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Fluent Interfaces in JavaScript

Fluent interfaces provide a set of chained methods to manipulate a value in an object. It can help turn complex operations involving many steps into a relatively straightforward set of operations while providing a lot of flexibility. Many libraries like jQuery, Mongo DB and so on use this. To demonstrate, here is a simple string manipulator:

function Formatter(message) {
  const self = this;

  self.value = message;
  self.lastAction = function() {};

  const wrap = function(callback) {
    return function() {
      const argsAsArray = [];
      callback.apply(self, argsAsArray);
      self.lastAction = callback.bind(callback, argsAsArray);

      return self;

  self.prefix = wrap(function(prefix) {
    self.value = prefix + self.value;

  self.suffix = wrap(function(suffix) {
    self.value += suffix;

  this.times = wrap(function(times) {
    // -1 since the action has already been done once
    for (let i = 0; i < times - 1; i += 1) {

const value = new Formatter('My exciting sentence')
// [My exciting sentence!!!!!]

It is important to use a wrapper function, so that further functions do not accidentally lack self returns due to copy and pasting errors.

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