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What does jeast look like?

like this


A crappy workout is better than no work out, right? 😏 at least I went 🤷🏻‍♀️ And my salad was really good 🍴👍🏼

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tell us about your webcomic idea! maybe sharing the ideas and stuff you have in your head will help start the flow of creativity? (I'm also selfishly curious because this is the first I've heard of this but whatevs)

you just made me wheeze thank you AAAAAAAAA

while i’m the person drawing/writing this, @fortywholecakes owns the other main character and is giving me advice/ideas so jot that down

the comic is based on roleplays me and my friends have done over the years, but adapted to be more unique to our story

basically, a guy named jake wilson owns the Stardust Arcade in Boston. it takes place in 2021 (around then?) he invents stuff and time/space travels with his adoptive daughter, sarah! she’s actually a cyborg sort of, not all of her is robotic but maybe 40% is? they live in the apartment above the arcade, and that’s the basic premise? of course there’ll be plot and overarching story but this is the bare bones layout

they time/space travel by opening portals out of thin air! while sarah can just open them with a hand wave because of an implant in her hand, jake (goes by wilson though) has to wear a special bracelet. think of it as lion from steven universe’s portal roar, but with a hand wave! wilson invented an ai (which is at the start, like a primal alexa/siri, but with only beeps) which is like a motherly figure to them.

in the arcade, they have one other employee, robert capek. he’s a lot like shaggy, but he’s really good with wiring/electrical stuff. he mostly does the backstage stuff while sarah covers customer service!

they also tend to interact with larry marini (@tincan77 owns him!) he’s a regular at the arcade, and sarah’s friend.* he’s optimistic and spontaneous, which contradicts sarah’s logical and realistic personality, and that sometimes grinds her gears.

there’s another main character involved, but i’m not sure if he’ll be a main or not. of course, for now, it’s simple slice of life stuff, much like season 1 of steven universe. lots of lore tidbits and small things, but mostly light stuff.

there’s going to be minor characters, which will include some of my own ocs! i have an idea for another story with two of my other ones but that may just be writing instead of a comic, i guess?

anyways, right now, the working title is binary stars, so i’ll tag stuff with that. idk how often it’ll be updated and i really don’t want to disappoint anyone but art is hard and i’ll be going to regular school so i have no clue!!

TL;DR: rick and morty but with a eccentric inventor/arcade owner, aspie cyborg daughter, grateful dead fan, and a normal average human

*it’s complicated. long story. god there’s so much tension i’m so sorry

do you ever think “fuck it, i might as well give this fic a try,“ and then like three paragraphs in you read a phrase so horrible that you know it’s just gonna echo through your fucking subconscious til the day you die

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Can we rename this au to something like edgetale

That’s Underfell.
And technically, this AU is still based on Caretaker(albeit now the similarities are close to none, the initial idea is still inspired by it), so I’m keeping the -Taker in its name.
So, no.

yknow i got called a transphobes for saying this before but yknow what? no. its bullshit.

heterosexual trans people do NOT have full access to Straight Privilege! thats not to say they aren’t actually het! im just saying we live in a VERY transphobic society and no trans people will be as privileged as someone who is 100% cis & het!

like… yall. ive literally heard so many people say that it doesn’t matter heir sexuality, trans people are living in sin for the sole reason theyre trans

like? do you REALLY think a transphobe is gonna be like “oh! i was gonna yell at you and tell you that you’re an abomination and that you’re delusional, but now that i know you’re a Heterosexual™ im not gonna do that hate crime!” like no thats not how this shit works

like, even in liberal areas trans people arent 100% accepted! and considering the majority of the world is NOT even fake accepting of trans people, those “liberal areas” are in the minority!

seriously. saying het trans people are just as privileged as het cis people is ridiculous because thats erasing a cute little thing called transphobia that uh funny enough Cis People Do Not Face

no offense but acknowledging that all trans people face oppression for being trans is not transphobic, and acting like het trans people have some sort of “out” because theyre het is just down right ridiculous

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Dude NZ only has 4 mil people???? I live in an Aussie city and even we have 4 mil??????? How did I not realise that our Kiwi cousin was so tiny????? I love you????

we’re small but mighty!! also i saw on the news the other day that they did a poll is australia about which country australians considers their besties (not kidding, that was the terminology they used) and most picked nz so!!!