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It’s finally here. For my birthday girl @underthenorthstar.

Emer started wandering, completely absorbed by the beauty and wilderness of the place.

She could hear Ivar’s chariot behind her. Emer didn’t want to look at him. She was still angry. All she desired was to walk away from all the problems, melting into the ocean. The endless blue waves that didn’t care about humanity’s problems, it was like an immortal deity. She wondered how many stories it had witnessed. Lovers whose hearts were broken, mothers that lost their children by the terrible hand of war. Maybe the sea was made from their tears. What would be an explanation for why humans were so fascinated by the deep waters. It was like they were searching for the sorrow. Attracted by the suffering. Or maybe, they were all selkies, trying to get back to their origins in the bottom of the ocean.

They said if a woman shed seven tears into the sea, a male selkie would contact her. Emer had cried more than enough tears, but she didn’t want any other man in her life. It seemed to her they were the cause of her pain. Maybe she was not an unhappy woman in search of love from a being from another world. She might be a creature from the sea herself. She might have forgotten. Who stole my skin in this case? Forcing me to live among humans. Who stole me from myself? These questions didn’t leave her mind.

She longed to be one with the ocean she had never known. Her legs seemed to move of their own accord, they were leading her to the edge. Only this way she could be free.

Emer was in the edge, watching the waves crashing onto the shore, a lonely tear running down her cheek.

Ivar’s voice taking her away from her thoughts, “Come here, Emer. Let’s see the rest of the farm.”

She didn’t want to face him. He would know she was weak. A stupid and crying woman. Emer raised her hand to her face, cleaning her tears.

She looked back at him. He was offering his hand as an invitation. An almost kind smile playing on his lips. She thought he seemed even more gorgeous when he was relaxed.

She asked herself, “Why couldn’t it be always this way?”

“There is no space for me!”, she replied referring to his chariot. But, her question had a hidden meaning.

Plus-one (6)

Well well well, here I am to share this with you wonderful human beings. I’m honestly cringing right now at the thought of you reading it, but hey - not going to keep it locked away am I? 

If I’m super honest, I’m losing a bit of steam for this as I’ve started part 7. Hopefully I’ll get back into it, as I’d prefer not to have another incomplete WIP forever and a day. Hope you’re all having a fantastic week. 

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“What’ve you got on?” Finn grabs onto her arm, stopping her on her way out the door. He looks her over, his eyes pausing on her legs for much longer than a few moments.

“Do you not like it?” she asks, pulling her arm free. “Do I look weird?”

“No!” He’s quick to put her mind at ease. “It’s just…I thought this was a hen party?” Finn reaches forward to touch the material of her dress where it falls at her thighs. He rubs the fabric between his fingers.

Rae’s eyes track the movement of his fingers . “It’s rockabilly themed.”

“S'nice. You look nice.”

“Nice?” she questions, doing a little spin in front of him. She’s got no idea what she’s doing it for. The skirt of her polka-dot swing dress fans out around her, skims over the hand he’s still got hanging in the air between them.

She trains her gaze on him, watches as his eyes dart between her bare legs, nearly bare chest, then to her mouth. She can tell he’s thinking through what he says next. He scratches at the hair behind his right ear, presses his tongue to the corner of his mouth. “Hot. You look well hot tonight, Rae.” His head is angled down so that she can’t see the look on his face, but she can see the flush of red at the side of his neck.

“Ya think?” she asks quietly.

He nods, finally lifting his head to meet her stare. “ ‘Course.”  His smile is soft, reassuring.

“Am I showing too much - ehm - too much skin?” She points to her chest, the cut of the halter top showing off nearly half of each breast.

“Nah. S'pose you’re supposed to show a lot of skin at these things or summat, right? Imagine the other girls will be dressed the same like.”

“Are you two leaving soon or what?” Rae’s mum Linda strolls into the kitchen, interrupting the pair. “I’ve got plans, you know.”

Rae rolls her eyes as her step-dad Karim comes walking into the kitchen, trailing behind her mum. Karim grabs hold of her mum by the hips and pulls her body back against his, either unaware of their presence or uncaring of it. You’d think she’d be used to this after so many years, but it still makes Rae a bit nauseous to see how lusty they are for each other. “You two go, take car but be safe,” Karim says, his face pressed to Linda’s neck.

Finn faces Rae, his hand reaching out to grab onto hers. “Should we go?” He tugs at her hand, pulling her towards the door again.

Rae throws her cardigan over her forearm and allows herself to be tugged out of the house by Finn, grabbing the keys before they get out the door. “Alright alright, no need to pull my arm off,” she grumbles, easing her arm out of his grip.

“Your parents were about to shag….right in front of us, Rae,” he explains as he waits for her at the bottom of the stairs. He rubs at his eyes as if he’s hoping to rid himself of the image forever.

“Told you they were weirdos.”

He opens her door, allowing her to slide in and get comfortable before shutting it. It’s only the awful noises and the “right there, you bloody beast,” in the high pitched squeal coming from Rae’s house that have him running around the car and inside in seconds.

Rae laughs, meeting his gaze under arched eyebrows. “What’s got your panties in a bunch?”

He shakes his head, deciding not to tell her what he’s just heard. She’s happy to not push.

The ride to the pub is quiet until they’re about five minutes away. Rae looks over to Finn, gauging as to whether she should ask the question that’s been niggling at the back of her mind for some time. “Finn…” Her hands fidget in her lap.

“Rae?” he questions, peeking at her before focusing on the road again. She think he might of checked out her tits on the look over, but decides not to tease him about it.

“Tell me if I shouldn’t ask,” she starts, her fingers clenching and unclenching as she contemplates how to ask this. “Do you - ehm - do you sleep with all of your clients?” She looks down at her hands, smoothing out her skirt to keep them busy.

She chances another glance in his direction. He looks thoughtful, as if he expected this question. She’s somewhat relieved, relaxing into her seat again, her eye trained on his profile.

He clears his throat before answering, “no.”

“No? How many?”

“Not many. It’s not - not what most women want, Rae.” He sweeps his hand through the side of his hair before he brushes his fringe from his forehead. “Most of these women, they just want something they’re missing.”

She doesn’t understand, but before she can open her mouth he’s explaining. “Our time together, it’s about providing them with comfort, about giving them the confidence they need.”

She’s not convinced that’s why all those women would hand over £6,000 to this good looking man. “Really?”

“Why’d you have me come, Rae?” he asks, pulling up in front of the pub. He slides his seatbelt off and turns to her in his seat.

He’s got a point, it wasn’t for sex. She wanted to rub her new life in the face of her ex, make him think she was happy. She doesn’t answer his question, instead sliding off her own seatbelt and getting out of the car.

Finn stops her at the curb. “Don’t believe me still?” His hand slides into the crook of her waist as he guides her back against the side of the car.

She remains stubborn, her arms crossed over her stomach, eyes on his. He looks behind him before stepping closer to her, hands going to either side of her hips. He’s so close that the heat from his breath warms her throat. “Relax.” His right hand moves from her hip to cup the side of her neck. With his thumb on her throat he manages to tilt her head back against the car. “Close your eyes, Rae,” he instructs and she obliges.

His thumb glides over the skin under her ear, his mouth close by. “You’re beautiful.” The swipe of his bottom lip against her earlobe makes her knees give way. It’s only his firm grip on her hip that keeps her upright.

His thumb moves down her neck before he traces a path across one collar bone, his mouth still close to her ear. “Jeremy is going to wish he’d never let you go.” She can smell the mint from his toothpaste when he moves his mouth inches from hers. “We’ll show him what an amazing woman you are.” Her breath is coming quicker now, her chest bumping into his with every intake of air. She’s starting to feel it, starting to believe it more with every whispered word. Jeremy had looked rather mad earlier in the day at how close she and Finn were.

“See.” He takes a step back and she feels the loss of contact - deeper than the surface.

When her eyes open he’s still standing right in front of her, a smirk contorting his mouth.

“You,” she says softly, reaching out to pat his chest with an open hand, “you are good.”


She straightens her dress as it’s dipped down a little further in the front before the two walk over to the pub doors. She’s grateful for his steadying hand on her lower back as he ushers her through the door.

The pair are met with hoots and hollers from all the women at the hen party, all of them swarming around Finn. Rae gets pushed off to the side somehow, where she watches all of the women fawn all over him. One of the women, Chloe’s cousin she thinks, she’s got her hands on his lapel while Chloe’s mate from Uni is pressed up close to him trying to smell his cologne.

He catches Rae’s eye, shrugging at her. He’s eating it up. She rolls her eyes at him before she makes her way to the bar to get a round in. She orders a round of tequila for the party, turning back around to watch Finn while she waits.

He’s bent forward in the sea of women, whispering something in a petite brunette’s ear. Rae doesn’t recognize her but assumes she’s someone Chloe works with. There’s a twinge in her belly as she watches the brunette throw her head back in laughter.

“Now you’ve got them all distracted Rae,” Chloe says from beside her, causing Rae to jump.

“Sorry Chlo.”

Chloe’s eyes light up at the sight of the tequila shots in front of her as the bartender sets them down. “You’re forgiven.” Chloe holds two of the shots out for Rae to take. “Now, give this to your fit boyfriend and tell him to get lost.”

Rae does as she’s told, walking over towards Finn with the shots. She has to push four or five of the women aside as she passes and nearly all of them give her a nasty look. He greets her with a grin and takes one of the shots from her outstretched hand, pulling her forward by the waist with his free hand.

She’s positioned in front of his body, his arm wrapping around her side, his hand splayed out across her stomach. A chill runs down her spine when he presses a kiss to her neck. “Got to keep up the appearance,” he whispers next to her ear before she can question him.

All of the women raise their glasses up, all of them looking at Finn. She’s not sure why until he clears his throat, holding his own glass up. “Here’s to the husbands who won you, the losers who lost you,” he speaks clearly, his hand pulling Rae closer, “and the lucky bastards who’ve yet to meet you.”

The women cheer, all gazing adoringly at Finn before they throw back their shots. Chloe steps forward from the group of women, she’s already swaying a bit. She points to Finn and then the door. “OK mister, it’s time for you to go.”

Finn laughs. “That’s my cue. Have a good night, ladies.” He gives a little wave, grabs onto Rae’s hand and drags her towards the door with him.

She trails behind him, the women behind them hollering at them again. “Show him what he’ll be missing, Rae,” Izzy shouts from the crowd, laughter following. The cheering gets louder.

Finn stops at the door to the pub. Rae looks at him questioningly and he shrugs in response. Her arms move around his neck and his automatically move around her waist, his fingers pressing into her lower back. She chews at the corner of her bottom lip, her eyes focused on his.

“Get on with it!” Chloe cheers from behind them.

He’s watching her mouth. “Better get on with –” Her mouth is on his before he can get the rest of the statement out. He’s quick to recover. He tugs her upper lip between his, the tip of his tongue tracing her cupids bow. She thinks she moans then, but she’s too entranced with the things his mouth is doing to be embarrassed. Finn holds her tighter against him, kisses her like he has all the time in the world to just stand here.

She whines low in her throat when he pulls away. She misses the feel of his lips on hers, misses the taste of his mouth. “I’ve got to go,” he tells her, his arms slipping from around her. “Don’t pout.” He bops her on the nose with his forefinger.

She hadn’t realized she was pouting. She drops her arms from around his neck, letting them fall to her sides. “See you.” She reaches up to swipe the red of her lipstick from the corners of his mouth before stepping back to let him pass.

Finn looks a bit dazed as he leaves and she thinks she’s done a proper job kissing him.

“Come on Rae,” Izzy calls to her from the bar. “Come have a drink with me.”

As the night wears on they’re all feeling the buzz of the alcohol coursing through them. Rae is currently dancing on the dance floor with her best mates, her arms wrapped around both Izzy and Chloe as they sing at the top of their lungs to Journey. “I love you girls,” Rae shouts over the music, the two girls grinning up at her.

“Love you babes,” Chloe slurs, causing both Izzy and Rae to slip into a fit of giggles.

Izzy detaches herself from the other two. “I need the toilet. Get us another round?”                                

Rae nods, already making her way to the bar with Chloe in tow. Chloe rests her hand on Rae’s lower back as she orders their drinks. “Babe,” Chloe whispers. When Rae doesn’t turn she gets louder, “Rae!” Rae startles, turning her head to look at Chloe.

“Chlo, no need to shout.”

Chloe gets closer to Rae. “Rae, I need to tell you something.” Chloe’s eyes fall to the floor, her shoulders hunched forward. “I can’t - I can’t marry Ethan.”

Rae’s entire body rotates to face Chloe, concerned with what her friend has just said. “What do you mean, Chlo?”

Chloe shakes her head, refusing to meet her friend’s stare.

Izzy sidles up next to them, her hand on Chloe’s forearm. “Chloe, come dance with me.” Izzy pulls Chloe back to the dance floor, leaving their drinks at the bar. Rae is left wondering what her friend isn’t telling her.

The rest of the night goes by in a blur and before Rae knows it the limo has pulled up in front of her house. She manages to extricate herself from the limo, nearly stumbling up the stairs when she loses a shoe. The girls shout from the window of the limo as they pull away, telling her to “get in there and have at him.” She laughs, waving them off as she gets to the door.

She quietly makes her way up the stairs, pausing when she hears a creak of the floorboards from downstairs. When she’s satisfied that she hasn’t woken anyone up, she creeps down the hallway slowly and cautiously. There’s a faint light coming from her bedroom that she can barely see through the crack in the door. She nudges the door open with her hip, peeking into the room. He’s asleep on her bed, sprawled out across the middle in nothing but his pants.

“Finn,” she whispers, easing into the room. He doesn’t stir. She places her purse on her desk, money falling out onto the wooden surface, but she doesn’t notice. She’s focused on the way his chest rises and falls with each deep breath he takes, focused on the way his lips move while he sleeps. “Beautiful.”

She pushes the door closed and makes her way to the bed at the center of the room. She toes her shoes off when she gets to the corner of the bed, kicking them underneath. She stands at the side of the bed for a moment watching him sleep. A sharp intake of breath is all she needs to give her the last bit of courage.

Rae sits down on the bed beside him, her hand reaching out to touch him. She pauses with her hand above his cheek, watches his eyelashes flutter against his skin. “Finn,” she whispers again. Her hand trembles as she presses her fingers against his cheek, trails them down to his jaw.

His eyes open slowly, but he doesn’t startle when he sees her. Instead he opens his mouth to speak, “Rae.” The corners of his mouth curl upwards, his eyes focused on hers. She presses a finger to his lips, shaking her head slowly. There won’t be any talking.

She stands up from the bed and soon he’s moving to sit up to follow her, but she pushes him down with her hand on his chest until he’s pressed back into the mattress. She keeps her eyes on his as she reaches up to the back of her neck, unhooking the halter top of her dress. The fabric falls from around her neck and pools at the top of her chest. Her skin prickles with anxiety, it feels like tiny ants climbing just under the surface, but the alcohol has numbed her inhibitions just enough to continue.  

She moves shaking hands to her back where she toys with the zipper of her dress, pulling it down a fraction - just enough. Her gaze falls to his mouth, watching as he bites at his bottom lip. She yanks at the fabric of her dress, pulls it over her chest, her bra-clad breasts revealed. The groan that falls from Finn’s lips has her pressing her thighs together as she shimmies out of the remainder of the dress. The lamp at her bedside table casts an almost ethereal blue haze over her bare skin, but it does nothing to dim the desire she can see in Finn’s face - from the way his jaw is set to the way his eyes never leave her.

She steps out of the dress, shoving the dress out of her way with her foot. He’s sitting up in the bed now. He looks her over then, lets his eyes roam up her long bare legs, takes in the sight of her red lace knickers, caresses the curve of her hips and the softness of her stomach. He lingers on the swell of her breasts, getting up onto his knees on the bed. She sucks in a breath when he beckons her forward with a crook of his finger.

It’s only a step or two to the bed, but it feels like twenty. Her whole body feels like it’s buzzing and the only thing that will calm her is Finn’s touch. His mouth is on hers as soon as she reaches the bed, but the kiss isn’t safe or tender, it’s impassioned and ignites something inside of her. She meets his kisses without hesitation and he pulls her onto the bed with him, both of them pressed knee to mouth.

The two break apart only when necessary to breathe, their hands gliding over each other’s bodies as they kiss. The only sounds filling the room are their muted moans and the smack of their lips against one another’s.

His hand tugs at the strap of her bra around her neck trying to find the clasp. He grunts in frustration when it won’t come undone, as if he can’t wait to get a look at her tits. If she were any less turned on right now she’d be laughing at his frustration.

She pulls away from him for a moment (too long if you ask her) and reaches up to undo the hook at the top and then at her back. He’s eager to pull the material away, grabbing it and tossing it to the side of the bed as soon as it comes unclasped. She can’t help the laughter that spills out as she watches his eyes zone in on her chest.

Her laughter is swallowed by his mouth, his hands moving to grasp at her breasts. She whimpers against his lips as his thumbs circle her nipples, as he pinches them between his thumb and forefinger. His skin is soft beneath her fingers as she kneads his lower back, pulling at his body to come closer to hers, her own lower body pressing forward. She can feel him hard against her now and it has her moving her hand down his body to cup him through his boxers.

Finn’s mouth pulls away from hers, his lips traveling down her neck to her chest. His mouth is hot against her skin, and he has her moaning when he takes one nipple into his mouth, his free hand slipping down her stomach. He works his hand between her thighs, pressing against her through her panties, rubbing at her until her hips are pitching forward against his hand. She shifts his boxers down enough so that she can touch his bare skin just as he pushes her panties to the side to slip where she’s wet. They probably look like a couple of teenagers, fumbling over each other, touching any piece of bare skin available to them.

He pulls his mouth from her with an audible pop and somehow manages to maneuver their bodies to the center of the bed. It’s not long before Rae finds her back pressed to the mattress, both her and Finn divested of the last articles of their clothing. He’s panting above her, his breath warming her face as he pushes her legs apart and folds them up around his hips. He takes his place between her legs and spreads her open, rubbing against her until she’s bucking her hips up into his.

Rae’s heel digs into the back of his thigh and she pleads, “please, now please.” It ’s the last bit of encouragement that Finn needs. He presses both hands into the bed on either side of her waist and eases into her unhurriedly, watching as he disappears between her thighs. His movements are slow at first as he maps out Rae’s body with long sweeping strokes, explores her mouth with his tongue. “Finn,” she gasps against his mouth, her hips meeting his, pressing him for more. He’s quick to oblige, his pace increasing with every whimper that falls from her lips.

Her fingers press hard into Finn’s lower back, red marks of passion forming and fading on his sun-kissed skin. The feel of him above her and inside of her has her writhing against the mattress, her body reacting so strongly to his that she might lift right off the bed with her frenzied movements. It’s only the weight of his body over hers that keeps her grounded and secure.

He pulls his mouth from hers to look at her, a sexy little smirk fashioned to his face. “Don’t get a big head now,” she manages to stutter out between gasps for air. It’s like he takes her words as a challenge, hiking Rae’s leg up higher on his hip, stretching her calf above his waist. The new angle soon has the both of them moaning and grinding against each other wildly.

From his stuttered movements she imagines that he’s close, his face screwed up in concentration as she meets each of his thrusts with her own. Her hand moves to slip between them to make sure she gets there, but he’s not having it. “Uh uh uh,” he mumbles against her shoulder. He grabs onto her hand and holds it down by her waist, nipping at her collarbone as he shifts back to balance on his shins. Finn guides her hips up with his free hand, her lower half no longer touching the mattress as he drives into her; he’s fixated on being the one to make her come undone. “Rae.” It’s only her name, but the way his gravelly voice makes it sound as he nibbles just below her ear is enough to coax her over the edge, send her falling. She isn’t sure if it’s the sound of her or the feel of her, but either way, she brings him with her, both of them coming together.

He’s deliberately slow in pulling himself from her body, Rae’s body trembling with little aftershocks as they separate. They don’t move to wash up nor do they speak, both of them settling into a comfortable silence. He presses a kiss to her shoulder and she turns to curl into his side, both of them falling fast asleep.


She wakes up alone in her bed at her parent’s house, a thin sheen of sweat covering her entire body. She rolls onto her back, stretching her limbs out as she moves. Rae tries to ignore the dull ache coming from between her legs as she shifts to sit up in bed. She glances at the rumpled sheets of the bed, looks at the empty space next to her and wonders where Finn has gone. She can’t hear the shower running, but she can’t hear much over the drum that’s currently echoing in her brain. “ ’m never drinking again,” she moans, head clasped in her hands.

She takes a deep breath, rubbing her thumb and forefinger against her temples while she moves to get out of bed. It’s only then that she notices her complete lack of clothing, her tits hanging out over the top of the duvet now. “What the fuck?” she shouts in the empty room, clutching at the duvet, as if anyone can see her right now. She stands up from the bed, wrapping herself up to pace the length of her bedroom as she chants, “no no no,” over and over again.

She’s on her third round of chanting when Finn comes waltzing through her bedroom door, a smile on his face. His flannel shirt is misaligned and his shorts are slung low across his hips as he saunters into the room. His hands are full with a tray of tea and what looks like toast and jam and her gut clenches, the possibilities of what happened last night flooding her mind. “Brought you some toast with your tea. The sausage that your mum made looked a bit dodgy, so I – ” He stops speaking when Rae lifts serious and questioning eyes to him, and he must realize that it has nothing to do with his choice of breakfast.

“You OK, Rae?” he asks, setting the tray down at her desk. His eyes stay glued to the desk for a beat too long, forcing Rae forward to see what he’s looking so intently at. When she spots the money falling out of her purse she can almost immediately feel the rise of bile in her throat.

Her hand moves to grasp his forearm, her voice barely above a whisper,“ Finn, what happened last night?”

He doesn’t turn to face her, doesn’t look at her then, just grips the back of the chair that bit tighter. His shoulders fall forward as he answers, his voice free from inflection, “nothing, Rae.”

She can hear it in his voice that he’s lying, but she doesn’t push because she’d rather believe that nothing happened last night, that she didn’t have sex with this beautiful broken man while she herself was still in love with someone else.

He frees his arm from her grip, pushing her purse over with a prod of his finger. “What’s this for? For last night?” He sounds disappointed, maybe even hurt.


NOTE: the toast that Finn does - those words aren’t mine, they’re from the movie The Wedding Date, but I loved them so and had to add them in.
I Hear You Knocking But You Can't Come In

Hi everyone.  I’d like to say a big thanks to al, the lovelies that were kind enough to to leave feedback on my last fic sacrificial-friend-part-3

I wrote this fic especially for my 2 lovely anons who leave such uplifting comments that make me smile.  But as I don’t know your names to return the favour I thought one of my silly one-shots might be a sufficient substitution.

Thanks to awesome @madfatty for sorting all my errors, and of all of the general  ficcy advice.😘😘😘💕

I Hear You Knocking But You Can’t Come In 


Rae jumped so high in the air she hit her head on her low hanging lampshade when she heard thumping on her front door.

She’d only lived in her new flat for a week and had been harassed by the same bloke every bloody night since she’d moved in.  

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Fallout4 Romantic Partners Guide

Hancock - ghoul boyfriend AKA flirty druggie with heart eyes
Paladin Danse - tincan boyfriend AKA asshole with a heart of gold
Maccready - sarcastic boyfriend AKA funny af merc who is scared of aliens bless his spirit
Preston - lawful good boyfriend AKA is a total square but a precious square the world doesnt deserve him
Cait - kickass girlfriend AKA looks scary because she is scary also irish????
Piper - cinnamon roll girlfriend AKA everyones manic pixie dream girl
Curie - frenchbot girlfriend AKA she is literally the sweetest most precious soul protect her at all costs
Valentine - no ones boyfriend AKA the Tumblr thirst is so real

Always a Bridemaid, Never a Bride

Hiya, this is my new fic.  I’m still working on Runaways Pt 4 but I needed to break away from all that drama.  This one is only going to be 2 or 3 parts.  Short and sweet.  Anyways, here we go.

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Rae watched as Izzy frantically flipped through different bridal magazines while erasing and scribbling on the seating chart.  Izzy looked tiredly at the piles of wedding planning that still sat in front of her.

“You know Iz, no matter how many times you switch peoples sittin’, not everyone is going to be happy.”  Rae said as she grabbed another magazine flipping to see more smiling brides in beautiful white dresses.  Rae couldn’t resist rolling her eyes, she felt like she had seen this exact picture a thousand times, I have seen this picture before different bride, almost the same dress, same fake smile.

“You don’t get it Rae.  I can’t sit Chop’s drunken pompous uncles by my religious aunts.  But I can’t sit next those aunts next to my atheist cousins and I refuse to put those cousins near the people I work with.”  Izzy stopped and bit her pencil as she was looking over the seating chart. 

Rae admired Izzy, Rae didn’t think she would ever have the patience to do any of this but she also never thought she would be getting married.  She’s had boyfriends but none that she would have ever settled down with that she took seriously. Plus she just never saw herself as the married type.  What man would want to make her his wife?  She was loud, annoying, drank pints, told jokes, she was far from girly and her self confidence although improved from what it was when she was a teenager but for being 24 years old, it was still low. 

“Did you hear me Rae?”  Izzy had stopped her current task of choosing colors for her décor to stare at her.

“Sorry Iz, what was that?”  Rae shook her head trying to rid of the negative thoughts that plagued her mind.

“I know I was thinking about settling on Le Petite Bakery for the wedding cake but Chop has insisted I go to some of his school mates bakery.  They are going to be giving me a cake tasting plus two guests.  Chop can’t make it so I know that you as my maid of honor will be there without a doubt yeah?”  Izzy grinned but her eyes said there was no way of getting out of it.

“What?  Izzy, I’m on a diet trying to lose weight for your wedding.  You can’t expect me to go and try all different types of cake!”  Rae huffed, even though allowing herself to imagine the sweet taste of frosting in her mouth. 

“Rae, it’s not like your eating a full cake by yourself!  Plus, I don’t think you need to be on a diet, you are beautiful.”  Izzy stood draping a few color schemes on the table after settling on an emerald green runner and white pearl linen.   “I’m not asking Rae, as my maid of honor you are coming, end of.”

“Since when has Chop had mates that own a bakery?” Rae questioned. Finding it hard to believe that loud boisterous Chop having mates that can bake a dainty wedding cake?  She just couldn’t picture it.

“Well they were friends from school, played footie together he said.  Besides they moved away for Uni a few months before we met, they were inseparable the three of them.  He said we got to go and try their cakes and that’s final.  Ok?”

“Fine, I’ll go.” Rae agreed.

“There we go, that’s the answer I was expecting.  Chloe’s coming as well you know?” 

“What? You must be joking.  Bad enough you’ve put her in the wedding party!”  Rae was a little upset, to say Chloe and Rae didn’t see eye-to-eye anymore was an understatement, they were best mates, but Chloe did the unthinkable and Rae was always the one left hurt.  Izzy had claimed she would not choose sides but will remain friends with both of them, which she had but her and Rae bonded closer then ever through the years. 

“Rae please just a few more weeks and you can go back to your anti-Chloe life ok?” Rae nodded but deep down inside she just wish she never had to see Chloe again.

“So when does terror of a day happen?  The only thing I’m looking forward to is allowing myself sugar for the first time in a month.” Rae was imagining herself surrounded by forks upon forks with cake on them.

“Next Saturday.  We will meet here and I will drive up ok?”

“Alright Izzy, you know you’re kind of a bossy bride you know that?”

“Oh I know Rae, I know.”


“I am done with wedding cakes Archie.  Brides are the fuckin worst shoppers in this entire industry.”  Finn was putting all the dishes away in the bakeshop. 

“Finn seriously?  That’s like saying we don’t want half of revenue.  Have you gone mental?”  Archie was placing different pastries in the display case.

“I’m just over it mate. Maybe we should just stop doing the cakes in general.” 

“Tell ya what Finn, after we do Chop this favor we can talk more about it yeah?”  Archie knew he would be able to talk Finn out of this hair brain idea.  Finn just nodded to him as Archie greeted the group of people who walked in.   If Finn can make it trough one more bride to be for an old mate, he can make it through anything.


Sitting in a car having to listen to Chloe bang on about her latest endeavors was proving to be torture to Rae, who opted to take the back seat of the car so if she felt like mocking Chloe she could do it without being spotted.

For someone who had already been married, got a divorce and living off of that money, Chloe made it seem like she had worked hard for it all. 

Rae was thanking her lucky stars that the bake shop was in Uffington so it wasn’t that long of a drive, if this shop would have been any further, Rae is sure she would of strangled herself with her seatbelt. 

“You know Rae, I’m really impressed, and you seem to be doing yourself up a little more.” Chloe chirped from the front seat.

Rae knew it was a back handed comment, sure she ditched her normal loose jeans and band shirts for more fitted clothing, like today she is wearing black tight pants with a flowing white sleeveless shirt.  “Well you know Chloe, not all of us were born with a passion for fashion with daddies money.  Some of us have to find that passion their own ways.”  Rae had to bite her tongue because she wanted to add that maybe it was ex-hubbies money.

Izzy tried to shift the mood by turning up the volume to the radio.  Rae couldn’t take it, it was just some other crap boy band song but the two up front sang a long as if it were their favorite song.

“Oh here we are,” Izzy pointed to a little shop on the corner of the street.  She pulled off to the side of the building all three of them getting out of the car.

“What kind of name is ‘Electric Bakery’ for a cake shop?”  Rae already had hesitation.  “With a crap name like that Iz, ya might as well call Le Petit Bakery and order your cake now.”

Chloe rolled her eyes as Izzy linked arms with the two girls, “Oh come on Rae lets just give it a go.” 

Stepping into the shop the three girls smelt the sweets in the air.  For a shop ran by men, there was a safe and warm feeling you got when you walked in the shop.  Mostly wood paneling, there was a wall behind the counter full of breads.  In front of that was a display case full of beautifully decorated pastries, on the left was a coffee counter and seating on the right.

A blond hair man wearing glasses popped up from behind the counter. 

“Oh hello how may we help you today?”  Archie smiled brightly.

“Hi uh, we’re here to meet Finn and Archie, I’m Izzy Chop’s-“

“FIANCE! Hiya! I’m Archie, FINN COME ON OUT LAD!”  Archie shouted turning his head to a swinging door behind the register.  “Sit ladies, sit we have plenty of cakes to try.”  Archie ushered them to the sitting area.  Archie handed all three of them a list of different cakes they had.  Izzy and Chloe were busy talking on which they would like to try first.  Rae was still looking around really enjoying the vibe she was getting from the shop.

“All right ladies, you can try as many cakes as you want, we will make little samples of each and then we can go from there.”  Archie sat across from Izzy as they started talking about the size and tiers of the cakes.  Rae asked Archie if she could take a look around and he nodded focusing back on Izzy.  Rae walked to the little coffee station noticing frames around the area.  Her eyes widened when she noticed it was live stills of Oasis, her favorite band.

“I went to Knebworth when I took those.”  Rae turned around to the voice.  Her breath hitched when she turned to see a brown haired brown-eyed Adonis behind her. 

“Oh right, I was there too.”  Rae could barely make eye contact; this man in front of her was gorgeous. 

“Hi, I’m Finn,” He dusted his hands on the apron wrapped around his waist before reaching his hand to shake hers. 

“Rae, I’m Rae.” She was stumbling over her words placing her hand in his; she felt a little spark and pulled her hand back. 

“Rae as in?”

“Rachel, but I’ve been called Rae since I could remember.”  Why was she giving him an explanation?

“Right, well Rae as in Rachel are you with the bride to be?”  Finn glanced over his shoulder and Rae’s eyes followed his, Chloe had finally looked up and her mouth hung open, Rae has seen that look one too many times before and now she can see a metaphorical target on Finn’s back.

“Sorry, oh yeah, maid of honor at your service.”  Rae curtsied as Finn let out a chuckle. 

“Well Rae, I suggest you take a seat with your mates and we will be starting the tasting.”  He walked with Rae to the table introducing himself to the other girls, shaking hands with the other two, Chloe trying to linger on.

They were in the midst of cake tasting; Rae could have sworn she has eaten at least 14 different cakes.

“The last one is Finn’s specialty.  Won’t let anyone know his secret.”  Archie said clearing a few of the plates that were dirtied.

“So Chop told me that Finn you and him go far back.”  Izzy said while drinking some water.

“Oh yeah, we were mates since primary really.  The three musketeers if you can imagine.  All for one and one for all type of stuff.  Hardest thing ever was knowing Finn and I were leaving such a good mate behind but we stayed in contact.”  Archie explained.

“Oh are you and Finn, you know?”  Chloe asked as if disappointed.

“Oh no no, well yes I am but Finn is as straight as they come.”  Archie laughed adjusting his glasses.

“Great, great news.”  Chloe smiled.

“Really Chloe?”  Rae was astounded by Chloe’s forwardness but Chloe just shrugged it off.  Finn came out of the back with three plates with a slice of cake each.

“This here is my special cake recipe, it’s a Italian meringue buttercream on chocolate angel food cake.  Please be honest.”  All three girls smiled as they bit into the cake.  If Rae could explain what it tasted like it was heaven.  No wonder it had angel food in it, the frosting was perfection, there were moans of approval from around the table as second and third bites were taken.

“I think I have found the flavor of the top and bottom tier of the cake!”  Izzy squealed in happiness as Rae and Chloe both nodded agreeing with her.

“Great, well, let’s get it settled then.” Archie and Izzy started now talking about decorating as Rae watched Finn start clearing the remaining dishes, Rae stood up and helped him, he smiled to her in return nodding his head for her to follow him in the back.

“That cake you made is something special.”  Rae placed the remaining items in the sink as Finn got to work.

“Thanks, I bake, Archie does all the decorating.  I don’t have the hands to make flowers.”  Finn laughed and dramatically showed Rae his sudsy hands.

“So uh, what made ya go into baking?”  Rae leaned against the counter.

“Don’t know actually.  We were in Uni and Archie was committed to history and I well I was just there really.  Archie got close to some bloke in Uni he were dating and he ended up teaching both of us baking.  He taught Archie a lot more like decorating and all that.  But I got the basics and we just started from there.  Working out of our flat and before we knew it, we moved back to Stamford, but then moved here to Uffington for the storefront.  Anyways, what do you do Rae?”  He finished with the dishes and leaned next to Rae, Finn wasn’t going to lie to himself, Rae intrigued him.  She was beautiful, loose dark curls, huge expressive eyes and a body that if allowed he would run his hands all over.

“Oh, I’m a free lance writer, I write for Kerrang! Magazine and NME magazine.”  Rae shuffled from foot to foot.

“Wait you’re that Rae Earl?  I love reading your work, you know almost as much as me about music.”  Finn laughed.

“What do you mean know almost as much about music as you?  I’m sorry who is the writer for music magazines and who frosts cakes?”  Rae was half meaning the insult and if she would dare to think felt like Finn was flirting with her.

“Oi, I have feelings you know? Besides these cakes pay the bills.”  Finn faked insult by placing his hand on his chest making Rae giggle and Finn took that as a sign to move closer to her.

As soon as their shoulders were touching, Finn was about to say something when he saw the swinging door open and Chloe walk in.  “Sorry, Archie allowed me back here, got two more plates here for you.”  She was batting her eyelashes, which Rae can tell were fake.

“Oh right thanks,” Finn reached and took the plates from Chloe turning around and cleaning them as well.

“What were you two talking about in here?”  Chloe was now leaning over the metal workstation in the middle of the kitchen. 

“Just about the wedding,” Rae lied.

“Oh I just love weddings, don’t you love weddings Finn?”  Chloe leaned further trying to expose more from her already tight fitting dress attempting to show more cleavage.

“Yeah weddings are alright, I guess.”  Finn turned around finishing the last dish.

“There is just something so magical about watching two people in love declare to each other their devotion and commitment to each other for the rest of their lives.”  Chloe said in a fake-pitched voice.

Rae scuffed wanting to call Chloe out about her own wedding and wanted to question her on why her declaration of love didn’t work out, but Rae wouldn’t stoop that low.

“What Rae?  Don’t like weddings?”  Chloe put on a fake shocked face.

“Actually Chlo, I don’t, big waste of money to me, don’t see the need for all the money spent on them.  If ya love someone it’s easier to show them, don’t need to make a show about it.”

“Maybe its because your always a brides maid and never the bride.”  Chloe stood up and crossed her arms.  Rae shouldn’t be shocked at anything Chloe said anymore but still, that was a shot below the belt.  Rae’s mouth hung open, how she ever once considered this girl a friend she would never know.  Finn sensed the tension between the two and couldn’t imagine where Chloe got the right to insult an apparent friend like that.

Rae was embarrassed and didn’t make eye contact with Chloe or Finn and walked towards the swinging door walking back into the front of the shop.  She was actually having a decent time and for some reason was compelled and wanted to talk to Finn more but after Chloe embarrassed her she doesn’t think that will happen again.

Finn was left in the kitchen with Chloe, who walked around the metal table to be on the same side as him.  He didn’t know why but he didn’t necessary like the feeling he was getting from Chloe.  He wanted more then anything to spend just a little more time with Rae; he felt a connection and was positive she felt it too.  He has never felt this attraction and pull to someone before and he wanted to find out more about her to see if he stood a chance, but he knew he first needed to shake this Chloe girl who was sticking to him like fresh gum on the bottom of his shoe.

“Finn I just got to say that you are a very good looking man.”  Chloe stepped a little closer to him.

“Um, uh, thanks, we should go back out in front.”  Finn awkwardly stepped around Chloe and exited the back.  He saw Rae sitting with Izzy and Archie the two of them talking colorfully as Rae just sat with her head on her hand looking distant, he wanted to break her from that focus.

“Oh Archie, Finn, this cake is going to be SO lovely!  I am absolutely over the roof that Chop suggested coming to you both.   Thank you, thank you!”  Izzy chirped clapping her hands excitedly reaching out and hugging Archie.  Finn sat next to Archie at the table right across from Rae.

“Rae do you know Archie and Finn basically taught themselves their trade?  Archie was telling me his ex-boyfriend taught them a bit but the rest they picked up on their own, isn’t that amazing?  I would honestly think you both went to a world renowned culinary or pastry school with both of your skill level.”  Izzy was talking a mile a minute, no one noticing that Chloe had come back out sitting between the last open chair between Izzy and Archie. 

“It’s really easy when you have the passion for it,” Archie played with his glasses.

“Well I couldn’t bake a proper biscuit without burning the bottom,” Rae broke her silence.  Finn looked at her biting his lip trying to hide a smile.

“You know Rae, we offer baking classes, we could teach you a few things.”  Finn smiled big staring at her.  He didn’t notice Archie looking at him in confusion, but Archie didn’t say anything.

“Really?”  Chloe once again interrupted leaning forward.  “When are these classes?”

Finn still hasn’t stop staring at Rae who was now staring back at him, he still held a smile and she looked at him putting a tight lipped smile on her face with a questioning look.

“When are you available Rae?”  Finn asked fiddling with his hands on the table.

“I um, well I have a few interviews this week for work.  What is it Saturday?  I think my next available day is Thursday but I’m sure you have plans.”  She shook her head; she was a little confused on what was going on here.

“Looks like we will be having the lesson on Thursday then, how’s 5 o’clock?”  Finn couldn’t explain the excitement he got thinking he would be able to see Rae again. 

“We will be here.”  Chloe accepted Finn’s invitation making Finn break eye contact with Rae.  He gave Chloe a weak smile but looked back at Rae who was mid eye roll, was that eye roll for him or for her?

“Yeah, we will be here.” Rae nodded her head when she noticed Finn’s eyes were back on her. 

Izzy looked at her watch.  “Oh we got to go ladies, I need to meet the reception hall owners.”  They all stood saying goodbyes, shaking hands.  Finn purposely avoided Rae so she could be the last.  The two of them the last in the shop as Archie and him were going to walk the girls to the car.

“See you Thursday then,” Rae reached out her hand to shake his but Finn extended his arms and hugged her. 

“See you Thursday,” his lips were near her ear causing a chill to run through her.  She walked to Izzy’s car in a daze, confused about what just happened between her and Finn.  She couldn’t explain in words this attraction she felt towards him.

“Thursday should be interesting,” Chloe was looking at herself in the visor mirror as she spoke putting on lip-gloss.

“Why is that?”  Izzy asked as she pulled out on to the road.

“Because I am going to conquer that Finn lad.”  Chloe looked at herself in the mirror one last time with a wink.

Oh shit not again, Rae thought.  I can’t compete with her for someone’s attention again and lose. Whatever excitement Rae held for Thursday was now gone and began dreading it.


“Finn, can I ask you when did we start giving baking lessons?”  Archie asked laughing at his oldest friend.

“Now Archie, now we do.”  Finn turned around patting Archie on the back with a huge smile on his face.  To say he was excited for Thursday was an understatement.

Plus-one (4)

Hello friends. For those who are just joining me in this journey of Finn & Rae, this is an cross-over of The Wedding Date and My Mad Fat Diary, where our golden boy Finn is an escort. The fic definitely veers off from the plot at some points, but I think it probably stays true to the story for the most part. (There is one line that I’ve taken from the movie, but I’ll point that out at the end) I’ve enjoyed writing this bit for sure and hope you enjoy it too! 

I want to thank everyone that has liked, reblogged and commented on this fic and all of my fics really. It’s such a delight to hear from you all and is much appreciated!!

Let me know what you think, please and thank you. xx

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Zero For Starters

So I’ve written this silly and frivolous little fic based off of one of those Daily Au prompts.  Anyway this is my disclaimer and warning not to expect anything more than some fluff and silliness.

Thanks to everyone for previous positive response to sacrificial-friend-part-2.😘

Zero For Starters

Rae always regretted the day she got hammered on Cinzano when her mum hosted a  barbecue.  She was only 15 and it was the first time she’d ever drank a significant amount of alcohol.  The house and garden were full of family, friends and neighbours so her mum didn’t notice her helping herself until it was too late.  Rae already had her arms wrapped around the boy from down the street and was rocking back and forth in time to a song by bloody UB40 when her mum noticed how drunk she was.  She was never going to live that down; her bestie, Chloe always reminded her that she was caught grooving to her mums embarrassing tunes.

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Marketing for Love

Hi all! First I want to apologize for the crappiest of titles for a fic, but I could not come up with one. *shrugs*  The ends was a bit rushed and I gave up on editing ¾ way in.  Enjoy!

Anyways, here is a very long One shot.  Get comfortable for this. It’s just over 21,200 words. 

Warning: Smut

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Plus-one (3)

Hello lovely followers and friends. As promised (I’m big at keeping promises), here’s the third chapter of Plus-one. As I said before, this is a cross-over between the MMFD universe and The Wedding Date. Although the plot mostly follows the movie - I’ve added my own twists. 

I rather like this chapter and I hope you all do too. Let me know! 

Thank you to everyone that commented, liked and reblogged the previous chapters. It means the world to me. (Also, special thanks to the anons that have sent asks.) xx

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Sacrificial Friend

Thanks to all the lovlies that liked, reblogged and commented on smile.  You’re so very kind.

As you may or may not know, I enjoy short chaptered fics and this is the first part of my knew one.  I got the idea from a convo I had with @madfatty ages ago.  She wondered how Chloe got to know Izzy and I thought about it for a minute and thought of something a bit cynical.  I let my over active imagination morph the idea into this mostly unrelated AU.  Sorry to Chloe fans.

Sacrificial Friend

Chloe knew what she had to do.  Since the moment Sally Crowther gave her the idea she thought about it over and over and decided it was the only way she would achieve her goal.  If she could just get their attention she’d be able to snare one of them with her shiny hair and perfect figure.

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Sweet Dreams

a/n: This is a MMFD murder mystery (ghost story too) AU. Sadly, someone in the gang must die (or will they?). Let’s figure out what happened and who did it? Although this is an AU I decided to stick to the theme and story line to my other MMFD fanfic “Say it Ain’t So”. Forgive the typos and such. Enjoy.

You can also check out the other fics here:

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Sweet Dreams, part 1/?

Dear Diary,

Summer is upon us!  The gang and I are on our way to spend a week at an old Scottish manor house outside of Stirling .It better be good for this painful five hour drive! Izzy’s said her parents got married there and its all they ever talk about when they think about going on a holiday. Somehow Finn’s dad put up the money for both of us as part of Finn’s graduation gift. This will be our first holiday together and I think I’m starting to freak. Kester says that I can call him anytime while I’m gone. Then he spoke to Finn for twenty minutes about signs of acute anxiety and what to do when I can’t calm myself down. I was bloody embarrassing but Finn seemed to take it well, he said it made him feel important. Geez…I can’t believe he could ever think that he wasn’t important. 

Anyway, I’m so fucking excited to get away for a while! No more, “Rachel Earl!” or crying baby to listen to for a whole blood week. Me mum were happy that I was going. I think she were more happy that she wasn’t paying. Just me, Finn and the gang in a romantic manor house with bloody servants! Its going to be a couples trip since Danny isn’t allowed to stay away from home that long. He’ll be missed.

Chloe and Keiran are finally back together after months of drama! Now, all she talks about is finally getting her first time with Keiran after all these years, as we’re 30 years old or something. Bloody hell Chlo!!

Archie and Simon are finally openly dating too! It only took Archie graduating and getting into some posh university to drag Simon out of the closet. I’m still not too sure if I like Simon. Finn and I are both of the opinion that Simon is a bit dodgy in some way and we both agree that no one is good enough for our best mate. Archie seems happy though. Can you believe he came to me and Finn for sex advise? Oh diary, I thought that I was a lost cause, but Archie has so many insecurities about his first time and he wants it to be perfect! Oh, you should have seen Finn’s face as Archie asked questions about protection, positions and techniques! Finn kept pulling a face and suggesting that it were probably different since it would be two blokes. I, on the other hand, decided to get creative and visualized me and Finn doing it like two blokes, which is when Finn got up to get more tea. Archie will be fine and this trip will be perfect for him…no perfect for all of us!

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Always A Bridesmaid, Never a Bride Part 4

Hi Everyone!  I know it’s been ages since I have written anything but I finally sat down and did it.  Here is the final part of Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride.  This part is a little long, just over 7500 words.  Also, I didn’t really have the patience to edit it, so hopefully it’s ok. 

Hope you enjoy!

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Here we go++++++

“Chloe?”  Finn stood confused watching Chloe.

“Hi Finn, do ya have time to talk?”  Chloe asked.  Her demeanor shy and hesitant, something Finn was not expecting, which made him even more confused.

“I’m supposed to meet Rae at mine in a bit.  I really should be closing shop so she’s not just waitin’ outside me place.”  Finn started cleaning the countertop again not making eye contact.

“That’s kind of why I want to talk to you Finn.  It’s about Rae.”  Chloe shuffled from foot to foot not making eye contact, concentrating on the floorboards. 

Finn’s eyes shot up and looked dead at Chloe in concern, “What about Rae?  Is she alright?” 

Chloe finally looked up at Finn, “I think we should sit.”


Rae was nervous as she made her way to Finn’s.  She could hear her heart beating loudly in her ears, barely concentrating on the road stretched out in front of her.  She couldn’t even let her ears enjoy the sounds of the melody that were rattling her eardrums.  All she could focus on was her plans with Finn tonight.  Pulling up slowly to his home, she parked across the way.  The lights seemed dim, only a single lamp on which she saw from the bay window covered by drapes.  She looked herself over in the rearview mirror, quickly grabbing her bag and quickly applied a little more mascara and a touch of pink lipstick, smiling at herself in the mirror she nodded approving of her reflection.  She grabbed her bag and headed towards the door, knocking once she was within arms length.  She smiled as she heard Finn’s heavy footsteps approach the door, her smile growing as she heard the doorknob starting to turn.  Finn opened the door she was expecting to be greeted with the same magnetic smile that always greeted her when she was near him.  But instead, she was greeted with a half smile and bloodshot eyes.  He nodded his head, welcoming Rae into his home.

“Finn, are ya alright?”  Rae put her bag down by the door that Finn closed with his back towards her.  Rae felt the tension radiating off of Finn, she placed a hand on his back in between his shoulder blades.  “Finn?”

He slowly turned around capturing her hand that was just on his back, between both of his.  He pulled her to the settee, sitting gently watching her every move. 

“Finn you are starting to scare me.  Did something happen?  Is everything alright?”  Rae pleaded with him.  Their eyes staring into each other’s, hers full of worry and his, she couldn’t figure out what his was full of, concern?

“Rae, you know you can trust me with everything right?  You don’t need to worry, I will be here for you.”  Finn finally breaking his silence, his eyes starting to water slightly, as he was now rubbing his thumb on her cheek.

“I know Finn, where is this coming from?”  Rae couldn’t understand why Finn was acting like this.

“I just want you to know you can trust me, with anything.”

“Finn, will you please stop.  I get it, I have trusted you with everything there is to really know about me.” 

“Rae, please.  I already know, please just, just tell me, I need to hear it from you.”  Finn’s eyes were pleading with Rae.

“I really don’t know what you are on about Finn.”

“Chloe came into the shop today Rae.  We, well we talked and she told me Rae, she told me why you two had a falling out.”  Finn grabbed her hands attempting to intertwine their fingers, but Rae pulled out of his grip.

“What did she tell you?”  Rae moved back, adjusting herself so she was fully facing Finn but a sizable space between them, her anger spiking.

“She told me everything Rae, about your troubles when you were 16 and why you two don’t talk anymore, about the blokes she,” Finn was speaking the most and fastest she’s ever heard from him. 

“She told you?”  She interrupted angrily spitting the words. 

“Rae don’t be mad, she didn’t go into detail.  She heard how serious we are gettin’ and well, I think she is concerned for you.  She cares about you.”  Finn tried to explain, he knew what Chloe had done was crossing a line, but he was glad she did.  He just wanted Rae to be completely open with him as he has been with her.

“What exactly did she tell you?”  Rae shifted further away from Finn on the settee, her eyes concentrated on the floor, tears in her eyes, her voice barely above a whisper but with so much acid in her tone.

“Where do you want me to start?” 

“From the beginning, word for word, what did she say?”

“Um, Rae this is, it’s hard.”  Finn looked at Rae for support to repeat the words but instead he was met with an icy glare, an impatient face and expectant eyes.  “Fine, fine.  I don’t know how to say it Rae.”  Rae half chuckled and nodded her head in disbelief, feeling the pain she had suppressed for so long rising to the surface again.

“Chloe told me that you suffered in the past.  That you were tormented in school and she was unaware of how bad it had gotten and how you decided to deal with it, that you would hurt yourself.  She said she didn’t know how bad it was.  I hate to think that if what you did actually worked you wouldn’t be here today, in this world.  I know life gets hard you know and when you’re young all of it just seems too much, like there is no way out.  If I would of known you then Rae, I would of told you everyday, how special you are, how beautiful you are, that someone in this whole god damned world wants and needs you here.  You can rely on me Rae, I promise you can.”

“Is that all she told you?”

“No.”  Finn shook his head not wanting to go further.

“What else she tell you then?”  Rae looked straight at Finn, his eyes frantically taking in every emotion and square inch of her face.

“I can’t,” he shrugged.

“What did she say about me Finn?”

“Rae, please I don’t want to open old wounds.” 

“Too late.  Just tell me.”

Finn cleared his throat getting choked up, “Chloe told me that you and this bloke named Liam you met in therapy and you had gotten together.  He didn’t help you.  He hurt you more, he was, oh fuck if I ever fuckin’ cross paths with this arsehole I will fuckin’ kill him.  He, he would put ya down.  She told me you were so broken that when you reached out to her for help she was too self centered dealing with her wedding plans.  She wasn’t there when she needed to be.  That you once again, tried to,” Finn couldn’t speak anymore and looked at Rae, a single tear running down his cheek, he noticed Rae’s eyes were swollen with tears.  He couldn’t stand the space she had put between them, he closed the gap and wrapped Rae in his arms but Rae was frigid. 

“I don’t know why you would try to do that Rae.  I wish more then anything our worlds collided much sooner then they did but I will never let anythin’ else happen to you.”  Finn was desperately clinging on to Rae but noticed Rae still hadn’t reciprocated the gesture.

“I think I should go.”  Rae said as she moved out of the grip Finn had on her.

“Wha’? Why?”  Finn felt like she was slipping away from him.  Did he say too much?  Was it too much too fast?  All he could do is think of the ache that has been spreading within him since he and Chloe had their talk.  He was so lost in his train of thought that he hadn’t noticed Rae had already stood up and was making her way to the door.  “No! Please Rae, we need to talk about this you need to talk about this!  Chloe said you haven’t spoken to anyone since what happened between you and Liam.” 

“Well tell ya what Finn, I will give ya Chloe’s mobile and you two can have a long chat about it.”  Rae spat angrily opening the door not looking back as she made her way to her car.  Finn went to go after Rae but as soon as she heard his footsteps, she shouted from the driver’s side of the car, “So help me Finn Nelson, if you come any closer we will never see each other again!”  Those words made Finn stop at once; not see each other at all?  Was she serious?  Finn has never felt what he feels for her for anyone and that scares him beyond his wits, but what scares him more are two facts.  One being the girl he is mad about has gone through so much and hasn’t faced her demons and secondly, she had mentioned never seeing him again, which means, she has already contemplated leaving him before.  Finn watched helplessly as he watched Rae shed a number of tears before she gripped the wheel exhaling deeply and took off in her car without so much of a glance back to Finn. 


Rae had spent a full weeks time ignoring everyone and almost everything except for work.  It seems that Finn has been desperate to communicate with her, even reached out to her mum, but Rae just told Linda that it was a normal fight that will blow over.  But Rae didn’t know if it would blow over, yes she knew it was Chloe who had reached out to Finn but Finn could of sent her away, right?  Was there any point in that conversation that might have seemed like a good time to stop Chloe?  Where did Chloe get off going and telling her boyfriend things about her past?  Suddenly, Rae was overcome with not only anger but also jealousy.  Chloe had taken a deep and meaningful conversation that Rae knew she would have eventually had with Finn and took that from them.  A new set of tears ran down Rae’s face, but this time Rae wasn’t crying because she was angry.  No, she was crying because she was so unsure on how to fix all of this.

Rae sat around her flat trying to make a plan.  She knew she would have to deal with Chloe, but she couldn’t just approach her on her own, on the sole fact that she may commit a murder.  Secondly, she may also need to apologize to Izzy for being a crap Maid of Honor who has been ignoring all of her calls and texts.  Lastly, how would she ever deal with Finn?  That one, she will leave for last because it will be the hardest to deal with. 


Rae made her way to Izzy and Chops flat.  It was the day before the wedding and Rae had finally returned Izzy’s call where Izzy berated Rae for 10 minutes about how she needed her and she wasn’t there and she either shows up to the rehearsal today or Izzy will not be held accountable for her actions.  Before Rae could knock on the door Chop opened the door completely unaware of Rae’s presence. 

“I will be there, alrigh’?  I am going to get me brothers and we will be at the church Izzy!”  Chop was shouting when he collided with Rae, his eyes were wild.  “Oh thank bloody fuck you are here Raemundo.  That girl in there is about to have me balls on the mantel.  She’s all your problem now.  RAEMUNDO’S HERE IZ! I WILL SEE YA THERE!”  With that Chop was out of the flat and down the stairs before Rae could process what was happening.

“Well don’t just stand there Rae, I need help you know?”  Izzy barked from the table within the kitchen.

“Sorry coming.”  Rae made her way to the table and started packing the ribbons that Izzy intended to tie on the pews. 

“There you are you sneaky sneak.   Been avoiding your best mate have we?”  Izzy’s demeanor changed to her more chipper tone once she noticed the extra hands helping her getting the decorations ready for the church.

“I might have been ignoring everyone on the face of the earth.  What have you heard?”  Rae asked as she placed the last few plastic flowers in the box and closed the lid.

“Well from what I’ve heard, Chloe is fearing her life and Finn has been one grumpy sod who barely speaks to anyone.  Hmm, sound familiar?”  Izzy walked by Rae nudging her with her hip caring the box.  Rae followed suit bringing the last box to Rae’s car. 

“I’m not being grumpy.”  Rae protested.

“I beg to differ midyear, but let’s just focus on this for now.  Are you going to talk to him?  Or will my wedding be one of the most awkward weddings to be apart of?”  Izzy placed the boxes in the boot and slammed it shut.

“Our personal affairs will not ruin your day Iz, I promise.”  Rae settled into the driver’s side starting the engine. 

“You are going to talk to him though ya?  Cuz I don’t think I can sit back and not get involved if ya don’t Rae.  You were the happiest I’ve seen you in years, he brought the old Rae back, the best Rae.  You smiled more with him then I think you have in your entire life.”  Izzy confided.

“I want to and I need to, but I don’t know where to start.  I mean, I stormed out of his home and didn’t look back and haven’t responded to him in over a week.  I’m sure he thinks it’s over.”   

“I wouldn’t be to sure about that Rae.  According to Chop, Archie says Finn has been in a right state since ya left.  The grumpiest he has ever been.”

“Hm.  He was known to be a grumpy sod huh?”  Rae gave Izzy a side eye as they started to pull into the church car park.

“Since the time I first met Finn he maybe said a total of 10 phrases to me, all muttered and difficult to depict but when he met you there was a change.  Everyone’s seen it.”  Izzy started to climb out the car.  Rae sat mindlessly running her hands on the ridges of the wheel. 


Rae has stood in the same spot for over an hour listening to the instructions of the Officiate.  It was very apparent that Chop had chosen to have all of his brothers to be the three groomsmen at the wedding because they all have the same goofy and playful demeanor that couldn’t take anything seriously.  Including being able to make a precession down the aisle correctly and in time or to stand by their brother and keep quiet.  But that really wasn’t what was irritating Rae, well fully at least, what irritated Rae was Chloe being not only in the same building as her but being within an arms length of her.  It was taking Rae all her strength not to reach over Izzy’s sister and bash Chloe’s face into the steps they were standing on, but imagining herself doing that is just as satisfying.

It took almost two hours for the whole wedding party to settle down and get in line with each other.  Rae was grateful when Izzy finally declared it wasn’t perfect but it will do.  Rae quickly hugged Rae and Chop telling Izzy to get some sleep and she will be round at Izzy’s parents house in the morning to help her get ready and was making her way out to the car park.

“Rae! Rae! RACHEL!”  Chloe shouted out to Rae but she didn’t want to hear one word she had to say.

“Rae please! I didn’t know he didn’t know!”  Chloe was speaking way too loud for Rae’s comfort, Rae turned around quickly forcing Chloe to come to an abrupt stop.

“Oh bollocks to that Chloe, you knew he didn’t know!”  Rae spat angrily.

“Ok fine, I did know he didn’t.  But I didn’t do it because of the reason you think I did it.” 

“What was that?  That you want MY boyfriend?” 

“No! I mean, yes well look you know I was attracted to Finn in the beginning alright?  But I’m not after your sodding boyfriend.  I don’t know what I was thinking, I went there to talk to him about you, like I’ve done with all your boyfriends’ but-” Chloe was stuttering and trying to explain.

“What do you mean talk to him like all my boyfriends?”  Rae interrupted, her anger at an all-new level that tears were welling in her eyes.

“Nothing it’s not important.” 

“No Chloe, you told me you talk to all me boyfriends, in what way do you talk to them?”  Rae demanded.

“I, look, I just care so much about you and after what happened with Liam, I feel like it’s my responsibility to make sure it never happens again. So I make sure they, that they deserve to be with you, is all.”  Chloe admitted with the same amount of tears spilling down her face. 

“So you just go around telling all my potential suitors what happened to me?”  Rae asked.

“No god Rae definitely not.  I usually give them the third degree and they piss off out of your life but, as soon as I started talking to Finn about you, it was different.  He talked about you different, I knew he was good enough for you.  Then he asked me why am I interrogating him like some sort of criminal.  So I told him I am just very protective of you.”

“Then it just slipped out then?”  Rae scuffed but her anger was melting trying to picture Finn speaking fondly of her.

Chloe tried to distract Rae and it actually worked.  “I’m so sorry Rae, I ruined this for you.  It’s just I feel so responsible you know?  I just want you to have one of those loves that stories are written about and I may have just ruined your happy ending.” 

“Chloe you are not at fault for what happened to me.  You did not place the blades in my hand did you?”  Chloe shook her head.  “Did you tell Liam to put me down?  Did you tell him to treat me the way he did?”  Again, Chloe shook her head.  “Well then, how are you responsible?”

“I should of saw it Rae.  I did see it but I didn’t think it was because of what it was.  Instead, I thought it was first jealousy of my popularity at college, and then I thought because I was settling down with Joshua.  But I was wrong, it wasn’t any of that, it was more of a cry for help and I ignored it.  I ignored my best mates warning signals because I was so self-centered.  If I can do anything Rae, it would go back and change everything.  I would have been the best mate you deserved.”  Chloe was crying hysterically now, and so was Rae.  Before she could process what she was doing, Rae reached out to Chloe and hugged her.  Grasping her once best friend into a tight hug, both crying for each other and themselves at the same time.  They had spent too many years with too much hostility.

They had worked their way over to the garden outside the church.  Chloe had decided to tell Rae the real reason why she had divorced Joshua, her ex-husband.  Rae always assumed it was because they had cheated on each other, which was what Chloe had told her and Izzy, but the cheating was more one sided on Joshua’s part, but that wasn’t the main reason.  He never understood why she bothered with friends like Rae and Izzy, that the people she chose to hang around with were too mundane, for Chloe that was the last straw, so she packed her bags and never turned back. 

“You know, if someone would of told me two weeks ago all of this would of happened, I would of laughed in their face.”  Chloe laughed lightly.  “We’re alright though right?”

“I just need to know one thing Chlo, and I could put this all behind us.”  Rae said.

“Absolutely, anything Rae, what is it?”

“Why did you tell Finn?”

“I had no intention to.  But once I was giving him the normal run down, he became so protective of you.  No one had ever been that defensive, as if he were betraying you by talking to me, even if I was just threatening him a bit.  He started on about its nowt my business and that nothing would ever happen to you with him.  Then I had mention good because I won’t allow it o happen again.  Then he got all too inquisitive and he is pretty persuasive without really noticing it.  I mean, before I knew it I was knee deep in giving your story and once I was done, he looked broken and told me that I needed to leave, so I did.”

With new tears falling down her face, Rae replied, “He is persuasive and can get someone to do something they never thought they never would, like bake.  Do you know whenever I stay at his, he wakes me at 4 in the morning to go to his shop and help him bake?  I mean, I don’t get even get paid for it.”

“Oi, I bet he pays you some other way.”  Chloe giggled nudging Rae with her shoulder.  Rae’s face was turning red.

“A girl never bakes and tells.” Rae laughed wiggling her brows.

“So, how is the happiest couple on earth anyways?”

“Well I’m sure they are having a go at each other after the rehearsal but I’m sure tomorrow they will be all good.”

“No not them silly, you and Finn!  How are you two?  How did that conversation go?” 

“Oh, um, well, I kind of just stormed off, haven’t talked to him since.” 

“He will be here tomorrow yeah?  At the reception?”  Rae nodded.  “Well weddings are the perfect place for reconciliation and I heard bringing home a bridesmaid is good luck, let alone the maid of honor.”  Chloe again started to giggle uncontrollably.  But Rae knew Chloe was right tomorrow, she will right her wrongs with Finn.


Rae’s morning was hectic to say the least.  After arriving at Izzy’s families’ house, she was swept up and was being poked and prodded by the make up artist that was hired for the bride and bridal party and was left with a perfect dark smokey eye.  Next she was plopped down in front of a mirror as someone teased and curled her hair in to a perfect loose bun with strands intentionally left down to frame her face.  Before she knew it, it was time to head to the church and finish getting ready there.

Rae, Chloe and Izzy’s sister Holly were all dressed in the same black knee length chiffon dress with short sleeves. They stood waiting for Izzy as her mother helped her into her dress.  It flowed to the floor with a train behind her.  Everyone held back tears as Izzy hugged her mother and they started to form the line for the wedding procession. 

Rae stood with Chop’s oldest brother, whose name was Marcus but he instead liked to be called Matchbook, Rae never understood that nickname.  As soon as the violinists started to play, the procession made its way down the aisle.  It was Rae and Matchbooks turn.  Rae tried to keep her eyes forward like they were told, but she was panning the right side of the pews, scanning the numerous faces for the one she was searching for.  The thing that caught her eye was his fringe that always covered his forehead.  Rae allowed herself a brief moment to collect herself and turned back making full eye contact with Finn before she passed his row.  They made it to the altar and Rae took her spot waiting for Izzy, her eyes keep darting from the aisle anticipating Izzy to Finn, who was staring at her.  Rae stood at her spot and glanced over at Chop who looked to be as nervous as ever.

Finally, Izzy appeared, her father and her made their way down the aisle to the wedding march.  Rae watched as Izzy’s father handed Izzy’s hand to Chop.  Once up the small steps of the altar, the ceremony began. Rae felt the glare from Finn the entire ceremony while her back was turned.  When it came time for them to do their vows, Rae turned to take Izzy’s bouquet.  Rae was able to turn her head and confirm that Finn was still staring at her, his eyes never leaving hers.  Even though it had only been a week of not seeing him, Rae felt like seeing him was like getting a jot of electricity running through her blood.  They both were so caught up in their eye gazing, the only thing that made their eyes break apart was the rest of the people attending, stood up because they had shared their first kiss as a married couple. 

Rae had to make her way down the aisle and outside of the church with Matchbook.  Once outside, family and friends gushing over the newlyweds surrounded the wedding party. Rae was scanning the crowd looking for Finn, but was quickly ushered off to take photos.

After several hours of being told to pose around the newlyweds, they were finally on their way to the reception.  Rae’s heart was beating fast and her palms were sweating.  She knew this would be her and Finn’s first interaction since the bad fall out, where she stormed out on him.  How was she going to work up the courage to face him?  She had begged Izzy to place Archie and Finn at her table; there was no avoiding this.  Chloe noticed Rae’s nervousness and linked their arms together.

“Rae, ya need to calm down.  Do ya really think this can go badly?”  Rae shook her head no because she was too nervous to talk.  “Well then, steady on my dear.  If all else fails, we will be old hags together, deal?”  Rae smiled, nodded and took a deep breath, as the pulled up to the reception hall.

The wedding party was introduced along with the bride and groom.  Rae headed for her table and sure enough, Finn was there, sitting next to an empty chair where her name tent was placed.  He gave her a smirk, stood and pulled her chair out for her.

“Thank you.”  She crooked.

“You’re welcome.” 

“Finn I wanted to talk,” Rae turned to Finn, his eyes searching her face.  He was about to speak when the DJ came over and introduced Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Peters ready for their first dance. 

Finn leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Later then?”  Rae nodded, blushing due to the closeness and being able to feel Finn’s breath on her ear.  “Let’s just enjoy this until then, ya?”  Rae once again nodded. 

The dinner portion went smoothly, most of the wedding party was at their table and conversation flowed.  Rae ached to be able to speak to Finn alone or to be able to reach out and grasp his hand that was lying on the table, but she knew, it wouldn’t be right yet.  So she went with the flow, making small sarcastic remarks when necessary.  She kept an eye and ear tuned to Finn’s comments and gestures; he seemed to be struggling with something as well. 

Finally it came time for Izzy and Chop to cut into the cake.  Chop had asked for the microphone, calling Finn and Archie to the table where the cake was placed. 

“I just wanted to personally thank these two for the cake.  Back when we were young lads, we would talk about our futures.  Course, we all wanted to be street fighters or astronauts or other nonsense.  But, these two men have done a great job with their business and my Izzy has done nothin’ but rave about this cake.  I couldn’t be more pleased to say that it were me two closest mates to do this for me.  Can everyone grab a glass, to Archie and Finn,” Chop said as he raised his champagne flute to clink the pint glass Archie and Finn were holding.  Rae felt a sense of pride watching the photographer take pictures of the four of them and the cake, she knew Finn wasn’t one for spotlight but didn’t mind when it was about the business. 

Finn made his way back to the table and sat next to Rae plopping down on the chair.  Chloe gave Rae wide eyes as to ask what was taking so long and Rae rolled her eyes at Chloe as they both giggled.

“What’s so funny?”  Finn asked leaning to place both his elbows on the table.

“Nothing!” Chloe replied laughing even harder.

“Don’t mind her Finn, two glasses of fizz and she’s done for.”  Rae tried to change the subject.  There were a few more moments of small talk before the DJ called up the best man and Maid of Honor for their toasts.  Matchbook’s best man speech was full of jokes about Chop that had the guests laughing and Chop frowning, leaving Izzy to rub Chop’s back in reassurance, but she too was enjoying some of the never told stories.

It was Rae’s turn now, she hadn’t really planned a full-length speech but had a few things written down. 

“Hello, I’m Rachel.  I’ve known Isabel since we were 16 years old.  We met through one of the other bridesmaids, Chloe.  The three of us were inseparable, did everything together, literally almost everything.  It wasn’t off to find the three of us spending weekends at one of our homes, enjoying each other’s company.  I remember one night we were all talking about our futures, and our dear Izzy said, ‘I can’t wait to be a wife.  To come home to the same person I get to wake up to and fall asleep to.’  No more then three months later, Izzy met that knucklehead Arnold and right away we all knew.  They might have not known from the get go, but we did.  Chloe and I took bets on when we think they were going to settle down, so don’t worry Chlo; I have your tenner, you were right.  I thought they were goin’ to run off and get married young ya know?  I mean it’s nice to be around a couple so in love with each other.  But they decided to wait, let Izzy settle down in her teaching job and Arnold, Chop, sorry it feels bizarre calling you Arnold, and Chop to take over the garage for his father.  But finally, they decided to make it official, and let me just say, Chop you made Izzy smile wider then I have ever seen before and for that I am thankful.  I think we should all be grateful if we find that connection with someone, you know, that spark.  It’s easier to run from these tremendous and scary feelings but when you feel them, we shouldn’t shy away from them.  We should embrace them.  It could be the best thing to ever happen to us, because love is special, especially when the person you love is as magnificent as love itself.  To the happy couple.” 

Rae raised her glass and her eyes found Finn’s to see he was smiling, and when their eyes connected, both of their smiles grew even wider, and Rae realized she mirrored the words that Izzy had told her about her reaction to Finn, smiling wider when you feel the connection.  People in attendance started to clink their glasses as Izzy and Chop leaned in for a kiss but Chop took Izzy by surprise and brought her to the dance floor.

Rae watched from the side by the bar as her two friends swayed back and forth to I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston the DJ had announced couples are welcomed to join in the dance.  She felt a presence by her side and looked over and saw Finn right next to her. 

“Care to dance?”  He asked as he offered Rae his hand.  She nodded and placed her hand in his and they made their way to the dance floor.  Finn placed one hand on Rae’s hip and lifted their joint hand in the air, as Rae placed her free hand on his shoulder.

“You know I normally can’t stand weddings.”  Finn confided.

“Hm. Me too, but I reckon because it’s Chop and Izzy’s I don’t mind.”

“Is that the reason you think?”  Finn questioned leaning his head to the left to look at Rae.

“Yes?”  Rae said confused.

“It has nothin’ to do with who ya here with?  Or actually who your dancin’ with considerin’ you’ve been avoidin’ me calls.”  Finn asked a little dejected. 

“Now that you mention it, that may be the reason, but can’t be too certain.”  Rae wanted to antagonize Finn just a little bit.

“What would make you certain?”

“Is the lad I am here with my boyfriend?” 

“I want to say yes Rae, but we definitely need to talk don’t you think?”

“Do you want to nip out of here then?”  Finn had stopped dancing, but his eyes were dancing circles around Rae’s face trying to read her. 

“Oh look Chloe the lovebirds have made up.”  Archie joked as he and Chloe swayed closely to Finn and Rae.

“Is that right Archie?  About time.”  Chloe joked, she knew she was guilty for causing the riff between Finn and Rae but from the looks of it, they will get on just fine. 

Finn and Rae looked at each other and shrugged happily.  Rae placing her head on Finn’s shoulder causing any space that was between their bodies to close.  “We’ll leave in a bit yeah?”  Finn whispered in Rae’s ear and she nodded enjoying the tenderness in this moment.

The evening was winding down and Finn was watching Rae speak animatedly to Archie and Chloe, all three in hysterics as Rae banged on about some joke or another.  Finn couldn’t keep a track of the story; he was just basking in the light that was Rae.  He absentmindedly stretched his arm out around Rae, wrapping her shoulders in his arm and she turned to him smiling. 

“I think Finn here is knackered.  Ready to go?”  Rae asked Finn.  He nodded.  They said goodbyes to everyone and made their way to the car park outside of the reception hall. 

“If you want to go home Finn, I understand, we can talk tomorrow?”  Rae suggested seeing Finn was visibly tired.

“I want to talk Rae, sleep is for the patient and my patience for being in the dark has warn off.  Want to go back to mine?”  Finn suggested.

“Well we are closer to my flat, so we can go back to mine, if that’s alrigh’?” 

“S’pose it will do.”  Finn smiled as he led Rae to his car.

The drive to Rae’s flat though short seemed long, as there was an awkward silence that fell on them.  Rae kept shifting her eyes to Finn trying to see his mood, but there was just concentration for the road.

They made their way to the flat, still no words being spoken, once inside Rae said she would make some tea.  Finn sat on the settee and watched as Rae brought two hot steaming mugs of tea over.

“So..” Rae started.

“So,” Finn acknowledged.

“I don’t know where to begin.”

“Why don’t you begin as to why you took off on me Rae?  Why haven’t you returned any of my calls?”

“I were scared.  I didn’t want to talk about it.  I still don’t really want to but for the sake of whatever I can salvage of this relationship I will.”  Rae said.

“Then start where you want Rae, I’m all ears.”

“I know Chloe told you.  I don’t know what or how much she told you so I will give it to you straight, no interruptions, then you can ask questions after?”  Rae ended with a questioning tone to signify if this is good enough for Finn.  He gave one nod and moved back against the settee, getting comfortable.

“When I was 16, I was the walking joke of my school and they made it known that I would never fit in.  The things that they would say to me, do to me, it were too cruel and Chloe had just found herself to be popular, so it was hard to even speak to her without someone taking the piss out of me.  My mum was working a lot, so I had loads of time to really dwell on life.  I just weren’t happy you know?  I didn’t ever think I could be happy again, so I began to harm myself, and one night when I was too far into my dwelling I went a little to far. My mum found me and checked me into hospital after.  When I was released, Chloe introduced me to Izzy and we all got on so well.  Meanwhile, I was havin’ mandatory therapy where my therapist suggested that I start group therapy, that’s where I met Liam.  Maybe I was attracted to him because we had some similarities, mostly mental similarities or maybe it was just he seemed to get me at the time, but I was unaware of how much I was wrong.  We started datin’ and he was cruel to me.  He would put me down; tell me things no boyfriend should ever tell his girlfriend.  When I felt brave enough to talk to Chloe, she were to busy in her wedding plans that she didn’t want to be bothered, no I think I didn’t want to bother someone with my problems.  So I once again, turned to that darkness within me and I went to far again, spent some time recuperating and cut any ties I had with Liam and all those negative people in my life.   Then, one day, my best mate tells me we are going on a cake tasting adventure in Uffington and my life hasn’t been the same since.”  Rae ended with a small grin but tears in her eyes.

“Rae,” Finn crooked, choking on the emotion swelling within him.  “You have no idea that within the one month we have been together, I have never been so happy and content in my life.  You literally walked into my shop and walked out taking my heart with you.  I wish there were things I could say or somethin’, anythin’ I could do to right your past but I can’t.”  Finn said as he stroked a stand of Rae’s hair.  “What I can do is promise that from here on out, you will never be alone.  You will have someone who will always be there for you and wants to be.  Someone who will tell you day in and day out just how lovely and beautiful you are, because that’s what you are Rae, you’re lovely and I can’t imagine a world that you aren’t.”  Finn rested his hand on Rae’s cheek and she leaned into it.  “Rae, don’t ever feel that you can’t tell me anything, ok?  You’re my girl and I will do anything to keep you happy.”  Rae was so overcome with relief and happiness that she leant in and captured Finn’s lips with hers. 

Finn pulled back slightly resting his forehead on Rae’s, “We good then?”  He asked.

“Yes Finn, we’re good.”  Rae said pressing her lips to his again.  The passion between them flowed through their veins.  Before she was aware of what was happening, Finn had Rae’s back pressed against the sofa, him on top of her, he was making his way down her neck.  She was breathing heavily, “Finn, let’s go to my bedroom.” 

Finn stopped his attack on her neck, “Are you sure?”  She leaned up pressing her body to his, kissing him with everything she had.  They made their way to her room quickly, and for the first time in Rae’s life, she had made true and unacquainted love to the man she was falling for.


2 years later.

“Can we see the bride yet?”  Chloe and Izzy were standing outside of the bedroom door.

“Give us a sec love.”  Linda replied from the other side of the securely closed door.  They heard a few steps being taken when the door opened, Linda was wearing a simple long dark purple dress with crystal detailing and ushered them into the room to close the door quickly behind them. 

“Oh Rae you look breathtakingly beautiful!”  Izzy chirped with happy tears in her and Chloe’s eyes.

“Oh Izzy don’t cry.”  Rae said turning around from the full-length mirror. “S’not good for the baby.”  Izzy took a handkerchief that they placed in her bouquet because she was a little emotional going into her third trimester of pregnancy. 

Rae really was pleased with the dress she had chosen, it was a simple v-cut top dress on the top, but the bottom was lace and embellished with flowers and crystals and it stopped just at the floor. 

Chloe and Izzy hugged Rae, knowing that this was everything they could ever want for her and more.  “Oh alright you two, do not make me cry before the ceremony.  I do not want to ruin my make up.”  She broke out of the group hug and looked at her two maids’ of honor, dressed in lilac dresses, both cut differently to perfectly fit their bodies but made with the same material.

There was a light knock on the door, Karim peeked in, “it’s time.” 

Both Izzy and Chloe had already made it to the garden, both walked down with Archie and Chop.

Rae stood at the door leading to the garden outside, Karim came to her side, “You still have time to change mind, yes?  I have car keys here, just say when.”  He smiled.

“No Karim, sorry to disappoint, but I have every intention of going out there and marrying the man of my dreams.”  Rae said as she slid her arm into his.

“Then we go, now.” Karim stepped into the garden and helped Rae out. 

The garden in which was once just his but now they shared was covered in fairy lights.  It was a small ceremony, only close family and friends, which was the only way Rae would want it.  She made her way further into the garden and finally was able to see Finn standing at the edge of the garden surrounded by their four mates and the officiant.  Rae glanced around noting only Finn’s father and his uncle had shown for him, and for Rae her mum, sister and Karim were there; only the people that mattered to them were there.

Once their eyes met, the walk seemed to take forever but once there and Karim handed Rae over to Finn, they were the only two people there, everyone else faded out.

After the ceremony, they had a small intimate reception where the ceremony took place; Archie had made a small single tiered cake that matched the detailing on Rae’s dress.  They shared a few dances and drinks; the night was coming to an end. 

All of their family and friends said their goodbyes and wished the two newlyweds happiness.  Once alone, Rae made her way back to the garden, in attempt to clean the mess.

“You’re not going to clean in that are you?”  Finn asked as he stood at the door watching his new wife.

“I was thinkin’ about it.”  Rae replied as she picked up a cup that was left on the floor.

“No, not tonight Rae, it can wait,” Finn said as he was making his way to Rae, “dance with me?”  Rae nodded as Finn took her in his arms and she rested her head on his shoulders. 

“Tonight was perfect wasn’t it?”  Rae asked.

“That it was.  Well up until Chop wanted to see who can hold my drink, him or my uncle,” Finn laughed.

“Don’t sound so shocked, you chose your groomsmen, not me.”

“Oh and your bridesmaids were any better?  Izzy was a crying mess and Chloe was just, well she was Chloe.” 

“You’re right, remind me to tell them when I was a bridesmaid to them, I did my duties quite well, it was as if I were made to do it.” 

“Oh Rae, you were never meant to be just their bridesmaid.  You were always meant to be my bride.”  Finn said as he brought his lips to hers.




Happy Christmas

Okay, this is fic #3 of my short, quick, not at all perfect lifetime christmas movie esque fic. I realize now that American Christmases and British christmases are VERY different, so please excuse any horrible discrepancies between the 2 cultures. I will admit that this one isn’t great. It jumps around a lot but it’s cute at least. Anyway, hope you enjoy!!

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Hello my lovely mmfd friends.  It’s been a while I know but it’s about time I thank those of you that liked, reblogged and said nice things about pished.  Ta muchly.  

So I haven’t written anything for ages and I’m not even sure what this is or whether it even warrants a tag, but heck I’ve been told otherwise in the past, so here goes:

I apologise for typo’s etc, if you see any major errors let me know and I’ll correct them.


She knows she shouldn’t keep going into his place of work and mulling over the records.  She doesn’t have any money in her pockets; just some fluff, a screwed up tissue and a button that pinged from her jeans a few days ago.

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Fallout4 Romantic Partners Guide


Hancock - ghoul boyfriend AKA flirty druggie with heart eyes
Paladin Danse - tincan boyfriend AKA asshole with a heart of gold
Maccready - sarcastic boyfriend AKA funny af merc who is scared of aliens bless his spirit
Preston - lawful good boyfriend AKA is a total square but a precious square the world doesnt deserve him
Cait - kickass girlfriend AKA looks scary because she is scary also irish????
Piper - cinnamon roll girlfriend AKA everyones manic pixie dream girl
Curie - frenchbot girlfriend AKA she is literally the sweetest most precious soul protect her at all costs
Valentine - no ones boyfriend AKA the Tumblr thirst is so real

Runaways Part 3

Hi Everyone!  Here is part 3 of my Runaways fic.  This one is mainly from Finn’s point of view which I think is kind of refreshing.  I still don’t know how many parts this one is going to be, bare with me. Anyways hope you all like it.

Part 1

Part 2

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Getting comfortable anywhere Rae was seemed easy for Finn, it only took him a few times sneaking in and out of her house before he mastered it.  Getting in was the easy part considering Rae would either distract her parents if they were in the lounge or he just had to tread lightly up the stairs behind her.  Now leaving was tricky, considering he had to leave before Linda, Karim and baby Buchtat were awake.  Normally feeding the baby was a noisy venture for either parent and they would allow the baby to cry up a storm until they gotten her fed properly which Finn used as an alarm clock.  Finn knew he had to wait about 20 minutes after the first early morning feeding to sneak out and this is the one that still made him nervous since Rae was virtually no help at this point.  He would normally lean over placing a kiss anywhere on her face that wasn’t covered by her hair and Rae would just mutter her goodbye and roll over, if he wasn’t crazy for this girl he wouldn’t think it was one of the cutest things ever.  He would sneak down the stairs with no shoes on and slowly and carefully unlock and open the door, praying that it wouldn’t creak or squeak and have to quietly relock it from the hidden key Rae showed him in the front garden under a vase.  Every time he had to James Bond out of Rae’s house he would feel and hear his heart beat banging loud in his chest, terrified that Karim would wake up and realize he was there all night.  Finn always thought that this was the loudest his heart would ever beat, but he was wrong.

Laying on Rae’s bed he was nodding his head to the music enjoying the sounds of the lyrics he purposely put on a mix tape to tell Rae everything he feels for her.  He was never one of the romantic types but when it came to Rae, it was all different, all new.  He turned his head to the left and saw a few issues of music magazines and shifted to pick them up, not realizing how hard he turned Rae’s backpack full off her stuff fell and her open bag hit the floor scattering her things everywhere.  “Bollocks,” he whispered to himself trying to be quiet and sitting up.  “Sorry Rae, I’ll pick it up.” He started picking up all the items that fell over, he grabbed a Care Bear pencil container and shoved it back in her bag laughing to himself, he saw a few other items on the floor mostly candy wrappers, her notebook, a book that looked bound in leather but under that there were several pamphlets.  One with a baby surrounded by a group of smiling adults that was titled, “Adoption, is it right for You?” he flipped the next one over “Baby Growth in the First Trimester” and lastly, “Pregnancy Termination: A Need to Know Guide.”  His heart was beating faster and louder then ever before, he would of given anything to go back a few seconds ago to thinking that sneaking out was the scariest thing in the world.  He blinked rapidly, refocusing on the pamphlets in his hands he was confused; maybe it wasn’t what he thinks it is.  He heard the door open and from his peripheral vision watched Rae step out of her bathroom and watch her stop dead in her tracks.  Without looking up from the packets he said a little too loudly, “Rae, what in the bloody fuck are you doing with these?”

In his mind he was hoping that Rae would laugh and say she’s had them from her mum’s pregnancy, maybe she needed them for a class she was taking.  He looked up and watched her shift from foot to foot nervously fumbling with her fingers and he knew, he knew it was true. 

“How long have you known Rae?”  He choked on his words still trying to be quiet but needed the truth.  She still hadn’t looked up but he saw tears running down her face. 

“Rae, answer me, how long?”  He was now starting to crumble the pamphlets he held in his hands out of agitation.  “Rae, I need to know how long, tell me!” He spat quietly, terror, anger, fear and worry creating an emotional tornado within him. 

“A week,” she wept.  He didn’t know what took over him but seeing her broken snapped him out of his selfish thinking, if this is how he felt after only two minutes of this unknown charter, how did she feel?  He stood up taking a few steps towards her but she started to walk backwards towards the en suite again. 

“Please don’t be mad at me Finn, I am sorry it’s all my fault.  I didn’t mean for this to happen.”  She was blaming herself for this and Finn was even more confused, why is she taking this on herself, he stepped towards her again and she ended up pressed against the door.  He reached his hand up and wiped a tear away from her cheek. “I didn’t mean for this Finn, I can’t say it enough.  I don’t know what to do Finn, what do I do?”

His insides ached he didn’t know the answer.  “What do you want to do?” He whispered resting his hands on her face.  “What ever you plan to do Rae, I’ll be there for you.  You know that.” 

“I don’t know Finn, I’m terrified.  Me mum is going to kill me.  What if the doctors let her know?  What if Kester tells her?”  She was stumbling over her words talking too fast looking everywhere but Finn and didn’t realize the hurt look on his face as he dropped his hand from her face.

“Kester knows?  Who else knows Rae?  Please don’t tell me everyone knew before me.”  He was hurt, how did she not want him to know right away.  This affected him just as much as it affected her. 

“Just Kester and Dr. Nick.  No one else, I promise.”  She was wiping her tears and nose with her sleeves.

“What have they suggested?  Did they tell you anything Rae?  Is it ok for someone in your condition to you know?”  He turned around and sat on the bed.

“What do you mean in my condition?  Fat?”  She spat angrily; both of them started raising their voices not caring that her parents were sleeping down the hall.

“Don’t be ridiculous Rae, you know that’s not what I mean.”  He scuffed.

“You mean mental? Crazy? Mad? Right?  You don’t think I can handle this if I decide to keep my little parasite do you?” 

“Did you just call my baby a parasite?”  Finn couldn’t help but feel angry at this.  That baby inside of her is not a disease or something that will infect her, how could she think that way?

“Don’t try to change the subject Finn, you don’t think I can do this can you? You’ll think I’ll become ill again huh?”  She was crying even harder now.

“It’s not that Rae.”  He wished more then anything that he could vocalize the thought in his head.  He always had a trouble of with words, not being able to articulate what he was trying to say properly.  In the past, Rae always seemed to know what Finn meant to say.  There was never any doubt once they were together for her to hear what Finn was saying without him really saying it.  In this moment, him sitting on her bed and her standing by her en suite door he wished he could vocalize this thought.   The thought he knew she could do it, that she can make a decision about the baby, but he didn’t know if she could live with the repercussions of them.  The only option that didn’t end with them not feeling a loss would be to keep it.  Did he want that?  Could he handle this?

“Then what is it Finn?”  She was looking at him as if whatever he said next made the decision, as if his words would solidify what actions they would take.

“How far along are you?”  He placed his head between his hands but they weren’t still, his knees bouncing up and down.

“2 months according to the doctor.”  He watched as she placed her hands on her stomach rubbing her thumb up and down but her eyes were vacant and her stance still seemed guarded.

“We need time to think over our options.”  He stood up walking over to her.  He placed one hand on her face and the other covering her hand on her stomach. 

“We will figure this out together ok?”  He leaned in to kiss her but she moved her head to the side making him kiss her cheek.

“We don’t have much time to decide to end it.”  She was still looking to the side.

“Is that what you want Rae?”  He pressed his hand on her stomach a little harder.  He didn’t know why but her thinking so much about that option broke him. 

“I don’t know what I want anymore.”  She pushed his hands off of her.  “I think you should go Finn.”  She walked to her bedroom door as a signal for him to leave.

“I don’t think me leaving is going to make anything alright Rae.  We need each other.”  He meant it, this isn’t something that one of them had to face, and it was something that they had to face together.

“What we need is separation so we can both think things through.”  She opened her door.

Finn was frustrated, he could only remember two times where he had this many emotions, one when his mum left and the other when his Nan had died.  He started to feel helpless in this situation.  He got up and grabbed his things walking towards the door he stopped and turned to Rae.  “I just want you to know that we, we can figure this out together.”  Every muscle in his body wanted to lean forward and wrap her in his arms and soothe her with a kiss but he fought himself and instead started his way out of her house quietly.

Finn had walked all the way home in a glacier pace not ready to sleep.  Once he got to his front porch he let out a loud sigh.  He let himself in looking around, nothing looked different but it felt different.  He walked upstairs and laid in bed going over the night’s events.  A few hours ago he was a normal lad, working a semi-crap job that he tolerated because it focused around music, mates who were top notch and a girlfriend who was world class.  Now he sat here the same person but with a baby growing inside of his girlfriend.  He thought what life would be like without the baby, knowing if that’s really what she wanted he would support it even though everything in him felt it wasn’t the right choice.  What if she decided to give the baby up to other people?  What if she wanted to keep it?  Did he want to keep it?  Can he imagine some little person calling him dad?  Finn fell asleep that night going over all the options in his head and tears in his eyes.


Rae couldn’t believe the argument her and Finn just had.  They were being loud fighting with each other but yet no one had woken.  She started to write in her diary but all she was able to write was one sentence.

I’m 18 years old, mad, fat and pregnant with the love of my life’s baby and I don’t know what to do.

She grabbed the pamphlets that Finn had left on her desk.  Looking at them over and over again.  Only one stood out, the only one that mattered, her decision.  Her body was tired and she decided to lie down on her bed and this time when she put her hand on her stomach she let the tears flow freely.


Finn woke up with a headache that was worse then any hangover he had ever experienced.  But he knew it wasn’t from drinking, it was from overthinking and crying.  He decided to call in sick to work; he just couldn’t bring himself to deal with the human race.  He stayed in bed until his dad came home mid afternoon. 

“Son, you feeling alright?”  His dad had popped his head into his room.  Finn had his face towards the wall but replied anyway.

“Yeah da, just not feeling right is all.” 

“I was going to make some tea before I have to go to one last meeting for the day.  Come on and help your old man.” 

Finn didn’t really feel hungry but maybe being around his dad would help him figure things out.  After whipping up some bangers and mash together, they had sat down at the table.

“Finn you’ve hardly touched your food and I believe you are talking my ears off I can’t keep up.”

Finn chuckled at his dad’s sarcasm; maybe he could ask advice of his dad without telling him what was going on.

“Da’, have you ever had to make a decision that affected 2 peoples lives drastically?”  His dad nodded his head shoving more food into his mouth.

“Did you ever whole heartedly disagree with them?”  His dad’s ears perked up a little more.

“Finn, is everything ok?”  It was Finn’s turn to nod his head and shove food into his mouth not wanting to divulge into everything.

“Look here son, if you feel this way you should tell this person how you feel.  At any expense, always better to let out what you’ve got in that head of yours then to keep it in.  You’ve unfortunately have gotten the communication skills of your grandfather.  Old man couldn’t string more then three sentences together.” 

“You’re right dad.  Thanks.”  They ate the rest of their meal virtually in silence and when it came time for his dad to leave, his dad gave him a tight-armed hug as if knowing Finn needed it. 

Finn sat in the kitchen going over every scenario one more time in his head, but this time he came up with a plan.  He just had to call one person to finalize it.

“Lenny’s Construction Lenny speaking how can I help ya?”

“Uncle Lenny, its Finn, I need your help.”


Rae hadn’t done much all day long.  Her mum was still convinced that her medication was making her feel ill and moody.  But Rae knew it wasn’t just her little parasite, it was her argument with Finn.

“You know, last night I think the neighbors were getting into a row.”  Her mum said feeding her little sister.

“Why do you say that mum?”  Rae had just finished making a sandwich and took a big bite, for some reason mustard had become her favorite thing in the entire world.

“Well I heard them arguing, it almost sounded as if they were in the house.”

Rae choked a bit on her sandwich, not wanting to make it obvious that she was aware of it.  Knowing it weren’t her neighbors that were bickering, it was she and Finn.

“Yeah, what were they arguin’ about?”  Rae was terrified her mum had figured it all out.

“Don’t know something about a decision they made or another.  I’m just glad they didn’t wake ya sister up.” 

“Yeah thank god for that eh?”

Rae helped her mum and sister get ready for a Mummy and Me class and watched them drive away.  Finally alone, Rae was about to wander upstairs when the doorbell rang.  She opened the door and there was Finn.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?”  Finn asked nervously.

“Oh you know you don’t need to be invited, come on.”  She stepped aside and let him in.  He looked glorious, one of her favorite things on Finn was his red flannel jacket and add just showered hair to that made her knees weak. 

“Can we talk?”  He asked.


Finn was nervous going over to Rae’s, he didn’t know if his idea would set well with her but he had to give it a shot.  Without a word Rae grabbed his hand and brought him upstairs.  They both sat awkwardly on her bed, neither one of them wanting to let go of each other’s hand.

“Rae, have you decided on what you want to do?”  He was gripping her hand tight but when he asked her hand gripped even tighter but she nodded.

“I need to tell you something before you tell me your decision though because I need to.  And, and its hard for me to say this.  Rae, R-Rae, I don’t want you to give this baby up.  I’ve come up with a plan and it may be a bit crazy but I have never felt this way I feel for you for anyone or anything and this,” he placed his free hand on her abdomen, “this baby is proof of that and I don’t want that to end.”

Rae had tears in her eyes, he was terrified of her reaction but she hasn’t said anything.  She was staring at the floor now as if trying to remember every detail of it.  Finn’s eyes wandered to her desk, only two pamphlets sat there, and his heart broke.

“Finn, I want to keep it.” She barely whispered her voice was so small he thought he heard her and for reassurance he asked her to repeat it.

“Finn, I want this parasite growing in me to come into this world.” She said a little more loudly.  Finn’s heart exploded he grabbed her face and kissed her deeply.  She grabbed onto his jacket and pulled him closer before breaking the kiss, she rested her forehead on his.

“So what’s the crazy idea other then you know, becoming parents?” 

“Let’s go to Leeds.” 

“WHAT?”  Finn could tell she didn’t mean to shout because she instantly got red with embarrassment.  Or was it just shock from his statement?

“My Uncle owns a scaffolding business in Leeds and it pays a lot more then I could ever make at the record shop.  I’ve already called him and he said a job is mine if I want it.  Even offered one of his flats in his rental building.  Come on, we can do this Rae.  You and I, it would’ve happened eventually, let’s just go now.”

“Like right now?”  She looked at him like he was crazy.

“Yeah, I’ll help ya pack your things.  Me stuff is already in my car, we don’t need much, he told me he’ll give me a furnished flat for a quarter of the price.”

“I don’t know Finn.  My family is here and our mates.  What about college? Oh who am I kidding I don’t give a fuck about college. Wait does your uncle know?”

“No no, he just knows its you and me coming to grow up I think.  Come on Rae, we’ve got our own little family to think about now.  We need to do this for us.”  He looked at her through his eyelashes, knowing whenever he gave her this look she normally caved.

“Ok.”  She sighed.

“Yeah?” He smiled widely.

“Yes, come on we got a lot to pack and not a lot of time.”  She stood up grabbing as many big bags as she could and her suitcase.  They went through as much as they could grabbing clothes, her toiletries, a few stuffed animals, and her music collection they headed to Finn’s car.  Stuffing as much as they could in they sat in the front sit together.

“Ready girl?”  Finn looked at her with a huge smile.

“Up and onwards Finnley.”  Rae brought down her sunglasses down as Finn sped off.

Maybe This Time - Part 1

So this is my next multi chapter fic. It will be either eight or nine, just depending.

AU: Rae and Archie live together, Rae just got out of hospital 6 months ago, Archie leaves for a month, Finn comes to stay in his room. You can figure the rest out from there. 

Just a warning though, since she’s freshly out of hospital, it might be a little triggering. Anyway, I hope you like it!! Thanks for reading :D

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