an ordinary evening in new haven

Daily Horoscopes - January 13th, 2017

Happy Friday 13th! Always a lucky day for me, how about the rest of y?all? Hey, at least Mercury is out of goddamn retrograde now. ;)

Aries: The new intimacy you’ve been feeling between you and a certain someone isn’t going anywhere, but the volume will be turned up a few hundred decibels. Urgent? Oh yes. Better be sure you’ve got time for this.

Taurus: People who haven’t seen you lately will be shocked and amazed at your brand new attitude, and well they should be. You haven’t felt – and sounded – this bold since high school. But it’s good to keep ‘em guessing.

Gemini: Today’s astrological weather will be considerably lighter than what you’ve been dealing with, and not a moment too soon. You’re ready to cut loose and forget about anything that even remotely resembles duty, responsibility or intensity.

Cancer: Your ordinary routine will be far from ordinary, no matter how hard you try to make it so. Be prepared for anything and everything to happen – and be ready to enjoy every second of it.

Leo: You’re a salesperson’s dream come true. If you like it, you’ll want it – and if it comes in black and red, you’ll want it twice. If you really must indulge, at least haggle persuasively before you plunk down the plastic.

Virgo: Extravagance, optimism and benevolence are the emotions of the day,and you’ll be only too happy to demonstrate those qualities to anyone who happens to be handy.

Libra: If you thought last nigh was fun, just wait until tonight. Of course, you really should be hitting the sack early to get ready for work – but when did you ever let a little thing like that stop you?

Scorpio: That special brand of charm that only you possess will ooze from every pore. You may to have to agonize over which group of adoring fans to bestow your presence upon, but hey – you can only do so much.

Sagittarius: You have quite the selection of invitations – and like always, you want to experience them all. Well, go ahead. You might be late going in tomorrow, but if you’ve got some great stories to tell,no one will mind…much.

Capricorn: No matter how deprived you think you are, take a step backward and really look at the situation. You’ll realize you actually have it all. Now pull in that lower lip and say thank you to the universe.

Aquarius: Just when you thought you’d gotten used to the roller coaster ride the universe has had you on for the past few months – if not years – you’re about to learn that there’s one more surprise en route.

Pisces: The astrological recipe for sudden and strong emotions is in the air – the kind that lead to long, warm embraces and promises that will undoubtedly be kept, indulge completely.