an outfit that will live forever in my heart

Post war/AU Hoshigaki Kisame.

I hated how sort of anticlimactic his death was. I don’t think he should have died that way. they had this whole big build up of how powerful he was and how every fight just made him stronger and i was like WHAT A BAD ASS. and then he killed himself.

SO in my head canon, it was a jutsu, and he just tricked people into thinking he was dead. But really, he is alive and well, still striking fear into the hearts of children the world over, just doing his thang, searching for meaning and all.

And, since Akatsuki doesn’t really exist anymore, he had to find a new outfit. This is my take on said outfit. Kept the akatsuki collar, took off his sleeves cuz boy let me see them arms, i really liked his butt wrap thing that snaps onto his pants, and i love his sword belt.  His arm sweaters were so dumb, so i made them into gloves. And i also really liked his hairline so i took away his headband. Gave him some scars because scars are manly and Kisame is manly. There ya have it.