an it's not the candy bowl

Yesterday was St Martin’s day, an evening of celebration in my Dutch sort of hometown. The old tower / church opens its doors to everyone, including an actual horse, which trots a reenacting saint in so that he can brandish his sword, cleave his cloak in half, and share it with those in need with warmth. Kids then follow him around the old city, swinging their homemade spiderman etc lanterns and singing songs about keeping lights lit brightly in the cold and the gloom (eyes fixed on bowls of sweets their song will give them access to). I’ve been feeling pretty gloomy these past few days, but seeing so many different families celebrating brightness and sharing (and candy) made me smile, and so here’s a quick pen and watercolour drawing. I hope your weekend is one with warmth, light and good people. 

One of my favorite experiences I’ve had with another Assassin’s Creed fan was when I moved into this newly built neighborhood.  It was Halloween and I was passing out candy, and a family came by with a teen dressed up like Altair!  I nearly dropped my bowl of candy as I pointed at him and exclaim, “OMG ITS AN ALTAIR!” to which he pointed at me and exclaimed “OMG A PERSON WHO KNOWS I’M ALTAIR AND NOT EZIO!”  In that moment, we bonded- and in a way, so did our mothers because I heard them murmuring how they didn’t understand a single word we said.  

image from madeinmasyaf

Misters in town and we are going to his coworker’s party tonight so we picked out some goodies for me to show off!

How to keep your platonic sugar daddy around? By being the absolute best arm candy he could have! I’ll be in designer pieces from head to toe and I have a variety of topics to make small talk with not only him, but his friends.

I know all his friends will think I am an absolute catch which will make him feel validated and further secure our relationship, not that he needs another reason to keep me around! 😂 the man is in love with me as it is already.

Happy weekend! Hope everyone is blessed with some good health and dollars!



Character(s):  Vernon (Hansol) x Reader

Words: 444

Rated: F (Fluff)

Request: hello! can you write a scenarios where you and vernon are best friends and you two have movie night with the rest of the members? and Vernon and the girl end up falling asleep all cuddled up to each other [shes against his chest, and his arms are wrapped around her.] and then the members take pictures and tease the two of you? thank you. sorry if its not clear thought😁 have a nice day!(-: (kaylamanalansan)

Author’s Note: Thanks for requesting! It was a lot of fun to write this. Great idea!

So, tonight is movie night with my favorite boys, Seventeen. They are basically my best friends but I’m way closer with Vernon. When he and I started talking, we just clicked. He’s pretty amazing.  Anyways, I was on snack duty while the guys picked a movie to watch. I was putting the popcorn and candy in the bowls. I carried it all out and he boys basically bum-rushed me to get all the candy.  I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Y/N come sit with me.”

I look around and saw Vernon said it. I smiled and sat next to him. He instantly put his arm around me, along with the blanket we share. Woozi did the pleasures of turning off the light and putting on the movie.

40 minutes passed and Dino, Wonwoo and Woozi were already asleep. My eyes were also starting to get heavy and I guess Vernon noticed.

“Are you sleepy?”

“Nope, just closing my eyes because they are tired.”

He flicked my forehead and I threw popcorn at him. He and I were laughing until Mingyu shushed us. We looked at each other and got an idea. We both threw popcorn at him. He shot us a glare and then turned back around. Vernon and I giggled and watched the movie.

20 minutes passed and my eyes were getting heavy. That’s when I finally fell asleep.

I was woken up by the sounds of giggling and camera noises. I opened my eyes and realized the members were taking pictures of me. I was confused but I slowly realized why. I was cuddling with a sleeping Vernon on the couch. I blushed and covered my face, which woke Vernon up.

“Guys, what are you doing?”

Hoshi finally spoke up.

“You guys are so cute together.”

Vernon looks at him confused and Hoshi showed him the photo of you and him sleeping. You were expecting him to push you off but, instead, you heard him say something that made you smile and blush.

“Make sure to send me those pictures.”

ahaha weekends suck omg its not even 5 pm and I’m already at 1000 cal today. I think I’m getting my period soon cause my cravings are so much worse than normal, I broke down and had a big chocolate chip cookie plus two samoas and three pieces of bottle cap candy.

I was gonna skip dinner completely but now I think I should probably go get a bowl of veggies and fill up on those so I don’t binge later. 

A photograph of the table in Eva Hesse’s studio, 1968;

The table top is gridded as if to anchor the objects upon it: an ashtray from ‘’Persia.’’ a kaleidoscope, a pencil, a thick-headed metal spike, a small pitcher and matching cup, each with some small object tucked inside. There is a roll of paper secured with a paper clip, and a small paper box, and a flip book by Robert Breer, and two squarish pieces of plastic - one of these is clear. Nearly invisible is a bristle of clear plastic tubing, standing up like a porcupine’s spines. There is a bowl with wrapped candies, and a a pile of books and sketchbooks, and a compartmentalized plastic box, its twenty-four hoppers filled with Canal Street trove - nails and washers and grommets and the like. There is another gridded lucite box, all order rather than diversity: a potlatch gift like the table itself, this is a work by Sol LeWitt. In and around and on top of these objects are bits of material that Hesse has put to the test: folded and poured and pinned and wrapped and skewered, fourteen such objects in all. Sandwiched between the grid and the things upon it is one further layer: words and pictures, each one chosen as if to stand for still other stages in the transformation from things to art. There is a typewritten list of titles for sculpture and a copy of the periodic table - elemental listing of the starting place of form. This is no impersonal inclusion; it is a handwritten object, signed and dedicated from Carl Andre to Eva Hesse. Is its strictly squared presence why the word ‘’Anti-Form’’ is nearby, legible though dimmed by a sheet of tracing paper? Next to it, even closer to the elements, is a photograph of an artwork - Repetition Nineteen I - as it was printed up to be used as the invitation to its maker’s first solo exhibition.

Meanwhile, the reproduction on another invitation stands in for its subject, the sculptor Ruth Vollmer, while playing a game of resemblance with the real works next to it. There are two clippings, one from the Times, on from the Village Voice. They are reviews of Hesse’s show; John perreault’s column, ‘’The Materiality of Matter,’’ is still half legible, but Hilton Kramer’s response has been wholly obscured by a vomit-like screen of plastic - ‘’Anti-Form’’ seems to be having its say.

Different Colors (ErrorTale AU Fanfic)

Chapter 2

I’ve been wanting to do something other then art so I thought I would take a crack at writing something, this will probably turn out to have multiple chapters, oh well.

“Hey Blueberry! I’m back!” Error said as he stepped through the glitched portal. He was holding a couple of stolen monster candies. He knocked over bowl to get them so he hoped Blueberry would appreciate the candy.

“Unlike some people,” he scornfully thought,”Those rocks were rude.”

Error looked over at Sans. He was laying down facing away from Error, his scarf trailing along the white void. Error harrumphed and walked over to Sans and peeked at his face.

Sans’ eye sockets were closed and his breathing was hitched.

Was he, sleeping? Error’s face scrunched up. This was new to him. Blueberry never slept. He was always waiting for him, or was knitting, and sometimes just staring at the empty void. Never sleeping. Or was he dead?

Error nudged him slightly with his slipper. Sans rolled over, mumbling something unintelligent. Error pulled his foot back, his face scrunched up even more.

At least he knew Blueberry wasn’t dead but it was still weird.

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Dieting for Summer

So if you piled on the weight over Christmas and New Year so you want to get slimmer for the summer?….guess what….its not worth it!

Think about it….

First you have Super Bowl Sunday when most people across the world watch the Super Bowl and eat lots of food

Then you have Valentines day to come where your loved ones may buy you chocolates. If your single just treat yourself to some valentines candy and have a Netflix and chill night for one. 

After that you have Easter, where you get chocolate eggs.  

Plus there is Euro 2016 where people will be drinking beer n watching soccer.

Oh and the 4th of July where people drink beer and eat lots of food while attending parties

Honestly trying to lose weight for the summer is pointless because most people eat stuff like ice cream and drink lots of soda pop which puts on weight.

Oh and if people say stuff like “ you look disgusting in a bikini “ ect….They have a problem, not you!

So igor them or give them the middle finger! 

So dieting for the summer does not work because most people just end up putting it back on 

And whats wrong with being fat anyways?

Pricefield Fic: Halloween Prank

A/N: I just know Max and Chloe love Halloween. This is just a fun fic, with a bit of fluff in there because I’m trash. 

Summary: Max and Chloe scare Warren as a Halloween prank.

Words: 1,743

It’s that time of the year again, their favourite time. A time in which the scent of pumpkin pie candles fills every room, scary decorations are a must, and bowls of candy are dispersed throughout the household: Halloween.

“Dude, this is going to be hella fun.” Chloe said as she watched Max finish painting their abomination, also known as a beast mask.

This year has taken an unexpected turn, a new tradition has made its way. Of course, they’re still taking part in their annual scary movie marathon with pirate hats, but they’ve opted to do something else beforehand; a prank.

“It better be, we’ve been at it for 2 hours. But I’m almost done, so we can scare someone with it tonight.” Max said giddily as she painted its eyes red.

“Holy shit yes! Who should we scare?” Chloe replied, excitement and mischief filling her eyes, a sight Max knew all too well.

“Warren? Bet he’d be a funny reaction.” Max said with a chuckle whilst dipping her brush in paint, making Chloe’s stomach do a turn.

She hated how possessive she was of Max. Chloe obviously thought that Max was allowed to have friends besides her, but she just can’t seem to control her general uneasiness and irrational rage whenever her friend brought up Warren. She felt like a terrible friend for feeling this way, oftentimes wishing she could just turn off this feature about herself, but alas, she couldn’t.

“Um yeah sure.” Chloe said awkwardly. Awkward is better than pissy, she thought.

“Hope I don’t make him piss his pants.” she added with a challenge in her tone, obviously meaning the opposite.

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Fuzzy Fiend

Hey guys!  Here is lovely number 17 of Haunted Septiween!  This was based on something that actually happened to me quite a long time ago.  Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying Haunted Septiween!  Its only a few weeks until Halloween now (and a certain special spooky fic will pop up on that day! )  Have any requests? Drop them in my ask!  I’d love to hear them!  

Last time: Tummy Troubles

He was going to be sick if he kept eating the candy out of the trick-or-treat bowl before Halloween even rolled around.  He had no idea why he even decided to buy such an enormous amount two weeks before the holiday.  He told himself it was because he was a responsible adult and wanted to make sure he was prepared but he kept eating it all so he had to call bullshit on himself. 

He was just about to bite into another mini snickers when he heard a screech, a loud thump, and colorful cursing coming from the apartment next door.

He had just moved into his apartment not even a month ago and had already met the insanely hot but unforgivably loud Irishman that lived next door.  He had a charming smile and captivating sense of humor but it sounded like he murdered people at three o'clock in the morning every morning and Mark couldn’t think of an excuse for making that much noise at that time of the day without murder being involved somehow.

Regardless, hearing his neighbor scream so loudly at a decent time of the day and not at 3am, he snapped into action.  Those hours of playing video games had prepared him for this moment.  He was going to slaughter the beast and claim his hot Irish foul-mouthed prince. 

Mark shook his head and made his way to the door of Jack’s apartment.  He knocked sharply and readied himself to bust it down if the need arose. 

There was no need, however as a few moments later, Jack himself stood in the doorway, completely unharmed and in his pajamas. 

The fact that he looked completely fine threw Mark off for a moment.  The man who he assumed was being harassed by a fire-breathing demon of the underworld was standing there and looking at him expectantly as if he wasn’t wearing pajamas with small rubber ducks all over them.

“Sorry, um, I heard you scream and thought that you were being brutally murdered.”

Smooth, Mark.  Smooth. 

“I was screaming but I’m not the one being murdered today.  I would immensely enjoy your help though.  I have a bit of a problem.”

“Yeah?  What’s up?” Mark was eager to help Jack out and hopefully earn enough brownie points to open a bakery.  

“Check under my bed for monsters." 

Mark blinked.  Hard.  A few times.  What?


“I need you to check under my bed for monsters.  Don’t know if I could get any clearer than that." 

"Y-you’re serious?”

“Does it look like I’m joking?” Jack had thrown Mark the best and biggest puppy dog eyes that he had ever seen and Mark’s heart couldn’t help but to turn to goop. “Seriously, though, dude.  I think a giant spider crawled under my bed and if someone doesn’t come and get it, I’m sleeping on the roof." 

Mark laughed. "Alright, alright, I’ll check.”

Jack beckoned him inside and after closing the door behind him, led Mark down the hall and into his bedroom.  He pointed under the bed, “And that is where the king of my nightmares resides." 

Mark rolled his eyes at his obviously creative neighbor and crouched down onto his hands and knees to check for the fuzzy fiend.

He found the poor little guy scurrying about in a random pattern, trying to find a way out.  Mark reached a hand underneath the bed and allowed the tiny arachnid to scurry onto his hand.  

After pushing himself off the floor and showed the spider to a horrified Jack.  Mark went over to a nearby window, opened it, allowed the spider to crawl out onto a leaf, before closing the window again.

"You’re my hero.” Jack said in a flat tone, clearly not believing that Mark hadn’t just killed the poor thing. 

“I am quite a catch.” Mark replied before assuming the same position as before to look under the bed, checking for anymore fuzzy beasts.  Jack seemed to be in the clear as there were no more in sight.  

While straightening his back, Mark glanced behind him to spot Jack unashamedly staring at his ass. 

“All’s clear, man.” Mark announced and Jack’s eyes snapped straight to him, a small blush gracing his cheeks.

“Thank you!” Jack said as Mark hauled himself off of the floor again and walked over to join him.  

Mark just couldn’t help himself.  He had to.  He leaned forward just a few inches, until he was level with Jack’s ear and whispered, “You know, my ass looks much better on the bed." 

Jack stuttered out a few things that were supposedly supposed to be words before Mark smiled and asked Jack for his phone.  Snapping his teeth together, Jack handed it over for Mark to put his number in.  

Mark walked out of that apartment with a huge smile on his face and a date for a Halloween party.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Some people have asked about a Holiday version of Haunted Septiween that will take place in December.  What do you guys think? If you want me to do this, drop me a simple “yes” in my ask box and If I get enough, I’ll do it.    

oh man woohoo i sure love this fandoms reaction to abbey being reasonably pissed off why his fucking GIRLFRIEND never stands up for him for the whole year theyve been together shes always just like “calm down its not a big deal” instead of being “hey paulo can you please shut the fuck up for two seconds and let abbey live he did *nothing* to you youve been on his ass since day one for no reason other than he treats women with respect” but hey lets get on the abbey hate train cause a site thats mainly used by mentally ill people who always try to tell themselves its okay for outbursts and their feelings are valid that ABBEYS A PIECE OF SHIT for having actual real issues other than paulos big one “the girl i liked moved away and i wasnt there for her cause i was too busy having sex with 2 other women without concerning her feelings abloobloobloo :( but im totally still in love with her hey rachel can u suck my cock for a bit i gotta get over lucy”

(all of this being about todays page flashbacking to before they went to the park with tess. dont bring up the bathroom scene cause that shit hasnt happened yet in the flashback)