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Taylor: “When this album comes out, gossip blogs will scour the lyrics for the men they can attribute to each song, as if the inspiration for music is as simple and basic as a paternity test.“

The fandom: …..okay so who is getaway car about? who is delicate about? can anyone make a list with theories for every song? are there songs for calvin? which are for joe?

Okay so I’m gonna write about a few things and not everyone will read this, but I need to write. 

So a few days ago I was attacked by some people because I wrote one of my opinions (an unpopular one). People started sending me messages, posting things about me inderectly and all of that. I felt really sad and I actually deleted my post about my opinion. 

Today I saw another blog being attacked in this fandom. I’m not gonna say which blog was, but the thing is: the person posted one of their opinions and wasn’t rude in any moment. But what happened? That person was attacked by people that don’t agree with them. So I’m gonna ask you, how is that fair?

I’m tired of seeing people attacking people because they don’t share the same opinions, tired of seeing people write indirect messages saying bad stuff about someone, tired of seeing people putting words in other people’s mouth, tired of people understanding the things the way they want and not caring at all about other people. I’m REALLY tired of people thinking that their opinion is the only right one and not even trying to listen to other’s. 

Some people in this fandom really need to stop being so immature. Let’s discuss things like adults, okay? We don’t need to argue about everything and start picking fights whenever someone says a different opinion. It’s completely okay to disagree with people, but disrespect them? It’s not nice. Some people here don’t even try to listen to people and it seems like they are just waiting you to finish talking so they can scream their opinions at you.

The things that people most argue about in this fandom are: Marecal x Mareven and Maven x Cal. And that’s so sad and so ridiculous. 

Of course we all know why Mareven is such a delicate topic (and it really is) and we need to talk about them. TALK, not scream! Some people that like Mareven don’t actually see what they truly are (abusive as hell) so just try to show them this, try to explain it. Don’t scream at them. If someone know that they are abusive and think it’s fine to ship them, don’t pick a fight. Just say your opinion, show your points and that’s it. Sometimes we can’t help everyone (but always do your best to show that you are against an abusive relationship and you need to fight for it, but ALWAYS being respectful). And in another hand, if someone likes Marecal, respect them and try to listen to them. They have their points, their reasons and they are as much valid as your opinions of not shipping them. 

And about Maven and Cal… When people start arguing about them, I usually get so tired. Some people fail to understand that Cal and Maven are completely different characters that are meant to be distinct things in the story. Their purposes in the story are completely different and they are different reasons to be fan of one of them. You can totally not like Cal and like Maven. You can totally not like Maven and like Cal. These two options are valid (as long as you know that your favorite character - Cal or Maven or even someone else - is not flawless) and you deserve to be heard. 

Even if in the end people don’t agree, that’s okay! But try listening to people first. Some people here just judge blogs because of a single, little thing they read and that’s so wrong. People calling each other “stans” when they don’t even know that person that much. People saying “I’m entitled to my opinion” but then some seconds later screams “keep your opinions to yourself” to someone else. Does that seem fair? 

And yeah, people can criticize characters okay? Even if it’s your favorite. Some people are really hypocrite in this fandom. Like, they can criticize whoever they want, but when one of their favorites is criticized then everything goes to hell and they become a monster, attacking everyone. That’s not fair. We are here to discuss characters, relationships etc and yeah, sometimes people will criticize your favorite. Deal with it. As long as people know how to criticize without attacking this character fans, than it’s completely fine. 

As long as people keep in their minds this thing of “I’m right and you’re wrong” and/or “My opinion is valid and yours is not” and/or (even worse) “I can say my opinions but you can’t say yours”, then this fandom won’t change at all. Some people will still be afraid of discussing about their opinions because everytime they do, they get attacked. 

People can love a character/couple that you hate. People can hate a character/couple that you love. That’s how the world works. And guess what? Everyone has the right to share their opinions, even if you don’t agree with them. And if you don’t, well, just listen to them, show your point of view and then move on. If you really love what you love, don’t like what you don’t like, you know why you do and that should be enough. But remember that is nice to discuss opinions with people that don’t share the same ones you do. It’s nice to see other’s people point of view and most of times we can learn something new with them and they can learn something with us. It’s an exchange. Actually, it should be so it’s sad that in this fandom we can’t have this most of times.


asura hands/feet look really Weird ingame (and not in the fun way) so i want u all to consider: asura hands looking more like weird rodent/general wild critter-esque Clawed Beans like such……………………. included pic of brushtail possum munchin on some apple so u can see these beans In Action

(afaik up here i’ve got mixed images of squirrel, possum, and rat paws in case u were wondering)

@the-arcane-eye already draws wonderful asura claws like this and it is what i Aspire To and looking up weird critter hands is a good way to bring some fresh alienoid flavor into ur asura art imo (((also to be frank their canon hands are really impractical… why would you have your fingertips literally Be claws…..)) ((((also also the concept of asura Beans is adorable))))))

anyways this isn’t really directly a HC post other than yeah i HC asura hands/feet look different from they do ingame but more like here please have this concept to chew on. go out and draw some monstersura today™!!


Y’ALL. I was totally looking forward to this episode but it left me feeling so scared for Simon. I was sitting on my couch watching in the dark like…

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And since Eugene now knows that Dwight is the mole I’m so scared for him. As a reader of the comics I like Dwight and I dislike Eugene. I’m trying to give Eugene the benefit of the doubt like maybe he’s trying to work on something and he knows that if he escapes like Daryl did the Negan will just keep coming for him.

Also I liked that they’ve officially introduced some of Negan’s backstory. It hurt my heart a bit.

Rick and Daryl fighting had me rolling my eyes. Like c’mon boys let’s get it together.

But the tone in which Negan addressed Simon towards the end of the epsiode has me shook y’all.

ALSO Lisa Edelstein brought up an interesting theory on Talking Dead. So Negan tells Gabriel about when he first ‘took’ the Sanctuary the leader at the time was a mess and earlier in the episode Negan asks Simon if “we’re backsliding.” Lisa thinks Simon may have been the original leader and he knew he wasn’t doing a good job so that’s why he seems so content on being the second in command. There is a moment where he has to step up and if really seems like he doesn’t want to. But I’m listening to Lisa Edelstein lay out this theory like…

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Simon might be in trouble and I’m not ok with it.

P.S. - Steven made an adorable face on Talking Dead and as soon as I find a pic Imma post it.

I’m holding a fan contest on my Enstars personal page. Guess what, someone sent me two pieces of artwork. When I asked her if she was the one who drew them, she said she only drew the first piece. But tada~n, the first piece was sent as a pinterest link which was directed to the original artist, who was not that person at all, not to mention the piece was drawn in 2016 and I only accept works from late Oct 2017.

That person then told me she was good at tracing and traced from the original one, but in fact she didn’t even bother to trace - she just sent me the original art and said it was hers????? And yes of course my contest doesn’t accept tracing from the beginning.


Urgh the stresssss

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Isn’t it terriiiibleee when all he needs is a naughty little cumdump to unload in, but he cant find her? All he needs is a tight little pussy wrapped around his hard dick! All he needs is to fill her up with his cum! God~ thats honestly what I need rn!


Novak on becoming #1 in the world and overcoming the odds with Lewis Howes

(via Lewis Howes on YouTube)

@fixaidea replied to your post: Gems AU:pt 3:  The Oysters At Breakfast Club

I know Chrysophrase is a good and fitting gem, but all I can think of is the troll drug lord with the same name from Ankh-Morpork… :D

Yeah, I thought about that a little, and then I thought, heck, “ Joly ” was at the time apparently a name famous in a political context for a family shooting each other over the Republic/Monarchy issue. So, you know. To heck with it :P