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Prompt 8 with Peter Quill

8: I’m never letting you go

Joining the guardians had been one of the best decisions of your life. You had immediately gotten close with everyone but no one more than Peter. It had started with music that the two of you both loved. You weren’t from Terra but you had traveled with a Terran for a while before meeting the Guardians.

One of your firsts moments alone with him was when you had started cooking and dancing when you thought everyone else was gone. You had been wrong as Peter had stayed after for a few minutes to check inventory as it was his turn to get supplies. He had heard his music blaring from the kitchen and had gone to see what was going on. He had stumbled on you dancing in the kitchen.

“Southern nights! Have you ever felt a southern night.” You were singing along swinging your hips.

A grin had spread across his face immediately as he watched you dance. He was surprised you knew all the words. He was waiting for the perfect opportunity to impress you. When it popped up he jumped into action sliding into the room.

“Southern skies! Have you ever noticed southern skies. It’s precious beauty lies just beyond the eye.” He sang as he slid into the room.

You jumped a little at the sudden voice but you couldn’t stop the wide smile. You turned to him spinning as you did. His own grin widened and he grabbed your hands making you dance with him.

“It’s goes running through the soul. Like the stories told of old. Old man….” the two of you sang together.

He twirled and spun you a wide smile on both of your faces. As the song came to an end he dipped you down. He leaned forward a little and you knew he was trying to kiss you.

“Hm this must be the pelvic sorcery Gamora warned me about.” You said smirking as you pushed him to stand.

His grin dropped and he pouted a little. You stepped away from his going back to cooking. He watched you intently for a little.

“Oh come on I thought we were having a moment.” He tried again as you took your food out of the oven.

“Nope. We were until you tried to be Kevin Bacon.” You laughed making a plate of food and turning to leave.

You had left him alone in the kitchen his music still playing. That moment was when he knew you were something else entirely. That was when he knew he wanted you for more than just a hook up.

Not long after that he had found you painting Drax with neon paints you had asked for the last time you docked. You were coloring in all of the lines of his tattoos as Drax slept. Peter had started to ask you what you were doing when you shoved the paint and brush in his hands a wide grin on your face. You moved quickly hitting Drax and waking him up before running. Before Peter could even figure out what was going on Drax was bellowing in anger. Peter looked down at the paint in his hands taking off to his room trying to get away from Drax. He could hear your laughter all the way from your room and he swore as he just barely made it to his room in time to avoid being destroyed by the destroyer. Despite the intense fear pounding through his chest he couldn’t help but laugh. Drax looked hilarious with neon pink covering his grey skin. At that moment he knew he was in deep. You had put his life at risk and the only thing he could think of was how beautiful your laugh was. A few months passed of these things happening way too often to be coincidence. Peter tried his hardest to get you in places like that where he could dance or sing with you. But then things had gone bad. You had all been on a big job when things had gone horribly wrong. You were fighting a giant alien hellbent on devouring the inhabitant of the planet. Rocket had been knocked out and you had run to cover him. As you were covering him and trying to see if he was alright you had gotten clawed by the aliens large talons. You looked down seeing red cover your stomach. You gasped seeing three large slashes across your side. You fell to the ground and things seemed to slow. You heard Peter scream your name but it sounded so far away and muffled. You held your hand against your side trying to keep from bleeding out. Your head fell to the side and you watched as Peter ran towards you Gamora and Drax still fending off the alien. Your eyes shut slowly despite you fighting to keep them open. Peter had seen you go down and he had immediately felt his heart drop. He stopped what he was doing and ran as fast as he could towards you. He could hear Gamora and Drax yelling for him to stop but all he could think about was getting to you. He screamed your name trying to hear your voice tell him you were okay. When he made it to you he saw the blood spreading across your shirt. He put his hand of the slashes as he tried to get you to respond. “(Y/N) wake up! Please! Please be okay! Come on! Wake up it isn’t funny!” He begged trying to keep pressure on your injuries. Gamora and Drax had taken down the alien. Gamora had run over helping Rocket up and awake. The two of them managed to get Peter to calm enough to pick you up and carry you to the ship. He got there as fast as he could and Rocket jumped into action. He was cleaning and wrapping as fast as he could. Gamora pulled Peter out of the room trying to calm him down. “She’s gonna be fine Peter. Rocket will help.” She kept repeating calming the hysterical man. Rocket finished everything he could and left you to lay on the bed and rest. He walked out cleaning his paws off the best he could. Peter practically ran to Rocket a million questions rushing out at the Raccoon. “She’s gonna be fine. She’s just gotta sleep it off. You can go in there.” He grunted out. Peter went in the moment Rocket finished talking. The sight of you on that bed make his heart race in fear. Your face was pale and your lips were slightly blue. He couldn’t imagine that you could be okay. He realized at that moment that he loved you. He loved everything about you. He sat by your bed for three days only getting up to use the bathroom. When you woke up he was laying on the floor next to the bed. He looked like a mess. He had bags under his eyes and his normal clean stubble was grown out into an almost beard. You sat up groaning and Peter jumped up. “Oh my god. (Y/N) thank god. I was so worried. I thought I lost you.” He exclaimed grabbing your hand. “Can’t get rid of me that easy.” You chuckled before coughing. He helped you sit up intently studying your face. His joy wasn’t hidden as tears streamed down his face. He hugged you close being careful not to hurt you. He buried his face in your neck and you couldn’t help the laugh that escaped as his facial hair tickled you. You wrapped your arms around him weakly. “I gotta tell you something. I’ve been keeping this to myself for too long…. and when I thought I lost you…. I don’t ever want to lose you…. (y/n) I love you. We got a wham bang Shang a Lang and a sha la la la la la thing.” He admitted speaking into your neck. “Peter…. I love you too.” You answered smiling at him putting one of your favorite song into his confession. He pulled back looking in your face. He had a wide smile on his face and he leaned in a little hesitant. You leaned forward kissing him gently. He kissed back immediately. When you finally pulled back you scooted over on the bed and Peter sat next to you. He grabbed your hand in his holding it tightly. “How long was I out?” You finally asked scanning his face. “Three days.” He answered. “That would explain why you look like a mess and you’re all fuzzy.” You laughed your free hand reaching up and rubbing his cheek. “Hey! I was too worried about you dying to shave… or shower… or eat.” He answered rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. “I can tell you haven’t showered. Go get cleaned up. And then help me get something to eat please.” You laughed. He put his arms around you pulling him close. He rubbed his cheek against you making you giggle. You tried to push his face away but he kept doing it occasionally peppering your face in kisses. You wrapped your arms around his neck giving him a big kiss. When he finally pulled away he stared right into your eyes. “I’m never letting you go.” He whispered before kissing you again.
Weird News

The porn site “PornHub” just had its tenth anniversary and released some statistics. In all, people spent 4.6 billion hours watching PornHub’s inventory (that is 520 years). The top search term on PornHub from U.S. computers was “stepmom." 

[The Daily Dot, 1-5-2017]

Seriously? Stepmom? That’s messed up.

Icons #2 - Mushroom Hunting

1. White Coral2. Black Trumpet3. Black Rot4. Giant Puffball5. Hen of the Woods6. Elfin Saddle7. Tree’s Ear8. Jelly Tooth9. Lobster Bun, 10. Slippery Jack11. Witches’ Butter, 12. Oyster Mushrooms13. Violet Crown, 14. Dead Man’s Fingers15. Shaggy Mane.