an snl digital short


“Let the  s m i l e  cover your face.”



Can… Can this be Totinos’ actual marketing campaign please?


i dont know why but i randomly just remembered this video. 

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Lazy Sunday- 10 Years

2015 is the 10 year anniversary of the SNL digital short.

10 years.

Lazy Sunday was the first. The iconic video was shot in days, on a low-quality borrowed camera. The group spend the night before the show editing it for broadcast, and freaking out.

Lazy Sunday made Youtube, and has been called the video that launched viral videos, with millions of views before it was pulled.

But if you look closely, you can just see a bunch of guys who nobody knew, filming, with no permits and having fun.

Samberg and Parnell walk up to a clerk who has no idea what’s going on..

And start rapping together.

But blink, and you’ll miss it, when they catch her smiling at the camera…

… as Samberg and Parnell ham it up in front of her !

Samberg said the best thing about the video was that, because it was pre-taped, they had no idea how the audience would react to it. When you hear the audience laughing, on the video, you’re hearing the same sounds that the cast heard as they waited- the reaction that told Samberg et. al that they had a hit. 



If NBC/Broadway Video were to make more SNL DVDs, these are all the ones that need to be done:

  • Best of Bill Hader
  • Best of Kristen Wiig
  • Best of Justin Timberlake
  • Updated Best of DVDs for Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, & Tom Hanks
  • Best of Melissa McCarthy
  • Best of Maya Rudolph
  • Best of SNL Digital Shorts
  • Best of Tim Meadows
  • Best of Bill Murray
  • Best of Tina Fey (She might have more sketch footage nowadays, especially with her hosting 5 times and her Sarah Palin sketches)
  • Best of Darrell Hammond
  • Best of Kenan Thompson
  • Best of Horatio Sanz (For real, not that joke one from the 1998 season)
  • Best of Fred Armisen
  • Best of Will Forte
  • Best of Rachel Dratch
  • SNL 1990s & 2000s documentaries. They never saw a release like the ones for the 1970s and 1980s.

SNL 40 - Digital Short: That’s When You Break