an open book test

Open Book

“Here is your test, class. Remember, it’s open book.”

“Whoa, we can use our textbook during the test?”

“No, not your textbook, but you may use this book.”

“How to Make Cakes That Taste Like Pies? Is this a cookbook you wrote?”


“How will this help us on our history test?”

“It might not, but I can’t afford an editor, so you kids will have to help me out.”

“I think I just won’t use the book.”

“No! Anyone who doesn’t read through the book fails! And anyone who doesn’t catch a typo or grammatical error also fails.”

“Well on page 1 you spell butter with six T’s. And three B’s. And no U.”

“Good job, Brent. I’ll make sure you get into Harvard next fall.”

“I’m only 13.”

“I don’t mean for college. I mean I’m gonna sneak you into the Harvard library so you can leave hundreds of copies of my cookbook there.”

“Oh. Well a free trip to Boston is a free trip to Boston.”

“You bbbtttttter believe it!”

“What’d you just say?”

“I said ‘TEST IS OVER!’”


day 26 of 100 days of productivity!
i got 93% on my econ test yes!!! yes!!! yes!!! she’s setting us another test next lesson though rip however it is open book #bless
hope you all had a gorgeous day!

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PJ, Angel, Omni, Go to sleep it is like, 12:23 here! PJ must be traumatized that people are trying to kill him, and torturing him in the middle of the night! Unless it is good where you are. Enjoy the sun for me senpai.

Pfff well I’m unsure what time of day it is for PJ and Omni but goodness you be right o-o

And I am gonna do a test tomorrow o-o

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Heyyyy I was wondering if you can give some tips/advice to those who wanna be 2D artist?? What do they teach you in school??

Hey ! I can only talk from my own experience, but I’d say the most important is practicing as much as you can, no matter you’re in a school or not. Hard work and motivation is what makes the difference ! 

What they teach you in school… well it really depends on the school .
I think a good art school helps you broaden your mind and find what you really want to do by experimenting different techniques/art fields, teaches you how to observe and draw from life (life model, still life, real fundamentals of drawing ) and to work with a professional method (proposing different ideas, developping it, making a good finished product )

I studied 2D animation and we had a lot of life drawing courses, “plastic expression” courses aimed at experimenting graphics styles, computer graphics courses to learn animation softwares , and a lot of animation exercises (creating a short movie on a theme, design a background, etc ) also economy, art history, foreign languages and other not art related stuff .
I don’t know if you’re in a school or not , but today with things like online courses you can get yourself an education as good as in “real” schools, if not better.

School is good for the work ambience and keeping a good work rythm, but it’s only there to give you the tools, never the magic thing that will make you “talented”. This only comes from how hard you work to improve everyday. 
I feel like a lot of today’s most talented well-known young artists actually dropped from school to have more time to work on their own, as school made them loose time to work on what they really loved.   

So … yeah, my tip would be if you choose to go to school : choose the school wisely, because there’s a lot of huge scams private schools that only teach you bullshit while being very expensive. Once you’re in school keep in mind you work for yourself and not for the school
And if you don’t go to school it’s probably a bit harder, but try to find life drawing courses, online classes, etc. Find other artists friends to motivate each other, make projects together .
In both cases : try to learn from everything around you. Be open minded and curious about everything, read books, see movies, exhibitions, test different art styles and techniques until you find what really suits you. Have fun ! 
Aaand most important practice a lot and don’t give up because you’re the only one who can make yourself the 2D/whatever artist you want to be !!!

That’s all ! I hope this long answer could help, cheers and good luck to you Anon ! ♥

Tips for the AP World Exam

I took AP World last year. I had a teacher that taught literally nothing all year. I didn’t study on my own until a few days before and got a 4 on the test. So here’s what I learned last year that helped. 

  • The test is on a Thursday. You are going to walk into school that Monday and realize it’s time to start studying. Trust me when I say that it isn’t enough time. At least try to open a book a week before. 
  • The day before the test, sleep. Relax. I was so stressed, I felt sick. So I took a nap. And I felt so much better. The morning of the test, everyone was freaking out. The people that got the high scores were generally the ones that were relaxed. Don’t make yourself sick. It only hurts. 
  • Cramming is fine. Everyone does it. It’s how you retain the most, honestly. Just make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself. 
  • Make the DBQ your strength! It’s the easiest essay. You don’t have to know anything. Last year, I had no idea what the topic was about. I didn’t have to. The average score is a 1.5 on the DBQ.
  • To write a DBQ- make sure you include a sentence about a document that should be included. Make it your last sentence so you know it’s there. Use most of the documents. Cross them out as you go. Identify point of view for them all. If you need more help with the DBQ, feel free to ask me, I can make a long post about it. If you plan on taking other AP history courses, you need to know how to write them anyway. 
  • Don’t waste your time memorizing all the caliphs of whatever like I did. You don’t need them. There’s a song for all the dynasties of China but it didn’t help me. 
  • Focus on transatlantic trade. Most of the questions felt like they were about it. Remember, world is about how the world is connected. It’s about similarities and differences, changes and continuity. 
  • Focus on patterns-how things stayed the same and changed and the differences between the major revolutions and whatever. Don’t learn very specific facts about places. Stay general. 
  • If you have a help book like the Princeton Review or 5 steps to a five, read them. I had 5 steps to a 5 and that book has most of what you need to do fairly well. Just read it again and again. 
  • Most of the questions were reading a short thing and answering a question about it. Go quick, not everyone got through the test because of those questions. 
  • The hardest part of the exam will be the essays. You will get bored. You will want to stop and quit because it’s so boring. it’s not even hard material wise, but it’s just not fun.
  • Even if you have no clue about the topic of the essay, make sure to attempt to write something. The third essay last year, I just wrote the same two facts in as many ways as I could think of. I tried to figure out as much as possible from the two facts I knew. It doesn’t hurt to try. It hurts to just give up. 
  • Stay calm. Just stay calm. It’s not as hard as everyone makes it seem. No, you can’t learn the whole history of the world before the test. Don’t worry. Just trust yourself to know enough and go in laughing(especially that insane laughing when you’ve lost it, that’s fun to watch, please feel free to do it).
a spell for finals week

It’s that time of year again! Not Christmas. Not tax day. Finals. 

 But here’s a spell to help get you through it! 

 First: you’ll need to actually do some studying. This spell isn’t to make you learn a semester’s worth of material in a night. It’s to help you remember the material on test day. So crack open your book and get to work. 

 Second: at bedtime, place your textbook or notes under your pillow with a clear quartz crystal and a sprig of rosemary. Rosemary is closely tied to memory, and the quartz will help stimulate your brain through the night. You may also want to add a sleep crystal such as amethyst to help you get a good night’s sleep. 

 Lastly: wake up, kill your exam.

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The signs as things that happened at my high school
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Aries: Lemon in the boys toilets.</b> <p/><b>Taurus: Girls straightens hair in the art room. </b> <p/><b>Gemini: A school bus driver called the principal to send a kid to the office; said boy gets off the bus and before he can be sent to the office he books it and runs off campus. </b> <p/><b>Cancer: Boy makes a poll for "The Cancer of the Year Award." I voted for Harambe.</b> <p/><b>Leo: Steals the answer key to an open book test.</b> <p/><b>Virgo: Boy screams at a teacher and throws his cell phone at her.</b> <p/><b>Libra: Boy tried to counterfeit money in the business classroom. </b> <p/><b>Scorpio: Three girls get in a fight in front of a substitute teacher. </b> <p/><b>Sagittarius: Someone in study hall prints 50 black and white copies of Guy Fiereri</b> <p/><b>Capricorn: Boy takes pictures of marching band rehearsals to make memes.</b> <p/><b>Aquarius: Washes paint brushes in the water fountain so often the maintenance guy had to put up a sign.</b> <p/><b>Pisces: A kitten is found in the Ag classroom.</b> <p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

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❥ fr my boi peter ? ty !

“can you come over? are you around? i need to get bitten, i wanna get down” –love bug, baby bee

modern fwb au!! enjoy!

You up?

Seriously, I know you’re awake

Answer meeeeee

I wanna see you. And your boobs

Those incoming texts from Peter come one after the other, distracting you from the book that’s currently in your hands. Picking up your phone, you roll your eyes in slight annoyance. He knows the rules of your arrangement, one of them being no sex on nights before tests. Resting your open book on your chest, you pick up your phone and reply to him.

No way, Maximoff. You know the rules

Immediately, the three grey dots appear, a text following shortly.

Like I’m one for rules. Open your window, I’m climbing up rn

Your eyes grow wide at his text, panic washing over you. Your book is forgotten as you hop off the bed, hectically opening your blinds to see Peter already making his way up the tree. Opening the windows, Peter chuckles at the scowl on your face.

“Are you out of your mind?!” You spit quietly, as he scales the trunk. “My parents could wake up! And I have a test tomorrow!”

“They won’t wake up, I promise.” Peter replies, out of breath, as he reaches towards the window. He practically falls into your room, causing you only a mild heart attack, as you shush him.

He straightens himself up with a crooked smile, resting his hands on your shoulders, thumbs brushing against your bare skin.

“You’re a fucking idiot, you know that?” You whisper, as Peter just shakes his head with a mischievous grin.

“And you love it,” He replies, ducking down to ghost his lips against yours. “Don’t lie.”

His lips press against yours as an accentuation of his statement, his bangs brushing against your forehead. His tongue slowly coaxes your tongue out of your mouth so he can lightly suck on it, pulling away after a moment. What a tease.

“So can I stay?” He asks, moving his hands to bunch up the fabric at your hips.

“If I fail the test tomorrow, I’m blaming you.” You answer, moving the two of you backwards, so that the insides of your knees hit the bed.

“I’ll take my chances.”

What I Wish I Knew Before My Junior Year of High School

Hi guys I’m going to be a senior in high school this fall and I thought I would offer some advice to incoming juniors. First and foremost, all this advice is taken from my personal experience and it may be different for you guys. I go to a large school, with over 400 kids in my graduating class and about 2,000 at my high school in total, and my school is on the east coast. I hope the advice is useful, and feel free to message me with any questions even if they seem trivial.

1. Make Good first impressions: First impressions, especially with teachers, are important now more than ever. Your junior year teachers will most likely be the ones you ask for letters of rec, so you want to start out the year on a positive note. A tip that one of my favorite teachers recommended to me is to always say good morning how are you when you walk into a classroom. This is something that I began doing everyday junior year and I found teachers really appreciate it. 

2. Find Your People: Your friends are going to be the ones that get you through junior year, and I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true. It’s important to find a few people who you can talk to about school and problems in general. They will be the people you can bitch to about insane teachers, projects, people, your family, and everything else. Find people that make you excited to go to lunch and sit with them, people who want you to succeed and are only a little jealous when you do better than them on a test. You need people.

3. Don’t take on too many new activities: I feel like the best way to tell you guys why this is a bad idea is to use my own life as an example. My junior year I decided to do Marching Band, and it COMPLETELY fucked up my first marking period grades. It was way more time consuming than I thought it was going to be, and I simply could not balance Marching Band with my course load. I ended up dropping one of my honors classes, and I didn’t even like marching band. What I DO recommend is to join one new club that you can manage and that you really enjoy. Whether you joing because of the focus or the people, a new club that you are passionate about is a great way to make some memories (and they are always good for college apps and essays). 

4. Exercise: Through the fall and the winter of my junior year I began to stress eat and because I wasn’t working out I ended up gaining a lot of weight. I began working out regularly and eating healthy in April and it was an amazing, rewarding decision. Even if it’s just three times a week, running or weight lifting is a great stress reliever and it helps keep the weight off if you are prone to stress eating! 

5. Do Your Goddamn Homework! Teachers will not be sympathetic to you anymore if you forget to do your homework or forget turn in assignments. “Your almost seniors” is something that you will most likely hear at least 50 million times as a junior in order to instill a sense of responsibility. Teachers, parents, counselors, and siblings will all be telling you to there is no excuse for late work. Honestly it is super annoying, but they do have a point. Teachers will also be more willing to help students that participate in class which includes doing homework. In summary, do your homework!

6. The SAT’s will suck but they won’t go away: At least for me, the SAT’s were THE scariest part of junior year. I remember thinking that the only thing colleges cared about were SAT scores, and I could never get above a 1600. I WAS VERY WRONG. If you study you CAN really improve your score and even if you aren’t satisfied with your score a lot of NICE schools that offer GOOD degrees are test optional. My recommendation is to start studying as early as possible, and by that I mean START NOW! It can be very intimidating opening your first SAT book and taking a practice test, but just DO IT. Get it done so you at least know where your strengths and weaknesses are. The SAT is one way that colleges judge your preparedness for college, so you want to show them you are a committed student. I will be doing a separate post about SAT tips in the near future!

7. Know Your Limits: This is a tip that I feel applies to every aspect of high school. Whether it be your limits with guys, friends, at parties, or academically this is the year that will challenge you and you need to figure out when to push back and when to step back. I’m not a big partier at all so I will just leave the blanket statement of BE SAFE. In terms of academics, this year does get a lot tougher. My sophomore year I was in a nice groove and the amount of work I had was perfect,and junior year kind of ruined that. Junior year I felt overwhelmed by my classes and it took me a few months to figure out how to handle it all. I remember one day I almost broke down at lunch because I was so overwhelmed and I ended up going home early so I could finish all my work. I made a lot of mistakes with my health junior year, and if I could go back and change it, I would do it in a heartbeat. Taking a personal day is OKAY, in fact most of my friends did it junior year at least three times. In the end it’s about finding a balance between doing what you want to do and doing your schoolwork. Find that balance and you will be fine.

8. Start planning for college: My school emphasized looking for colleges as early as the fall of junior year. If you take the SAT’s in the fall (which I highly recommend even though I took mine in March) then it makes looking at colleges a lot easier. Once you get your scores back you can start figuring out what schools are in your range. I recommend starting college visits junior year. Visit at MINIMUM at least one school with an urban campus, a suburban campus, a large school, a small school, a medium school, a school in your state, and a school outside your state. You don’t have to start finalizing your list of schools yet, but you should get an idea of what you like and what you want to study.

Message me with any questions; I’m on tumblr everyday so I will most likely get back to you right away. Have a good rest of the summer and GOOD LUCK JUNIORS 

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Hi there! I just wanted to ask how you annotate your books and what do you usually write in them ✨ btw youre such a lovery person💕✌🏻️

my teacher usually gives an annotation guide that lists motifs, symbols, and other literary techniques we’re required to annotate. i color code each element with mildliners and ill write a quick note to the side. i also put page tabs on important scenes i know i’ll have to reference later. 

buuuuut i only annotated so much because my ap lit teacher gave out timed open-book tests that required me to refer back to specific moments in the book. if i didn’t annotate, i would’ve done poorly on those tests. 

otherwise, i wouldn’t annotate that much. i haaaate annotating