an old song but it's still so funny

Sixteen years old, living out our halcyon days. The sun is still out at midnight and we’re rapping in the dark to songs that came out when we were six. Vodka might have dampened our edges and the people we’ve been thinking about may not love us like we love them but we’re young and funny and so inherently good, and its going to be okay because it has to be okay. Maybe this is happiness. Maybe we’re just confused.
—  #200- excerpts from the book I’ll never write

gremlin mtn dew and dorito jokes about dva have gotten really unfunny really fast. for one, like. esports in korea are a much bigger deal? like. i’ve lived in korea, and there are tv channels, or at least shows, dedicated to playing starcraft, and i recall on more than one occasion sitting in a hair salon or doctors office and those types of channels would be on like no big deal

and like. doritos and mtn dew are such an american trope? its subtly whitewashing her without actually changing her features and skintone, but rather culturally, and on top of that it infantilizes her. east asian women get infantilized so fucking much that its a really big fucking problem and quite frankly racist? like i havent seen an asian woman character that wasn’t either an Exotic™ Perfect Wife, an Unfeeling Aloof Dragon Lady trope, or infantilized and portrayed as unable to care for herself.

and using child/gremliln dva is springboard to make the White Faves her caretakers dont think i dont see that either lmao

like the jokes were funny at first, but its a huge fucking problem and really old and irritating now???

and theres so much to hana song thats really interesting that gets overlooked by the fans. she’s 19, and she’s been drafted into the miitary because they’re so desperate they turned to gamers. she fights for her contry and her life against a massive fucking kaiju level omnic that learns the more and more you fight it and she still continues to win. and she livestreams her battles, which, yes, the initial thought is hilarious as hell, but she also very well could be broadcasting her own death live to the public. and. its hard being in the public eye all the time (especially in constant situations of pressure), but she puts herself out there and still remains a beloved public figure. that takes charisma and strength and god knows what else and she’s only nineteen.

but. yeah. by all means. all there is to her is doritos and mountain dew and overused gamer jokes, right?

Au where Jean, Marco, Connie, Armin, Bertholdt, Reiner, and Eren go shopping. The song ‘I’m too sexy’ by Right Said Fred starts to play and they start to put on sunglasses doing the catwalk and sexy dances in every aisle because they’re all sexy dorks and they know they’re too sexy.

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I recently finished cabin pressure, and I was wondering if you had any recommendations for radio shows/ podcasts like it? Something with humor, yet still having a plotline and lots of character? I've tried Old Harry's game but it's really not my cup of tea... Thank you!

Well, the short answer is … there’s nothing quite like Cabin Pressure. (That should be a song.)  Have you tried re-listening? There’s layers and layers …

Slightly longer answer: roughly once a week I post a list of my picks from the week’s listening, under the heading ‘Radio Roundup’ – I have the radio on pretty much constantly while working, so go through a lot of programming.  Anything I particularly recommend will be on there.

Even longer answer: While relentlessly funny sitcoms with well-drawn characters and surprising emotional depth are few and far between, there is lots of BBC radio comedy that will keep your funny bone tickled. If you started with Series 1 of Old Harry’s Game I’d recommend at least giving Series 2 a chance, as it really finds its feet then.  Think the Unthinkable is fun and currently rerunning; Coming Alive is perhaps less funny but more character; Vent is worth trying as well.  I don’t know how you’d listen to programmes not currently on the iPlayer, but I’m sure the internet has Ways. Beyond that you’ll just have to trawl the listings and see what appeals!

ETA: I’ve just had another anon recommend the podcast series Wooden Overcoats.  “It’s on iTunes for free, and I’ve found it to be a very similar style to Cabin Pressure. There’s only one season so far but they’re planning a second!”  So there you go!

Anyone got any others?