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Ultimate spidey is great tho, why you don't like it? Deadpool showed up like only once.

“Ultimate spidey is great tho”

Well for me its like this. I was going to give it a chance and try to enjoy it. and I stuck with it and watched 15 episodes of it..
just cause I love spider-man so much but none of them captured my interest. I tried so hard to like it…but here are a few reasons I really dont like this

1) I found spider-man more annoying than likeable,

2) I hated the fact they made him join a team that was not the Avengers just these B-listers and as annoying teens, and whats funny is Luke Cage, Iron Fist, White Tiger and Nova ARE ALL SO BADASS in the comics but here especially Nova I dont really care for em

3) The Spider-motorcycle.

4) The dialogue and scenarios were really corny and stories were crap.

5) But the main thing I have to say that made me really dislike it and the same goes for Spider-man 3 was the fact they fucked up Venom. my favorite COMIC character EVER -_- if a series does that its officially dead to me.

The only 2 episodes I can genuinely say I liked was the Deadpool episode but thats only cause I always love seeing Spidey and Deadpool interact in all forms.

 And the Miles Morales ep where he was voiced Donald Glover himself. I loved that

 and that would be 2 out of 78 episodes. So that literally is the golden nugget in the mountain of shit.

Also the fact that they cancelled Spectacular Spider-man for this crap pisses me off day after day. Such a Quality and well made show and honestly my favorite cartoon of All Time and it had such a sad Cliff Hanger to not see that continued or see Eddie and Pete make up and then Team up again to possibly fight carnage irks me

  -_- luckily I can marathon these 26 eps whenver i choose.

I know it may not be important to everyone, but this is a page from this week’s The Wicked and the Divine #2. Notice anything? Well, in the bottom panel, the main character, Laura, is sitting on the floor, in front of her parents, who are an interracial couple. Laura is biracial. I saw this and immediately showed my parents, who just so everyone knows are a white woman and a black man. I was jumping up and down as I told them about this book was officially my favorite thing ever before I saw this, but now I’m with it till it ends for sure.

There are not many characters in comics who are black and white, and being pretty new to comics the only other character I knew about was Mettle, who is dead now unfortunately :(. And while I’m sure there are probably many others, who are mixed between several different races and nationalities, I will never forget how good it felt to initially see this page, and feel represented in a popular comic book that I love anyways.

Everyone should be able to feel this way. Everyone DESERVES to feel this way. Whether it’s your race, gender, nationality, sexuality, doesn’t matter. You deserve representation.

Just wanted to share this with everyone, maybe I’ll be able to calm down now :D

(unofficial) Promo Teaser Art by Francesco Francavilla

One of the best news coming out of NYCC yesterday (and the reason of why I decided to draw PREDATOR for yesterday’s FFFear ;)) is the announcement of this mini/crossover coming in 2015 from 2 of my favorite publishers (Archie Comics and Dark Horse Comics): ARCHIE MEETS PREDATOR.

I’ll be providing variant covers along with Eric Powell and other artists, but meanwhile enjoy the above little promo I put together for the occasion :)

And here’s the official press release:

America’s favorite teen meets the galaxy’s fiercest hunter! Archie Comics and Dark Horse Comics are proud to bring you spring 2015’s hottest crossover: ARCHIE MEETS PREDATOR. With writer Alex de Campi (Grindhouse, Lady Zorro, Smoke/Ashes) at the helm, and artist Fernando Ruiz, things are going to get wild quickly.

Archie and friends hit Costa Rica for spring break, where party and beach games soon get replaced by the most dangerous game! What mysterious attraction does the gang hold for the trophy-collecting Predator, and will the kids even realize they’re in danger before it claims them all?