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ficlet: get that man you deserve

A quick, silly lil thing inspired by today’s clip and the many incredible posts about the possibility of Even reuniting with the balloon squad and Isak having a similar experience to the one the girls had today. *smirk* Title from Kanye West’s “The New Workout Plan.”


I just need to swing by and pick Even up at the gym on the way to mine, he had said.

It’s not a big deal, he had said.

But by now, Isak should have known that if given the chance, the universe will seize upon every opportunity to humiliate him, like clockwork.

He considers himself to be marginally intelligent: he gets good grades, he routinely kicks his friends’ asses at Trivial Pursuit, he takes time to contemplate particle physics more frequently than the average person. So he had understood, in theory, that one goes to the gym to work out, and that Even going to the gym with his friends would result in some form of vigorous exercise, on Even’s part. The logic was there, the science checked out.

He just hadn’t considered what the sight of it would do to him.

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I really like your art, it’s so good! I drew Michael and Jeremy kissing in your stile. It’s not exactly good, but I kinda like it. I hope you two like it too!


favorite sh moments 4/?pandemonium

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jess! any chance you have any drarry fics you could rec that are on the happier/fluffier side? I haven't read many so anything you can think of I would appreciate! thanks in advance :)

DO I EVER, ANON!!!! :’’) I haven’t read much fic in general lately so most of these I’ve talked about before I’m sure, but they’re all SO GOOD they deserve to be recced repeatedly!!!


  • All Life is Yours to Miss by Saras_Girl (and corresponding *incredible* podfic-  if the idea of isolated professor draco malfoy slowly learning to integrate himself into hogwarts, make friends, and ~fall in luv~ warms the cockles of your heart, READ!! THIS!!! FIC!!!
    • featuring a) harry spelling draco’s eyebrows bright gryffindor red b) draco’s pet beetle stanley tacking his way through life c) one of the most heartwarming and Soft™ slow burns of all time
  • Stop and Stare by Saras_Girl - “This is not a story full of drama or conflict or clothes being ripped off in a frenzy. It is about peace and about that creeping sort of love that sneaks up on you while you think you are busy doing other things.”
    • ^ aka everything I ever want ever
    • draco runs an animal sanctuary. harry agrees to build him a shed. includes at least fifty instances of the two of them being unbearably adorable and TAKING CARE OF ANIMALS TOGETHER
    • also features Mama and Resident Cat Lady Narcissa Malfoy pointedly asking harry if he’s “seeing anyone” over tea, sending my emotionally constipated slytherin son into a coughing fit
  • Wish Upon a Star (As Dreamers Do) by ICMezzo - “There’s plant magic and celestial magic and dark magic and normal magic…Then there are wishes, and dreams, and love, and those are even more magical still.”
    • draco is a wishmaker (i’M EMOTIONAL ABOUT IT) and harry is a hogwarts consultant who has a wish to make
  • Seeing Draco Malfoy by khalulu - harry loses his glasses and they end up in draco’s hands…THINGS ESCALATE.
    • in which harry buys draco flowers and then upon being asked “you brought me flowers?” immediately splutters “nO!??!?1″
    • ALSO featuring: harry complimenting draco by telling him he has a “face like a white - pointiness”
    • you just can’t make this stuff up
  • Right Hand Red by lumosed_quill - THE CLASSIC!!!! includes a healthy dose of angst but mostly will delight your socks off. eighth year shenanigans!!! the whole hogwarts crew being wonderful!!! guaranteed to make you cry over chocolate cupcakes for the rest of your life!!! A MUST READ
  • Stately Homes of Wiltshire by waspabi - another with a healthy dose of ~serious emotions~ but it’s also an absolute delight and I’D BE REMISS TO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE EVERYONE READ IT IMMEDIATELY. it’s one of the best!!!!
    • “Malfoy Manor has mould, dry rot and an infestation of unusually historical poltergeists. Harry Potter is on the case.”
    • featuring some of the Greatest Characterization Ever, lots of teasing and bickering, and lots of draco malfoy being perpetually pissy about just how beautiful The Chosen One is
    • “Thin winter sunlight gleamed off his high cheekbones, yet another in a long line of irritations.”
    • “Sorry, what?” Potter asked, all flawless brown skin and sharp jawline, the arsehole.
    • R E A D  I T

okay, I’ll leave you with those six for now. apologies if you didn’t want me to ramble for ages about how great all of these are but…your first mistake would be assuming I have self-control :o)

HOPE THESE SUIT YOU, LOVELY ANON!!! :’’) they’re all utterly fantastic and I cannot imagine you not loving any single one of them. please enjoy and do let me know if you read any!!!! :3 <33333333

A lot of advice for beginning artists really drives home that you have to practice, and you have to practice effectively by doing certain things, but it’s worth remembering that for most people: the only reason to practice is to further your enjoyment. You don’t have to enjoy every second but remember that practice is for your enjoyment.

If you’re drawing because you enjoy it, that’s ultimately the end purpose of any activity which goes into drawing. It’s the reason to draw every day, or practice, or take classes, or try new things, or stick to what you’re good at. Your enjoyment is the reason to improve. 

You can’t assume that enjoyment’s just going to stick with you no matter what you do. You have to foster your enjoyment just like you foster your skill, only moreso because it’s more important. Especially when you’re just starting, that involves drawing what you want, when you want, because you want to. Maybe supplement that with drawing exercises, but you’ll get better even if you don’t.

What’s important right now, and forever unless you’re hoping to get paid or have another end goal in mind, is that you enjoy it.

“What the hell do you think you were doing out there? This isn’t your battle.”

“I could ask you the same damn question. How could you let him do that to you?”

I wanted to draw them angry with each other. Midoriya can’t help but cry when he’s furious and it frustrates him to no end. 

Replaying LIS after BTS

It’s almost impossible. I really tried, but the loss of Rachel is just too painful. Previously it was just random, probably gold-digging, not very interesting girl, that Chloe was obsessed with. I didn’t really care. Now I do and it’s not entertainment. They would have to portrait Rachel as a monster in ep3 to make LIS1 playable for me again. And even then I’m not sure if I would.

Anyway, I tried and I learned some interesting stuff (It’s mostly a note to myself). 
- Some students suspect that Rachel committed suicide (”jumped off the cliff”). 
- She was in serious debt and had huge financial problems. It seems more serious than Chloe’s debt to Frank. 
- No one mentions Chloe while talking about Rachel and I find it weird (especially after the play).
- Why this inteligent and smart girl wanted to be a model? There is nothing about drama club in her files. It’s only modeling and interest in international law. She started to hate acting? 
- Rachel was so desperate to be a successful model (triple question mark), that she was handling her headshots to everybody, including all the students and Samuel. 
- No one even tried to help her at all. She seems shallow as hell.
- It was hinted several times that Rachel was suffering from depression, therefore the note “I want to die” was written by her. 
- The drug abuse. I couldn’t find a single proof that she was addicted, except some gossips here and there, but that’s it. She liked to party, used drugs occasionally, but how the hell was she able to still be a honor student if her addiction was that serious?
- Why Chloe didn’t notice? Your woman is depressed and addicted to drugs  and you don’t care? 
- Chloe had ran away from home before. It wasn’t mentioned if she did it with Rachel or not. 
- Chloe was arrested at least once. Rachel apparently wasn’t. There is nothing indicating she had any problems with law enforcement in general.
- Rachel was so desperate to get out of Arcadia Bay, that she begged the trucker to give her a ride to LA. It seems it happened shortly before she disappeared. 
- Who was she meeting with at the lighthouse and why we never got any explanation about it? Why the lighthouse was supposed to be the safe spot?
- Almost no one believes that  Rachel could be possibly alive and well (and still there is no investigation going on). Even Joyce has her doubts. 
- The sad part is NO ONE cares about Rachel at all, except Chloe. Seriously - no one. 
- Samuel saying “Max, you are the only person who knows where Rachel is.” is more creepy than usual.
- I still think that Max dressing up as Rachel is super weird and inappropriate. 

Too Much Trouble

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Summary: You get to know your neighbor Frank when he needs help

Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader

Word Count: 3,700 (yikes)

Warnings: mentions of violence, language, injuries, medical procedures, blood, broken bones, difficulty breathing, needles… Frank? Is Frank a warning?

A/N: this is for @atari-writes who’s been nagging me for a Frank fic (jk hun I love you) I really don’t think this is very good… but here it is… (also @deanssweetheart23 because you’re my twin and you read all the things)

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listen. i’m having a moment and thinking about how much iconic vibes Harry and Zayn are radiating that it has managed to put them on this attention level stratosphere like .. istg I don’t even care about ppl who want to pit them against each other anymore because I got THIS, i got them both? their individual strengths and talents, their ambition, their unique personalities, their charismas, their interviews where we find out about their personalities and realizing how many incredible sides of them I missed out when they were in the band.. I have people who have worked with them always mentioning how nice and grounded they are.. goddamn I’ve come a long f*cking way to get here because of that hate level y'all, including media, manage to create around both of them, but now i got to witness them going on their seperate ways with such a reminder to the world that they won’t be forgotten and that they will keep working, keep creating music, art, movies, fashion lines.. i am so excited about my winning team and no one will ever bring me down from this cloud, call me a dark zarrie, but if at this point it means watching two young men in completely different styles and manners taking over the world then you know what? it really fcking works for me


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My top 5 Tana Hairstyles (or at least, the general gist of several variations)

1. IIRC, the first time I lost my shit over Tana’s hair was when I was watching a previous G1 and my exact reaction was, “He’s ADDED A BIT OF CURL TO THE LITTLE PONYTAIL” and that was how I knew he’d made it onto my favs list because generally speaking, while I can appreciate neat hair/prettiness on an aesthetic level, appearance in and of itself is not generally enough to make me fall over backwards unless there is a considerable amount of affection behind it, and holy shit, that was probably the first time the level of affection burst the dams & caused widespread flooding & destruction in the surrounding areas, because I reacted to that curly ponytail like someone had personally presented to me a custom-edited photobook consisting of nothing but pictures of cute animals wearing little hats.  Therefore, merely for this moment of epiphany, I have to rank Tana’s Cool Ponytails as #1.

2. However, absolutely neck and neck with Tana’s Cool Ponytails is Tana’s Loose Curls.  I have actual, natural curls that nature probably worked very hard on, and I will guaran-damn-tee that they’ve never on their best day looked as nice as what Tana can achieve with that torture-device lookin’ curling iron of his.

3. Tana’s occasional “What the hell is happening here?” prom hair bonanzas.  I have no idea how any of these were achieved by any means conceived of by our species.  They probably took hours to put together and hours to pull apart again, and Tana, wherever you are my love, I want you to know that I appreciate every single one of those hours you spent sitting in a salon giving yourself DS-associated carpal tunnel syndrome while immaculately groomed people attacked you with combs and brushes and pins and chemicals.

4. The Best of Both Worlds.  A rarer one, but, sometimes he’ll combine loose hair with little ponytails / braids / insanity and the results are fucking magic.

5. This is a late entry because I just now, when making this list, discovered the phenomenon existed.  But with great excitement, I present to you: Man Bun Tana.  That is all…I need…to say.


Máximo’s Friend Tana:

Chun-Li Tana:

Poverty fucking sucks but it sucks a hell of a lot more if you’re born with a vagina.

what really confuses me is the claim that radfems are all these privileged white middle class women, like, poverty was one of the main factors in me developing my ideology.  
Witnessing the poverty inflicted on the women in my family as they raise children while the entitled men just fuck off and abandon their children to make heaps of money and have the nerve to say they deserve it all fair and square because they’ve made “responsible choices”. I’m sorry but abandoning your children is the epitome of irresponsibility.
Facing the choice between homelessness or staying with a violent partner.  I mean abusive men suck no matter what but it’s pretty rough when leaving means you have to also drop out of university and lose almost everything you own because you have no savings, no transport and nowhere to go.
Watching friend after friend get pregnant and fall into the same trap where their baby daddy is abusive or completely irresponsible and childlike or just fucks off leaving them to a life of poverty and hardship while raising children because boys didn’t want to wear a condom but also don’t want to take responsibility for a child and abortions were hard as fuck to access in my home town.  And they act like the biggest victims because a girl wants him to occasionally change a nappy or refrain from coming home at 3am making heaps of noise and mess, or buy the kid something needed instead of decking out their shitty car with mods, or hell, just occasionally see the kid who misses their daddy and doesn’t understand why he isn’t around any more.  I see these heartbroken girls grow into heartbroken women just accepting their lot in life and the cycle just never ends.

Not to mention the stigma teenage mothers face because they had the AUDACITY to be sexually active in a pornsick culture where they are pressured to have sex at a young age and bombarded with media telling them that they need a relationship with a dude to be happy and often have little external social supports and inadequate education and sometimes unstable housing and grew up far too fast so they ended up in a “serious relationship” at 14 because it resembled stability and gave them comfort (not to mention the significant portion who are just outright targeted by predatory older guys because they’re vulnerable…seriously I knew an 11 year old girl in the foster care system who’s 18 year old cousin raped her and she had a baby at 12 and this kind of thing just normal where I come from…another friend of mine was 14 when her 19 year old boyfriend convinced her it would be a great idea to have a baby, so they had a baby, and then because her boyfriend was a violent sociopath, her family wouldn’t let her live with them so she was homeless for a few years while the baby lived with her family, where the original 14 year old friend grew up getting molested by strange men coming in and out of the house constantly because that’s what life’s like when your parents are drug addicts, but anyway…).  Now, the boys also are experiencing poverty and lacking education and social support, but they aren’t pushing strollers around the mall so they aren’t a “drain on taxpayer money”…
Not to mention the politicians who hate poor people also happen to hate women and brown people I mean WHAT an incredible coincidence…

This went a little off topic but, the biology of women and ability to bare children is so, so linked to poverty and class and this is something frequently explored in radical feminist discussion.  Growing up in a culture of poverty has shaped me profoundly and I just find it really insulting when people say that radical feminism is somehow a middle class ideology because it’s pretty obvious to anyone who’s poor that whether or not someone can have babies (ie biological sex) is a factor that MAJORLY affects someone’s life and chances of escaping poverty.  This is not something you can identify into or out of!  

Poverty fucking sucks but it sucks a hell of a lot more if you’re born with a vagina.

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Hi! For the softer world prompt... Shiro/Ulaz & 32? :D :D :D

(Wondering what this is?  This is the 800 Followers Special!  Find out more here.  These requests are now closed.  Don’t wanna see these because there’s a lot of them coming over the next couple of weeks?  Blacklist ‘800 Followers Special’.  Hate reading on Tumblr?  These will be going on AO3 as ‘This Paradox Place’ a couple of days after posting.  Thanks to Xagrok for betaing!)

I think you are beautiful and I would like to kiss you. I can think up some clever lines, if you’d prefer. But I wanted to say that, first. (None of those lines seemed to be about you or me.)

Ulaz was strange.

At first, Shiro thought it was just alien strangeness.  After all, he was still often blindsided by some of the differences between Alteans and Humans, who were much closer in form.

But then Allura kept giving Ulaz wild looks, different from the constant, cold glares she’d been shooting him.  It was something a relief, because there was only so many times he could repeat we can trust him before he wanted to throw his hands up and scream.  They fought the same battle over and over, with Shiro backing Ulaz and being proven right, but it didn’t seem to matter.

Now, though, something had changed.  Allura’s glares had dried up, replaced with expressions like she’d been slapped, and then like she wanted to lie down.

Which got Shiro concerned.

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jeremys super bendy, so occasionally hell just drop into the splits with no warning and terrify everyone out of their goddamn wits. hell do this thing with his elbow where everyone is like "ill pay you 20 dollars to never do that again". sometimes in the middle of a job hell death drop to avoid getting shot. gavin screams

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How would Bendy react when 3D animation becomes a thing?

I like to think he’d find it interesting. Especially with how animation has grown over the years. I like to imagine a modern version of whatever Bendy’s show was being a lot like gumball (or maybe a lil like animaniacs) and would play around with different styles of animation, occasionally.

Tony & Peter-centric Fic Recs

for your iron-dad and spider-son reading needs! 99% of these were posted after the release of homecoming so there may be spoilers.

(in alphabetical order, last updated 7.26.17)

5 Times Peter Made Tony Laugh Out Loud by grilledcheesing [NR, 3k, WIP]

… and one time he did not.

Post Spider-Man: Homecoming — Tony is just trying his damn hardest to keep this reckless kid from Queens safe, but it’s hard when Peter is, occasionally, ridiculous as all hell.

5 Times Tony Didn’t Need To Worry About Peter by grilledcheesing [T, 13.1k, complete]

… and one time he certainly did.

A Different Sky by iustuscadens [T, 5.4k, complete]

Peter Parker has never seen the stars. 

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