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Spongebob Squarepants, a new musical based on the iconic Nickelodeon cartoon, is headed to Broadway’s Palace Theatre. Previews will begin on November 6 and an official opening scheduled for December 4.

In Spongebob Squarepants, stakes are higher than ever before as SpongeBob and all of Bikini Bottom face the total annihilation of their undersea world. Chaos erupts, lives hang in the balance, and just when all hope seems lost, a most unexpected hero rises up and takes center stage.


This swimming eel-robot was made by a Norwegian company called Eelume. The idea is that they’ll develop these robots to live on the seafloor, cleaning and keeping check on undersea equipment and performing simple tasks like tightening loose valves with their clamp-like mouths. (Source)


Ribbon Eel | Rhinomuraena quaesita

As the adult male reaches full size (approximately 1 metre), it begins to turn into a female, and turns yellow. It will then mate, lay eggs, and die within about a month. Due to this short lifespan, female ribbon eels are a relatively rare sight. Females are yellow with a black anal fin with white margins on the fins.  So, they are not all different species, they are just differently coloured, according to sex…. which they can change during their life times!




Hashima Island is an abandoned island which lies approximately 9 miles from Nagasaki, Japan. It was once a bustling mining community, with undersea coal mines. From 1930 to the end of the Second World War, prisoners of war were sent to the island and forced to mine coal under harsh conditions. It’s estimated that approximately 1,300 prisoners perished on the island. When the coal reserves dissipated in 1974, the mine was closed and the island left abandoned.


Southern Bobtail Squid |  Euprymna tasmanica


Caribbean Reef Squid Sepioteuthis sepioidea


Snowflake Moray Eel Echidna nebulosa