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Some of my followers are a bit too young to remember about this.
It was on the 4th of April 2004 in Najaf, Iraq.
A few US servicemen (Marines mostly) and a group of private military contractors were stuck on a rooftop. They held their position for hours against hundred of Shia insurgent of the Mahdi Army.
Among the PMC guys (from Blackwater, boohoo the evil, etc) was Travis Haley, better known for having been the CEO of Magpul, and Ben Thomas (who was, by his own admittance, “a Navy SEAL for five minutes”, quiet a controversial character).
Despite all the political/ethical questions around the persons involved, I think this is an interesting part of the war in Iraq.

Oh, I should add: with them, there were a few soldiers from El Salvador who were really hardcore people. And one Spanish soldier who didn’t run away like the rest of his team.

The real housewives of ISIS portrays the lives of women that are happily married to genocidal suicidal maniacs. While doing this, BBC makes sure to dress the women up as many normal (non-terrorist) Muslim women dress: wearing a black scarf and black abaya. They completely disregard the consequences of their actions and give the green light to everyone to partake in the mocking and “satirizing” of Muslim women.

This isn’t a defense of ISIS. I belong to a Muslim minority that is targeted by ISIS, and I can tell you that this engulfs Muslim women across all denominations. If you go to Karbala, or Najaf, Qum or Riyad you will find that plenty of Muslim women wear black, some cover their face, some don’t, but the their dress is near identical across the board.

Non-muslims can not tell who is who, they will partake in the campaign. BBC is playing its part in the summoning of the “Alt-right” via comedy sketches and Muslims who cheer it on are doing nothing but putting their own at risk.

In short BBC is disgustin

Qur'an Juz Request

There are thirty ajizā in the Qur'an,

Could we all split up and read one juz each for the quick and safe recovery of Brother Najaf Nanji @najafnight

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Alhamdulilah our dear brother @najafnight has opened his eyes. We are still planning on reciting a whole Qur’an for him so he has a full recovery, Insha’Allah so please do re blog even if you can’t do a Juz of Qur’an

JazakAllah Khair