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Thorin mistakes Fili and Kili IN THE MOVIE

Alright the Hobbit cast has said that everyone has confused Fili and Kili’s names. Even the actors themselves. But it would always be behind the scenes or off screen. Until I re-watched An Unexpected Journey. 

Here we see Fili and Kili being split up by the mountain during the thunder fight.

Clearly Fili is not on Thorin’s side with Kili, since Thorin was leading the group. 

So when Fili’s group crashes into the mountain, Thorin kells “KILI!” as evidenced here:

and here:

Even after looking at him he still calls him Kili. Thorin was probably too in the moment to realize his mistake, but really Fili’s face says it all.

How Unexpected (Part 1)

Characters - SPN Cast x Reader (Single!Richard x Reader)

Word Count - 1380

Warnings - Maybe some language (I can’t remember D:)

A/N - So i started this story about 4 months ago and i got pretty far maybe even 2 parts in. I had a file saved on my external when i found out my cpu was about to die, but when i moved i checked the file and it was corrupted somehow. Sooo here i am starting completely over lol. It’s kinda hard trying to remember everything i’d had but i hope it’ll be just as good lol. Also i always get so carried away with backstories of my characters so be prepared for this part to be mostly that XD Sorry for the long note, i love you all! How Unexpected Pt.2 | Pt.3 | P.4

~Admin Chels

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Three Months Ago

How were you gonna explain to your sister that the boyfriend you’d had for the last four years just dumped you, and on a night he was supposed to accompany you to dinner at her house. You thought he was the love of your life and the only other person that loved him as much as you had was definitely your sister Genevieve. She thought of him as a brother and would be just as devastated. By the time you arrived to her and Jared’s house you were a sobbing mess. You did your best to fix yourself up in the car, wiping the tears away and applying more powder to cover your blotchy red face. Once you deemed yourself worthy you hopped out of the car and smoothed your shirt, walking up the path to the door. Just as your finger almost pushed the doorbell the door flew open, revealing Jared towering in front of you. He looked down at you and frowned, his brows knitting together in worry. “Y/N what’s the matter? Are you okay?”

‘Of course he’d notice right off the bat..’

He looked around outside and you knew he was looking for your ex-boyfriend. “Yeah i’m totally fine! Oh by the way, he’s not coming. He had something to take care of so it’s just little old me.” You tried your hardest to force a smile on your lips though Jar could definitely see through your play. But he just nodded knowing it was something you should talk about with Gen. As you stepped into the entryway Thomas was there, tugging at the fabric of your jeans and looking at you with a big smile. “Hi..” He spoke softly, but reached his hands up wiggling his little fingers. “Pick me up pwease.” Chuckling, you obliged and scooped him up. That little bundle always seemed to know when you needed a cuddle. You spoke to him as you walked into the kitchen where Gen was finishing cooking and watching Shep. “Hey sis! You’re kinda ear–What’s wrong with you?” She paused mid sentence, noticing your face almost as quickly as Jared had. Shifting Tom into his father’s arms you sat down and with a heavy sigh, told her all about how your ex-boyfriend claimed to just not be in love with you anymore. When he said that to you, you figured that meant he fell in love with someone else. How could he just throw away all of those years. All of the things you’d done together, how many countless times you’d given yourself to him, and how many times he’d said he’d loved you.

‘At what point did he stop meaning it.. How long have i been fooling myself..’

With a shake of your head you fought back the tears, not wanting to think about it. You braced yourself for your sister’s reaction. “That bastard! If i ever see him again i’m going to make him wish he was never born.” Jared placed his large hand on your shoulder gently and when you turned to look at him he nodded to you. “He’s a dead man if he’s got Gen yelling.” You couldn’t help but to laugh. “Seriously guys don’t even worry about it, it’s in the past.” Your voice was coming back to you, though still a little raspy from all the crying you’d just been doing in the car. “It was literally just hours ago Y/N.” Jared spoke up again. “Regardless… Please don’t start anything. It’s over with now..” That comment was directed more at your sister than anything and you were sure she knew by the way she fumed in front of you. “Fine fine okay. What’s done is done. Let’s eat.” She threw on her usual beautiful smile and started fixing up plates. “Good.” You sighed, feeling relieved.


You stood by the refreshment table from the back of the set, snacking of course, as Jar, J, and Richard all did their thing. Your eyes shifted to Rich and he was laughing after messing up his lines. After your break up you’d started coming to some of the shoots with Gen for support of your brother and Jensen. That was where you’d met him and you two had hit it off almost immediately. He was with beyond a doubt your best friend, always knowing what to say and making you laugh like you were a kid again. Though something seemed different about him lately over the past week or so. His smile wasn’t quite the same. A hint of pain behind those whiskey eyes when he spoke to anyone, not just you. It honestly seemed a little bit worse with you in fact and you really had no idea what could be so wrong.

‘That’s it, I’m tired of this. I gotta know..’

After the shoot everyone dispersed and J, Jared, and Gen all immediately stepped your way. You all greeted each other as you always did, but Richard was nowhere to be found in the group. Looking around you finally spotted him slinking out the door. “Rich!” You tried to call him over, but he didn’t even look at you before he let the door shut behind him. “What is wrong with him..” You weren’t really asking anybody but yourself, but Jensen spoke up. “Do you not know? Y/N.. He’s–” Jared gave him a look that he quickly noticed and zipped his lip. “He’s what?” Your eyes scanned over theirs and then to Genevieve’s. She sighed, looking at her husband. “I think you should just ask him yourself sis. It’s not our business to tell.” She glanced at Jensen who shrugged, looking a bit nervous himself about the situation. “Well if you say so.. I will.” You excused yourself after that and darted off to where the direction Richard had been off to so quickly. “Rich?! Richard!” You’d seen him in the distance, getting into his car. He looked at you for only a moment before shutting the door and driving off. You hadn’t been able to see him properly from that distance, but you could only assume he had that same look in his eyes that he’d had for the week.

You couldn’t shake your best friend from your mind even after the day had come and gone. Laying down in your bed didn’t help, no matter how hard you tried to sleep. Him not talking to you about it was really frustrating, you just wanted to scream. Finally you’d decided you’d text him if he wouldn’t talk to you face to face. You sifted through the dark searching for you phone and finally found it.

‘Hey Rich, i was just wondering if everything’s okay. If you need to talk about anything you can always contact me.’

You sent it hoping he’d respond, but at this point you were beginning to think you were the problem or maybe you’d done something to upset him. A few minutes went by, no response. You decided to take a shower to pass the time since you couldn’t sleep and when you got back, still no response.

‘Maybe it was just too late at night for him to answer, he was probably just sleeping..’

You began coming up with every excuse in the book, avoiding the thought of him being mad at you to make yourself feel better. Finally when you woke up, the sun was just coming up. You groaned at stream of pale light coming straight through the window and onto your face. As soon as you fully came to your heart started to pound, wondering if Richard had finally texted you back. “Why am i so nervous? It’s not like we don’t talk all the time.” You spoke out loud to no one as you grabbed your phone and hit the lock button. The phone lit up and showed the message icon making your stomach drop for God knows why.

‘Hey! I’m gonna be stopping by the shoot today so if you’re gonna be there let me know okay? We’ll get lunch :p’

It was just Gen. Your head slumped forward, smacking the phone into your forehead as you grunted in frustration. “Why won’t he just talk to me!” You yelled out loud, again to no one.

 “You and your father cast large shadows,” Frigga tells Thor in a deleted scene from the Dark World. Yet it was the first movie that showed this, repeatedly. Second born son to a king, Loki was born into the position of the spare heir. So easily overlooked and disregarded when you have both a strong king and a powerful heir. I unabashedly love the way the director showed how Loki felt about his place in his family, about how he measured up against his father and older brother.

We start with Thor & Loki as children, on equal footing (visually) as they both gaze up at their father.

Then comes the coronation. Loki is below his father and above his brother. But he is miserable. The camera shoots down at him. Then shows him looking up at his father and down at his brother. Thor is below him only symbolically, for he is about to take the steps up - past Loki - to take the throne, where he will forever be above his younger brother. 

Next is my personal fave, sadly a scene that got chopped up even as it perfectly conveys how Loki sees himself. After Thor’s coronation is disrupted and he and Odin argue in the weapons vault (a scene in which Loki is silent, he has no voice in the exchange between Odin & Thor), Loki finds Thor brooding. They sit side by side until Thor rises to make his case for their going to Jotunheim (”no Thor that’s a terrible idea, don’t do that sit down” - me). Loki remains in place, still and silent, again having no voice as Thor cajoles his friends. Up until this - 

“You’re not going to let my brother and me take all the glory, are you?” 


“But you are coming with me, aren’t you?” 

“Yes, of course. I won’t let my brother march into Jotunheim alone.”

And as Loki jumps to his feet to declare his intention to go with Thor, he stands on a lower step. Below his brother. Staring up adoringly at him.

They go to Jotunheim (didn’t i tell  you to stay home??? you never listen), get dragged home by Odin. Odin & Thor argue again, standing on a platform elevated over Loki. Loki tries to speak up this time only to get roared into silence by his father. The look of shock on his face speaks volumes. From then on, he’s again silent, watching, looking up. Left out.

Thor is banished. Loki confronts Odin in the vault. The truth of his origins come out. This is the crucial scene where Loki’s visual position shifts. He is, as always, looking up at his father.

Then, suddenly, Loki’s above him. Loki’s the one looking down at his father. 

Well shit. This was unexpected. With Thor being cast down to Midgard, and Odin fallen at Loki’s feet, Loki has now been elevated higher than both of them. He receives Gungnir and sits on Asgard’s throne. Everyone is below him. He visits Thor on Midgard and stands above him, looking down at him as he informs Thor of his new standing.

But still Loki’s not happy. He can’t lift Mjolnir (duh, you tried to lift it after you told a shit ton of lies, you dumbass), Thor’s friends won’t obey him, Asgard’s watchman still stands above him, looking down. Loki claws and fights dirty to try to hang on to his elevated position just long enough to prove himself in Odin’s eye. Not to keep his position mind you, he’s only fighting to try to raise himself up a notch, trying to gain enough ground so he’s no long standing below Thor & Odin, silent and watching. This is all he wants. Though how he goes about it leaves something to be desired, but I digress.

Thor returns, Odin awakens and here we get to the most dramatic visual representation of how Loki see his place in the scheme of his family - 

You can’t get any lower than this. Loki’s always looking up, with others looking down. In one moment of sheer despair, he chooses to escape this position by falling down so far that he won’t have to see anyone looking down at him again.

I love watching this movie (and crying bitter tears of feels afterward).

One of the more important aspects of Jewish tradition and practice is that time is seen as a spiral.
Not as a circle, spinning endlessly in the same groove and returning always to the same sacred place in the past, as some traditional societies see time.
Not as a straight line, marching always forward to triumph or oblivion, making yesterday outdated and tomorrow crucial, as modernity sees time.
But as a spiral, in which we are always drawing on the past in order to move into the future.
In the world of thought, this spiral approach is encoded into the process and practice of midrash, through which an ancient text is turned in unexpected directions to cast new light upon the present and the future.
—  Arthur Waskow

I was thinking about something recently. Neville was really talented with Herbology. So he’d naturally gravitate towards studying various aspects of it, right? What if during his 7th year at Hogwarts he found a way to use Victorian flower language?

At one point in time flowers had been used to pass secret messages. Each flower had a meaning, and there were multitudes of books dedicated to deciding those meanings. It would be a brilliant way to send covert messages for the Hogwarts Resistance. What self-respecting Death Eater would know about Muggle flower language from a century before?

The likelihood that they’d figure it out is so infinitesimally small. Neville could teach DA members what the flower language meant (or at least what key flowers meant) so they could pass messages and make it look like dating couples being sweet, or a student helping Professor Sprout.

So then a bouquet of irises, lemon geraniums and white poplars, with accents of white heather, witch hazel and four o’clocks, (and maybe a few rhododendrons) wrapped in a violet ribbon suddenly means something to the right people.

To someone who can translate it that bouquet of flowers becomes:

“I have a message from an unexpected meeting, cast a spell for ‘wishes come true’ (aka the room of requirement) at 4 o’clock on Saturday. Be careful!!”