an unexpected bath

What dating Peter Pan would include:

·         Sharing a cozy treehouse with him.

·         Waking up every morning with his warm arms locked tightly around your            body.

·         Peter constantly putting all of your needs in front of everything else.

·         Daily trips to Mermaid Lagoon since Pan knows it’s one of your favorite             spots in Neverland.

·         Peter protecting you from the mermaids.

·         Being a loving and caring mother to all the Lost Boys.

·         Reading bedtime stories to the younger boys while Peter happily listens             in, adding an extra comment when he found necessary.

·         “And they lived happily ever after!” A small boy smiled with delight then              chirped,

          “Like you and Pan, right mother?” Peter emerged from the other side of             the well-lit fire where he had been listening to you intently with a proud               smirk on his face.

          “Yes… exactly like Y/n and I.”

·         Pan giving you special one-on-one lessons with the bow and arrow.

·         Having heated makeout sessions in the middle of the forest.

·         Peter teaching you how to properly hunt with him and the Lost Boys.

·         “I’m impressed, y/n. You seem to be a natural at hunting. Well done,                  love.”

·         Pan having to constantly be touching you in some way whether it be                 holding your hand sweetly or resting his on the small of your back.

·         Peter opening up to you about his past and letting you in completely.

·         Becoming close friends with Felix and going to him for almost every bit             of advice.

·         Pan’s eyes absorbing your every move as you twirl around the burning             fire while the enchanting tunes from the pipe pressed loosely against his           lips dance in the air.

·         Becoming Peter Pan’s only weakness.

·         Going on midnight strolls through the dark forest with Peter by your side           to keep you out of harm’s way.

·         Peter growing extremely protective and slightly possessive over you.

·         “I just don’t fancy the idea of you out and about running wild with the                  boys. You’re my bird, not theirs!”

·         Convincing Pan, after much persuasion, to allow yourself to teach him                how to braid hair.

·         “Darling, I don’t see how this will ever come in hand. How is this a useful            life skill? This could never aid me in a fight. What am I gonna do… braid            their hair to death?”

          “Peter! Don’t be so vulgar! Maybe sometimes I’m sick of always having              to do it myself and I would like a helping hand once in a while, I mean-“             A pair of soft lips cut you short as Pan held your face lovingly between                his hands, kissing you sweetly.

          “I’m sorry, love. I didn’t mean to upset you. It would be my honor to learn            how to braid hair by you!”

·         Peter actually becoming very skilled in doing your hair and jumping at               the idea of braiding small flowers in between each strand of hair pulled             back tightly into a single french braid. Although not ever in front of the               Lost Boys that is.

·         Playing light jokes on each other.

·         Peter adding an entire personal library for you after discovering just how           much you enjoy reading.

·         Cuddling up together in your shared bed after a long and tiring day.

·         Sharing stories from the past to one another and promising not to speak           a single word about them to any other soul.

·         Picking berries and other various fruits together as you two chat and                 joke the day away.

·         Random acts of affection in the most unexpected situations.

·         Bathing together in the rich pure streams of Neverland which eventually           leads into a water war, splashing each other mercilessly as both of your             laughter echoes through the forest.  

·         “Wow, love. Didn’t know I make you that wet! You’re dripping for me!”

          “Peter Pan! Do not speak such a way!”

          “I’m sorry, beautiful… I just couldn’t resist.”

·         Reading the original fairytale of Peter Pan to Peter and answering all the           many, and confusing, questions he has.

·         Waking up to his plump lips locked softly against your forehead as he               mumbles a tired “good morning”.

·         Peter trusting you with keeping the real Pandora’s Box safe when the               Storybrooke gang arrives.

·         Pan loving you unconditionally, unlike he has ever felt for anyone in the             world.

·         “I don’t know how you manage to do this to me. I love you more than                 this very island, my bird. I couldn’t ever imagine spending a single day               on this island without you, y/n. I honestly don’t believe I could make it                 through the day if that were the case. You’re the prettiest most rarest                 flower I have ever laid my eyes on and I promise you with everything                 inside of me, I will protect you at all cost. I truly do love you, y/n.”

-Daizy xx

Little Things that Remind Me of the Signs
  • Aries: action films, fire trucks, chuckling laughter, mini skirts, love-hate relationships, fire sprinklers, crop tops, wedge heels, hyper children, chirping summer cicadas, older siblings defending younger siblings, the color red.
  • Taurus: twinkling lights, lazy evenings, hazel eyes, small animals, flannels, baby faces, swing sets, well-decorated bedrooms, staring contests, eating food and watching Netflix, school supplies, cupcakes.
  • Gemini: pop songs, reminiscing in old photos, footprints in the sand, button noses, winged eyeliner, nerdy glasses, déjà vu, holding hands, ice cream cones, making new friends, iMac Flavor computers, doppelgängers.
  • Cancer: scented candles, baking, crashing waves, feel-good movies, silver, moon-themed jewelry, new bras, chubby babies, diamonds, unconditional love, consoling a friend after a breakup, polka-dots.
  • Leo: long hair, golden tans, face paint, finding money, purring cats, lattes, knee-high boots, sunflowers, heart-shaped sunglasses, new make-up, spotlights, sundresses.
  • Virgo: bold lip stick, ringlet hair, late summer nights, random knowledge, neutral colored clothes, words on the tip of your tongue, tiny purses, shy romances, chocolate, 90's fashion, first times, scrunchies.
  • Libra: olive skin, glimmering smiles, caramel, cold hands, greeting old friends, perfect desserts, poetry, high-waisted skirts, romantic comedies, pure hospitality, hourglass-shaped bodies, iced tea.
  • Scorpio: raspy morning voices, subtle smirking, bright eyes, roses, metallics, tattoos, new underwear, horror flicks, sassy cats, dry humor, enemies turned friends, glitter.
  • Sagittarius: busy schedules, mid-day sunshine, laughing till you cry, familiar faces, clumsily walking into things, stud earrings, best friends turned lovers, nice teeth, good posture, sporty vibes, warm smiles, smooth conversations.
  • Capricorn: flushed noses, freckles, long car rides, cursive handwriting, snow-capped mountains, big comfy sweaters, piercing blue eyes, perfect manicures, successful lawyers, mahogany, specific coffee orders, dark-witted humor.
  • Aquarius: turquoise, outer space, protests, choker necklaces, unexpected rainbows, bubble baths, Mary Janes, breakfast for dinner, daily routine in a new place, concerts, trying new food, anklets.
  • Pisces: velvet, peaches, lit cityscapes, hand-painted dishes, ginger hair, embroidery, hesitant kisses, sushi, dainty hands, freshly painted toes, 80's fashion, Monet paintings.
The change

EXO member: Chen
genre: smut
3 keywords: ring, unexpected visit, bath

It was already quite late when you finally got home after work. You threw your bag on the floor and sat down on the couch, still wearing your denim jacket. You sunk into the pillows trying to clear your mind, but it was already too late and all the unwanted thoughts had flooded you.
It was almost six months since you came to Korea and it felt like it was the right moment to evaluate this whole period. You were satisfied with your job - though you were constantly tired, you knew very well that thanks to that you got even better than you were before. But after those six months you felt something you only heard about, and you were sure it wouldn’t happen to you. You felt homesick.
You loved Korea, but at that very moment almost everything about that country was driving you crazy. You knew exactly what was the reason - you were stressed and you were overreacting, but it didn’t stop you from being on the verge of crying. Everything was irritating: language, people, work, food. At that moment nothing seemed right.
The phone that was laying on the small table beside the couch rang a few times, but you felt that any word said in Korean would make you cry and the sound of your mother language would be even worse.
After a few minutes or few hours of staring into the ceiling you heard a different kind of ring. It wasn’t your phone anymore. You sat up and waited for another one to make yourself sure it wasn’t just your imagination.
The doorbell filled the whole apartment again and you slowly headed for the source of it. You looked at the little monitor and a bit surprised, opened the door.
‘I wasn’t expecting you’, you said, knowing very well that it wasn’t the most welcoming thing to say, but you still couldn’t mouth anything else.
'I know.’, Chen smiled to you widely, trying to pretend that he didn’t hear the tone of your voice.
He’d always made you feel better, but this time you weren’t happy to see him. With all those thoughts running through your head the question what he was to you, and more importantly what you were to him, also appeared. You wanted to stop thinking, yet there he was, standing on your threshold.
'You didn’t pick up the phone and I was quite worried.’, he explained, but you couldn’t say anything.
'Is something wrong?’, he was always that caring and usually you loved this side of him, but this time was different.
'No, nothing’s wrong, it’s just me. The plain me, me as always, just me.’, you said angrily, knowing too well he did nothing wrong - just appeared in the wrong place at the wrong time.
'Oh, I see. You should get a warm bath. I brought a vanilla bath bomb with me.’, that meant that he knew from the beginning that something was wrong.
'Jongdae, I don’t like taking baths, I only shower.’, you explained to him, not sure how to react, because you weren’t used to anyone taking care of you, yet there he was, knowing that you were feeling bad, even if you didn’t tell him anything.
'It’s not about showering, but about relaxing you muscles. Just trust me, ok?’, you make a few more protesting noises, but he didn’t listen,
'Just trust me.’, Chen repeated in the way that made you obey immediately.
You got into the bathtub and found the water just perfect. It was really warm, but it didn’t make you feel faint. The vanilla bath bomb was already gone and the nice scent filled the room. You could hear through the door that he was singing something and you couldn’t help but smile. Chen, his voice and his trade vanilla scent. Now your bathroom was also marked by him. And so were you. While lying in the water, you could feel your muscles relax, just as he told you that it would happen, but you knew very well that the real reason for your calmness was sitting in the living room. You couldn’t name your relationship with him, but one thing was certain - he made you feel good, relaxed and calm.
You scrubbed your whole body carefully and with every movement you knew you had to apologize and thank him. After a few more minutes in the water you got out and wrapped yourself in a towel. You looked around and realized that you’d forgotten to take any clean clothes with you.
'Damn it.’, you cursed under your breath. You never took any clothes with you, but usually you were alone in your apartment and you didn’t care if the walls could see you naked.
The door opened quietly and so far your plan to sneak out to your room unseen was going smoothly. You looked out to check if Chen was anywhere near and you noticed him standing by the window. And that was it. He was just standing there, looking through the window and you were sure he didn’t saw you coming out of the bathroom, but you couldn’t make a move.
You looked at him, admiring his silhouette that you loved so much, a silhouette that could be recognized by you even in the dark night. The dark skinny jeans and that faint smile that always wandered on his face made you shiver. You were afraid that you would regret it, that it wasn’t right, that it wasn’t the time to do it and that it wasn’t like you, but you couldn’t help yourself. You slowly approached him, feeling the cold floor under your feet, and hugged him from the back.
'I’m sorry. And I’m thankful.’, you whispered.
'What for?’, he asked quietly, but there was no sign of surprise in his voice.
'I’m sorry for being me and I’m thankful that you are yourself.’, you said feeling a bit sad. In that moment it felt like he was just too good for you.
'Don’t you ever say that.’, he turned around to face you. 'Don’t you dare apologize for being yourself.’
'But, Jongdae… It’s always like that. I’m never good enough and here you are, being an angel. After a busy day you came all the way here only to ask if I’m okay and I couldn’t even ask if you want some tea, because I was in a bad mood. And even after I was rude as hell, you stayed here with me and tried to help me chill out…’
'Calm down, calm down. First of all, you weren’t rude. You are stressed and that’s all. And why do you think I came all the way here only to make you feel better?’, the last question made you look him in the eyes, but you wouldn’t dare to ask the question.
'I feel good when I’m around you’, he explained, knowing you too well. 'You’re intelligent and it’s great to talk to you and you’re very calm compared to my other friends’, he chuckled. 'I can just rest when I’m with you - especially after a busy day and even if you don’t offer me any tea.’, you could see the corners of his lips lift up even higher than they already were.
'Erm, so… Would you like some tea?’, you were completely flattered by his words and you desperately needed to hide it.
'Sure.’, he nodded. You headed for the kitchen to boil some water and planned to get dressed in the meantime, but Jongdae had other plans. He followed you noiselessly and you realized that he was right behind you only when you felt his finger tracing the line of your shoulder.
'You know how it hurts to hear what you say about yourself?’, his words were barely audible. 'When you say you look ugly and I can see a beautiful woman? When you say you’re stupid and I’ve never met anyone so intelligent? Or… When you say you can’t be with anyone?’
You couldn’t move, his touch and his breath on your neck were almost too much to handle, but what made you completely speechless were his words. After all the time you spent together he came to know you better than you realized. He knew your fears, your dreams and somehow, just by being somewhere around, he became your best friend, who could tell more about you than you could.
'I would like to lend you my eyes, so you could see what I see.’, he added, this time stroking the tips of your hair. You turned around slowly, because you still couldn’t say a word, and found him with a strange look on his face. He looked pleased and sad at the same time.
'Maybe… You can show me.’, you risked.
'Gladly.’, he answered so fast you could think that he was waiting for that question. Before any of you added anything else, his lips touched yours and you could swear it was the only thing in the world you needed. It started with a light peck, but when you both were sure that you were on the same page, he deepened the kiss. It was exactly like you imagined during the countless times of staring at his lips and wondering how they taste like. Chen was able to found the perfect balance between sweet and strong.
But you wouldn’t be you if you let him do all the job and have all the fun. You took a step back only to smile mischievously and bite your lower lip. He made you feel sexy and you were about to use it well. Thanks to your actions in the area of his neck, Chen’s moan was so loud that for a moment you didn’t hear the kettle. Hearing the boiling water in such a moment made both of you laugh and that’s that part of him you loved the most - you’d never seen him not being himself.
'So? How do you feel now?’, he asked in a tone that would made you shiver even if his hand wasn’t touching your skin again.
'Quite nice.’, you chuckled. Chen grabbed your thigh and helped you sit down on the countertop.
'That’s not the word.’, he said burying his face in your neck.
'Good?’, he bit lightly your sensitive skin.
'Still not there.’
'Sexy?’, you half-laughed and half-moaned, but he only smiled, and wrapped your legs around his waist to lift you up and carry to the bedroom. He was very thin and only a few centimeters higher than you, but he was certainly strong.
Chen wanted to lay you down on the bed, placing himself above you, but you wouldn’t let that happen. Still wearing only a towel, thankfully a quite long one, you managed to make him lay on his back and sat down on him, looking from above at his surprised face. His hand traveled to your “gown’s” knot, but you slapped it lightly.
'Don’t you think, you’re the one a bit overdressed here?’, you asked in a playful tone, pointing to his shirt. Still staring into your eyes, he pulled it off over his head. You knew he had well-toned muscles, but you didn’t it was that good. You let your hand slide on his chest, seeing the satisfied expression on his face. His hands rested on your hips and you could enjoy the view of his tilted head, glorious neck, closed eyes and slightly parted lips. And you hadn’t even started yet.
You bent down and started placing kisses on his neck, chest and stomach, getting even lower with every kiss. You unbuckled his belt, but then you stopped waiting for his reaction. And you got exactly what you wanted. Chen was eager and he wasn’t in the mood to play anymore. He waited for you way too long.
In a split second you were laying down on the sheets, feeling the warmth he left on it. He admired you, he felt lust and he was eager, but he wanted to feel every second. You expected him to make some comment or a joke that would be so like him, but he was silent and focused.
You couldn’t resist any longer. With one swift move he deprived you of your towel and smiled seeing everything he wanted to see. Chen touched, kissed or licked every inch of your body making you feel just as he promised he would - sexy and almost divine. You could feel that he meant every single word - he really found you beautiful, he really wanted you, and he wanted to make you his.
You parted only for a few seconds, so he could get rid off the last piece of clothing, but you still longed for him. He gave you a long kiss stroking your cheek and then he smiled in the way you would never forget.
Chen grabbed both your thighs adjusting your legs the way he wanted, and when he made himself sure that you were ready for him, he entered, making both of you moan lightly. He kissed you once more, ensuring himself that that you were enjoying this as much as he did.
He was feeling good, but you could clearly see he was still far from being satisfied. He changed the position, making you sit on his lap, so he could embrace you. You felt the coldness of his ring on your back and you could clearly see that he loved your reaction to it. The fact that he was able to turn you on like that was his biggest pleasure.
You never knew that Chen could be so insatiable and greedy. It still wasn’t enough. He made you lay down on the bad again, placed your hands above your head and while his was supporting himself on one arm, the other one was guarding your palms, so they wouldn’t move.
At the beginning you felt a bit shy, because of the way he was staring at you, but you came to like it. And there he was again, enjoying the view of your exposed body that was all his.
Still thrusting he lowered his head to lick your nipple and then massage it with his skillful hands. You couldn’t do anything but to respond to his actions. Firstly, because you were barely able to gather your senses and secondly, because he wouldn’t let you. You had no idea he was that dominant, but you liked it. It was always you who had to control everything and know everything, but not this time.
Chen was able to satisfy both of you - taking what he needed and giving everything you needed. His quiet moans were vibrating just as his voice was while singing was and you knew you would never forget that, because it made your whole body vibrate too.
When you frantically grabbed the sheets behind your head, indicating that you were so near your climax, he made you look at him. He changed your position slightly, making sure he was giving all he could and he was quietly observing your body’s reactions. You knew from the beginning that he would give you an orgasm of your life, because you knew what he could do with just a smile, but you couldn’t expect that your climax would be his biggest reward. He smiled widely seeing you arch your back and clench your fingers and just a few seconds later you felt his weight and warmth resting on you. You embraced him, wanting this moment to rest a little bit longer. You brushed aside his wet hair and smiled to him warmly.
You couldn’t tell when you fell asleep, still in Chen’s arms, but you’d never fallen asleep so fast in your life and it was a dead sleep full of peaceful dreams.

Half Dome at Sunset…

Yosemite Valley, to me, is always a sunrise, a glitter of green and golden wonder in a vast edifice of stone and space…
– Ansel Adams

Note on the shot: Parker, Annette and I arrived at Yosemite in late afternoon… After we fought the crowds (yes, sadly there are quite a number of people who crowd this park at any time in the summer), I was particularly interested in taking a short hike out to Mirror Lake before the sun dropped. So we stowed our gear and headed out… Having never been to Yosemite and not knowing quite what to expect, we soon realized that huge stone outcroppings majestically dominate both sides of the Valley… so this is why all these people are here??? Indeed… During our walk, we observed that Half Dome is perhaps one of the most dramatic formations. When returning from our hike to the lake, we were rewarded with this stunning and totally unexpected site… the sun bathing the upper portion of the Dome… Pretty dramatic… nothing like it in Iowa…

improvedreplicas {x}:

Perhaps it would have been better if the sounds of movement had alerted Splash to the new arrival. She would have had some warning and possibly been able to gather her courage before deciding what to do.

Instead her first warning was the sight of glowing eyes from beneath the bed as she returned from a relaxing bath. The unexpected sight and the fact that it had already seen her caused her to let out a shriek and immediately lock herself in her private bathroom. The sound soon caused several of the others to come running to find out what was going on, Crash in the lead and prepared to defend his sister.

The shriek from Splash startled the baby Heartless, giving its own frightened hiss before trying to hide in the darkest spot under the bed. It wasn’t long until the creature ran out from under the bed, a sound of a thump coming from underneath it along with a string of curses.

A few seconds later and an anthropomorphic hedgehog tried crawling out from under the bed. However a sight of Crash caused him to quickly hide back under it. The baby was now hiding on the top shelf in Splash’s room, knocking down a few things as it gave another tiny hiss.