an open letter to my self

It’s around that time of year when kids start getting letters of being waitlisted, rejection and deferment. Just wanted to say hang in there– not everyone’s collegiate path is a strict linear progression. Taking gap years, transferring, going to your ‘B’or ‘C’ school, etc– they’re all completely valid ways to self-discovery and getting to where you want to be. From my own experience, things have a way of working out in the weirdest ways. Just keep your head up & mind open and don’t give up. 

Hey Future Self,
How have you been? You must be smiling right now, did my decisions today went well? If not, I hope you understand why I chose this way. Are you happy? If yes, you are truly proud and honored! I guess, my overall journey sprinkled with failures, pain, sadness, hardships and heartbreaks became your recipe to your happiness.
Remember that day you were stuck and couldn’t find a way to move forward? Remember how many times you have questioned your existence? You keep trying to figure out who you really are, where do you belong and what is your purpose? Remember how scared you are to let someone go out of your life because you’re afraid of being alone? So, you keep holding on even if there’s nothing to hold on; you keep looking for your worth within someone else. Remember how you left yourself with withered flowers, yet you planted flowers on someone’s yard? Well, look at you. You have made it this far!
Life may not offered you the most clarity, however, you’ve come along the way. I am glad you have learned to let go of your fears and embrace pain for what it is. As terrifying yet beautiful, how it is right now for me, and was back then for you, that you have become your own best friend. Though you still have that space in your heart to love everyone—your family, friends and even those who have hurt you. I am certain that this quality of you and me remain. Anyway, how are they treating you there? Did they made their promise that they’ll stay? Or did they leave you like some other people did to me?
But you see, I know everything that’s not happening for me right now has a bigger plan for you. Don’t worry, you should know that all the stress and pain I am drowning in right now were the key to who I need to be—and that’s the person you are right now.
I just want to remind you that you are not what they define you—you are you. A poetry trapped in a girl’s body, a word that was not yet spoken, a book that was not yet published; a masterpiece. And if there is still no one to tell you that, just don’t forget who you are.
I hope you are stronger, braver, healthier and happier than you were the day before. Sometimes, I want to catch up with you faster, because often times, when emptiness hit me, I seem to crash.  But trust me, I am working every single day to make myself better for you.
The thing is, I am starting to love myself today, but I am excited and I do love the thought of you. The reason I’m telling you this is because I want you to remember how much you’ve already lived in the little moments that have shaped your world and molded your heart in the most beautiful way possible. I want you to accept the wonders of this crazy journey that only you have lived and that you continue to live. I want you to appreciate everything and everyone, as much as I do right now.
Although I am the past to you, I still am very much you. In this moment in time, I don’t know where you are or what you do, or who you become, but I’m still you. anyway What I do know is for you to be the best version of myself. And when that day comes, I will be proud of the person you are. I also want you to know that I am doing just fine and so are you. I will continue to be “old enough to know better, but young enough to do it anyway.” So, laugh about all the silly mistakes I am making at the moment and be grateful, because it led you to be the person you are right now.
Whatever happens, keep going!
Much love,
Your past self
—  a postcard, m.a

To the girl I’ll one day marry,

I’m 12 years old right now and I hope that one day I get to read this letter to you. I’m snuggled in my bed, my mind racing with so many different questions. For example, what’s your name? Are you older than me? Younger? How did we meet? I hope we didn’t meet at school. That would suck.

Anyways, I know, even now, that I am really  not the ideal person to be with. I have a lot of faults you see, but I hope that you can see that I’ve really tried hard to change those parts of me. I’m not the smartest person and I know I can be more than a handful at times, so please bear with me. I am a work-in-progress, even years into the day that I read this to you.

I want you to know, that even now, I’m already thinking of the many ways I can love you. I mean it. We’re engaged, soon to be wives and sharing eternity together. Know that I’ll spend all of my time ensuring that you are happy and taken care of.

Even though we haven’t met yet, I already know that you are the most wonderful girl on the whole planet. You’re probably sarcastic, able to understand my jokes, and share my passions and love for books. Maybe you like to draw or paint or do artistic things…that would be cool, maybe you can teach me how to do artistic stuff. But don’t worry, if you can’t, I know I’ll still love you. I hope we have the same taste in music because it would be horrible to live a life with sucky music.

Are you an honest person? Do you like to lie to people? Tell you a secret that maybe you haven’t known yet, I’m not the most honest person. I find pleasure in tricking people. I hope you’re nice but not too nice. I know for a fact that you’re smart. I tend to exist in a different realm of life from people and I know you understand that.

Hmm…I hope that you love me the most of all. It would be amazing to meet you. It would be my greatest pleasure to love you. To build a life and a future with you. Know that even now, I already do love you. Know that you are amazing, loved, appreciated. That your company and all your efforts are enjoyed and taken notice of. I’ll always be there for you the same way I know you’ll always be there for me. I love you. I know I do.

Your future wife.

P.S How does a snake for a pet sound? I’ve been asking for one since I was seven.
P.P.S Blue. I hope our house is blue. Or any neutral colour.

—  Little Poet ~ My 12 year old self did something gay.

Here are some page ideas to help you get started with the new school year! 

  • goals for the school year
  • snack recipes 
  • outfit ideas (with a collage!)
  • motivational quotes
  • songs to blast on your way home from school
  • new people you’ve met (+ their phone numbers!)
  • things you want to learn this year
  • pen swatches (with all your new school supplies)
  • birthdays to remember!! 
  • important dates (such as finals, due dates, holidays, etc.) 
  • formulas you can’t remember (write them down and memorize them!)
  • ‘I’m in school because…’
  • a page dedicated to your college/grad school/career goals
  • interesting words you learned (+ their definitions) 
  • a page to stick receipts/tickets from all the cool things you did during the school year
  • have your friends write you a letter that you can’t open until the end of the school year! 
  • grade trackers 
  • a page for cool stickers you got (from assignments/events/college or career fairs) 
  • a page to write down every single thing that’s stressing you out
  • a solution page to try and get rid of that stress 
  • a letter to your future self (something you can’t read til graduation!) 

I hope these inspired you as much as they inspired me. Best of luck in the upcoming school year, and if you’ve already started, kick this school year in the ass! 


Today is September 4th 2014. It has now been 8 years since the death of one of my greatest heroes.Steven Robert Irwin. In that time, and unlike what my comforting mother, and friends assured me, it has not become easier. In the years since his passing I have watched as animal media feed into the hands of the uneducated, sensationalist, and often even cruel TV show hosts only content in showcasing the brutality, and deadly aspects of wildlife. I have seen no one step up to the plate, no one fill that void he left in the world. Consider this an open letter, to all those as tragically in love with the natural world as I. Get out there, be loud, show your self and your love to the world, educate, experience, and just and just freaking live. We are but one species on what may be the most biodiverse planet in the universe. So get up, and make some damn noise, lose the fear, and show them what you love.

       “Because people want to save, the things that they love.”

             We all miss you mate. 

My friends, we cannot continue only loving the ones who look like us, who talk like us, who believe what we believe, and act like we act. We must reach across the aisle with love for the very people we disagree with. Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you. Let us live a life worthy of the life-giving self-sacrificial love we have been given
—  Jon Foreman - An Open Letter To The American Church (x)
From Producer Ann Marie Baldonado:

Terry always says it’s difficult to pick favorite interviews, and I totally agree.  I can’t even remember the interview I worked on this week or what we have booked for next week (That’s a slight exaggeration.  This week I worked on Jill Soloway.  Next week it’s Hasan Minaj.)  Still, I will try to point out a few interviews that I will always remember when forced to go through my mental archives.

David Rakoff 
A lot of public radio listeners will remember the late David Rakoff from his work on This American Life.  In 2001, he talked to Terry about his acting career, and being frustrated by the roles that were offered to him.  He said they would fall under two categories – “Jew-y McHebrew’ or ‘Fudgy McPacker.’  He did dramatic/hysterical renditions of the lines he remembered.  He was so funny, and elicited the much sought after Terry “snort.”  Now, I have laughed a lot while logging interviews on Fresh Air, but during this one, I had to stop logging because I was crying from laughing so hard.  Fresh Air replayed this part of the interview when Rakoff passed away too soon in 2012.

Thelma Schoonmaker 
I first stated booking film, TV, and theater interviews for Terry in the spring of 2005, so this is an early one.  Schoonmaker is the film editor who has worked with Martin Scorsese for over 40 years.  She has edited all of his films since Raging Bull in 1980.  She’s just this wonderful, thoughtful artist who works behind the scenes, plugging away, making great films.  Terry’s interview with her was one smart lady who loves movies talking to another smart lady who loves movies.

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Mike Mills

I have loved booking directors, actors, and comedians early in their careers and watching their bodies of work grow.  People like Lena Dunham, Flight of the Conchords, and Hari Kondobolu come to mind. I have loved booking interviews with director Mike Mills over the years. We booked him after his first film Thumbsucker in 2005, then for his movies Beginners and 20th Century Women.  He is the ideal guest: open, smart, self-deprecatingly funny, and talks so well about how his work connects to his life, a favorite Fresh Air theme.  I feel their conversations about his films, that in reality are like love letters to his parents, end up leading to larger conversations between Terry and Mike,  about their parents who they have lost.

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Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang
This one is a little more current.  I am not alone in this but one of my favorite recent TV shows has to be Master of None.   Some of the episodes from that first season (Parents and Indians on TV) live on my list of favorite episodes of TV ever.  I loved hearing friends Aziz and Alan talk about their own lives and how they incorporated their experiences into the show.  Everyone loves Aziz; I am glad we were able to have Alan on too.  We should forever thank them not just for this show, but for their work on Parks and Recreation.  And this is just one of the interviews that covered these great, really personal shows based on the lives of a great comedian, sort of the antecedents of Louie.  I am glad in the last few years, we have featured interviews with people like Aziz and Alan, Donald Glover, Issa Rae, and Rachel Bloom.

Sacha Baron Cohen 
I am proud of booking this one.  Up until this point, Sacha Baron Cohen was very committed to staying in character as Borat while doing all the promotion of his movie.  We were so happy that he agreed to do Fresh Air as himself, thus revealing that he was this accessible, intelligent guy.  He was quick to slip into his Borat voice though.  We love when guests slip into their characters’ voices.

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Greg Marinovich and Joao Silva
It was a round about way to book an interview.  The movie The Bang Bang Club, starring Taylor Kitsch and Ryan Phillippe, told the story of a group of war photographers in South Africa during Apartheid.  We used the movie as an excuse to book an interview with Marinovich and Silva, two of the real photographers who inspired the film.  Both of them had lost dear friends to the work.  And both of them had been injured while trying to visually capture combat situations.  In fact,  Silva was recording his part of the interview from Walter Reed Army Medical Center; he had lost both of his legs in a land mine explosion in Afghanistan and was still recovering.  At one point, a nurse comes in to talk to Silva.  It was such a rare radio moment that we decided to leave it in the interview.  Terry has spoken to many war correspondents and photographers over the years. These interviews are inevitably harrowing, tragic, thoughtful, and moving.

Ann Marie Baldonado, Fresh Air producer 

PS. Ann Marie sometimes does interviews. Her latest was with SNL’s Sasheer Zamata.

[scenario] [request] snail mail

♡ Send me a member + number(s) and I’ll write a scenario! ♡

32: “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
45: “Tell me a secret.”

Title: snail mail 

Member: Jihoon

Genre: angst w a good ending i promise lmao 

Word Count: 1342

“Snail mail?” You ask, raising an eyebrow at the overly eager Seungkwan, shoving you an envelope, filled with paper. He whines when you turn away, continuing to practice your dance.

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Do you remember the time you fell down on your knees and begged the world to stop spinning? Love, it happened. You made it happen. On nights when crying was your only option, you closed your eyes and imagined your room to be filled with stars. The world stopped moving. All you could hear was your breathing. “Let the world claim you tonight,” you whispered to yourself. You found solace. You met Melancholy the first time, then and there, you knew you were alive. The moment you opened your eyes, the world was set to motion. And all you could utter were the words ‘I am alive.’

Your grandmother was right when she told you that you love too much. But look at where it got you. You have made a garden out of the barren land next door. You created a night sky filled with words of love. You have tucked the littlest hope and care in other people’s pockets. You have given away all of your flowers in bloom in hopes of erasing the pain in their eyes. You gave away all of yourself, and love, that’s okay. Go and give some more. Give and give and give until you learn how to let go.

There will be days when waking up is as hard as getting out of bed while the rain hums you to sleep. There will be a lot of meals that will go to waste and yet you will feel as heavy as the world being pulled to oblivion. It’s okay. Let yourself feel the heaviness of the loneliness. Of the world’s snarky remarks. Of the anxiety and panic attacks. Feel. Feel some more. Do not be afraid of tasting the blood. Do not run away from the depth of the ocean. Let the world swallow you whole and you will wake up, one day, with strength you never thought was possible.

Fall in love over and over and over again. May it be with the budding flower you see on the street. The stranger you met in the pedestrian lane with sad eyes. The children’s laughter. Everything. Fall in love with the littlest thing. Give your heart to that guy who told you 'Thank you for choosing me.“ Love the man who have shown you what it means to be weak, how it feels to be held in someone’s arms. Kiss him and make him remember your name in his mouth. Be honest about the things you feel because it’s not everyday you find people who see you behind your armor. Be weak. Be vulnerable. Go and fall in love some more.

You will survive. And you will continue counting the moving stars.

—  an open letter to my younger self // hbg
Off Limits • KBTBB (AU) •  .001

Characters: Naomi Kishi (OC) / Eisuke Ichinomiya + more to come
Chapters: 1/?
Authors notes: I’ve taken something old, mixed it with something new and after a sheer lightbulb moment of what I like to call excellence managed to come up with something hopefully a little quirky and different.
Tagging: @humorcomchantilly @oh-heaux & @thehigherthebun 

Naomi’s POV

A nervous, naive sweat gently lingered across my reddened forehead and cheeks after the 4 story flight of stairs I’d climbed – the lift being out of order – and with what little strength I had; somehow, I manage to muster up enough energy to throw my beige tartan suitcase up onto the double bed I was standing in front of and wanted to – with no qualms, face plant right into and fall asleep. Dropping down beside it onto my back instead; my eyes began to fill with a wet glaze which I knew would soon turn into running tears if I didn’t do anything to stop the whirlwind of unexpected emotion that was about to wash over me. Gazing up at the off white ceiling; I fixated my eyes on the simple, cone shaped light fitting of my new dormitory – the place that I’d be calling home for hopefully the next 4 years and let out a sigh.

It had been a long 6 hour train ride through wicked, chaotic rains which welcomed me into the city of Tokyo. Since leaving Kumamoto – the prefecture where my parents had moved and set up a small, distillery business after my eldest brother left for college, I had been uncertain as to whether or not this move, this adventure, this wish – was one that I should have been apart of – that should have been happening. The tears in my parents eyes as they waved their heartfelt goodbye’s stung at my heart the way I could imagine my own had felt when Mamoru left two years prior.

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Taming The Brat

Okay so I was supposed to be finishing that Kookie request this weekend, and I’ve actually gotten pretty far into (it’s getting long in length *lol*) but I kept getting distracted by this Jaebum smut idea, probably all the fun research and sexual virgin tension proving difficult. Anyway I couldn’t get this idea out of my head so in the end I decided just to write it and get it out of my system so I can focus on the Jungkook smut and his innocent lady friend (for some reason I struggle to write an innocent girl, who woulda thunk?)

Small warning, this is probably the roughest and longest (I think) thing I’ve written so far (I still think it’s pretty tame in comparison to some but yeah, definitely the roughest I’ve written) and is basically a D/s AU that relates quite heavily to themes of masochism, so if that’s not your thing I really wouldn’t read this.

Genre: angst/smut - D/s!AU/BarOwner!AU
Requested: NO
Warnings: NSFW, alotta swearing, very minor slut shaming (like, twice?) BDSM/Masochism themes. Breath play. Not sure how rough but it’s the roughest thing I’ve written as of yet. Can’t think of anything else.

Pt.1 | Pt.2 | Pt.3 | Pt.4 | Pt.5 | Pt.5.5 | Pt.6 | Pt.7 | Pt.8 | Pt.9.1 | Pt.9.2 | Pt.10

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~ gif is a little too playful for the content but I like it, so…  The photo tho, I’m adding because add some rips in them Jeans and its pretty much how I was imagining him… Obviously feel free to picture whichever era you prefer ~

Envy is an affliction I suffer from often, it always has been, ever since I was young. Maybe it’s because I’m an only child, growing up spoilt with an endless supply of love and affection. Or maybe I’m just a natural born attention seeker, and I would have always been this way, whether or not I’d had a sibling to steal some of my spotlight. I’m just a wickedly envious person at heart, and I know that my Master is all too aware of that fact, so why my reaction to his news comes as a surprise is beyond my imagination.

“You’re out of your fucking mind if you think I’m agreeing to this, Im Jaebum!” I’m practically snarling as I stop my frantic pacing a few feet from where he leans against his desk. I stand with my arms folded, my nails digging into my palms, my hip jutting to the side in defiance. Everything about my body language screams bad attitude, and though this isn’t an uncommon occurrence for us, my bratty behaviour is normally performed with a playful air and a desired punishment in mind. Not tonight though, tonight I’m just plain livid.

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Family Gatherings

Imagine: Your parents are muggles and you bring Newt home for the first time to meet them.

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Author’s Note: Newt is one nervous cinnamon roll in this!! Also thank you so much for 40 followers ?? And almost 100 notes on my first AU ??? You guys rule :~) Also send me some feedback on what you liked/disliked!! Enjoy muffins x *gif isnt mine*

Word Count: 2143

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Sometimes I still wonder about your favorite color, your favorite song, what you’re into nowadays. You used to tell me so many stories about your life and I wonder those things still happen you. You were always there to help me and you always supported me. I miss all of our inside jokes and the weird things we did at recess. I miss having you as my other half. I really miss you being a part of my life. But if you would allow me, you know I’ll always welcome you back with open arms.
—  The letter I never sent you..
Good Grief - Chapter 3

Jungkook makes a habit of showing up drunk to a nearby flower shop. Bad puns and fluffy pining ensue.

Or, a college!au in which BTS are all frat boys, Namjoon is a science club president,Jimin just wants a good party, and Jungkook is hopelessly fascinated by the girl who takes care of flowers in her free time.

author’s note: aaaand we’re back folks, with chapter three! it get’s a little dramatic this time around, so just a fair warning!! i hope you enjoy it, and once again comments, tips, and critiques are all appreciated!!

disclaimer: all mentions of the university in this fic are purely pulled from my ass— I don’t claim to know anything on a deep, spiritual level about university clubs, classes or frat parties. Side characters, that aren’t specifically Bangtan Members™, are all made up and therefor fictional .

words: 5k

If you’d prefer reading on AO3 the link is here

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Tempi means little iron

Chronicler knowns the name of Iron [I forgot about this holy fuck wELL THEN]

Chronicler was also called a twat by a master namer

Open circle brand means an Adema Ruh broke Ruh law and are no longer Ruh / banished

Kvothe was paid a half penny for breaking someones arm for yelling at a child [Carine]

Bast set up the last bit of the book – where the men come in and kick the fuck out of Kote. Yeah, forgot that, huh? 

Maloen sent him a WOOD RING and a two page letter. [*squints at the person who said it was from Auri on my theory*] [*also squints at self for not remembering that before*]

Sim and Fela are / were canonly dating

Elodin knows Adem hand gestures

Wils beard [n book 2] is described to be a “Face bear”

Kvothe went all the way back to Tarbean and paid Trapis for helping him when he was a kid

Knots/ braids in hair can have meaning or say things. Yllish tradition. 

Adding to that, most peple don’t even know yllish anymore or how to read yllish knots. Mostly due t it’s learned by feeling, not seeing.

Bast’s room is canonly VERY large: wood paneling, fire place, large canopy bed with green drapes, two couches, carpet, books, and many other things.

Bast fears the Cthae [on top of other things]

There are woods behind the inn, along with a garden and a press [cider]

Bast LOVES elderberry 

Bast also killed some people with no hesitation.

ID #99722

Name: Chyna
Age: 16
Country: USA

Hi! I’m not really good at talking about my self because i’m pretty much an open book. I am Bisexual. I love to stay up late and have the craziest conversations! I really want to talk to someone who understands me. I swear i love all types of people I don’t discriminate. Please Come Talk to me!

No preferences! Anyone is welcome!

Voltron and Atlantis au (Spoilers to the movie btw)

I’ve heard some stuff about this and some fan art but I wanted to contribute lol (Also, you should probably see the movie in order for what I say to make sense because I ramble a lot.) This is not a fanfic thing, I just go into major detail on how I imagine it. It is basically a shitty summary of the movie but with different characters lmao. I think it is kinda interesting though.

(Keith is a lot more bad ass than Milo, I mean Milo is like a clumsy little dude. Keith has the same personality as well, Keith.)

(Lance is a lot more carefree and funnier than Kida. Like He is really chill unless something bad happens.)

Baby Lance (Kida) is a prince that is running with his parents, when his father gets chosen blah blah blah. The beginning part where it shows Atlantis and what happens to the people there.

First things first. Same as the movie, it is set in 1914. Keith (Milo) works at a museum, in the weird boiler room that Milo spends his time in. Keith wants to find Atlantis. His father (Kinda like Milo’s grandpa) told him all about Atlantis, and when his father died he felt like he needed to you know, follow in his dads footsteps and shit like that.

Nobody believes Keith and thinks that he is an idiot for even thinking that Atlantis is real, and that only makes him want to search more. When he goes to his apartment and goes to find his cat, Red, he sees a woman sitting in his living room, which in the movie she is Helga, but in this au she is Haggar or Nyma (Couldn’t really decide :/)

Nyma or Haggar takes Keith to Mr. Whitmyers mansion, where he is told to find Atlantis and that stuff. Mr. Whitmyer is oF COURSE- Coran

Keith and Coran talk about the plan and stuff like that. Then next thing you know Keith is on the ship thing. There he meets the commander, which in the movie is Rourke, but in this case he will be Zarkon. 

Then he meets Mole, which is none other than my boy Hunk . And then there is Dr. Sweet, which is Shiro because they are both strong and very dad like :)). Audrey will be Pidge. I mean the personality is sort of similar? Smol girls that are good at fighting and being cool I guess. Jebidah… I thought maybe he could be Coran, but I dunno. Whatever you think Coran would work the best with. Also, that old lady that talks into the speaker thing on the ship, I think her name is Mrs. Packard, yeah that is gonna be Prince Lotor. Don’t ask why. I just think that I would be the happiest this way.

Okay, and I know these two personalities are not the same at all… but I thought it would be really funny if Allura was the dynamite guy. I think his name is Vincenzo. I thought it was hilarious. 

And those are the characters, which I hope I am not forgetting any.

They do some boring shit- until Keith goes out of his tent one night to play around with his knife and look around the cave. He then notices that little bugs are setting things on fire, he wakes every one up, they escape with the camp in flames. When they are trying to escape, they fall off of a bridge thing. Keith gets injured, and that’s when Lance comes into the story.

Keith is bleeding, and while everyone is looking for him, Lance approaches him. He grabs his crystal and heels him. Keith sees Lance only for a moment before the others find him and Lance leaves. 

Keith and the rest follow Lance, only to find Atlantis. Lance approaches Keith, and you see, Lance thinks that Keith doesn’t know how to speak Altanian, so this is how their first convo goes.

If I were a stop light, I’d turn red every time you passed by, just so I could stare at you a bit longer.” Lance says with a smirk.

“Thank you?” Keith blushes. Lance turns red too, because he did not except that to happen.

They eventually find out that Lance can also speak other languages, but they all settle on English.

Lance walks all of them through Atlantis, chatting away with Keith the whole time. They then meet Lance’s father, who is of course the King in the move. I forgot his name. Oops.

The King tells them to leave, but Zarkon and Lance somehow convinces the King to let them stay a night. 

Of course Lance and Keith then get closer, Keith finds out that Lance is like 8,000 to 9,000 years old and then responds with the fact that Lance is “Lookin’ good’ for his age.

Then the iconic swimming scene where Kida takes her skirt thing off (Lance does the same thing but more in a suggestive way because he is trying seduce Keith lmao)

And when they figure out some shit they go back above the water to Zarkon and the rest of the team waiting. They force Keith to tell them what they learned or else they would shoot Lance.

Then sneaky ol’ Zarkon and the gang go and attack the King, which pisses Shiro off because he didn’t want to hurt anyone. So Shiro decides to help heal the King instead of following Zarkon.

They go to the King, and they try to find what the heart of Atlantis is. Which was that cool rock circle thing. Zarkon, Haggar/Nyma, Lance, and Keith all go down to the heart of Atlantis. Lance has a mini little meltdown thing, and when Keith tries to help him Zarkon starts to get impatient, and commands Lance to do his magic shit thing. When Keith tries to go after him, Zarkon says “Hold on, lover boy” (One of my favorite scenes in the goddamn movie idk why).

Lance then rises into the air and does that super epic thing that Kida did in the movie, and he goes back to the ground, and scares the living shit out of all of them. Zarkon and the rest of them then lock Lance in a metal box.

As they are leaving, Keith tries to negotiate. But… Zarkon punches him. 

“I hope that you will now have enough money to open that second garage with your brother Pidge.” Keith says, defeated. He turns to Allura. “And maybe now you can open that flower shop. I am sure your family will be proud.” Allura and Pidge both look down shamefully. 

Pidge feels guilty, and goes to Keith. Allura does the same. Then Lotor gets out of the truck with a cigarette and goes “We are all gonna die”. Hunk goes with them too. 

Zarkon and Haggar/Nyma laugh because they think that they are all idoits for not going with them to get the money. Boy they were wrong. Zarkon leaves, with Lance imprisoned with them. Keith tries to run for them but is pushed down by Allura, who tells  him to wait. When Keith looks up he sees that the bridge is exploding. “Okay you can go now.” Allura informs him.

Keith goes to the King. Shiro tells him there is nothing else he can really do. When Keith talks to the King, he gets that super cool crystal that he saw Lance had. Sadly the King dies in that scene tho.

Shiro is able to convince Keith to keep going, and he does. He tells the gaurds in Atlantis how to fly those car things with their crystals, and the rest of the team learn as well. They fly after Zarkon. 

Zarkon is trying to escape, even trying to get rid of Haggar/Nyma because he wants everything to himself. They then get into a fight, which causes Haggar/Nyma to fall off of the air balloon. 

They try to get Lance and kill Zarkon, but they start to run out of time. The fights are just really messy and as much off a bad ass he is, Zarkon is stronger. Keith then loses his shit and stabs Zarkon with a crystal, causing him to turn to this stone like thing and crumble. Haggar/Nyma shoots the balloon from balloon, causing it to plummet to the ground. The team tries to get Lance, but the volcano that they happen to be fighting in was about to arrupt. Luckily they are able to get out of there and back to Atlantis, but lava is flowing towards it, causing panic.

Lance is let out of the metal box, and still in his magic daze, he floats the freakn’ sky and does some cool magic shit again. He makes these stone guard things and everything is super cool. They make a force field that protects Atlantis from the lava. Lance goes back to the ground, as him normal self, where Keith catches him. 

“Keith?” Lance hugs him.

When it’s time for the team to say goodbye, they take pictures for a memory. Keith stays in Atlantis with Lance, meanwhile everyone else goes back to America.

When Coran asks them what happend, they say that everyone besides them died.

Coran opened a letter from Keith, that talked about how he now has proof. In the letter is a crystal. Which is all that Coran needs.


You Miss Me? Chapter 1 - Session One

I tapped the edge of my clipboard with my pen, waiting for the time to come. Today was my first session with The Joker; The Clown Prince of Crime. It took a lot of convincing to become his regular therapist, but Dr.Arkham finally gave in.

The clock struck 1:30, it was time. I walked down the corridors, going past some of the Nut Jobs this place houses. I reached my final destination.

The words “Doctor Harleen Quinzel” in block letters were on the heavy metal door, and a little “Do not Disturb” sign underneath my name.

I took a deep breathe, exhaling quickly as i opened the heavy door, shutting it behind me.

And there he was in all his true glory.
His green hair slicked back with uttermost neatness, his blue/green orbs met mine as I studied his facial features. A smug evil smile spread across his face, revealing his pale yellow teeth.

I nodded my head at the guards either side of him, both of them left at my command, shutting the door behind them.

I made my self comfortable in the chair at the opposite end of the desk, flicking through Joker’s case file to find the appropriate information for today’s session.

“Sir, my name is Doctor. Harleen Quinzel. I’m a new Psychiatrist here at Arkham and I’ll be taking charge of your therapy sessions from here on out.” I said to the Clown sat before me, my words came out in a fast, but calm manner.

“My dear you can call me Mistah J, sir is simply …. too formal for my liking.” Joker sneered, leaning against the restraints of his straight jacket.

“As you wish, Mistah J.” I sighed.

“Now, well be talking about Desire in today’s session. Firstly, I’d like to ask you some questions.” I stated, linking my fingers together placing my hands on the table.

No words came out from Joker’s mouth, therefore I proceeded to ask the questions I had written down in my notebook.

“What’s your biggest desire in life? Would it be that of the Batman? Killing innocent people for fun? ….” I asked.

A low growl left Joker’s lips before he proceeded to speak.

“Hmm … well the Bat is my main priority, trying to make the city a better place! But oh no, no no no my dear, he simply can’t see help, even when it’s right there in front of him ….” J said.

I raised an eyebrow at his response, but I wanted to know more.

“Continue.” I stated.

“You see, for years I’ve been trying to lend the Bat a helping hand in order to mark Gotham on the map. But no, he refuses to let a felon get in his way.” J continued, growling in anger at the thought of not helping his beloved ‘friend’.

I write down some notes of what he gave as an answer, I could feel his eyes burning into me as I did so, even without having to look at him.

“Anything else you’d like to add to that? Or perhaps there’s other things that you desire to do?” I asked.

“Hmm, I must admit Doc you are a lovely thing” J sneered, leaning against the table as much as his straight jacket allowed him to.

I just half-heartedly smiled at his words, not wanting things to escalate into something that it shouldn’t.

“I must ask, do your friends call you Harley, Harleen?”

“No, I don’t have many friends” I said.

“Well Harley, you’ve got one now.” He replied, smiling that demonic smile of his in my direction.

I smiled a more comforting smile in his direction, to which a satisfied purr left his lips.

There was something about this man, this criminal, that was drawing me in. In an odd way if that, he was beautiful to look at.
Behind all of the crimes he’d committed, the awful, awful things he’s done to those innocent people, there was something beautiful about the damaged soul sitting across from me.

I was seeing beauty through darkness.

I snapped myself from my thoughts immediately to see him again, leaning across the table that separated us. His ruby stained lips pursed slightly outwards.
In the back of my mind, I knew from his actions he’d got me under his 'spell’. He really does desire me.

I sat up from my chair and leaned forward too. Our faces, and lips just a mere few inches apart.

I needn’t wait long before he closed the gap between us; connecting his stained lips with my baby pink ones. The kiss didn’t grow too rough, but was still full of passion.

After what felt like a couple of minutes if that, Joker broke the kiss and moved back to sit down in his chair.
I did the same and moved back to sit down, tucking a stray piece of blonde hair back behind my ear and feeling my cheeks with my hand, they were noticeably quite warm.

Looking up at the clock it was 2:30, which meant it was the end of our session. I pressed the button under my side of the desk which triggers a light outside the office.

The same guards from before came back in with a wheelchair, ready to take J back to cell 0801, the cell he called home.

“Our next session will be tomorrow at 1:30 once again.” I stated.

“Sureee, looking forward to your company once again Doc” J cackled, as he was carted out of my therapy room back down to his cell.
I could hear his demonic laughter bouncing off the walls even from a distance.