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Went for a little run in the park. Park is public and all, but stickers over the street names–’cause crazy. I know what you’re thinking. “Meg, that is literally the opposite of resting your legs.” I dunno, guys. It’s still nice outside, I have tons of energy left. I gotta go! Gotta go fast! Well, not very fast. Average pace is starting much higher than last season, though. OK. Well, that’s cardio. All this means is I’ll just do whatever I feel like at the gym tomorrow morning. Maybe it will be cardio, maybe it will be more arms again. Who knows? Tune in, for Dragon Ball Z!

The Icapuí Files - a report

Facing the inevitable fatigue that every field-trip brings, I feel driven by superior forces to write down this report regarding the three days I spent in Icapuí, a seaside town here in Brazil – a place marked by vibrant colours and expressive cliffs.
Our main goal was to document the particular aspects of the boats that are build there, as well as the fishermen’s and boatmen’s professional life views, and develop the “dorsal spine” of our next project.
Our interest, though, turned itself to another facet of Icapuí’s daily life: its mythology.

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Wewak,Papua New Guinea, locals judge surf rides with loud cheers and raised machetes. - photography: Ryan Craig - text: Kimball Taylor - Surfer December 2016

“In 2010, Samaritan Aviation, a nonprofit organization based out of Montrose, Colorado, brought the very first floatplane to a country dominated by water. And for the last six years this Cessna, piloted mostly by Mark Palm, has served as the only efficient link between life-threatening events and medical treatments. Palm a surfer from Santa Cruz, California, said he didn’t come here for the waves. That he discovered a variety of reefs and beaches was a lucky strike he attributes to God looking after him. Because the reason he says he came, to serve others, can get pretty grim.”

foggykiddo  asked:

Hey Reese! I have this really cute journal that my aunt gifted to me that I'd really love to use since during the rest of winter (and however long it takes to complete), but I have already started using a different journal, that is more brighter, that I think would be perfect for spring and summer! I have thought about using both, but already use a journal and a planner, which takes up a lot of space in my book bag. Any advice on what I should do?

Here are some ideas for what you could possibly use any notebook/journal/etc. for other than the regular bullet journal/planner! These are all things you don’t necessarily need to keep on you everyday as well. I hope this helps!

What To Do With That Extra Journal You Have

Nature Journal

A personal favourite of mine! Use it to press flowers, leaves, any assortment of plants. Draw or paint plants, animals, or insects that you see inside it. Write down any experiences you might have in nature like that walk you took in the park or that camping trip you went on. Print out photos of nature related things. Note down good places to journal outdoors. Record the growth of a houseplant. Make some nature destination goals such as visiting a national park.

Art Journal

Like a regular journal, use it to express your thoughts and ideas, but in a visual way! Draw, paint, collage, doodle, cut, paste, embroider! Remember that you don’t have to be “good” at drawing to be able to express yourself visually.

Inspiration Book

Fill a book with things that inspire you! Photos, written passages, quotes, etc. 

Writing Journal

Use it as a place to collect poems, short stories, prose, or any creative writing! If you don’t write yourself, you could fill it with pieces of writing that you love, quotes from books, poetry you enjoy!

Dream Journal

Record your dreams every morning when you wake up! This allows you to capture the most detail from your dreams. Maybe do dream analysis or interpretation. Draw anything that may be particularly memorable. Use it to observe any potential patterns in your dreams.

Travel Journal

Capture your memories of lovely places you’ve visited within the pages of a travel journal! Incorporate photos you took! Note where you went, what you did, when you went, who you went with. Add postcards, tickets, brochures, postage stamps. Draw a world map, mark the places you’ve been. Make a list of places you want to travel to.

Reading Journal

Record the books you read! Write reviews inside. What did you like about the book? What did you not like? Draw how you imagine the characters. Make a list of books to read in the future.

Gratitude Journal

Use it to record things that make your life worth living! Something happen today that made you smile? Make a list of things you feel grateful for. What do you appreciate about life? About yourself? About others around you? Write down one good thing that happened to you every day.


BLM New Mexico Las Cruces District Hosts Girls Summer Camp 

Story by Deborah E. Stevens. Photos by Eileen Davis and McKinney Briske.

Adding to the list of accomplishments for the “Every Kid in a Park” initiative, the BLM Las Cruces District hosted a week-long day camp from June 20-24 for 12 fourth-grade girls from Sunrise Elementary School in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The camp focused on field trips and hands-on activities aimed at building the girls’ awareness of their surrounding public lands and natural environment. 

The camp was co-sponsored by the BLM Las Cruces District and Friends of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument. The BLM’s Fort Stanton Snowy River Cave Conservation Area, the Lincoln National Forest, and White Sands National Monument also participated. 

“Watching the girls engage and enjoy our public lands is so rewarding and inspiring,” said Eileen Davis, BLM Las Cruces District volunteer coordinator. “And for a week in June, the BLM Las Cruces District and other agencies had the privilege of introducing these girls to a variety of science, technology, engineering, math, and conservation activities, specially designed to build their literacy in these fields.” 

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