an old song but it's still so funny

Au where Jean, Marco, Connie, Armin, Bertholdt, Reiner, and Eren go shopping. The song ‘I’m too sexy’ by Right Said Fred starts to play and they start to put on sunglasses doing the catwalk and sexy dances in every aisle because they’re all sexy dorks and they know they’re too sexy.


watching cars
we were kids and we were wrong
i have to wait until 2020 for may 16th to land on a saturday
no one tells you what to expect when you have a falling out
why are we hiding
no more waiting for me as you rise inside new rooms
its official you’ve gone
this love story’s still so bad
voicemails that haunt
you’d think hollywood would make something better
but no, just bitter
you can live for no one else
i know what you’re thinking
“wow the guilt must be huge”
you succeed at being mine yeah
old friend, see you there
i want Friday to come so it can be over
but i don’t want to wake up Saturday morning
why are these lagwagon songs so short
maybe none of this is funny but it’s true
no one was surprised but you
i’m sick of giving into harms way
sick of being around something that’s destined to fail
no one gives a shit but me
maybe ill just swallow all these thoughts
maybe one day you’ll stop
trying to be honest
cuz i know i can be honest
but no one is listening
me first and do what you want
if only you could see what i could see
i can stay up late
its 3 and still in and out of bed
what a horrible month
where’s my fucking mind
just when you think you’re doing good you get fucked up with a bunch of friends and sink back into this whole i dug for myself
hopeless opinions
best years of our lives?
fuck i hope that isnt true bc its all going downhill and fast
tumblr is useful when wanting to communicate to the memory of a stranger i once knew
all of these pathetic drafts and this should really be another one of them and become some stupid song in the future(lagwagon kind of helped so idk) but what the hell
i know you’ll read this
how do i end up on a good note?
i cant. at least not in your eyes
there’s no point. i wonder how many others i’ll drive away through this
never meant to
you met me at a very strange time in my life
and i feel bad for anyone who meets me from this point on bc it only gets weirder
i hear echoes in a room that you were never in
maybe its the voice of another girl that has been
the little light im looking for is out there
it seems you’ve found yours
what i gave it all up for was someone fools gold type of shit
you should have seen how Helen and i ended
it was pretty funny after all the tears dried up
“about time” thats all i could take from that adventure
it might be Kim Deal’s voice that im hearing
really hope not
ever heard of Christopher McCandless?
that seems like a nice way to go
i think i’m doing this right bc i don’t want to stop
i’ve met someone recently and i hope to have fun with her
fun that’ll surpass whatever the hell it was i experienced with you
not selling our relationship short but i don’t know what it ended up giving me besides a number of okay songs and some well written and descriptive stories that are fun to read. for me though, only for me.
there was this amazing 10 hour loop of “I Only Have Eyes For You”
it has been removed from youtube 
but the song reminds me of Peoria and that drunk night in Oct 2014
i don’t remember much of what i said nor what you said except for that you decided what you wanted to do in life and 3 words i must’ve had repeated one too many times
i wonder what’ll become of this post 10 years from now
i hope im still playing and not hating life
and you? i wish only the best for you
you must be quite different now.
it excites me but only for a moment and then i realize it doesn’t matter
i cant tell if theres a cloud over your head or if the sun is shining bright on your face
I still remain in a dark room. same as you found me same as you left me
except with a better sense of pitch
3:30 this might be longer than the one i wrote almost 2 years ago
luis and i have the same problem. they moved on so fast
but i guess i cant complain since i moved while still being with
voicemail filled with drunk cries and curse words
its funny how you said fuck
some of this is really funny i hope someone enjoys reading it as much as i was pondering whether or not to post it
these voicemails wont last
everything is temporary
even this post.
i was a kid and i was wrong
by the way, i lost my NOFX patch
well, bye for now.