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How do you choose which fears to illustrate?

I try to find things that I haven’t done before. I think I’ve already done a bunch of “eyes getting gouged out” fears, so I haven’t done one of those in a while. But you never know, one might come along that really inspires me. Everyone who tells a story brings something a little bit different than anyone else.

If I read something, and an it makes an image in my head, or a feeling in my chest, it’s usually worth setting aside and exploring in some way. I need to feel an emotional response to my stories and drawings.

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But I are such a big ask blog that you get all kinds of different asks like you can litteraly chose to keep the same story you want based souly on the fact that so many asks get in you have alot of options. Also could you stop using as many anon asks? Sometimes it feels like almost every annon ask if made by you guys to forward the story your way.

Psh. Where’s the fun in that? What’s even the point of running an askblog as opposed to a webcomic if you aren’t going to take advantage of the unique way the audience can interact with the story? That’s like making a video game where all you do is walk in a straight line, follow the button prompts, and occasionally watch a cutscene once you’ve jumped through the right sequence of hoops. Like… ok there’s probably some ok games like that but isn’t the strength of games the fact that player agency exists?? Wouldn’t it be a waste not to take advantage of it???

I’m pretty new to all the Undertale AUs.  I’ll admit I don’t necessarily see the need for them when the original universe is already perfection, but I love seeing all the different ways people reinterpret and enjoy the game.

But it turns out there’s an AU called Tribetale.

I know I’m just one person.  But when I stumbled upon the tag, my stomach kind of turned.  Because it’s pretty racist, even if I think it wasn’t intended to be.

Killing humans and/or living in isolation does not mean the monsters are an analogy for the 566 Native American nations.  I can’t believe I have to say that.  If you want to reimagine them as contemporary members of the actual nations, complete with research and cultural sensitivity, that’s a different story.  But browsing through the tag, that’s so clearly not what’s going on here.  I can tell from the clothes alone that you didn’t so much as Google tribal regalia.

You guys are way too talented to waste it on this concept.  For all I know, the tags are really old, and maybe you’ve all moved on by now.  I really hope so.

Gents Children AU

So I love the whole concept of Lads as children with @shadeofazmeinya, but what about age swap?

  • Gavin bustles around the house looking for Geoff because he is always reading in the weirdest places or weirdest sitting positions. Coincidentally, he also sleeps in really odd positions and it’s so endearing that Michael can’t help but snap a picture and put it up in the hallway
  • Jack’s favorite toys are Legos and has once built an entire castle for himself and named himself king. He also made Ryan a crown to be a king too. Geoff doesn’t want to be a king, so they made him a wizard hat out of Legos.
  • Jeremy takes Ryan to the playground and has to pick him up and run when he scares the other kids by describing the horror documentary he watched once
  • Jeremy loves sitting the kids on his shoulders and running around, but the ONE TIME he dropped Jack, Michael forbade the running part
  • Michael puts all the kids to bed and reads them different stories every night, using different voices for all the characters
  • Gavin loves taking pictures or videos of the Gents and videotaped their entire graduation from kindergarten
  • Geoff’s the last one to wake up in the mornings. When Jack or Ryan get up to brush their teeth, Geoff clambers around and tries convincing them to not leave the bed bc they make him extra warm

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Can you do a DEH hc for the 3 boys with what type of car they would drive and how they would drive?


-Evan is behind on driving

-Getting his permit was easy, but actually driving was a different story

-His mom was rarely around to drive with him, and when she was, he didn’t want to drive or got too anxious to do so

-He slowly but surely does, and gets his license! Shortly after, he gets this cute little used blue Saturn. 

-Evan named her Sally, after Sally Jackson (but often calls her “Sal”)

-He’s so careful when he drives and tries to stay exactly at the speed limit

-Jared always complains that he’s driving wayyyy too slow

-Likes to play light music that’s soft and catchy because it relaxes him, but once he gets more comfortable he sings along and the music becomes more upbeat

-Literally will not start the car until every passenger has a seatbelt on (this is the biggest problem when he drives with Connor. He whines about it.)

-Hates getting Sal dirty, and will clean her ASAP if she does


-His mother isn’t happy when he drives because boi is reckless. 

-He likes walking a lot, but sometimes a drive is just what he needs

-Though his family could “afford a lot nicer”, as Zoe put it, Connie had his heart set on this black jeep. Ya know, the ones you can take the roof off of. 

-He calls her Rita. Couldn’t tell you why, but he loves the name 

-Speeds. Often. Most of the time, he doesn’t even realize it.

-Likes his hair blowing in the wind (anyone driving with him is automatically concerned because “It’s blowing in his face!! Can he even see?!?!”)

-Either has music blasting or dead silence. There’s rarely an in between

-Has gotten into multiple races with people on the highway

-Flips people off when they do him wrong


-Was excited to be able to drive around whenever he wanted and go wherever he wanted

-Except he only really leaves to go to school, to errands, or get food most of the time

-Either way, he loves his little red Ford (deemed Ruby)

-Everyone is always surprised when they drive with him the first time. He’s actually a pretty safe driver

-He speeds and everything sometimes, but all in all, not half as bad as people assume

-His music is always something you can sing along to, and there are actual videos on Zoe’s phone of Jared rapping Ice Ice Baby as he drives 

-Plays the Shrek soundtrack at least once a week. Not just ironically, but bc like, it’s a good track

-Every time he gets out of the car, he silently thanks Ruby and pats the hood. He knows she’s worth all the car insurance in the world

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Hey ally I just wanted to say that I really appreciated your Instagram story on letting yourself be ugly. When I feel ugly and gross and I can't find a single beautiful thing I don't stress out over it because I can tell myself that I don't need to be beautiful. I'm still the same person with the same abilities and tomorrow I'll feel different again. Letting myself be ugly and not care helped me so much more than telling myself that I'm beautiful when I didn't believe it. Have a good day ❤️❤️

Letting yourself be “ugly” is genuinely SO POWERFUL. You realise that the fear we hold in not looking, feeling or being perfect is irrational and paralysing. 

So what if I have puffy eyes, messy hair and a blotchy skin tone??? Does it make me less loveable?? Less worthy?? Less valid or valued as a human being?? HECK NO! It makes me invincible, strong and able to focus on my rich inner self - where true beauty lies. 

Besides looking in a mirror or our phone cameras, we don’t even have to see ourselves, so it’s not even as though a make-up free face is intrusive and disabling throughout our day. We are merely concerned by other people’s perception of us - and that’s our downfall. 

From one day to the next, if you couldn’t see your appearance, there would be no faltering. You can choose to feel and BE confident, simply because you want to. You don’t need permission, you don’t need cosmetics, you don’t need approval. 

Decide that you love yourself, and that your constantly changing outer skin/earth suit doesn’t determine that - you do.

I’m so glad my story could help you lovely!! 💞

Meet Me At Equinox

The end of the beginning;

The beginning of the end

Have both begun and died

In a single day.

We’ll make it through this eternal night

And celebrate at the Winter Solstice

When the day and the night

Were more equal to one another

Than we will ever be.

Even when the sun hogs the day

And the moon broods through the night

They are able to share

Twice a year

That perhaps they are not so different after all.

That both the light and the dark

Are needed equally for the world to continue spinning.

Samhain approaches but the veil is too thick

For us all to cross.

So, meet me at Equinox

If we are ever able to make it there.

~ from the mind of my alter-ego Sophia Sparks


[TRANS] 170922 #VIXX Hyuk @HSangHyuk posted a story on @hsh0705

N: so he his specially focusing to read this. He looks different
H: Isn’t just Ravi who reads?
N: Right. Is it a manhwa?
TRANS : #withVIXX’s Moon

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withouttheparisagreement  asked:

Do you have any tips for balancing description with dialog? I’m a very visual person so I tend to over-describe surroundings and settings (think Dickens but with worse word choice) and forget dialog. The world I've created has a lot of made-up technology and transportation and I want to make sure the reader understands what I'm talking about without losing the pace of the story.

The thing about your question is that you ask about one thing, but then reveal a different problem at the end. This isn’t just about adding more dialogue, but learning to curtail your description. You’ve mentioned that you’re detail-heavy, so that means your balance is tipping that way and the answer isn’t just to add more dialogue; it’s to get rid of that excess wording. Some stories can be description heavy, and that’s perfectly fine, but you want to avoid losing the story in your writing.

Here’s a mix of tips for adding more dialogue and taking away description:

- Step back from narrator interpretation and let characters reveal relationships. This is also known as “show, don’t tell”, but specifically using dialogue. Don’t tell what the character is doing or what they mean, show it through words/tone/conversation flow. Weaving description into dialogue is good, but sometimes conversations can really speak for themselves. If you’re seriously forgetting dialogue altogether, then you’re issue is probably in telling the story instead of showing it.

- Characters talk. Let it happen. Although this may (especially early on) lead to some unnecessary conversations, practice writing out all the things they’re saying so you get into the habit of showing the conversations. It’s just practice and doesn’t have to make it into the final version, but there has to be some potential source of dialogue in your story, or the issues are beyond an imbalance of elements.

- Write it out like you want to, then go through and delete. If you know you’re over-describing, then you just have to fix it. Make sure everything is context-relevant and has a reason to be explained, but it’s okay to ‘get it all out’ in a first draft. You have to learn that you can’t keep everything and that detail isn’t always good.

- Examine your scenes for potential dialogue. Why aren’t your characters talking? What is it about your story that doesn’t include that element? Figure out those answers and you might be in a better position to help yourself improve even faster.

- **Get out of your own head and into your narrator’s. The thing is, your story is an extension of your narrator, and we don’t go through life noticing everything. I certainly don’t think about how my car is works as I drive it to my office, so a character wouldn’t do that either. That description will not make it into the story at all, and that’s okay. Even in a futuristic setting, we don’t actually have to know how anything works (unless the inner workings of that tech is plot-relevant), we just have to know that it does.** (This is extra important because this might really be the source of your problem. You’re not thinking like your narrator, you’re thinking like a teacher)

- Avoid info dumps. These tend to mess with dialogue because they block off your story to the point of where dialogue isn’t even needed to explain anything because it’s all in a block of a paragraph.

- Read other books in the genre you’re working with. See how those authors handle lots of information and still mange to make a scene come to life. Examples are really some of the best resources out there and it always helps to get out of your own writer’s head for a bit.

This is about learning to let go of details. The things is, you need to trust your readers and you need to trust your writing to get points across. As you have realized, over-describing really messes with pacing and at its worst it can cause readers to skip parts of the story altogether. It also reads tediously. Your readers will never see things 100% the way you do and that’s okay. Reading/writing is actually an interpretation-heavy art disguised as a hand-guided manual. Please excuse my harsh wording, but I need to be clear: you need to get over your desire for extreme detail. It may work in some styles of writing, but that would be a situation of an outlier as opposed to the norm.

On thing that’s so hard about your position right now is that you have a “writer’s bias” that makes monitoring explanations hard. I seriously recommend finding someone to read at least one chapter so they can point out what’s too much or what’s not enough. More than one person is ideal, since everyone has different learning rates.

This old post of mine might help explain a little more about being careful with detail:

Good luck balancing your description! This isn’t an easy thing to get over, so please ask another question if you have more issues.

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story of meeting your gf?

well we were living in 2 different countries at the time (she was in australia and i was in new zealand) she messaged me on tumblr and said ‘wow youre hot and so if your dave cosplay can i have your skype so we can chat?’ then we were friends throughout 2013 (she also had me at her Kismesis bc we both liked homestuck for the same length of time ish i think i left that fandom waaaaaay b4 her tbh) aside from that 4 month period where i couldnt deal w/ her shit bc maturity differences at the time were just MASSIVE (she grew up relatively normal/quite sheltered n with christianity n shit yadda yadda but y’know this bitch right here had to grow up the fast and hard way n see the cold hard reality very very young thats why i didnt have much friends to begin with growing up lol bc i thought everybody was just stupid and boring) eventually we started talking again i think by like end of october mid november 2013 then we started dating at the start of 2014 n at the end of 2014 i flew to melbourne to stay with her for 2 months before i moved to germany n she came to germany to spend 1 month with me (we also went 2 paris bc i lived like 2 hours away frm there and we went to lyon in france to go to her dad’s family reunion like it was all really chill n nice) n yeah!

story idea: medieval fantasy sort of setting where a bunch of women were being shipped on a boat to a different country to be married or sold as slaves or something. But, halfway through the trip they decide ‘hey you know what fuck this’, so they overthrow the ship and marry each other and become pirates and steal from men

welcome home, persephone

welcome home to midnight - black walls of stone
that close in on you, even when they are miles apart
welcome home to a living darkness so deep
you can feel it upon your skin, the nape of your neck
welcome home to rivers of woe and hatred
waters rushing, cascading into eternity

welcome home to agonized moans from tartarus
that pierce through skin and cut deeply into bone
welcome home to blood - soaked fields of punishment
atonement for sins not even lethe could wash away
reminders, all, that justice wears a different face
so deep beneath the frozen earth

welcome home to fire and ash, to death and decay
to the place where every story ends, but ours began
welcome home to the nightmare you turn into a dream 

welcome home to evenings spent before a crackling fire
talking in hushed voices, catching up on the stolen hours
you will tell me the winter has chilled you to the bone
and I will hold you in my arms to keep you warm
even though we both know I burn cold

welcome home to kisses both hungry and sweet
stolen in empty corridors and crowded throne rooms
not an ounce of shame, for they have seen it all before
welcome home to a bed summer has turned cold
but which we two will bless with winter’s warmth

welcome home to divine love, to husband and king
who worships every night at your altar, making offerings
out of whispers in the dark: how I have missed you
how I am restored to life at your touch each winter
just as your flowers sprout anew each spring 

welcome home, my queen

{ @pomegrnat }

we stayed in today, just laying in bed in the dark room with the cat curled up by the window; maybe the sun is setting and maybe it set a long time ago, we’re not sure; we’re listening to piano covers of our favorite songs and reminiscing about old times with soft giggles and happy sighs; our soft sheets smell of vanilla softener and so the air smells of the candle we bought together (after arguing for half an hour and almost getting kicked out but that’s different story).

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Hello💕 I don't really know what a night novel is, so can we just read it or is it like a manga (like always) and I saw your post about the gruvia moments in the night novel now I'm really hyped😍 my question, when can we see/read this gruvia moments? (sorry for my bad english:*

Hi anon! ^^/

A “light” novel in Japan is basically a short novel-length story. It’s different from a manga in that a light novel only has texts/words, whereas a manga there are graphics and pictures.

Do keep in mind that light novels are also different from its manga counterpart in that the mangaka does not write the story for the light novel, though he/she does draw the pictures for it.

This recent FT light novel (which @dooshiedoosh has bought and summarised the contents from and whom I reblogged) was only recently released in Japan, like last week, haha. It’s available as an eBook and hard copy on a couple of big online bookstore websites in Japan now:

  1. Rakuten
  3. Kodansha
  4. Animate (you can only buy the hard copy as far as from what I can see on Animate… I can’t seem to find the e-book version link.. Hmmm…)
  5. Yahoo Bookstore Japan also has it on sale, though this link I’ve got is the eBook version only. You may have to find your way around the Yahoo Bookstore Japan site for the hard copy one (if you want one!).

We may get to see the anime team turn the light novel into a filler-y epsiode or an omake/OVA in the FT anime season next year, and we can “see” the Gruvia moments that way, in a sense… That’s a big maybe there, and don’t quote me on that! It’s wishful thinking on my part! Haha! Because from what dooshiedoosh has provided, there are plenty of cute Gruvia moments in this light novel!! Eeee!!

Hope this helps, anon! ^^

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*Picks up raiding cloud nin headcanon and clutches to chest* Could I just take this and drop it in my fanfiction? Cloud isn't the main focus but I want the villages to all have different cultural influences and origins. Because your idea is brilliant and I love the whole 'actually Konoha could be seen as bad side' idea. I will give you credit and pay you back in umm more headcanons? Reviews? I'll happily review every chapter of one of your stories if you want.

Pleeeeeease use it! You don’t even have to credit me. But I always love more reviews.

I’d love to hear your headcanons too so please message them to me or tag me in them!

aaaand my doctor prescribed me the progesterone pills instead of the cream -_-

… I guess I will take the pills. I mean, the risks are slight and are the same risks as taking estradiol and spironolactone, so I don’t see the harm in adding this. I also doubt the amount of risk could be THAT different from using the cream. But I’m no doctor.

When I started HRT I read so many horror stories online trying to scare me out of it, saying “you could die!”. And I remember thinking, “well even if that’s the case, it’s still worth it to me”.

That’s still my attitude toward transitioning, so we’ll see how these progesterone pills affect me and I will switch over to the cream after trying the pills for a while I guess.

Self rec meme

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite fivefics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers.

I was tagged a few weeks ago by @pellaaearien​ and @starsandfairytales​ (and I thought maybe someone else but I can’t find the mention). I waited, because I’ve done this one a few times, but then I got an idea for a different kind of list. 

So this is my Top Five Underappreciated Fics. Some of these are stories i was really excited about that just didn’t hit the fandom right, and some are ones that generated lots of buzz while I was writing but didn’t get feedback to match. (Which always makes me feel like the final story must have disappointed people.) They are all fics I really love and am very proud of. AND! There’s at least one for each of the canon Doctor/Rose pairings.

1. Just the Bits In Between This is my Girl in the Fireplace rewrite. As in, there is no kiss. There’s not a hint of romance between Reinette and… well, anyone except her actual lover. Rose is brilliant and badass. It is part of a series–Glimpses of a Different Life–but really, if you just read this story with the understanding that the Doctor and Rose are in a romantic relationship already, you’ve got enough backstory to understand it. Ten x Rose

2. Phasmophobia The start of the Army of Ghosts/Doomsday fixit for As Time Goes By. Way fewer notes etc than any of the stories preceding or following it. I suspect the title confused people, which is my own fault. But hey, married Doctor/Rose dealing with Doomsday as a couple. Good stuff! Ten x Rose

3. A Fight for Love and GloryThe Same Old Story, and No Matter What the Future Brings Same series, Doomsday rewrite. So much rewriting in the lever room. Jackie stays, alone. Rose takes care of the lever and doesn’t fall. Time is rewritten. Oh, and Jackie tells the Doctor she wants to know what his intentions are. And then finally, all is well and there’s a bonding with Bad Wolf and matching timelines and humorous misquotations of literature. Ten x Rose

4. Safer With You Also part of Glimpses of a Different Life. Since the whole point of this series was to rewrite S2 with the Doctor and Rose romantically together from the start, one of the fun things I got to do was write some Nine/Rose fluff. Well, this is hurt/comfort, but it’s definitely romance!

5. As Long As We Both Shall Live What I think is one of my best bonding scenes ever. It’s probably premature to say this is underappreciated, as it was only finished three months ago, but it’s my list. :p Tentoo x Rose, part of Two Hearts, One Life and when you discover the full meaning of the series title. Which actually also plays into the meaning of this story’s title. 

Okay… people to tag. @lastbluetardis @asarahworld-writes @whoinwhoville, @paigenotblank, @hanluvr

Lilith: BTW when are the babies due?

Gorgo: Later this month, around 23rd or 24th.

Lilith: Shut up, really? Time sure flies.

Gorgo: I beg to differ. I’m so done with this huge bump. Can’t wait to meet the babies.

Lilith: Do you guys know the sex?

Gorgo: We don’t. We chose not to.

Lilith: That’s really exciting. Can I feel them?

Gorgo: Of course you can. 

Lilith: Hi, kids. It’s your aunt Lilith. Be sure to eat a lot and chill while you’re inside because you’ll need energy so we can play together the three of us.

Vrains people, a question for you

So we now have VR duels, and I just wanted to ask: How would you feel if this was actually the first series?

Now with that said, we wouldn’t have Yugi and co. in their respective spin offs, and we would have never had Yugi and the Pharaoh trying to reclaim his memories and such because Yu’s [nickname I gave Yusako] story would have been the first.

The sequels also would have different sequential timelines and the stories within the sequels would have played out differently.

This question just sort of popped into my head when I was thinking how the Yugioh series has progressed owo