sort of testing. Figure out if this is a meta gene or something different” Oliver suggested.

“What? No! This girl has been poked and prodded like an animal for years there’s no way we’re going to do the same thing to her.” Jason objected, the other two nodding.

“How do you know you can even trust her?” Bruce asked sternly. Staring down the three.

“I don’t mind tests” they all turned to see you in the doorway. No one said anything so you continued, “I understand you need a reason to trust me, so let this be that. I’m used to the needles” you shrugged with a small smile.

“[F/n] you don’t have to” Kori walked over to you.

“It’s fine, honestly I’d like to know what the cause of all this is as well. I’m sitting in the dark here” your tone was surprisingly calm and rational.

“We have the equipment with us. It’s just a simple blood draw and maybe a few other things” Green Arrow looked over to you.

Nodding you sat on a chair in the kitchen and held out your arm for their test as they got things prepared.

Kori, Roy, and Jason came over to you. “Are you sure about this?” Jason asked, concern laced in his voice. You nodded “Yeah, it’s about time I know where all of this is coming from.”

They all exchanged a look before letting out a collective sigh. “Alright, but we’re not going anywhere. If you ever want to back out of this we’ll make sure they stop” Roy affirmed making a smile pull at your lips.

“We will let them get started but if you want I can stand over here with you.” Kori offered. You smiled at her “Yeah I’d appreciate that.” She took your hand, “Any nervousness and I will be right here”

Jason and Roy went and stood by the wall, out of the way.

‘How can she be so calm about this? After everything she’s gone through. Just accepts these tests. I don’t get it’ Jason said. “She’s strongly” Roy answered looking at Jason

But Jason’s eyes never left you. They were Looking for some physical tell, some hint that you didn’t want this and he’d pull the plug.

But there was nothing. Nothing but calm. However we all know the phrase

‘The calm before the storm’

When Will woke up, it was to stare at an unfamiliar ceiling.

Actually, it wasn’t so much unfamiliar (it was strikingly similar to the Ravenclaw ceiling,) as it was just different, and it was strangely bothersome to his fever addled mind. Why were the details red and gold? Why weren’t there ravens everywhere? Why was it so similar while being so upsettingly different at the same time?

It took him a minute or two to process, wake up, realize- but it eventually came back to him. Nico had found him trying to study in the hall, stolen his textbook, and taken him to the Gryffindor dormitories to rest. Glancing down, the covers having been kicked off at some point in his sleep, he found himself clad in one of Nico’s shirts and only his boxers.

Will’s memory of changing was all but completely gone, and when he thought about it, he didn’t really remember getting into bed either. He knew he’d been tired, but could he have been that tired? The situation was incredibly similar to the one in which he’d had a little too much to drink at the party celebrating a win for the Ravenclaw quidditch team and he woke up with little to no memories of how he got where he was.

Nico wasn’t in his immediate field of vision, though nobody seemed to be, so he sat up slowly, blinking and glancing around.

As soon as he was upright, the sickness hit him like a bus. His head was pounding, the movement had sent the room into a nauseating tilt, and a rough sounding coughing fit made him painfully aware of how close he was to vomiting. It was so sudden that he didn’t have a whole lot of time to process, and he found himself rocking forward in an attempt to quell the pain.

Throwing up seemed painfully unavoidable, but Will was pretty sure if he tried to stand, he’d fall over. His stomach turned swiftly and he gagged, slapping a hand over his mouth as his body struggled to keep itself together. Just as he was sure he was about to lose it, a trashcan was pushed into his lap and a blissfully cool hand caught his arm.

It wasn’t a second too soon, Will hunching forward with a powerful heave and promptly vomiting into the bin. The hand that had caught his arm moved rub circles on his back, hesitating just the slightest before moving to settle at his neck.

With the ringing in his ears, he’d hardly heard anything, but the buzz faded to make way, instead, for a careful voice. “You’re okay, just breathe.” It didn’t take him too long to realize who it was, the voice a little different but still recognizable as Nico’s.

Will was trembling by the end of it, but he was pretty sure he’d thrown up everything. Nico had, at one point, moved to sit on the bed next to him and was currently keeping Will upright, as the episode had lasted several minutes. The composure that his friend had maintained was a little surprising, if not impressive. Had Will been in a similar position, he was sure he’d have ended up sympathy-puking.

“Think you’re done?” Nico asked, after a minute or so of relative silence. Will gave a short, embarrassed nod, sniffling quietly and refusing to make eye contact. Nico set the trashcan aside, muttering a spell under his breath that Will didn’t understand and didn’t care to discern. The bed dipped as Nico sat down next to him, and Will’s shoulders hunched in defeat.

“Sorry.” Will shifted groggily to sit back against the headboard of the bed, closing his eyes and taking as deep a breath as he could manage.

“Why?” Nico asked, keeping his voice down in a way that Will assumed was for the headache he was sporting.

Will gave a tired laugh, shaking his head. “I don’t know, for that?”

“It’s not like you did it on purpose.” The shorter male sighed, turning to face Will head on and pressing a hand against his forehead. It was wonderfully cool and comforting, and Will found himself closing his eyes and leaning more into the touch. Nico just rolled his eyes. “You’re burning up, moron. We’re going to the hospital wing.”

Despite how terrible he felt, Will shook his head contendingly. “No–It’s just the flu, Nico.” He argued, a little dizzy from the movement. “I’m-” He paused, swallowing thickly, feeling his stomach jump to his throat. “I’m fine.”

“The fever alone is enough to visit, not to mention the vomiting.” Nico said, standing up and putting on his robes over his t-shirt and jeans. Will’s fever addled mind got caught up in how cute Nico looked in clothes that weren’t Hogwarts issued, so much so that he didn’t notice the scarf until Nico was looping it around his neck. It was Gryffindor, something his own housemates would probably scowl at, but the added warmth and the way it smelled helped ward off the lingering chill. He realized, distastefully, that he was still sweaty and that his clothes, (or Nico’s, rather,) were sticking uncomfortably to his skin.

“They’ll give you scrubs at the hospital wing.” Nico said, noting his discomfort. “Come on, I’ll help you with your shoes and we’ll go.”

“Nico, I’m fine.” Will insisted once more, though his argument was feeble and tired. All he really cared about now was lying back down and sleeping this stupid illness off. “I really don’t want to–“

“It’s not like I can take care of you.” Nico cut him off. “Clearly, whatever I tried earlier didn’t work, so we’re going to the fucking hospital wing, okay? I’m not good at all this.” Will’s expression softened a bit, and now he felt a little guilty for arguing.

“Okay, okay…” He conceded, holding his hands up. “Just–give me my shoes, and we’ll go…” Nico handed them over, watching Will with a halfhearted glare, and steadying the taller when he stood up and wavered.

The room tilted and warped, and for a second Will was worried he might throw up again, (as if there was anything left to throw up,) but with Nico’s firm grip, he righted himself and took a deep breath.

“Are you okay?” Nico asked, worry seeping into his tone. Will carefully wrapped one arm around Nico’s shoulders, leaning on him just the slightest and taking another deep breath through his nose.

“Mm, yeah. I think I’m good. Might throw up again, but good.” Nico scoffed halfheartedly at the response, beginning their walk. It was mostly quiet, and a little slow, the silence the slightest bit unsettling. Will had to stop once to retch into a potted plant, bringing up stomach acid and saliva alone, apologizing breathlessly to the inanimate object. Nico quickened the pace a bit, after that.

The nurse that was in the hospital wing when they arrived was quick to take Will in, getting him settled in clean clothes and on a cot that looked a little comfier than others. The rest of the place was completely empty.

Once things had settled down and Will was set up against the pillows, the nurse gave him some sort of funny smelling potion to sip at, and Nico stepped over and sat down at his bedside. “How are you feeling?”

“Mostly tired, now…” he admitted, taking a sip of the potion and wrinkling his nose. “Walking is exhausting.”

Nico rolled his eyes, shaking his head. “You should try walking with a Ravenclaw with a 102.5 fever. That’s exhausting.”

Will gave him an apologetic smile, taking another small sip. “You did fine, y’know. Taking care of me, and all that. I’d probably be passed out in the hallway if you hadn’t dragged me off to rest.”

Nico’s cheeks went the slightest bit pink, and Will chanced it and, with his free hand, reached over to take his.

Will fell asleep shortly after, the potion set aside on the table. Nico spent the night in the chair next to his bed, cheeks scarlet as he held his hand.

Everything is ready except the east wind

Pairing: Neji x Tenten | Read Time: 6 mins.

She saw it coming, but her evasive leap was a minute too late.

The enemy successfully plunged a blade into her arm, and seconds later, her body began to descend into numbness. She may have lost her footing and fell off from the treetop where she initially positioned herself, as her view of the battlefield sharply turned ninety degrees upward to the sky, where the trees and the sunlight seemed to merge and disappear in the blinding light.

But strangely, she was clear-headed enough to know that she was going to hit the ground hard and seriously harm herself. Perhaps, she was even going to die; whether it was by falling or by poisoning, she would find out in a moment.

She landed on something solid, though she felt none of the pain associated with broken bones. Her vision was growing weaker along with her hearing so she couldn’t see whether it was because she was extremely fortunate to land on someplace safe, or that the poison had simply taken over all of her dying senses already.

Either way, she whispered to the god of fortune that spared her from pain until the very end. “Thank you.”

The next time she opened her eyes, she found herself staring at an unfamiliar white ceiling. Gone were the skies overhead and the clashing sounds of blades and kunai. Instead, the room was silent, save for the ambient sound of quiet conversations and a few coughs.

Not soon after, Rock Lee’s worried face blocked her view.

“Tenten! Tenten, how are you feeling?”

She opened her mouth to speak, but her throat felt too parched to do anything else.

“Oh, do you want anything?” Lee looked around the room, and then grabbed his food bowl to show it to her. “Do you want a taste of my Curry of Life?”

“Get her a glass of water, Lee.”

Neji… Even if she could not see him in the room right now, she immediately knew that the curt, no-nonsense voice of reason was no other than her teammate, Hyuuga Neji.

But she didn’t want to see him right now. She was too afraid to see how disappointed he was at his partner whom he entrusted his— and everyone else’s— back to. From her prime position, she was supposed to be the first person to see the enemy forces flanking them. Yet she let them down, perhaps even causing her party needless harm.

A hot tear streaked down her cheek. One after the another, until she was finally crying unabatedly. She could hear Lee asking where she was hurt and the medic authoritatively asking everyone to step aside.

She felt a dull ache pierce her lower arm. Instantly, a feeling of tranquil ease filled her.

A sedation jutsu? 

A pair of arms swiftly caught her and gently deposited her back to bed. She closed her eyes just in time to feel a hand lightly brush away the sweaty bangs off her forehead.

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anonymous asked:

73 logicality?

73: “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

Warnings: NSFW mention, swearing (if I missed something make sure to tell me!)

Morality couldn’t believe himself. Well actually, he could totally believe this.

What’s better than emotions? Getting shit drunk and going home with a complete stranger!

But really, where was he?? Morality contemplated as he stared at the unfamiliar ceiling.


And who was the person laying next to him??

Morality stared in abject horror as the other man twisted in his sleep, facing Morality with a sleepy look and obvious sex hair.

Morality’s heart melted as he looked into those brown eyes. The eyes widened slightly and the other man reached behind him to fumble with something.

It was only when the other put on a pair of glasses did Morality realize he had his on, probably the whole time.

Morality briefly wondered if he’d had his glasses on the night before before rough, sleepy tones interrupted his thoughts.

“Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

Morality grinned. “Well I’d assume it’s because we got up to a little pit of hanky panky, you and I.”

This revived a soft cringe. “What? Don’t say it like that. We obviously had coitus.”

Morality felt his face scrunch up.“Ew, that’s even worse than what I said!”

“How about we leave it as: You two fucked?”

Both people in the bed looked at the door, a smirking man with black boxers leaning against the door frame.

The man beside Morality rubbed his head. “Anxiety, what happened last night?”

The man, Anxiety, shrugged. “Dunno, but you weren’t the only one who ended up with a babe in your bed.” Anxiety shot a wink at Morality, turning to walk away.

“At least my fuck buddy made breakfast.”

Morality chuckled softly, sitting up and searching the floor. “Hey um…”

The other sat up as well. “Logic. ”

Morality chuckled. “Right, Logic! I’m Morality!! Um, where are my clothes?”

Becoming Will

*First, I want to say I know I kinda copied the narrative voice of a few of my favorite blogs–some that are still here, some that are gone.  Just wanted to say ya’ll inspired me to write this on the side about a real life stud I know–And I’ll work on making my own voice and finding my own thing.  Til then, imitation is the best form of flattery, right?*

Will was alone for the week. No wife. No pets.  Just him and the house to himself.  

Oh I’ve got big plans for you Will—Big plans for that tight body of yours.  The handsome Manly stud was resting peacefully in bed, wearing just a white t-shirt and boxers.  

I don’t even want to wait—I just rush toward my new vessel.  

“Huh!” Will gasps out as my astral form begins pouring right into his chest.

His arms and legs flail and his toes clench tight.  He’s grunting and grabbing madly at the sheets, still so confused by the surge of energy flowing into him.  

He arches his back and yelps as I flood into every limb and corner of his body.  

“No…Please…” he says between pants and moans as my energy enters alignment, taking control of his body bit by bit.  

Will is practically in convulsions at this point as the last of my energy enters his chest and I surge up to fill his head.  The Manly stud gasps one last breath before collapsing onto the bed in a relaxed heap.

I open my eyes and look up at an unfamiliar ceiling.  I also feel my heartbeat slowing down and I feel a light glisten of sweat.  Then I look down and see the unraveled sheets of Will’s bed, along with his toned legs and a glimpse of those chiseled abs from his raised shirt.  

“Oh fuck yeah…” I say in a sexy voice, especially sexy since it’s his voice bending to my will.  

My new dick hops slightly, and I am surprised by how much blood I sense pumping and engorging my new member.  

“Wow, look at that thing!” I say in awe as I grab that cock through the silky fabric and feel a surprising amount of length and girth.  

Excited, I kick the boxers off and watch as Will’s dick grows to a thick 8 inches.  

“Holy Shit!” I say in wonder as I grab it and give it a pump of appreciation.  “And here I thought I would just be using your tight ass!  But this cock is definitely going to be doing some fucking!”

I rub my muscular legs together as I yank the shirt off, leaving me naked and able to admire this smooth, toned body.  

“Fuck, you take care of yourself,” I marvel as I rub my hands up and down this carved torso, running my hands along the defined lines of these chiseled pecs and abs.  

Will shaved recently so he is quite smooth, but I am still relieved to see a healthy amount of armpit hair, some nice leg hair, and nicely groomed pubes.  Huffing my new pits, I can’t help but go in for more as I basked in my new musk—it was so pleasant and almost neutral, as if this body’s natural odor was like a light cologne.  

“Oh this is gonna be fun…”

I was passing well enough for the most part.  Some of my jokes didn’t resonate with his friends, but I wasn’t too out of the ordinary…yet…

Nick, from United, was super drunk at the party we all went to, and I stepped in, assuring everyone I’d get him home safe.  They all agreed and thanked me—it was hard for me not to smirk though as I put one of Nick’s arms around my shoulder and helped the stumbling dude back to Will’s room…

“Dude… this isn’t my place…” Nick said, slurring the words, but not nearly as badly as at the party.

“Just relax,” I assured him as I gently pushed him onto the bed.  “You can stay in my bed tonight.  Doesn’t that sound nice?”

“Sounds a little gay,” Nick said with a laugh.  

“Only if I do this,” I say right as I reach my hand down to Nick’s crotch and begin gently rubbing him through his pants.  

“Wh-what are you? Dude—St-ahhhhhhhhhh-Stop!” Nick says as he tries to squirm away.  He’s still too drunk though.  

“Man, look at how hard you got.  So fast and even with all that liquor in your system.”

“The fuck’s the matter with you, Will.  This isn’t like you.”

“Sorry, Nick.  I guess there’s a new me that loves dick, and he’s here to stay,” I told him as I got his pants off and marveled at what must have been a 9 inch cock that was almost as thick as Will’s.  

“holy fuck that thing’s big! I don’t even know if I can fit it in this virgin hole!” I said with delight as I rushed to get my own pants off.

“What are you? Unggggg” Nick cooed in confusion as I got in the bed and began grinding my engorging rod against his throbbing meat.  The fabric of our boxers made us both gasp out from the friction, and I could tell he was shivering from my toned legs rubbing up against his.  I ran my hands under his shirt, taking in that toned and hairy torso. He grabbed my arms and tried to push me away, but once I reached his nipples and gave them a nice pinch, he twinged and put up noticeably less resistance.  

“You can’t do this…” Nick said as I ripped his shirt open, sending buttons flying.  

“I know you want this Nick. I know you want me,” I said with Will’s voice as I leaned down and sucked his left nipple, lapping it with my tongue and just barely biting it with my teeth.  Nick’s cock jumped—I could feel it as I kept grinding against him.  He was moaning now, gasping for air as his legs wriggled helplessly against mine.  

“Fuck I wanna get to the main act,” I said with impatience as I tore my own shirt off and tossed it on the floor.  I crawled off Nick and began pulling his underwear off.  He tried to sit up in protest, but I pushed him back onto his back, disorienting him for several seconds since his head was still spinning.  

As he looked up, groaning as the room was probably spinning, I kicked off my own boxers and grabbed the bottle of lube I had purchased earlier with Will’s money.  I wasted no time applying a healthy amount to my cleaned and prepped hole before grabbing Nick’s throbbing dick and getting him nice and slick.

I then straddled Nick, on my knees and looking down at him.  I grabbed his cock and lined it up with my ass cheeks.  

Nick’s eyes bugged wide open as I began my descent—I started just letting his cock glide between my crack, almost as if it were getting played like a harmonica.  

“Nooooo…nnnggggg…stop!” Nick begged as he gasped for breath and shivered from pleasure.  

“Nick, we’re just getting started,” I said with a voice full of lust as I lined his cock head with Will’s virgin hole.  

Nick looked up in horror as I began leaning back.  His jaw dropped and so did mine.  We both gasped for air as that cock head slowly stretched my unimaginably tight hole. I was grunting and groaning, slowly letting my hole stretch more and more until the head finally popped inside me. I clenched my toes and sighed as I smoothly dropped my weight, amazed at how easy it was to now take all nine inches. Fuck, Will was a natural.  

Nick shrieked as the last inch filled me up and I sat there, stuffed full of his rod.  I reared my head back and rubbed my hands over my abs and chest, entering a euphoria as Will’s body gave me so much pleasure.  My throbbing rod was leaking pre all over Nick’s lower abs just from the excitement of this no-longer-virgin hole being so full.  

But I wanted to feel that again.  

“Wh-what are you—Arrggghhhhhh fuck!” Nick yelled as I leaned up, slowly rising until just the head was left inside.  Then I sighed and shivered as I slowly sank back down, enjoying the feeling of getting filled up all over again.  

Nick kicked his legs out and curled his toes, undeniably turned on as Will’s tight hole massaged his throbbing rod.  

“Fuck yeah, Nick! You’re so big!” I said in a breathy voice as I began gently moving my hips around in circles.  

“You…nnnnnggggg…you have to stop…” Nick begged as his breathing picked up.  

I started grinding up and down off his rod, gently fucking myself on his meat over and over, gaining a little more length each time until I was practically pistoning myself up and down off his full length.  

Nick was gritting his teeth trying to hold back the yells of pleasure.  I didn’t hold anything back.  I yelled and hollered with delight as I rode my bull.  We were both drenched in sweat, and it must have been at least half an hour like this when I saw a new level of focus in Nick’s eyes.  

Fuck!  He must be sobering up.  He leaned up, no longer off balance like before and looked me right in the eye.  He was fully inside me, which made me feel helpless in case he was about to punch me. Instead, he grabbed my face and pulled me into the hottest make out I could ever imagine, now thrusting up into me as I sat on his gyrating cock.  

He growled as he hooked his arms underneath my armpits and began pistoning into me like I was a human fleshlight.  We both curled our toes and hollered loud enough for the floor to hear as we fuck in this entangled position.  

That was when he rolled us over so I was on my back.  

“You’re right.  I fucking want you so bad!” Nick growled as he leaned forward, stuffing me back full of his meat, making me yelp into his already waiting mouth.  

Our tongues explored each other’s and our hands explored each other’s chests and abs as I wrapped my legs around his thighs, pulling him toward me and adding power to each thrust.

My back arched as he struck my prostate, and I saw a sly smile as he realized what he had done. With animal-like desire, he struck that same spot again, and again, over and over again until I couldn’t stop clenching Will’s used hole.  

“Oh Will!  I’m gonna cum!  Gonna fucking—Agggghhhhhh GOD!!!!” Nick shouted as he pounded me full of his load—shot after shot of warm liquid flooded into me, making me feel euphoric inside as he released his manly essence in me.  With one last crashing shot, he slammed his dick back into me and passed out.  I was so turned on though—I wanted more.  I wanted to feel more dick up a virgin hole.  

In an instant, I let go of my hold over Will and let my astral essence flood into Nick’s slumbering form, right though his dick.  His passed out body just shook with no resistance as I took it over, but that shaking stimulated Will’s hole as I left.  I clenched my toes one last time before opening my eyes and looking at a stunned Will.  He gasped and arched his back before collapsing, passed out from shock and pleasure.

“Oh fuck yeah,” I said with Nick’s voice as I pulled my cock out of Will and watched the river of cum leak out.  I reached down and grabbed as much of it as possible—It was clean since I had prepped Will beforehand.  I smeared the cum along the entrance of this virgin hole and the rest all over Will’s wet with precum cock that never got a chance to blow.  I wouldn’t even need lube thanks to all this cum as I got on my knees and began lining Will’s cock with this virgin hole.  

Will just laid there, completely out as I pressed down and felt his cockhead widening Nick’s virgin entrance….

“Oh GOD!” I yelled as I took a deep breath and forced myself down, forcing that Will dick into me in one rushed motion.  Nick’s virgin hole had no prep and no opportunity to relax and widen, so he’d definitely be sore in the morning, but for now the thrill of the moment turned me on so much I didn’t even feel any pain.  I just felt full.  So full and so stretched as I took in the passed out stud’s meat.  I curled my toes and shook my head as I got used to the feeling of a virgin hole being stretched to its limits for the second time in one evening.  

Will’s cock was pulsating as I lifted up and sank back down, legs trembling as I built up my pace and fucked myself on his cock.  With him passed out, I’d have to do all the work, but it sure helped that I had worked Will up so much before moving into Nick.  

In just a few minutes I was screaming and bucking my hips like I was riding a wild stallion as I clenched Nick’s hole and committed myself to milking out that load. Finally, my efforts paid off as I saw Will’s breathing pick up in his sleep.  He was grunting and stirring and squirming as the pressure built up in his balls.  I could see the veins dilating on his lower abs as the blood flow rushed to his overwhelmed cock when finally, I sank back down and felt the torrential flow of his warm seed.  The thrill of Will’s unconscious load flooding into me made Nick’s cock launch a new load of cum all over our bodies and all over the bed as I rode Will wildly, sending Nick’s cock flopping around wildly.  I hadn’t even touched Nick’s dick, so I was in a great state of shock as I made it rain cum.  

Finally, I sank back down onto Will’s meat one last time and just sat there, stuffed full of his deflating meat.  The slumbering Will’s breathing was calming down and his tense muscles started to relax. I was in my own euphoria, but it was time to go “home.”  

Getting up, I sighed as I raised up off Will’s dick.  To my tremendous relief, Will’s dick was incredibly clean and there was no mess down there—a true credit to Nick’s commitment to a healthy diet and lifestyle. When you eat clean, back door fun is clean.  I laid down and lifted my ass in the air, making sure Will’s cum travelled so deep inside Nick’s system it wouldn’t leak out during the night.  Then I got in bed with Will and released my hold on Nick’s body.

I forced my astral essence into Will’s chest and met no resistance this time.  His body just tensed before his back arched and then I instantly woke up, staring at the ceiling and once again smelling the scent of intense fucking, only this time with Will’s nose.  

I looked over and saw Nick passed out.  I smiled and pulled the covers over our naked bodies.  

I woke up to Nick gently nudging my shoulder.  

“Dude.  Dude.  Will.”

“Huh?  Yeah?” I said groggily, at first forgetting who I was inhabiting.

“You can’t tell anyone about last night!” he said, half serious and half afraid.  

“You didn’t have a good time?” I asked with a light-hearted smirk.

“It…I was drunk.  And you were drunk, and one thing led to another…” he tried to rationalize.

“Look, Nick.  You don’t have to worry.  I won’t tell a soul as long as you answer my question honestly: Do you wanna do it again?”

Nick looked back and forth between me and the floor before gulping and saying, “Yes…”

“Me too, man.  Don’t worry—I won’t tell a soul—I just hope you got plenty more loads to pound inside me,” I said before licking my lips seductively.

I saw Nick’s cock stir, making him hastily get the rest of his clothes on before saying goodbye and heading out the door.  

I, on the other hand, smiled and groaned as I stretched Will’s lean and toned body and rolled around his filthy, cum-covered bed.  

“Hi Punchers!” I said with enthusiasm as I looked right into the camera.  

I was shirtless and I knew people would be drooling.  

“My name is Will, and I’m one of Chris’s friends.  I thought his channel was so cool, so I begged him for the chance to have my own little mini corner on his channel.”

I got to the reaction, making sure to keep it similar, yet different—one of the things I did was clench Will’s sculpted pecs instead of wave my hands like I usually would.  

The positive feedback was immediate with hundreds of comments immediately telling me how hot I was, how much people wanted to explore my body and have sex with me, along with torrents of subscribers asking if Will and I were a couple.  I commented that ‘Chris’ and I were just really good friends before adding a winking face.  My Will reaction quickly became my most viewed video, and I knew he would be my key to stardom.  

“Ohhhhh FUCK yeah! Right there!  Don’t fucking stop!  Pound me!  Pound that hole!” I commanded and begged as one of the sexy bartenders at a local bar fucked me in the men’s room.  

I had my hands planted against the wall as I felt his hairy chest rub against my back.  Our sweaty bodies were glistening from the friction as he bucked his hips to force his meat into me.  

“Duuuuude you’re so tight!” he said exasperated before growling and pulling my hair back and forcing me into a sloppy kiss.  

His rugged hands explored up and down my cut chest and abs before finding my throbbing and leaking meat and latching on.  I yelped as he began pumping me, timing his tugs on my dick with his thrusts into my hungry hole.  

“Gimme that load, man!” I begged as his breathing picked up.  His fingers dug into my hips as he pulled me harder and harder into his animalistic thrusts until he finally rammed our bodies together and howled into my ear as he unloaded inside me.  The feeling of him filling me up in that public restroom set me off and I howled as I succumbed to his stroking of my dick and began launching shot after shot of my seed over the bathroom wall.  We roared in unison as we unleashed our seed, but I felt lucky that I would get to leave with his inside me.  We finally settled down, his sweaty chest resting against my back as I held us both up.  

I turned around after he pulled out and he pushed me roughly against the wall, getting my cum all over my lower back as he forced me into a sloppy kiss.  

“I needed that,” he said with a grin before giving me his card.

I just gave him another kiss before grinning and pulling my pants and shirt back on, casually strolling out with a stranger’s load deep inside me.  

I got back to Will’s room and changed without showering before hopping onto the bed.  I had been having so much sex with so many different guys that I ended up using Will’s cash to buy 6 more sets of sheets—one for each day of the week.  

I drove Will’s car to a sex shop and bought several items of interest: a variety of dildos, a variety of lubes, and a tight ass fleshlight.  

The next day as I was getting ready for Will’s classes, I grinned at my reflection, so turned on by seeing that handsome Manly body under my control.  I admired Will’s naked body, something I was still not over—and something I don’t think I would ever be over.  That was when I grabbed the mid-size dildo I had gotten—a reasonably thick 7-inch model.  I slicked it up with some of the lube I had gotten and moaned in delight as I began sliding it inside me.  I raised up on my tippy toes and fell forward against the mirror as I slowly worked it in all the way to the hilt.  

“Oh fuck yeah…” I moaned as the last few millimeters settled inside me.  

“Fuck yeah, look at you, such a queer whore for cock,” I taunted Will’s reflection in the mirror.  

“You love being full don’t you.  Full of dick up your ass and full of me inside your body.”

“Yes!  I love being filled!” I imitated Will in an exaggerated slut voice.  

“Oh hell yeah today’s gonna be a fun day,” I said with a smirk as I held the dildo in place while maneuvering myself into the tightest compression shorts Will owned.  I wanted to spend the whole day feeling stuffed full and wide.  I put on some tighter fitting jeans that helped the dildo stay in place even more along with a polo that was probably half a size too small, but I loved the way it showed off this tight and toned body.  

It took all I had not to shiver and moan as I took my first steps. Walking made the dildo rub back and forth against my prostate in the perfect spot.  I’m glad I left early because it gave me a chance to take the scenic route as I walked to Will’s job.  

“shit yeah…” I said under my breath as each step just added more and more pleasure.  

That dildo was lodged firmly in place, ensuring it rubbed back and forth against Will’s incredibly sensitive prostate.  I was breathing deeply and practically laughing to mask the moans I wanted to make so so badly.  I got some strange looks, but I didn’t care.  I couldn’t help but rub my legs together from pure ecstasy as the pleasure jolted down my thighs all the way down to my toes like electric bursts.  

The best was yet to come though as I arrived at Will’s office and walked right past his usual clique of friends and opted for shutting away in his office.  They looked confused, but quickly redirected their attention to their work.  As soon as I sat down in my chair my eyes bugged wide open and I grabbed the armrests as my legs jolted.  

“nnnnnnggggg…” I said as lightly as possible.  No one heard me.  Good.

I knew some chairs creaked, but I gave my chair a test run.  I gently bounced in my chair, squeezing my face tight and gripping the armrest even tighter as the dildo grazed my prostate and gave my entire hole a bit of friction.  Not a sound came from the chair—nothing.  Plus, my door was closed and locked, so I had a little wiggle room…  

Oh fuck yeah…. I thought as I began to get quite restless in my chair, safely shrouded by being in an office with wall thick enough to mask my breathing.  

I began gasping as I started swinging my hips around in circles, breathing deeply as my cock strained against the jeans.  I didn’t free it, but I rearranged it, giving it just enough room to grow to full size under the denim as I began bouncing and twisting and doing anything that would make the dildo stimulate Will’s abused hole.  

I winced and squirmed as I practically gyrated in the seat, thrashing my hips around to feel that dildo pleasuring Will’s hole.  Oh fuck I was curling Will’s toes as my breathing picked up.

I’d been doing this all morning.  Over an hour of bliss passed until I seized and gasped for breath, grabbing the armrests harder than ever as I kicked my legs out and felt the cum launch right into the compression shorts.  I slammed my ass up and down off the seat as I braced myself and tossed my head back.

I had to bite my lip to keep the hollers of ecstasy inside, but finally, I slammed my ass down onto the chair one last time, shivering as the euphoria washed over me.  I collapsed in the chair, a dumbfounded smile over my face as I clenched Will’s hole, in some weird way showing my appreciation to the dildo that was still buried deep inside that magical hole.  

Still biting my lip, I realized I needed to get myself organized.  I rushed out the door in a hurry before anyone else could see me and went to the bathroom, quickly scooping up as much cum as possible and bringing it right to my mouth.  

“You love the taste of a man’s milk, don’t ya?  Especially your own?” I taunted Will’s reflection before zipping up and posing for the mirror.  I did some stereotypical cocky poses before fixing my hair and heading back to Will’s desk.

Apparently, Zach had asked Will to help him at the gym because the little bitch finally wanted to at least compensate his shorter status with some muscle tone.  I was all too happy to happy to agree, but not to actually help in any way.  Really, I realized I had been enjoying Will’s tight hole so much that I forgot about the nice rod he was hiding in his pants.  That rod needed a little bimbo to stuff and fill with its seed.  

It was 5 am, but it was so easy to get up in Will’s perfectly conditioned body.

“No more narcolepsy,” I said with a smile as I rolled off the bed, landing on my feet and already feeling an energetic spring in my step.  

I was just wearing boxers as I went up to the mirror, tracing the lines up my abs from Will’s defined V-lines.  

The control was so satisfying to me.  Looking over at the alarm clock, I figured I had a few spare minutes before I turned an unsuspecting Zach into my little whore.  With some concentration, I pulled my astral form out of Will.  His knees buckled as my essence unbounded from him and emerged from his skin, and the shock finally made him collapse to the ground.

He was unconscious for a few seconds before gently fluttering his eyes and raising his hands, looking at his own fingers as if being in control were an unfamiliar sensation.

“What the fuck?” he asked in confusion as he tried to get a grip on his surroundings.  

Forget the fact it was morning—I watched as Will picked up his phone and gasped as he saw that he had lost three full days.  

“How the—what the—what the fuck?!” he said in frustration as he began to walk in circles around the room, grabbing his hair and almost hyperventilating.  This was almost too much fun, but I was already feeling homesick.

“HUH?!” Will gasped as every muscle in his body seized up.  

I was pushing my essence into him from behind—since he was already standing up it was easy to align myself and basically push my astral essence into the toned and sexy Manly man I had come to adore.  He was so spacious for me.  

Will tossed his head back as the last of me was absorbed into him.  He convulsed briefly, helplessly moaning and groaning as he held himself up by placing both hands against the mirror.  He finally shivered before looking down at the ground and breathing like he had just sprinted a lap.  

Then my vision refocused and I was looking down at those sexy feet and a rapidly engorging cock I had come to love.  

“That just gets better every time,” I said with a sly smirk as I stood up and stretched Will’s body.

I was already thinking ahead to the fun I could have with this.  Maybe I could build up my skills to a level where I could enter and exit Will as fast as a thrusting dick.  Fuck yeah, I could turn possession into a new form of fucking and use him as the boycunt for my essence.  I had to take a deep breath to calm myself down as I put on some gym shorts and a tight-fitting T-shirt.  

My morning distraction had me out the door a little later than I had planned, but the plus side of inhabiting Will’s fit body was that I could just crank up the speed and jog there without feeling taxed in any way.  

We truly were there so early that no one was in the free-weight section.  I knew there was no guarantee that it would stay that way, but I had a good feeling that morning.  

I guided Zach to a benchpress bench that was out of sight and away from any cameras.  Luckily, the doors to the atrium were covered in leftover Halloween shit, so the glass was completely blocked.  

“Thank you so much for agreeing to help me out, Will,” Zach said with that stupid grin as he hopped around and did basic ass stationary stretches.  

“No problem, Zach. Anything for a friend,” I said with Will’s friendly chill tone.  

“I know this whole thing is weird, but over the last four years I’ve accepted the height thing, but I can still look great and be taken seriously with some help in the gym,” he said with a tone of optimism.  

“Well let’s get you on the path to being your best self,” I told him.

Zach sat down and started leaning back onto the bench, but I interjected.  

“Whoa whoa whoa, Rome wasn’t built in a day, buddy.”

Zach looked confused as I beckoned him up.  

“We’re gonna start you on your belly.  I’m gonna share the secret with you that made me my best self.”

“Okay…So like this?” he asked as he laid down.

“Perfect.  Just like that,” I said softly before licking my lips.

“I’m really curious to know what this is because I feel like I have zero range of motion right now,” he observed as fished around my gym bag.  

“Just gimme a sec, Zach. I’m pulling out something that’ll help you get on track to being your best self.”

I rummaged some more until I grabbed and pulled out some of the lube I had purchased with Will’s money.

“Perfect…” I said with a mischievous grin as I walked up behind Zach.

“So what muscles are we starting with?” Zach asked from below.  

“Today’s focus is gonna be that tight little ass.”

“What?” he asked in confusion.  He was turning to look at me, but I had already sprung into action.  

Zach gasped in shock as I pushed him down onto the bench, easily keeping the squirming little runt in place.  

“Will!  Argh!  What the fuck are you doing?” he yelled out as he struggled in vain to break free underneath me.  

I grinned as I lined my engorging cock up against his shorts and began gently grinding Will’s pole between the outline of his asscrack.  He grunted as I leaned my muscular torso down on his back, my full weight more than sufficient to keep him pinned down as I grabbed his arms and kept them pinned against his sides.  

“Urggghhh Will! Stop!  Get off me!” Zach commanded as I kept grinding away.  

I leaned down and huffed in the scent of his neck, licking his bare skin.  This made him particularly restless, but as expected, he was too much of a runt to escape.  

“Zach, this is going to teach you that you already are your best self.  You’re a perfect little runt—just the perfect size to get fucked up the ass and tossed around like a human fleshlight,” I told him as I grabbed the bottle of lube.  I was careful to get my shorts off without letting him get any leverage, but then I dragged him down the bench a few inches and sat on his lower back.  I managed to get his shorts and underwear down to his ankles before hooking the fabric underneath the bench and pulling him back up so his legs were essentially trapped.  

Zach begged me to let him go—he thrashed madly but I was able to keep his upper back down with just a single arm.  I used my other hand to slick up Will’s fuckstick.  

“I didn’t bother prepping you because even though you’re a little squirt, I know you can take it,” I told him as I got in position.  

I was standing up, leaning down on his upper back with one hand while I used my right hand to aim and align Will’s cockhead with Zach’s virgin hole.  I stared in awe at that tight little rosebud that had definitely never been penetrated.  I guess it was time for me to break him out of the closet.  

Zach reached back and grabbed helplessly at my left arm, begging me to stop as I got my legs between his and pushed his apart until the elastic around his ankles would stretch no further.  Then I went in—my cockhead made firm contact against his hole and he squealed loudly.

“Oh Zach, you’re going to loooooove this,” I assured him as I pushed my head against his clenched hole.

He was thrashing and clawing at the leather of the bench, but I kept pushing harder little by little.

“Zach, I could have already had all 8 inches in by now, but I’m giving you a chance to let me in,” I told him.  

“Fuck you!” he cursed me.

I smirked and pushed with more strength, stretching his hole open by force until his entrance swallowed my head and snapped tightly around my shaft.  Zach cried out, trembling as I pushed in one long, smooth motion, filling him up inch by inch.  I stretched him in depths he could not have conceived as his hole accepted more and more of Will’s rod.  Then, with just the last two of Will’s 8 inches left, I rammed them in to the hilt, lightly grunting as my hips slapped loudly against Zach’s ass cheeks.  

Zach shrieked as the last two inches stuffed him full.  He kicked his legs up, but the bench caught the shorts around his ankles and sent his feet back down to the ground.  The best he could do was scramble his feet against the ground.  

Zach was not even making intelligible noises as I pressed my chest down against his back and spoke in his ear, “how does it feel to be stuffed full of my manhood? You’ve got such a tight hole, Zach, and I like you this size.  I can do whatever I want to you,” I taunted him before licking the side of his face.  

“Please stop, Will. Please!” he begged me between uncomfortable grunts as he still adjusted to the 8 inches of dick I had left inside him. I knew that leaving Will’s meat inside him for a minute or two would help him loosen right up for me.  

As soon as the groans of obvious discomfort stopped I began pulling out of him, making him clench his eyes and wince slightly as my meat left him one inch at a time.  With just the head left inside him, I pushed back into him, faster than I had the first time.  

Zach’s wincing eyes shot wide open and he gripped the bench, gasping in shock as his legs twitched on their own.  

“See…you already love it…” I told him as I pulled out and thrust back into that hole, filling him up and making him release a legitimate moan of pleasure.  

“No Will.  You can’t—unnnngggggg You can’t do this—Oh God!” Zach gasped in a breathy voice between moans as I built up my rhythm until I was thrusting in and out of him at about 50% pace.

“Zach, I wouldn’t be a good friend if I didn’t fill you with my load,” I told him before tossing my head around as I built up more speed.

“I don’t want it!  I don’t—HUH?!  Unnnnnngggggg Oh my God! FU-Aggggghhhhhh!” Zach yelled out as he struggled to catch his breath.  

“Looks like I found you’re a-spot,” I told him as I reared back and thrust into that same spot harder and faster.  

Zach’s entire body seized up as I pounded his prostate.  He winced his face tightly before gasping for breath and moaning out in a call of ecstasy.

“That’s right.  You fucking love this,” I said in a seductive tone as I picked up my pace, pistoning Will’s meat against Zach’s A-spot until all resistance in that little runt melted away.  I knew he was mine now, and that he would be mine forever.  

“You like this dick?” I asked him as I relentlessly pounded his boypussy.

“Unnnnngggg I LOVE it!” He called out from beneath me.  

“Then prove it,” I told him as I pulled completely out of him, making him yelp as my fat cock head stretched his entrance.  

I sat on the bench next to him and pulled off my shirt, revealing the glistening torso that was looking extra cut from the effort I had just put into pounding Zach.  I tossed the shirt on the ground and laid there in just my sneakers.  Zach knew exactly what he needed to do to satisfy his craving.  

Standing up, he hastily pulled his shorts down over his shoes and stood over my bench.  I grinned as he grabbed my slick rod and lined it up with his no longer virgin hole.   Then I sighed as he gently sat down, letting my meat slide into him until he was sitting all the way down, shivering as he reveled in the sensation of being stuffed full.

“That’s right, boy. Ride that cock.  Oh yeah this is just what you needed,” I told him gruffly as I gave him a playful smack on the ass and then gave both of those cheeks a nice grab.  

Zach squealed as I pulled his cheeks apart and yanked him down even further, sending Will’s dick even deeper into him.  

I could see it his eyes that he would never be the same.  He needed this feeling in his life, and he would always be thankful to me for giving him this gift.  The little runt gasped as I used my strength to add force to his descents, powerfully pulling him down onto my own upward thrusts.  Will’s powerful thighs and core served me well as I yanked him down so hard against me that it sounded like someone was getting bitch slapped.  

We were both dripping with sweat when I saw the look in his eyes that gave it all away.  Zach’s breathing was picking up, and his moans were building up to wails as I pounded him faster and faster.  He looked like he was going to collapse or pass out, but his craving kept him going as he slammed himself down onto my rod.  I felt his hole quivering and clenching, a signal of the geyser of pressure building in his crotch.  

His vocal tone was getting higher by the second until he finally tossed his head back and sank down onto my dick—this time the entrance triggered his untouched and throbbing cock to shoot out the first shot of his load.  It’s like he was some sort of cum pump as each new thrust into his spasming boycunt milked out another load onto my chest and abs.  I smirked as I pulled him down particularly hard, making him yelp as a shot of cum launched extra far, right into my open and waiting mouth.

I noticed though that even when his cum stopped dribbling out, my thrusts kept setting him off as if he were in the middle of an orgasm.  He looked confused but overwhelmed in ecstasy.  I was all too happy to oblige as I kept yanking him down onto my throbbing meat.  The best part is that his hole was still spasming as if it were post-orgasm—that sort of cock massage was too much for any man to handle for long, so I had no problem at all as I felt the blood rushing to my crotch and getting me ready to seed Zach’s used hole.  

“I’m gonna fill you up, Zach.  You’ll always have a bit of Will in you from now on,” I told him as I started getting more erratic and restless with my own movements as I slammed our bodies together. I was practically growling at that point as the pressure built in my balls to the absolute breaking point.  

“Ohhhhhhh FUCK YEAH!” I howled as I pistoned into him, sending ounce after ounce of my warm seed into his hungry hole.  

Zach was still riding the wave of his mysterious extended orgasm as he felt the undeniable comfort of a fresh load filling his insides.  I tossed my head around leaned up so he was sitting on me as I wrapped my arms around him and brought him close to me for a sloppy kiss.  We both moaned into each other’s mouths as I made my last thrusts into him before leaving him impaled on my meat as we embraced and tasted each other’s mouths.  

“I think that counts as a workout,” I told him, eliciting a chuckle of agreement.  

“Will, that was amazing. I-I never knew I could feel anything like that.  It was like heaven was inside me,” Zach told me in admiration and appreciation.  

I just gave Zach a playful kiss before helping him off of my cock.  We both got dressed and left the free weight room, leaving just my sweaty imprint on the bench where we screwed.  It was just in the nick of time too because some doctors walked in right as we finished rounding up our stuff.  We both chuckled quietly as we watched a more mature guy lay down right on the sweaty bench where we had just had our wild morning.

This had become one of my favorite pastimes.  I laid a towel over Will’s bed and laid down, lifting his legs up in the air and spreading them wide so I’d have access to his eternally tight hole.  It didn’t matter how much abuse it took, Will’s mancunt seemed to have a superhuman ability to retighten itself.  That’s part of what made this so enjoyable time and time again.  

“mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh,” I cooed as I worked a well lubed nine-inch dildo inside.  It took some effort to get it in past the head, but once Will’s tight hole snapped back around the shaft, it was so easy for me to just feed inch after inch inside me.  

My toes curled and I gasped for breath as I kept sliding it in me, slowly stretching me to my deepest depths until I pushed the last inch in and I was stuffed and stretched to the hilt. I lowered my legs and just laid in the bed, euphoria sweeping over me as I worshiped Will’s carved abs and sculpted chest.  The sensations were magnified because they always seemed to ignite the nerve endings in my host’s ass.  

The next part was my favorite because I released my hold on Will’s body with ever improving proficiency and instantly found myself floating above his shocked and floating body.  That was something I had learned to control—whether he would be passed out or instantly be awake and aware—I wanted him to be as aware as possible for this…

“HUH?! OHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Will yelled out as he felt the nine inch dildo wedged comfortably inside him.

He was afraid to move because even just squirming in surprise made his cock rush full of blood and sensation.  

“Wh-What the fuck?” Will said in horror and confusion as he wondered how he got in that position and why he seemed to be blacking out so much.  

I grinned in my astral form and fell down onto him, making him gasp as every muscle in his body seized from head to toe.  Will winced as he fought the invasion of my essence, but with one last groan he arched his back and I was back in control, looking up and squirming in delight from the sensation of his clenched hole gripping the dildo so tightly.  

“I just can’t imitate that,” I said with a grin as I let go and floated out of Will again, enjoying the instant shock on his face as he regained control.  

“Nnnnnnggggggggg Why the fuck is this happening?!” Will called out.

He had just a few seconds to revel before I freefell back into him all over again, filling him to capacity and making him wince as he fought to keep control of his body. Again, it was all in vain as his back arched and his clenched face relaxed into my sly smile.  I shivered some more as I felt the pleasure of his clenched hole around the dildo.  

I decided to finally test out my earlier theory about my abilities as I released my hold, only to force my way back inside right as Will was gasping in his usual shock.  He was squirming and writhing and arching his back as I took full control, only for me to release immediately after regaining his vision.  I built up my pace and proficiency until my form was literally swooping in and out of Will instantaneously, cycling in and out of his body at least one time per second, leaving him in an endless state of thrashing legs and cries of confusion and ecstasy.  His body was my plaything.  It’s like I was literally fucking him with my astral essence.  His whole body was just one mancunt for me to thrust in and out of. I released and gave him a break.

“Please!  No more!” he begged as he laid in the bed gasping for breath, covered in sweat and clenching every muscle in his body from head to toe. His engorged cock was leaking precum by the drop, but as I smirked and fell back into Will one last time for the day, his hole clenched around that dildo and triggered his long overdue orgasm, giving Will a blast of pleasure as he faded away.  

I woke up gasping for breath and succumbing to an involuntarily arching back as I grabbed the sheets and thrashed my legs on the bed, toes clenched tightly as the shots of cum rocketed out like weapons.  In a frenzy, I grabbed the dildo with both hands and slammed it in, timing it with my pulsating cock and making the cum launch out even farther and harder.  The shots of Will’s seed were literally spraying in the air, landing everywhere within a 4 foot radius until I raised his trembling legs in the air and opened my mouth, hungrily swallowing the last intense shots that practically rocketed down my throat.  As the shots lost intensity, I collapsed my legs back on the bed and watched my meat launch the last sputtering shots of cum over my sculpted and sweaty torso.  I laid there, covered in cum and stuffed full of a nine inch dildo as I drifted to sleep, officially the happiest guy in the world.
Dream a Little Dream with Me (Chapter Four) - SociallyAwkwardFox - Multifandom|Archive of Our Own
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Summary: For years, they’ve shared dreams and nightmares with one another. Glimpses of the other’s life, but never a look at who the other person is. When the nightmares become more frequent, Jason searches for answers at Kori’s instance and does his best to continue helping the kids that come into his shop. Meanwhile, Tim struggles with getting the board to take him and his proposal seriously. Perhaps fate has a reason for drawing them together.

“Come again.”

The man nodded his head in reply, then left with his head down and his shoulders hunched in like he was trying to get as small as possible. Jason let out a little sigh as he turned his attention to the six kids sitting in the little corner he created for them. One of the two older kids was reading quietly to the others, while the other held a little boy that had come in crying. Nothing Jason did got any information out of him, but he gave Jason a smile when offered a cookie and hadn’t cried since he latched onto the girl.

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A Cagey Feeling - Blue Beetle x Reader

Requested by Anon - blue beetle getting stuck in a cage a fellow girl teammate😶😉

Jaime wakes up with a headache. He opens his eyes to stare at a unfamiliar ceiling. Furrowing his brow in confusion, Jaime sat up slowly to look around. 

‘We have a problem, Jaime Reyes,’ Scarab remarks as Jaime realizes he still wearing the Blue Beetle armor.  

“Where am I,” Jaime asks as his gaze lands on metal bars. Rapidly turning around, he realizes he is locked in a cage.

‘We are currently in an underground cage placed by the Witch Boy. You fell in when you were distracted by the female.’

Jaime’s eyes widen with shock as he remembers you. “(Y/N), where is she?” You moan in response to your name, making Jaime swing around to find you. Curled up in a ball in the corner of the cage, you were just regaining consciousness. “(Y/N)!”

“Ow, Jaime,” you whimper as Jaime hurries over to you. “Do you have to be so loud?” You hold your head, a headache piercing through your skull. 

“Sorry,” Jaime apologizes, helping you to sit up and lean against cage wall. “Are you okay?”

“I think so,” you say, taking in your situation. “Where are we?”

“We fell into a trap set up by Klarion. I think we’re in some kind of underground cage,” Jaime explains, sitting down next to you. He made sure to keep a appropriate amount of distance between the two of you. 

You hold your head in your hands while the memory of what happened comes back to you. “Oh, I remember. Klarion was about to hit me with a fireball, but you pushed me out of the way,” you recall, sending a sideways glance at Jaime. Jaime blushes under his armor, but luckily for him, you couldn’t see that. 

“Well, I didn’t want you to get hurt,” Jaime justifies, shrugging his shoulders nonchalantly. 

‘Courting the female will not assist with escaping, Jaime Reyes.’

“Shut up,” Jaime mumbled to Scarab quietly. A hurt look crosses your face as you think he is speaking to you. Jaime notices your expression, shifting awkwardly for he didn’t want to explain what Scarab said. He stands up to check the walls of the cage. “I’ll see if I can find a way out.”

Jaime inspects all the barred walls, pulling and shooting at them with his plasma cannon, but nothing seems to work. You stay sitting on the floor as you were too dizzy to stand up. A vague memory of hitting your head floats into your mind, you touch the spot where you hit to find a nasty bump. 

“I can’t seem to find a way out,” Jaime sighs to inform you before sliding down the wall to sit next to you once again. “Looks like we’re stuck here for now.” You nod in response, resting your aching head against the cool wall.

‘From my scans, the female is suffering from a severe concussion.’  

“(Y/N), are you okay,” Jaime asks, studying you with new concern. He scoots closer to you to press gently against your side. You allow your head to fall onto his shoulder, no longer caring about keeping an appropriate distance. 

Closing your eyes, you find the heat from Jaime’s shoulder temporarily soothes your headache. “My head hurts,” you mumble as Jaime’s hand take yours. Both of you sit like that for several minutes with Jaime blushed like crazy at your touch. Soon, Jaime could feel you shivering against his body.

‘The female’s body temperature is dropping lower than is suitable. Activating armor’s heating system.’  

Jaime’s eyes widen as he felt the suit began to heat up on it’s own. Your eyes open at the sudden heat. “Is your suit warming up,” you ask, slowly raising your head off of Jaime’s shoulder to look at him. Jaime’s arm wraps around your waist to pull you closer to him when he sees how unfocused your gaze has become. 

“Si, I didn’t know it did this,” Jaime admits, squeezing your hand. You shiver again before cuddling up close to his side and returning your head to his shoulder. A small smile creeps up on Jaime’s face as the tingling feeling runs down his spine.

‘Your hormone levels are rising, Jaime Reyes.’ 

Jaime grunts softly in response to avoid disturbing you. He thinks about other things until he feels your body fully relax against his.

‘The female is resting. I would advise a change of position to prevent discomfort later.’

At first, Jaime scoffs at the idea for he didn’t want to wake you by moving you. However, when he saw the position your neck was in, he realized Scarab had a point. Jaime slides you carefully to the ground, insuring your head is not jerked around. He lays you on your side before curling up at your back to keep his warm suit against your body. His arms surrounds you protectively as he tucks your head below his chin. Feeling you breathe slowly and evenly in his arms, Jaime slowly begins to fall asleep. 

“I told you they would get together,” a voice rang out, waking Jaime. He tightens his arm around you to reassure you were still there before opening his eyes. 

“Way to go, Blue,” another voice that sounds like Bart says, causing Jaime to sit up in surprise. You mumble a little at the loss of his warm body against your back. Jaime turned to see Bart standing next to him. 

“Impulse, how did you get here,” Jaime asks, surprised at Bart’s presence in the cage. Jaime looks around to see Beast Boy and Robin standing by a newly opened door to the cage. “Oh.”

Robin entered the cage to kneel down next to you, gently shaking you awake. “When you both disappeared, I activated your comlink trackers only to find you lost them when you fell…,” Robin explains as you awaken. Jaime reaches to help you sit up while Robin notices the bump on your head. He begins to carefully prod at it. 

“So, we just jumped down the hole and searched until we found you,” Beast Boy interjects as Robin pressed the tender spot on your head, making you gasp.

“Ow, stop it,” you say, pushing his hand away. 

Robin’s eyes narrow as he turns to Jaime. “Did she hit her head?”

“Yeah, she was dizzy earlier,” Jaime explains as you lean against him once again. Bart sends Jaime a knowing look that he promptly ignores.

“Then, we better get her out of here,” Robin ordered, standing up. “(Y/N), can you stand?”

You try to get onto your feet with Jaime’s help, but soon become so dizzy, you collapse into his arms. “No,” you answer weakly as Jaime lifts you to carry you. Bart and Beast Boy nudge each other at the sight, chuckling. Jaime glares at them while his face burns beneath the armor. 

“Right, let’s get out of here,” Robin directs before heading out of the cage. Jaime follows him, careful to not jar you unexpectedly. You wrap your arms around his neck, burying your face into his shoulder. Jaime has to admit that he liked the feeling of you in his arms.

Bart appears beside the both of you with a gust of wind. “So, when did this happen,” he teases, raising his eyebrows. Jaime shoots Bart a dirty look while you suppress a giggle. 

“Shut up, hermano,” Jaime warns before hurrying ahead to catch up with Robin. Bart and Beast Boy’s laughter echoes from behind you. 

You unbury your head from Jaime’s shoulder to place a soft kiss on his cheek, and Jaime’s heart almost stops. “Thank you,” you whisper into his ear before settling your head back onto his shoulder. 

‘Your hormone levels are rising again, Jaime Reyes.’  

Jaime let out a irritated sigh at Scarab’s words. He thinks about other things to calm himself as he walks towards the exit with you securely in his arms.  

#64- Wake up, have sex, go back to sleep (Dean x Cassie)

Requested by my love, @littlegreenplasticsoldier , for my kink list (master list here).

Word Count: 1200ish

Warning: smut

A/N: I’ve never written Dean x Cassie before, so be kind! Hope y’all enjoy! Feedback appreciated! XOXO

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anonymous asked:

Naruto walking in on his best friend (female) in the shower?

Naruto rubbed his eyes tiredly, blinking at the unfamiliar ceiling. Oh, right, he’d been sleeping at Y/N’s place, since his water was out for the time being. Not fully awake yet, he decided that what he needed was a hot shower.

Being too tired to notice that the water had only recently stopped running, he stumbled tiredly over to the bathroom door, throwing it open without a second thought.

Y/N had been in the middle of grabbing her towel off the rack when the door had opened. She’d frozen while Naruto eyed her up and down, and then when they’d made eye contact again he blushed furiously and shut the door while muttering a mix of swears and apologies.

Fully awake now, Naruto busied himself with any and every mundane task he could find to distract himself from thinking about what he’d just seen. He folded up his blankets, straightened out the couch cushions, and started a pot of coffee before his thoughts caught up with him, reviving the blush on his cheeks.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Y/N was now fully clothed and drying her hair off with a towel. There was only one thing on her mind, her best friend Naruto. Particularly, his expression while he’d looked at her. Before he’d become a bumbling mess, she could have sworn he’d had the faintest smile on his face.

Exiting the bathroom and deciding to face the music, Y/N entered the kitchen, where Naruto was having a stare down with the coffee machine like it’d wronged him.

“Hey,” she started awkwardly.

“Y/N, I’m so so so sorry, I-” She could tell he was getting flustered.

“It’s fine, just don’t- don’t be weird about it, yeah?” 

“Y-yeah…” At least his blush had receded to a light dusting. A silence fell between them as the coffee maker beeped. Y/N moved to grab the pot at the same time as Naruto, and their hands touched, though neither of them seemed to want to move their hands away.

- Admin Rey

I’d Be Honoured (Feysand High School AU)

So I’ve decided to do a High School AU for day two of Feysand week (@feysandweek). Hopefully this lives up to all the other fics in the ACOMAF fandom.

I told myself I’d write a short fic but then, I went overboard again :p 

I hope you guys like it!

None of the characters I’ve used in this are mine. They are copyright of Sarah J. Maas. 



“I thought I told you to stay away from them; from him. Remember, you’re mine.” Tamlin furiously whispered to Feyre along the empty school hallways, his hand encircled around one of her wrists – gripping it so tight she was afraid it might bruise. The bell had already rung and the classes after lunch have already started. Feyre had a free session after lunch as always. She was expecting to go to the library and catch up on her reading when she was pulled aside by her boyfriend of a year.

When Feyre first met Tamlin, he wasn’t always the way he is now. He use to be kind during their first six months of dating, but after a new group of students enrolled into their high school and she befriended them – Tamlin became over possessive. She tried to reassure him that they, or specifically he, was just a friend of hers but Tamlin refused to listen. He always got angry with Feyre, repeating that she is his over and over again as if she’s an object. However, whenever Feyre needed him during hard times – he would always make up some excuse as to why he can’t come.

Ridiculous. She thought to herself.

Ever since the first incident where Tamlin was acting over possessive, Feyre started falling out of love for him. She tried avoiding him and spending more time with Rhysand, the he Tamlin was referring to, but she didn’t dare break up with him. She knew she was afraid of what he would do to her. Tamlin had a tendency to do whatever he felt like doing on the spot depending on his emotions. Once, he followed her all the way to a party to take her home right as she got there. He left her at home while he left to go back to the party himself.


“Do you hear me?” Tamlin whispered to Feyre again, bringing her back to reality. She roughly pulled her wrist from his hand and turned to walk towards the library.

“I heard you,” she said as she made her way to the library. Thankfully, Tamlin didn’t follow her as she heard his footsteps walk the other direction.

Pathetic. Not even an apology for what he did to my wrist. He always wants to keep a ‘good boy’ outlook at school. Such a liar.

Feyre was lost in her thought when she bumped into the hard figure in front of her. She stumbled backward as she felt two warm arms wrap around her shoulder before she fell.

“You okay?” Rhys asked her, “You didn’t show up at the library like you usually do, I was getting worried.”

Feyre smiled at one of her closest friend before she stood up straighter and nodded, “Yeah, I’m fine.”

Rhys glanced down at her wrist, seeing the red marks encircled around it, “You sure?”

He didn’t want to ask her outright what was happening since he knew she would deny everything and close him off. She was stubborn that way, he thought.

“Yeah. Now c’mon, you have to help me write my essays and pick out books in the library,” She grabbed his wrist as she dragged him back in the direction he came from.


“Rhys! Stop writing ‘Rhysand is the most cunning’ and ‘Rhysand is the most handsome’ all over my essay!” Feyre whispered as she clicked backspace on her computer to erase those sentences.

Rhys laughed loudly; silencing himself the moment the librarian walked over and told him to shush. But in a matter of seconds, he was laughing again although quieter this time.

“Admit it, you know it’s true.”

Feyre could only shake her head as she concentrated back on writing her essay. From time to time, she could feel Rhys nudging her feet softly underneath the table or fiddling with her hair as he helped her whenever she asked. She noticed that his eyes kept lingering on her wrist before he finally asked, “I know something happened back there in the hallways. You know you can tell me right?”

Feyre sighed before saving her essay and shutting her laptop. She folded her arms on top of her laptop before leaning her head down against it. She inhaled, held her breath for a moment before exhaling.

C’mon, Feyre. Just tell him. You know he will help you. I mean look at him. And admit it, you don’t love Tamlin anymore – you like Rhysand! Her mind seems to tell her.

She finally sat up, facing Rhysand while fiddling with her thumbs that she now has on her lap.

“Tamlin has been…well, he has been over possessive recently. He once made me go home from a party that he went back to attend and he’s constantly pulling me aside to tell me that…” she lifted her hands up to make quotation marks with her fingers, “’I’m his’ or whatever.” Feyre finished, trying to make her statement seem minor. She continued to tell him all the other things Tamlin has done like ignoring her when she needs him.

Rhysand seemed to be processing her words, however his eyes seem to flare with something. Was it…anger?

“Rhys? Hello?” Feyre called out, waving her hand in front of his face.

Rhys sighed before taking both her hands into his, “Feyre, I know this may sound like I’m jumping to conclusions really fast but I say you break up with him,” before Feyre could reply, he continued, “I mean, he’s practically treating you like an animal. Locking you in like you can’t do what you want. And he’s also objectifying you. He’s suppose to be yours as much as you are his but he’s not respecting that from what I’ve heard.”

Feyre sighed, “I know. I’ve been meaning to break up with him but I’m afraid. He’s always so impulsive I’ll never know what he’ll do next.”

“Do you want me or Mor or any of us to go with you? We could be there with you if you’d like.”

She shook her head, “No. It’s fine. But after telling you all this I realized just how bad it has become. It’s like I don’t even have control of my own life anymore.”

Rhys just nodded, holding her hand tighter in his. For some reason, this sent a shiver down Feyre’s spine; a good sort of feeling grew in her unlike when Tamlin would hold her hand. She felt owned when he did so.

“Would you be willing to stay on the phone with me when I break up with him tonight? Just incase anything happens?”

Rhysand instantly nodded just as the bell rang, “I’ll be waiting. You call and I’ll answer.”

And with that they both left the library and to their classes.


Feyre paced her apartment as he waited for Tamlin to arrive. She called him about half an hour ago and he still wasn’t here.

Unbelievable. Why didn’t I break up with him earlier?

Just as Feyre heard Tamlin’s car drive into her driveway, she dialed Rhys’s number. It beeped two times before he picked up.

“You ready?” He asked the moment he picked up.

“Yeah. I am. Thanks for doing this.”

“You know I don’t mind. Mor is with me too by the way.”

Feyre smiled, “Hey Mor,” she quickly rushed out, hearing a muffled ‘hello’ back since she assumed Rhys was on speaker phone.

“Okay, he’s here. I’ll be right back.”

She quickly pocketed her phone before making her way to her front door. She opened it to the sight of Tamlin, his hands in his pockets as he made his way inside the house before she could even widen the door.

Jeez. What’s with him these days.

“Tamlin, we have to talk.”

“Can’t we do that later? I just want to hang out with you.”

Feyre shook her head and decided to go straight to the point, “Tamlin, I’m breaking up with you. I can’t do this anymore.”

Tamlin stood up straight from where he was bending over, looking for food in the fridge.

“What? No you’re not. You’re mine.”

Feyre crossed her arm, getting frustrated from his denial.

“No. Tamlin we’re breaking up. I can’t do this anymore. You have been over possessive and constantly disregard my choices. I’m done.”

Feyre turned away to open the door for him to leave but instead she was pinned against the wall as Tamlin leaned in.

“You’re mine! You can’t leave. It’s because of him, isn’t it?”

“No it’s not! Get off me. We’re done, I don’t want to be in this relationship anymore. I don’t love you anymore.”

Tamlin growled like a man possessed before he tighten his grip around her wrists.

“I said. You. Are. Mine. You aren’t leaving me.”

With that sentence Tamlin turned and locked the door – locking them both inside the house.

“You are staying with me and I’m sleeping here tonight. That’s final.”

“NO! I told you. We’re done, Tamlin. I’m breaking up with you.’

As Feyre made her way to the door again she was slammed against the nearest wall. Her face hitting the hard wall as her head instantly became lightheaded. She felt a trickle of blood rolling down her temple.

“Get off me, Tamlin!” Feyre yelled while struggling to get out of his hold.

Just as Tamlin was about to retaliate, Feyre’s door was kicked opened and Tamlin’s weight was pulled off of her. She instantly dropped to the ground, gripping her head as everything started to spin and her ears started to ring. She suddenly saw a blonde head in front of her and two soft hands gripping her shoulder.

“Feyre? Feyre?! Are you okay? Can you hear me?”

Before Feyre could answer, she passed out.


Feyre woke up to an unfamiliar room. The ceilings were white and the place smelled so much like medicines. She blinked several times to gain clearer vision to realize seconds later that she was at a hospital. She felt a small pressure on her right hand and glanced over to see Rhysand asleep while sitting next to her bed. His hand is holding hers while his head rested beside it.

Feyre used her left hand to push herself up into a sitting position. Her movements startled Rhys as he woke up with a start before relaxing again, seeing it was only Feyre waking up.

“Hey. Are you okay?” He asked quickly, standing up to check her over.

“I’m fine, Rhys. What happened?”

He sighed in relief before sitting back down on the chair, “He slammed you hard enough against the wall that by the time Mor and I got to you, you were barely conscious,” Rhys shook his head, “I can’t believe he did that to you. He’s pathetic.”

Feyre nodded before facing Rhys, “Thank you. For coming for me.”

Rhys frowned, “You thought I wasn’t going to? I left my place with Mor the moment he locked your door.”

She nodded once again, entering a daze when she realized all the events that have happened the last few hours.

Rhys simply took her hand again, “You’re fine now. He won’t bother you anymore. I sort of scared him off.”

Feyre couldn’t help but laugh at that.


It has been months after the incident and Feyre has been spending most of her time with Rhysand and his friends. They always mange to brighten up her day. There was Mor with her never-ending gossip, Amren with her subtle comebacks towards Cassian – who is the biggest joker alive – and Azriel staying quiet only to comment every once in awhile. Although he seems scary at first, he truly cared about his friend and, maybe, for Morrigan more than the rest. Finally, there was Rhysand. During the months after her break up with Tamlin, Rhysand has always been there for her when she needed someone the most. Unsurprisingly, he was there more than Tamlin has ever been. It’s safe to say that Feyre has started developing some feelings for him. For some reason, they fit so well together.

Rhysand has asked her to go out with him, or as he worded it a date, today after school to a diner called Rita’s. Feyre agreed instantly as she’s heard so many wonderful comments of the place from her friends.

When school ended, Feyre decided to walk to the diner with Rhys and later they would walk back to take their cars since it wasn’t too far. On their way there, Rhys would answer all of Feyre’s questions about everything from how he met everyone in his friend group to simple things like his favorite music. Feyre would answer Rhys’s questions right back, telling him about her sisters and her love for painting. They didn’t even realize that their hands were intertwined all the way to Rita’s.

When they got there, the staff instantly noticed Rhys and gave him his usual seat. They ordered their food continued their talk from the walk. The evening went by fast as Feyre enjoyed spending time with Rhys and found it easy to talk to him about anything.

On their walk back to school, they had their hands intertwined purposely now. The feeling of each other’s hands in the other made them both feel happier than usual. Halfway back, Rhys paused on the sidewalk and moved to intertwine both his hands with Feyre’s.

“I-I need to ask you something,” Rhys said before he could overthink the situation.

Feyre smiled, “Well, go on.”

Rhys took a deep breathe before saying, “I know it was only a couple months ago that you broke up with Tamlin and I wholly understand if you reject my asking but I’m willing to take a chance right now for you. Feyre, will you be my girlfriend? I completely understand if you aren’t ready for another relationship yet and if-“

Feyre cut him off by leaning up on her tiptoes and kissing him on his lips. Her hands reach up to wrap around his neck. Rhysand’s hands slid up to tangle itself in Feyre’s hair as he pulled her closer. She pulled away minutes later and leaned her forehead against his.

“Of course, Rhys. I’d love to be your girlfriend. But are you willing to be my boyfriend?”

Rhys laughed before tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear, “I’d be honored, darling.”

And for the first time, she saw Rhys smile the biggest smile he has ever had on his face before leaning in to kiss her again.

Run Away Part 2

Warnings: Cussing, Kidnapping I guess.. I believe that’s all.
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister Winchester! Reader
Summary: You get kidnapped and your brothers come save the day
Readers Age: 15 years old
Word Count: 1326

Y/N: Your Name
Y/M/N: Your Middle Name
POV: Point Of View

A/N: I’m kinda happy with how this turned out, I feel like this kind of story has been done a million times but hey, if you like it then that’s all that matters! Enjoy!

Part 1

…Sam and Dean’s POV…

It was the next morning, Sam thought he’d go check on you real quick. Sam knocked on your door, but nobody answered, so he went in anyway. “Y/N?” Sam said while slowly entering your room, he turned on the light and to his surprise, you weren’t there. He started panicking. “Y/N?! Y/N?!” Sam ran all over your room, even in your bathroom, he looked everywhere. “DEAN!” Sam yelled. 

Within seconds Dean was in your room next to Sam, “What? What’s wrong?” Dean asked worry laced in his voice. 

“Y/N’s gone,” Sam responded, looking at his brother with a horrified look.

“What do you mean she’s gone?” Dean asked, not believing it. Sam handed him the note you left,

Dear Sam and Dean,
You guys think I’m not capable enough to hunt, I’m going to prove you wrong. I took everything I need. I left my phone with you guys so you can’t track me, I’m going to hunt on my own. I’m old enough, I’m not a baby. Don’t bother looking for me. You won’t find me. ~Y/N

Dean took a seat on your bed and he rubbed his face. He didn’t know whether to be mad at himself, mad at you, or worried. Instead, he was all three. “We have to find her,” Dean told Sam. Sam nodded and they left to ask around.

…Your POV…

You were in a diner, after hitch-hiking, you ended up somewhere in Iowa, you were far away from home. You sat at a booth and opened the menu. Luckily, you saved up lots of money, it was going to go into your college fund, but you need it now.

“What can I get ya’ Sugar?” A brunette waitress whose name was Sarah, according to her nametag approached you.

“Um, I’d like a salad, please.” Even though you’d much rather have a cheeseburger, you have to stay healthy so you can hunt and run from your brothers.

Once you ate you got back on the road, hitch-hiking. You never liked hitch-hiking, but it was your only option. You cursed at yourself for not letting Dean teach you how to hot wire a car. Even though you’re pissed at your brothers, you can’t help, but miss them.

You were able to get a truck to pull over, you got in and were greeted by an old, big, tough looking guy, he gave you a creepy smile. You smiled back and told him that you’ll get off at his next stop.

It’s only been a few minutes and you’re already starting to get creeped out by the guy, whose name you found out was Steve. He kept eyeballing you with a creepy smirk. You told him to let you off at the next gas station and he agreed.

Once you arrived at the gas station you got out and thanked him for the lift, he got out as well to fill up his truck or so you thought. You were heading into the gas station when he grabbed your arm and showed you some fangs, vampire. You tried screaming, but before you could everything went black.

You opened your eyes, everything was hurting, especially, your head and neck. “Shit,” you cursed under your breath, the vamp already fed on you. You felt so much weaker. Your hands were tied up and reached upwards to the ceiling, leaving you dangling. A vampire entered the room, the same one you happened to get in the truck with.

“This how you treat all your guests, Steve?” you snarked. 

Steve chuckled, “Well, not all. I smelled you and recognized your scent, Winchester.” Steve smirked. 

“Shit,” you cursed once again under your breath. He knows who you are, the Winchester name finally caught up with you. “So, why don’t you just kill me then?” you asked, trying to steady your breathing. 

“Because the fact that you’re here means your brothers aren’t too far behind,” your head shot up, fear in your eyes. Your dumbass self just led your brothers straight into a trap, how could you be so stupid?

“SHIT!” you cursed a third time, but this time louder.

“You curse a lot for someone your age, you kiss your momma with that mouth? Oh, too soon?” Steve snapped, your eyes went from fear to anger. You were just about to say something back when everything went dark again.

“Y/N? Y/N! C'mon wake up!” you heard a scruffy voice calling you, Dean. You slowly opened your eyes to see your eldest brother Dean holding you, it looks like he just got beat up, which he probably did considering you’re still in the vamp’s lair. 

“W-what? De?” you groaned from the pain. 

“Yeah, yeah. I’m here we’re gonna get you out of here, okay?” Everything went black once again.

…Hours Later…

You woke up, pain still shooting through your body. You opened your eyes to see an unfamiliar ceiling, you shot up, instantly regretting moving. You groaned loudly and collapsed back down. 

“Whoa, easy there, kiddo,” Sam said kneeling down by your side. 

“S'mmy? Where are we?” you asked. 

“A motel. We had to get you stitched up as soon as possible so we brought you here.” Sam informed you, “How are you feeling?” Sam asked his eyes full of worry.

“Uh, terrible,” you moaned. 

Sam chuckled, “Yeah. Pain meds probably haven’t kicked in, you’ll be back on your feet in no time.” Sam reassured you, but behind that smile Sam was furious, he just had to wait until you were able to stand to let you have it.

You woke up feeling better, you looked around the motel room, it was empty. You stood up groaning a little. You were walking to the bathroom when the motel door flung open. 

“Y/N Y/M/N Winchester!” you turned to see Dean standing in the doorway, his eyes blazing with anger, Dean stomped towards you. You prepared for yelling and screaming, but you were caught off guard when you were pulled into Dean’s chest, his arms engulfing you. “Don’t you ever do that to me again. You know how worried I was? You could’ve died if it wasn’t for us! What if we didn’t find you? Huh?” Dean spoke angrily while pulling you back, his hands on your shoulders.

Your eyes started filling with tears and you couldn’t stop it, you started crying, you cupped your face with your hands and let it out. “I’m sorry, Dean. I was stupid. I’m sorry for everything!” you said in between sobs. 

Dean pulled you back into a hug and kissed your head. “It’s okay, Baby Girl. I understand why you did it. Hunting is in the Winchester’s blood. Just… Just promise me you’ll never do anything like this ever again,” Dean’s said, a few of his own tears falling.

“I promise,” you replied into Dean’s chest, but this time you meant it.

After a few minutes of Dean comforting you, Sam walked in, he cleared his throat to get your attention. Dean let you go, and you ran into Sam’s arms, he wrapped his long arms around you. “I’m sorry, Sammy, I’m so sorry. I’ll never lie to you again, I’m sorry!” you cried into the crook of his neck.

Sam sighed, “It’s ok, I forgive you. Just never run away ever again,”

“I won’t, I promise I won’t!” 

“Alright, then let’s head home,” Sam said with a smile.

You all headed out the door, “Oh, Y/N?” Dean caught your attention while closing the door to the motel.

“Yeah?” you replied. 

“You’re grounded. For a year.” Dean said with a straight face. 

You chuckled, but when he kept his straight face you stopped in your tracks, “Seriously? A year? You can’t be serious. Are you serious? Sam!” you yelled.

“Yes, Y/N, he is totally serious. You’re grounded for a year,” Sam replied. You sighed, accepting your fate and got into the Impala. Her soothing purrs lulling you to sleep.

Part 3

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

Living in a Fairy Tail- Chapter 3 Now Live!

Summary:  Juvia has lived alone in world of dark storm clouds and thundering rain for years. When her friend Cana predicted that her whole life would change, she was a little skeptical. Yet the truth of those words will soon be tested as a new tenant and his roommate move into a neighbouring apartment. Just how will Juvia handle this new situation?

Genre: Fluff, Hurt/comfort

Rating: Its all good for everyone

Words: 5,998 link

Lucy woke up the next morning with the worst headache that she had ever experienced. Her head was pounding and she was beyond thirsty. Opening her eyes, she stared up at an unfamiliar ceiling. She was lying out on a soft bed and covered by a light duvet. Snoring peacefully beside her was Juvia, a thin trail of drool running from the corner of her mouth and onto the pillow beneath her face. Laying there for a long while, she tried to kick her brain into action and remember the previous night’s events, or even how she had ended up in the bed in the first place though she was met only with limited success.

With a slight groan, Lucy sat up in bed and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She yawned gently, stretching her arms out wide and shaking her limbs free of the grip of the previous night’s rest. Looking around, she frowned slightly as she noticed that the room that they were in was not Juvia’s. In fact, they weren’t in Juvia’s apartment at all. Listening carefully past the sound of Juvia’s breaths, she could hear the faint sounds of movement beyond their room. To her it sounded like plates hitting a table and pans clattering against a stove top.

Keep reading

Alone Together || byakudanloner

It was with a violent shaking of the Earth and a sudden blackout that everything around them seemed to vanish. Emi had fallen through the hole first and naturally, Mitsuki and Tohko had made an attempt to reach for her. The ground had shaken again, as if trying to make sure that all nine of them fell through, and Tohko felt someone grab onto the back of her collar and yank her back. Mituski was swallowed up by the hole next, with Fukuroi jumping in after her as if on instinct. Ohkawa and Katayama held onto one another desperately as they were eaten by the growing hole. Tohko heard the sound of classroom cabinets falling over and shattering and backed up, terrified, closer to whomever had grabbed her.

The floor was collapsing far too quickly for any sort of proper escape, what with her being so drastically seperated from the door, so she closed her eyes and jumped into the hole when it reached her, Yuuya, Kurosaki, and Kai; the only ones left in the room just before the entire floor gave way. At least now, when they hit the first floor, she might have some more control over how she landed.


It was with a painful thud that Tohko hit the wooden floor below. Thankfully, it was more giving than say, concrete, but the landing practically knocked the air from her lungs. She was dizzy for a while, the oddly unfamiliar ceiling of the building spinning wildly before her eyes. Shouldn’t she be looking up at a large hole? When her vision finally cleared, Tohko managed to sit up and looked around.

This was….Where was she? Standing up, Tohko dusted herself off and quietly pinched herself to make certain that she wasn’t hallucinating or dreaming up this place. The sharp jolt of pain that shot up her arm proved that she really was here….Wherever this was. And it also proved that for some reason…She was very alone.

Emi!? Mitsuki!?” Tohko called out for her best friends, her voice echoing down the long, dark hallways. When she received no answer aside from a crack of thunder and a jolt of lightning; just outside the nearest window, Tohko shuddered. Where was everyone? Taking a few shaky steps forward, Tohko called out for the rest of her companions. “Yuuya? Kurosaki? Ohkawa? Katayama?” She reached the landing of a set of stairs. Up or down? Down seemed to be the best bet in terms of an exit..So down it was. “…Shimada?” She called, being careful as she descended. “Is anyone here?