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OB s5 Countdown!

Inviting all CloneClub to participate!

We are a little few months away from our fifth and final season and here’s a list we put together to get ourselves ready for the last chapter! You can participate and use the tags #obedit the official Orphan Black tag for all sorts of edits or you can tag us directly by using #orphanblackzone.

5 Episodes
5 OMG moments
5 “Hoe Don’t Do It” moments
5 Badass moments
3 Happy scenes
2 Heartbreaking scenes
3 Favorite clones (Leda or Castor)
2 Favorite supporting characters
3 Colors
2 Relationships

my cat accidentally bit my boyfriend too hard and it spooked her so she sproinged off him to the floor and was jumping on the bed where my laptop was but as she’s mid-jump she forces herself to do a flip back onto the floor to avoid landing on my laptop ‘cause she knows i don’t like her being on it lmao like she’s busy having a panic attack but still has enough brains to be like “OOO FUCK NOT THERE NOT THERE”

Embarrassing Confession Time

When I was younger (but probably old enough to know better) I found out who the casting director was for the A Series of Unfortunate Events movie and sent them a picture of myself and a letter asking if I could be Isadora Quagmire if they made a second movie. Oh young Shannen… you were so optimistic :) Thank goodness for Netflix for getting us to the Quagmire triplets finally!

anonymous asked:

were u ever out of the ob fandom


No…no not really. I’ve just been off visiting the lands of supergirl and sense8 and the magicians and things. But I suppose I will always have my first home in the ob fandom. that’s just how clone club is. We make a family yes?

I’m stoked for s5 actually. i think it’s going to be full of nostalgia and farewells and i love shit like that.