an online love letter

things i do when taking a study break:
  • Practice hand lettering/watercolor painting/handwriting in different styles - there are a ton of resources and inspiration references online (for hand lettering, there’s a few instagram accounts that I love; with my watercolors, I do a lot of hand lettering and color mixing and doodles; as for handwriting, studyblr is a great reference for that, there’s so much variety and so many new styles to try out!) - I like this one because it has the same vibe as taking notes, but without all the mental energy
  • Read a book for fun - my go-to will always be re-reading harry potter (my very heart and soul), but anything that’s chill/familiar/interesting/easy to read/relaxing works great for this!
  • Go for a walk! - give yourself a set time to get back to work, but go outside and clear your head, get some fresh air, take some pictures out in nature, watch the sunset
  • Grab a snack - ideally something away from your desk to give yourself a break that feels like a break. Grab something healthy or something not-so-healthy. Treat yo’ self.
  • Listen to new music - find a new artist or an old artist, pay attention to the lyrics and instruments and backing vocals, really get into the song
  • Make a studyblr post - show off what you’re studying or any tips you’re working with/realizing as you’re working on your homework (I don’t know about y’all, but I always feel most inspired for things like this when I’m trying to work on something else - take a break and use that inspiration)
  • Clean ur room!! - having a clean room helps you think clearly and it gives you less to worry with later on. Similarly,
  • Start a load of laundry - that way, you have a guaranteed break when you have to put the wet laundry into the drier in about an hour, and another break when you have to get it out of the drier and put it away. Plus, you’re being double-productive.
  • Decorate/plan out a bujo spread - still in that same productive realm as homework, but it’s much more fun and creative!
  • Check tumblr - a dangerous suggestion, perhaps, but just make sure to give yourself a limit and stick to it: like you can only check the first 10 pages of your dash before getting back to work.

These are just a few things I like to do! What are some of your go-to study break activities?

ID #48264

Name: Hiba
Age: 20
Country: Pakistan

I thought the world left the concept of pen pals behind with the advent of a new century it was a pleasant surprise to be proved wrong seeing as I’ve always one!

Hi! My name is Hiba I’m a 20 yr old med student in my third year.

I love love love reading and languages currently trying to grasp Korean I’d love someone I can practise with.

Currently fluent in English and Urdu.

I’d love to exchange snail mail not that I’m not open to social media contact but snail mail is a definite prefrance.

I love traveling, photography, the occasional conspiracy theory 😂😂, music and Especially the East Asian culture💜.

Preferences: Age: 20+

Just be polite please ( not to be confused with being formal🙈) Extend the same amount of respect to others that you’d like to be subjected to!


Dear You:

I’m editing this book called DEAR HEARTBREAK: YA WRITERS ON THE DARK SIDE OF LOVE, which will be a collection of anonymous letters from real live teens (as opposed to dead vampire ones, lol) about heartbreak. If your letter is chosen for the book, it will be published (!) with a response letter from a YA author (think Becky Albertalli, Tim Federle, Nina LaCour, Kekla Magoon, and more). It’s like a much, MUCH cooler version of an advice column. Bonus: if your letter is chosen you’ll get a copy of the book signed by the author who wrote back to you. Interested? Keep reading.

Have you ever had your heart broken? Been treated like crap by the person you’re in love with? Been hurt - physically or emotionally - by your girlfriend or boyfriend? Or maybe you feel invisible. Lonely. You feel like no one loves you, like maybe you’ll be alone your whole life. Worried you’ll turn into your divorced parents or your sister who got pregnant when she was fifteen. Maybe someone at home doesn’t respect your body. Maybe YOU don’t respect your body. Maybe you’re tired of being a virgin. Maybe you wish you were a virgin. Here’s your chance to write Heartbreak a letter. Tell us how you feel, ask questions, tell us what it’s like in your messy universe. Tell us why it’s not like the movies. Tell us why you want your happy ending.

This is an anonymous place for secrets and the dark stuff. Or just the wondering stuff (Will anyone ever love you? Will you be that one person who doesn’t get asked to prom? Why does he love HER and not you? Why did she cheat on you? If you tell people you’re gay, will they laugh or be cool about it? If you tell your best friend you love him, will he say he loves you, too - or just walk away?).

Be brave. Be you. Write your heart out.

Go to our lovely online survey to submit your letter. If you have any questions, shoot me an email at

Please sign your letter with a pseudonym (fake name) and your age & general location. You know, something like:

Dear Heartbreak,

[Insert deep, heartbreaking letter here]

Love, Confused in Idaho, 16

I can’t wait to see what you’ve got to say - whatever it is, it MATTERS. And it’ll feel really freaking good to let what’s inside out.

P.S. If you want to find out if your letter was selected for the book, please make sure to put your email in the letter - it will remain private, don’t worry.

xo Heather Demetrios

masterpost of bleep0bleep sterek fic reclists

** indicates new list, * indicates updated list

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Oh my GOSH… guess who just hit 1k and wants to do something to celebrate?! I’m having a little positivity party on here, so I’m going to spread some love to say thank you!!! This little blog is such a happy + safe space for me and I’m so glad to have so many amazing buds on here! My goal for this little party is to try and make as many people happy as possible so let’s spread some cheer and have a fun time doing it!!!! 

🎈 party plans:

  • I’m going to be picking out 5 people to create a little online letter graphic for, full of compliments and things I love about your blog + you, just as a little pick-me-up for whenever you need it! It’s going to be like an online penpal letter I’m going to make for you! (I’m only doing 5 of these, just bc they might take me a little more time!!!)
  • 10 people will get little paragraphs with lots of lovely loveliness about them sent to their inbox!
  • 20 people will get a list of things I love about them + their blog
  • as well as this, it’s a party for a reason!!! I’ll be checking out as many blogs as possible, and dropping little anons and appreciation around wherever I can!!!! 

🎈 rules:

  • must be following me! I will be checking just to make sure it’s fair!
  • reblog this post as many times as you’d like! (likes = bookmarks)
  • for an extra chance, send me an ask with a ‘💛’ and just tell me anything you’d like or ask a question! I’d love to hear more abt people here!
  • I’ll be picking the party favors through a random generator so it’s going to be a big surprise for everybody oooooo
  • I’ll publish the names on August 31st, and then I’ll get in touch with people soon afterward with party favors!
  • it’s my first time throwing a party so pls be nice!!!! keep in mind that some of the prizes might take a while! 🎈

 THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYBODY! This has turned into a happy little place for me and I hope for you too! I want to give some of that happiness back and send some sunny smiles to everyone who sees this!!!!!🌻🌈

Books and CupcakesFebruary Book Photo Challenge

Day 28 • Books Read This Month

Peter PanLove Letters to the DeadSince You’ve Been GoneI Am The MessengerA Little Something DifferentFangirl (re-read)Girl OnlineThis Shattered World

anonymous asked:

Steve or Chris getting a shirt that says "daddy's little sweetheart" and posing in just that.

Oh goodness.

Steve snapped a picture of himself in just the shirt and a pair of boxers before sending it to Bucky.

He then posted it on Instagram, a private account that only their friends could see. It was a simple top that Steve had ordered online, white and with black lettering. He loved it.

Bucky was in a meeting and would see the picture once it was finished.

Steve could practically hear Bucky storming up to their floor the moment he received the message. He giggled to himself and sat on the sofa, watching tv with a little smile on his face.

The door opened and Steve stifled a giggled, “hey, how was the meeting?” He asked, turning to look at Bucky.

Bucky growled under his breath and slammed the door closed. “Baby, fuck your look, divine.”

Steve smiled and opened his arms, holding them up. Bucky grinned and walked over, picking Steve up easily. Steve wrapped his arms around his neck and legs around the brunette’s waist and buried his face in Bucky’s neck.

“Do you like the top, daddy?” Steve asked shyly, nuzzling Bucky’s neck.

“I love it, oh my baby, you’re perfect,” Bucky purred, “all of our friends saw sweetheart. Do ya like makin’ me jealous?”

Steve’s face was bright red. He looked up at Bucky and shook his head. “N-no, I thought you’d like it.” He looked down shyly.

Bucky sat them down and kissed Steve softly, “I love it baby doll. You’re lovely. I’m only joking.”

Steve laughed, “I know, daddy.”

Bucky traced the collar around Steve’s neck and kissed him there. “Mine,” he murmured.

“Yours,” Steve nudged his nose against Bucky’s.

ID #99108

Name: Mari
Age: 19
Country: USA

hi! mari is my nickname (short for marianthi - it’s a name i prefer to go by). i’m a college student and my majors are biology and anthropology. i want to go into evolutionary biology/anthropology (i’m very enthusiastic about it!!!!). i love science and culture studies and am pretty enthusiastic about bones and fossils. i’m also learning modern greek (i’m a bit of a mutt when it comes to where my family is from but i’m more greek than anything else). i’m an aquarius! i love talking about astrology.

i enjoy a lot of classical things like art (bouguereau is my favorite artist), music (opera and choir/hymn music - but i’m not religious), and books/movies (jane eyre, pride and prejudice). i love plants and drying/pressing flowers and also have an interest in the occult.

i’d love to learn new things from someone! thank you!!

Preferences: a) 16+
b) open minded
c) i’m an egalitarian but i’d prefer not to be in contact with someone who is very fanatic about liberalism/social justice. it just complicates things, sorry!
d) i’d love to send letters irl (but i’m ok with online too)!
e)i’d LOVEEE if someone spoke both english and greek, but this isn’t a requirement.

Situations I bet the Black Foxes have faced

Kenshi without a bottle opener

or teaching random kids at a park how to play a sport

When Hiro’s cover is blown by another black fox

or himself….

Riki trying to hit on the MC when working “overtime”

or when he forgets his phone at home

when Takuto doesn’t answer his phone so another Black Fox has to  drag him out of his house

 and the guys pranking him during a mission 

the gang when they visit the LRN

and Atsumu dealing with them later

 And when they forgot the MC at the mission site

hi! i’m selina / sel and i’m currently in high school!
i have no friends to hang out with at school, so i spend most of my breaks studying and my weekends talking online.

i love lettering, reading, dodie clark and skam, and my mildliners, which i accidentally bought three packs of off amazon. :^)

some studyblrs that have inspired me are: @studypetals @studyblr
@studyingnectar @elkstudies @studying-mara @studyingsesh @bujoign @studysum @studying-atm @einstetic !

ID #18622

Name: Eren
Age: 19
Country: USA

hi there I’m Eren, I’m a 19 y/o male who lives in the USA, i have 5 animals, i play guitar, i stay up really late (like until 7am its so bad) I love video games and i have a ps4 so if you have a ps4 that would be cool! I love tattoos and I have 14 as of right now, reading and writing are what i spend most of my time doing. I have tumblr, instagram, twitter, you name it. I would like a penpal to send cool stuff too, write letters, and chat online with, i love meeting new people and i love making friends since mi a huge extrovert haha. I love plants too, which is why i want to be a florist! I grew up in a different part of the USA so I miss it a lot. Oh I forgot to describe myself… I have green eyes and dark brown hair (it’s always a mess I’ve given up on trying to make it nice lol) I’m around 5'7 or 5'8. Thanks for reading this I hope I hear from some of you soon~

Preferences: I’d prefer 17+, LGBTQ+ friendly since I’m gay, gender doesn’t matter, it would be cool to know someone outside the USA but if not that’s a-ok!!

I want an AU where Cas intentionally sends a letter to a random address, in hopes of making a friend. And from this, a willing Dean responds back to the mystery “Castiel” and builds a friendship with a stranger who lives somewhere on the other side of the country. They keep their appearances to themselves, and it’s after months of written secrets, desires and personal confessions do the two of them slowly fall for each other and finally decide to meet up once and for all. And then comes the moment when they can’t get over how attractive the other is and they fuck each other senseless and one agrees to move in with the other and I could read a million au’s like this and still never be satisfied

ID #49503

Name: A
Age: 17
Country: USA

Just your local queer gal. I have chronic migraine (amongst other things), so am not the best at online communication. I would love someone to write letters back and forth with! I’m home-schooled because of my health so relatively isolated. I will try my best to write as often as possible, health permitting. So, yah. Hit me up.

Preferences: I prefer to write letters via the post. (I know, old school.) Ages 15-19. I can only speak english. Sorry 4 my poor education.

Let Me Love You - Jimin

Hello~ A lovely anon requested this scenario about the song Let Me Love you by Neyo and Jimin. There wasn’t much detail in the request, so I’ll be making it a more sad and angry, but with a happy ending. Honestly, I love this song! I’ll be making this scenario from Glee’s version of this song. If you haven’t heard it, please click here. I love this version so much. I hope you enjoy this! -Admin Zimin. 


A warm embrace, tight. A smile that was once clear, but fading slowly. A sweet voice that turned into anger. 

“Why? Why would you do this to me?”

“Don’t give me that Jimin.”

“I saw it with my own eyes ___-ah!”

“You’re not listening to me Jimin. You never do!" 

"Then tell me why you were with him!”


“Brother? Quit joking with me. I saw you hanging out with him for a week. You flirted with him, giggled when he jokes with you. You never do that to me!”

“You don’t trust me. You don’t believe that he’s my brother. Do you? Fine! If you don’t believe me, yeah. I was cheating on you. With my own brother. Just… get out. Get out!”

Screaming from the top of your lungs, woken up by your parents. Sweating protruding out from your skin, lips quivering, you were frightened and heartbroken at the same time. 

“Sweetie, are you alright?”

“I-I’m okay,” you lied. “It w-was j-just a nightmare.” They both kissed your forehead and walked out your room. You sighed heavily and laid back on the bed, searching for a song to knock you out. It’s been close to two months since your break up with Jimin. All contacts have been erased, the pictures online were deleted, love letters, well kept roses, more pictures, all kept away. Memories after memories being remembered, but now slowly vanishing from you.

It all started with your brother coming back from his business trip in the states. He was gone for almost a year and now that it was a time where it was your parents wedding anniversary, he came back. The two of you hung out almost everyday, treating him out for lunch, going to the amusement parks, everywhere. You missed your brother so much. He was like your best friend. On the other hand, he knew your relationship with Jimin and that Jimin was busy with work. You told him about your brother coming in from the states and that you wanted to introduce him to Jimin. That’s when he saw the both of you hanging out together for the entire week together. He watched you as the both of you looked through clothes at the mall, eat together, making each other laugh. He had only seen your brother through pictures, but not in person.

“What the hell?! What would you do that?!”

“She was with another person!”

“Another person?! Jimin, that was her brother!”

“Now, you’re taking her side?”

“Jimin, don’t be stupid. Her brother arrived from the states to spend time with the family.”

“Lies! She was cheating on me!”

“WRONG! She trusted you Jimin! She already told you that he was her brother and she even told you about him. Why would she cheat on you? Huh? She came up to me the day after the break up because you wouldn’t listen to her!”

“Jin hyung…”

“No. She waited for you every night. She left messages on our phones wondering if you were okay. She even sent us gifts. Why all of a sudden you think that she was cheating on you? Her brother even came here to apologize because of you." 

Only remembering of what happened back in the past, this haunted him. Being scolded from his hyungs about how badly he assumed you and your brother. He couldn’t sleep because his dreams were filled with memories with you. Heading out from the bed room, he laid on the cold floor of the living room and began to listen to some music. 

Much as you blame yourself, you can’t be blamed for the way that you feel

Had no example of a love that was even remotely real

How can you understand something that you never had?

Ooh, baby, if you let me, I can help you out with all of that

Girl let me love you

And I will love you 

Until you learn to love yourself

Girl let me love you

I know your trouble

Don’t be afraid, girl let me help

Girl let me love you 

And I will love you 

Until you learn to love yourself

Girl let me love you 

A heart of numbness gets brought to life

I’ll take you there

Tears running down his face as he remembers all the things you both did together. He missed your giggles, your warm back hugs, the soft sweet kisses you would give him, everything. His anger took a toll on him and lost you. He was afraid that you were already with someone else, someone who’s treating you better than he is. He knew he was wrong, wrong about everything. He just wouldn’t listen to you, to trust you. 

It was in the middle of the night and thinking that you were still awake, he called your cell phone. Not being able to let go, he decided that your number was best saved. He dialed your number on his phone and began to call you. Shuffling in bed, you slammed your hand on your bedside desk, looking for your phone. 

"Hello?” you answered with a groggy voice. Hearing your voice through the phone made him sad that he woke you up, but happy to hear you. 

“Hey ____-ah…” You recognize this voice. 

“J-Jimin?” Your eyes shot wide open. 

“Hey, I wanted to talk to you,” he said. “I know it has been two months already we… you know.”

“Jimin, I really don’t want anything to deal with you right now. I don’t know if I can trust you.” Your heart sank as you said this to him. Indeed that you still cared and missed him, but you weren’t too sure about the trust. 

“I-I see. Well, can I just ask something for you to do?”

“Umm, sure.”

“Can you look out your window?” You were a bit skeptical about this, but you did anyway. You walked over to your window and saw a figure, standing there with a phone in his hand. 

“Jimin?” you said as he shyly waved at you. He hung up and walked towards the window. 

“I’m sorry if this is really late at night. I wanted to see you.” You looked into his eyes., leaking with sorrow. He stared into your eyes and saw hurt, sadness, and loneliness. 

“Jimin… I…”

“____-ah. I’m sorry for what I did. I can’t help but beat myself everyday, dream about what I did wrong. ____-ah, I’m really sorry.”

“I-I don’t know if I can trust you again. I’m still not over what happened. Yes, I miss you. I dream about us every night, but I don’t know Jimin. I don’t know.” Suddenly, a big gust of cold air slammed him. He was shivering and coughing at the same time. “Oh my…” You headed to the front door and offered him to come inside. He took off his shoes and both of you headed to your room to talk. You closed the door and faced him, only for you to punch him on the arm. 

“Yah! What was that for?!” he silently yelled. 

“You idiot. If I knew you were sick earlier, I should have invited you inside earlier!” you angrily said. “Plus, that was for accusing me two months ago.”

“I’m sorry. What I did was wrong and I should have listened to you and my members.” He grabbed your hands and held it close to him. You didn’t pull away because you actually missed his hands in yours. He looked into your eyes and began to sing.

I can see the pain behind your eyes

It’s been there for quite a while

I just wanna be the one to remind you what it is to smile

I would like to show you what true love can really do

Tears formed in your eyes, remembering the days that he would sing to you either through the phone or in person. You leaned forward, burying your face into his chest, crying. He hugged you tight as he starts to tear. 

“I’m really sorry ____-ah. I want us to be together again. I promise that I won’t be like I was before. I promise.” You grasped his jacket, hearing everything he had to say. “I love you ____-ah. I never what us to be apart.” You pulled away and looked at him. 

“You promise me that okay? I’m only giving you one more chance Jimin. Just apologize to my brother later on today.” He look at you and nodded. 

“I promise." 

"Go back to the dorm, you need your rest,” you said. 

“Can I stay here for the night?” he asks. You sighed and nodded. 

“I’ll go sleep on the couch.”

“B-But, sleep with me.”

“You’re sick Jimin.” He looked at you and pouted. You missed his cute pout and which you gave in. You walked over to him and rested your body next to his. “Please don’t get me sick babo.”

“I’ll try not to,” he said as he places a kiss on your forehead.

Activities and little things to do in long distance relationships

1. Have a skype/phone movie date(watch the same movie/show while skyping/talking on the phone). You can watch some funny really bad movies like Titanic 2 or The Room to start.
2. Take personality quizzes and discuss the results (mbti personality, compatibility tests, etc)
3. Play games like never have I ever/20 questions/would you rather(more fun when on skype)
4. Play online games together(;; cube slam; google android/iphone online games to play with friends like “draw something”, bliss, etc)
5. Download a “Couple” app which has a cute thumb kiss
6. Take a virtual tour together(videos/maps street view/
7. Create music playlists with songs that remind you of each other(youtube/Spotify/etc)
8. Share your favorite songs/movies/shows/etc
9. Watch a live concert using an iconcert app or concert vault for pc
10. Draw together online (flockdraw; doodletoo)
11. Play battleship/charades
12. Draw each other
13. Meld your faces together online
14. Send love letters and little packages with gifts. You can send a t shirt or a pillow case that smells like you/your perfume, couple mugs, etc
15. Send each other flowers(real or online via
16. Create a virtual love tree on and share
17. Send online hugs(
18. Send a bunch of “open when” letters
19. Start a small journal and write little love notes, sketch, pin pictures, etc. every day. Send them to each other/give when you visit
20. Send each other postcards or ecards

ID #25565

Name: Agnes

Age: 20

Country: Sweden

I am a 20 year old girl from Sweden who would love to have a penpal and make some new friends. I love to read, right now i enjoy to read classic literature. I also love drawing, writing and listening to music. My favorite band is The Beatles. I am looking for someone to write to both online and via letters. I am quite talkative and love to make new friends. 

Preferences: Around my age. Nice people.