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okay so since the carmilla fandom is basically dead / going into hibernation until the movie i figured i’d make a fic rec post just for fun (and then go drown myself in riverdale), going from my favourites to decent ones:

white blank page - angsty college sports au and the dopest thing ever

exposure - slow burn and internal suffering and emotions it is gorgeous, college au again but carmilla does photography

i’ll keep you safe if you keep me wild - bounty hunter carmilla moves to the country and an adorable love story 

pens - one shot (which is unusual bc i normally hate them) but its a subway strangers kinda thing

chasing ghosts - post military laura comes back to hometown, spoiler carmilla has a daughter shit gets real fluffy tbh but there’s also some angst

clockwork - i honestly don’t remember this one that well but apparently i liked it so heres a flower shop au 

pandemic - weird infection dystopian thriller au thing but holy shit the plot twist in this one is wild, also i cried at the end soooooo (happy tears i think)

this distant image of our tiny world - space au in a mars colony, hear me out, holy shit the setting is so well described and you can imagine this all so well its beautiful

the minister’s daughter - lgbt christian community, it’s acc quite sweet

absolution - short hollence-hollstein cheat fic, it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure

your mom called, you left your game at home - softball rivals and mucho angst turned hate sex??? turned dating (I’m spotting a trend here)

music to my ears - high school band and orchestra au don’t judge it’s cute alright

the road to home - road trip au with a v slow romance but hey ho its a good one

where your treasure is, there will your heart be also - fluffy but mostly plot based hogwarts au yet i ended up enjoying it v much so give it a go

the triwizard tournament - another sappy and soft but more hollstein centric hogwarts au why not

on our last leg - olympic running au, a v v v long one shot i believe

this just can’t be summer love - pretty writing, hawaii romance one shot

four walls - like a fucking action novel holy shit y’all

strangers - incomplete fwb story but damn i wish there was more

(of all persisting stars) - their first time from both povs 

the mirror between us - an okay one shot but i loved the twist

[also not with haste, back to back, god knows it’s not what we would choose to do, she smelled like lilacs, no space among the clouds, maybe the spark between us can light my cigarette, touched by stars, just stay with me, meet me halfway to your heart, gossip column, the sun dont set if we keep heading west]

okay I’m done (for now) (or maybe not wow this takes a long time)


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  • PAIRING: Draco x Hermione (Dramione)
  • SUMMARY: In which Draco has feelings for Hermione, and Hermione has feelings for Draco; yet their different blood status makes them doubt their love for each other.
  • WORDS: 838
  • PROMPT: (requested by: @missbookworm2258)
  • 24. “Oh my…dude you love her.”

He never held such a thing as “feelings.” People usually feel it once in their lifetime for someone that’s truly special. That special person in his eyes, is indeed, Hermione Granger. The youngsters haven’t gotten along well at first, though. With Draco’s power to act like an absolute prick to anyone he meets, along with Hermione’s cleverness and the power to control people, those traits were what made them not get along with one another.

Soon he notices the little things that she did that had never caught his attention before. Such as tucking a strand of her untamed bushy-chestnut hair behind her elf-shaped ear, and knitting her full eyebrows in concentration, and the way her honey eyes lit up in excitement. 

The platinum-haired man stared off into the distance, thinking of the Chestnut-headed girl as they were sat on the high stool of the potions room. She was only a few feet away from him, her back was turned to him. 

His chin was in the palm of his pale hand, as he thought about her. But his mind also shifted to their blood status, she’s a muggle and he’s a pureblood. She’s in Gryffindor and he’s in Slytherin, it’s forbidden. He has to stop.

Dawn had come, Hermione Granger was laid upon her bed staring at the ceiling in front of her eyes. Thinking about a certain silver-haired man. Lately, all of her thoughts have roamed around him, and him only. She couldn’t concentrate on anyone or anything else but him. 

Of course, she had feelings for Draco. This only emotion she had felt could only be feelings of devotion and possibly love. 

Being the further thinking that she is, her mind went to their houses and blood status. He’s a pureblood and she’s a muggle. He’s in Slytherin and she’s in Gryffindor, it’s forbidden.

At that moment, in the Slytherin Common Room, sat the gang of four. In the green couches sat none other than Pansy Parkinson, Blaise Zabini, Theodore Nott, and Draco. A bottle of firewhiskey in Blaises’ hand as he was passing it around the group of friends. They were all laughing at nothing but everything. Draco, especially, was laughing along with his high-pitched, wholehearted laugh. 

Pansy interrupted the laughter, getting up stumbling a bit while doing so. “Well, I’m gonna go up to bed.” As the sentence left her mouth all the boys playfully booed at her. The jet-black headed girl shook her head sticking her tongue out, “Oh sod off! It’s late and I’m really tired.” 

With that, Theo got up from his spot on the couch also. “Ye, I think I’m gonna go to bed too. See ya in the morning.” Though the two did have a point, it was late it was around 1 in the morning and everyone knew that they were going to have a hangover in the morning. 

The two went up to their rooms, whereas Blaise and Draco were left laying on the couch lazily. The dark-skinned fellow turned towards his best friend smirking, “So anyone ya fancy nowadays?”

The pale-skinned man clicked his tongue, shaking his head. “Nah, not really. N-Not in mind, no.” 

Blaise knew his best friend, he knew when he was lying and he knew when he was telling the truth. The man just gave his friend a knowing look and smacked his arm with the back of his hand in a playful manner. “Stop lying to me Malfoy, I know when you’re lying. Especially since I saw you staring at Granger during Potions.” He smirked at him.

“What are you talking about, I don’t like her that way…” He trailed off. “But I do like the way that she smiles, and the two tall dimples that are followed when she does… and I like the way that she laughs, it’s like a whole orchestra in my ears. I also like the way that she uses her brain, I know it’s weird but I love a girl that’s intelligent and smart…” 

He wanted to continue but Blaise interrupted him before he went any further, “Oh my…dude you love her.” Blaise gasped at the man in front of him who, even in his drunken state, still maintained a serious reaction.

“Pft, no I’m not…”

“You just stated the many ways that men admire in a girl that they’re in love with, so it’s pretty obvious you’re in love with her.

The platinum-haired man stood up, slightly off-balance. “Wow, you’re right. I’m bloody in love with her. And I’m gonna go tell her right now!” He shouted the end. To which Blaise had to shush him, chuckling at his drunken state.

“You can’t tell her right now, it’s late. Tell her in the morning or something because I’m going to bed.” With that Blaise went up to his dorm room, leaving Draco there grinning like an idiot.

“I love Hermione Granger.” He whispered to himself. He never knew he would fall in love with someone that has a different blood status as him.

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Did I...?

Part 8

You know those few seconds before something unexpected happens; almost if times goes into slow motion. Thats it felt like threw the fight, slow motion. Felt like hours filled with continuous pain, and getting my ass smacked on the ground.  Feeling my teeth move in unison as he punched my face, and hearing the boos of the crowd. My insides turned hot with rage, but this is the first time I commanded myself to stay down. My uncle would have killed me already for not throwing a punch.

“Is that all you got lil’ miss?” My opponent asked with bloody knuckles and a devilish grin. I coughed out blood and tried to raise my upper half up but he kicked my chest and back down I went.

“I am not fighting you.” I muttered feeling my throat starting to burn. He just laughed and egged on the crowd to applaud him. ‘Is he going to kill me?’ I thought.


“Come on you stupid girl, crawl!.” Uncle yelled at me for the seventh time that minute. The mud was so thick, and the barbed wire was so low. I barely made it through without getting snagged.

I coughed into my hand beginning to stand up, and honestly praising god I finished.

“You are weak cadete.” My Uncle spat, also allowing some of his chew to hit my chin.  “ Maybe if ya mother had a boy instead, he could be in the army right beside your Daddy.’ He growled again. I stood still, arms down and my eyes not making contact with the old man walking around me.

“Drop and give me 20, you worthless dog.” He yelled in my face.

“Yes, sir.” I yelled back and began the twenty push-ups. Uncle always told me I was weak even for a girl. My arms shook with exhaustion, and I breathed heavily.

“Keep that little ass of yours down now.” He said placing his boot on my rear end and pressing. I gasped and did my last ten, barely.

“You will never be anything Cadete. You are so fragile as the women come, now who wants that.” He chuckled. “Nobody will ever want you, I am making you a soldier. I am making you something.” He started getting closer.

“Go work on combat with the punching bag until dinner. Gotta build up them arms.” He said pushing me forward.


“Come on, get up.” Two men I didn’t recognized said picking me up. In that moment, I snapped. I had no thoughts, just “Kill.”

Two elbows to the jaws and I ran to the man still egging on the crowd, back faced toward me. Running to him, I felt all my adrenaline hit me like a wall.

He hit ground on his stomach, making a ‘Oof’ noise. Then I took his head in my hands and starting smacking it against the ground.

“I am not weak!” I yelled as I heard him starting to yell in pain. Then the two guys came back and started putting on the cuffs, I didn’t fight back. I did what i wanted, to prove I wasn’t nothing.

The man was crying as two more men came and helped him up, and his skull was gushing blood.  I grinned,

“That will teach ya, bitch.”  I yell with a maniacal laugh.

Daryls POV

“Come on!” I yelled starting to get annoyed. A hour has passed since sunrise, and (Y/n) couldn’t hold on forever. Rick came close to me as well as Maggie, Glenn and Michonne. Carl needed to stay and watch Judith as well as Beth which I understood. Tyler walked up then and stared at me,

“I want to help.” He mumbled. I just nodded and started walking to my bike as they walked to their cars.

It didn’t take us long until we were standing in the tree line staring at the joint.

“We have to find a way in I can hear something big going on inside.” Said Maggie. I nodded and started walkin them to where I was let out. Then I heard it, a scream. A high pitched, terrified scream. Rick yelled at me to slow down, I don’t think my mind ever went so blank thinking it was (Y/n). I found that entrance and ran towards the ruckus. Rick and the rest I suppose where behind me but I truthfully didn’t see them I was looking for her.

I saw this arena type place covered in a dirt storm, scream from man and women came into my ears like a orchestra. Walkers lined the place, and gorged on anyone too slow. 

Rick and the rest began doing what they knew, kill the dead again. I ran in further screaming her name then Meryl’s.

“Daryl!” Maggie yelled and pointed into the dust. There was Meryl and (Y/n) back to back watching eachother. They killed off walkers that came too close.

“(Y/n)!!!” I yell and she snaps out of her mode and stares at me. I saw how battered and bloody she was since I saw her last. She grabbed Meryl’s forearm and dragged him with her. She surprisingly didn’t hug me, kiss me or even say hi. She just turned her back to me and held her little dagger up.

“Let’s go!” Rick yelled and we burst into a sprint back the way we came. I had to carry her since she could hardly walk Meryl was close behind me turning and shooting away at anything that was too close for comfort. Her skin, her hair and her beautiful body was in my arms once again. I couldn’t help myself but grin.

“Put her in the car Daryl we need to move.” Rick said

I snapped my face towards him “No you can’t just take her from me again!”

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“Daryl she is too weak to hold onto you, please let’s go.” He growls at me.

“Daryl ill be fine please, we can’t stay here.” She whispers holding me alittle tighter. I nodded and put her in the backseat and ran to my bike.

We drove home then, I could help myself to grin softly at the thought of her in the prison again.

Readers POV

He found me. Daryl came back for me and found me. My mind raced even though my body felt like the thinnest of glass, every move I made, cause a gasp of utter agony.

“We are almost home (Y/n) hold on.” Rick said softly, then I noticed Michonne looking at me in the passenger’s side. I couldn’t help myself to cry, I was happy but also still shaken up from the past few days.

“It’s going to be okay (y/n).” Michonne mouthed to me. I just nodded and continued sobbing.

I think I eventually passed out because i woke up in my room on my cot. I groaned trying to rollover but it was no use.

“(Y/n).” Hershel said moving his way into my doorway. “How are you feeling?”

I have never met a man with such a soothing voice, I’ll miss that always.

“I feel like I got hit by a freight train.” I mumble

“Well you sorta did.” He says chuckling. “You took a lot more that I have seen anyone here, so you must rest , and yes (Y/n) Daryl is on his way.”

I nod as a thank you, and truthfully I felt like sleeping more but it was too late, Daryl was already at my bedside.

“Hi.” I whisper. I looked at him good again, took in every bit of him I could manage. His eyes were puffy and tired, lips quivering. He looked so sad to see me but more of so sad that he lost me.

“Hi.” He whispers back.

“Daryl I’m not going anywhere, okay come here.” Just like a obedient boyfriend he is he brought his body closer to the bed.

“Now kiss me Dixon cause I missed you so fucking much.” I whisper still. He didn’t hesitate he pressed his lips on mine. He was so warm and I wanted to just lie next him and sleep but he was the strongest out of us, and he needed to be doing his part.

He whined loudly when I pulled away. I giggled and swung my legs off the bed.

“Please stay.” He whines looking at me.

“Daryl I must at least get walking around okay.”  I said sighing and looking at him.

“But you should rest.” He begs again.

“Daryl I’m not going on a run I am just walking around.” I said standing and almost falling over.

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Daryl stood and held me in place. “I gotchu.” He whispers holding me close, then I felt it, tears. I looked at him and his head was in the crook of my neck starting to cry. “Daryl I’m okay, I’m not going anywhere.” I said rubbing his back. I never felt such a strong person break so face. Daryl was one of those men who wouldn’t even cry if a dog died in a movie, but from me simply standing he snapped like twig and broke like a glass plate. Daryl sobbed “I - I thought I lost you.” He whispered in the crook of my neck. I just took a deep breath hoping to help calm him in someway but just like a child he wrapped me into his chest. Even though I hurt all over it was so nice to feel the heat of his skin and the grittiness of the dirt on his flesh. His hugs were home to me. “Daryl I’m not going anywhere, you can watch me from afar I just want to walk around and stretch okay.”

After a couple of minutes Daryl nodded and let his grip on my body loosen. He stared at me as I limped out of the cell I knew it hurt him to watch me not depend on him but I have to walk sometime.

Maggie then met me and forced a hard right hug she was starting to cry “Maggie.” I said softly hugging her back, she was my best friend. Maggie shivered in my hands and I squeezed her right before letting her go “Come on, let’s go get a bite to eat.” I said softly, she nodded and walked with me down to the mess hall.

Rick glanced at me then looked away I knew he wasn’t to excited for putting his group in danger for me. Daryl soon came down stairs and sat next to me and across from Maggie. I smiled at him and kissed his cheek. Glenn came and sat next to Maggie,

“Nice to see Sleeping Beauty back on her feet.” He said holding my hand and smiling. Even though me and Glenn never got too close I still missed his goofiness. Daryl just grunted and pushed his plate of food towards me. “Eat.” He said. I stared at him,

“You eat too.” I said pushing it back at him. He glared at me I gave him a small smile. “You better eat all of your food.” He grunted.

“I will Dixon. “

He gave me a look of content then began picking at his food.

“I missed you.” I whispered leaning into him. He looked at me again and took a deep breath.

“I think I’ll miss you for a long time.” He whispered back then did something I would expect. He kissed my cheek , in front of the others. I blushed furiously and looked down at my lap. He grinned behind his whiskers.

I ate my food slowly. Not wanting to eat too fast and make my belly sick. Daryl watched me as I picked and picked at my beans.

I think just by the way he watched me I knew it but… Being with him again. Feeling him, I think I love that redneck. I don’t want to admit scared of it being too soon, but I think I do.

I grinned at him softly.
Did I love Daryl Dixon?

fairytalesoup  asked:

Hi! I'm playing piccolo in a pit orchestra, and when I've been practicing my ears start ringing after like 15 minutes, do you have any tips?


If you play piccolo without hearing protection YOU WILL LOSE YOUR HEARING.

The solution? EAR PLUGS. 

Buy them. Right now. The cheap kind is fine. I think mine are Mack’s brand, or something. They do not have to be fancy. It will feel weird wearing them at first, but you will get used to it. Try using one only in your right ear first, but if your left is still ringing you’d better wear them in both. 

Do NOT be a hero with this. WEAR YOUR EAR PLUGS. Yes, even during performances. You may think you’ll be fine, or that a little ringing/headache occasionally is okay, but you are wrong, and your hearing will suffer. 

Watch on

Wicked - No Good Deed - Willemijn Verkaik

But the orchestra at the end… HOLY HOT DAMN. OH MY GAWD YES!!! That was a party for my ears. The London orchestrations win. That’s it. WINNER. 

i never commented on mockingjay part 1 but honestly the scene when katniss sings the hanging tree is so powerful its so beautiful especially because i had no idea how the melody would be sung but its so perfect i thought it would be a warm and sweet melody, but it’s wonderful and gives me chills i love it and i love the escalation of rebellion like hhhhmmmmmMMMM

A Fable

I was at a classical music concert the other night with my friends. They were playing a piece by this modern composer that I’d never heard before, but some people had said it was good, so I thought we might as well check it out.

It was amazing. From the very first note, I was hooked. Themes rising up only to merge in euphony, violins and flutes playing separate melodies that somehow complemented each other perfectly. The piece was incredibly technically difficult, but the musicians hit every note right; and as the piece went on, it became increasingly beautiful and emotional. The poignant tragedy of the second movement’s climax had us all in tears.

The piece was pretty long, so there was an intermission after the third movement. In the lobby, my friends and I gushed over the genius of the composers and the musicians. Just for fun, we tried to guess how the piece would climax. Luckily, some of my friends were pretty talented–musicians all, one a concert pianist, another a budding composer–and we’d noticed a recurring motif in the violin and piano parts.

It was a beautiful theme, and it kept coming back in unexpected ways: the harmony played by the oboes in the second movement, the rhythm of the timpani in the third movement. In fact, the theme had been played quietly by almost every instrument, except the always-loud trumpets. We guessed that the climax would be the trumpets sounding out this theme with all the power their instruments provided, soaring over the orchestra to create a magnificent climax.

The fourth movement started OK, but it quickly regained the power of the previous movements. That motif was coming up more and more, louder every time. We looked at each other in excitement. We could practically see the trumpets inhaling before completing the climax–

–and they squawked.

There’s no other word for it. Instead of playing the beautiful motif for all to hear, they played some jumbled sequence of notes. All the buildup of the previous three movements seemed to be for nothing. The orchestra descended into chaotic cacophony. I covered my ears. The audience began to murmur. Was this some kind of trick?

It wasn’t. The conductor turned around, beaming, but half the audience had already left. Appalled, my friends and I filed out into the lobby. What a beautiful beginning, and what an awful end.

And that’s basically what happened to BBC Sherlock.