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An anon asked for Keith in B3 for the Expression Challenge. And I got uh… really inspired? :’D So have a little comic with Lance in A3 and a hug as a bonus, yai. Thanks for your ask, anon, it was really fun making this little comic. u 3u

I have some headcanons about Keith and Lance’s reaction, actually. You can read it under the cut. (It’s so long I’m sorry aha).

[The asks for the Expression Challenge are closed]

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hi guys!
so, because of college reasons, i need to sell my babies. i really love them a lot but i just,, can’t take them with me and my parents are pressuring me into selling them (trust me, i can’t convince them otherwise). i have a pewterbee (495g) and a proven clown (1500g), both males. i live in the northern virginia area and prefer local pickup but i’m willing to ship through the continental US. $100 for the Pewterbee (pastel cinnamon spider), $275 for the clown, plus shipping- but i’m willing to go a LITTLE lower if you prove you can provide a good home. thank you for reading, send an ask off anon if you’re interested. it really hurts me to let them go ):

- arlinn 🐺


To avoid spamming the dashboard I have compiled the Inbox ASKs and answer them together in this post (‘∀’●)❤ ( A few questions are repeated, so I have combined them as one.)  Questions that are not listed here, the answer will be revealed in future comics 👍

Again, thank you so so much for the interest, encouragement and support❤

♛18.06. Update: Sorry for the late reply, I have compiles some more anon asks under the “Read more.” :) Again thank you for the questions!
♛So Sorry Guys. Link fixed

✒ Is the Fox personal bodyguard a male or female?

The Fox is a lady…? To be honest, I didn’t have a gender in mind when I design the fox, so feel free to interpret it anyway you like :)

Will we be seeing any more new faces in the animal court?

There will be other minor characters, such as other soldiers, maids, butlers, gardeners and royal members. And of course the King and Queen of the Goose and Swan kingdom. However majority of the story will still focus on the core 7 below.

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Fair warning, I reference the game in this story (at least a couple of minor characters are mentioned). So they’re not OCs I promise. Thank you for the prompt, Anon :)

Read it on AO3 if you prefer :)

Every weekday, Trevor takes The Arrow to work. Seven-thirty sharp, two coffees deep into another boring day, head resting against the window, eyes closed. Nothing ever exciting happens to him unless he counts the number of times Ricki Lukens’ computer contracted viruses because of his porn problem. One time a virus managed to get into the servers and LifeInvader had to be shut down for the day. Trevor still has nightmares about the complaint emails.

Trevor’s boss, Jay Norris is a self-righteous douchebag who thinks he’s God because he invented LifeInvader, and Trevor is just waiting for the day he can quit, but he’s trying to finish his online courses and for all it’s cons, working as an IT guy at LifeInvader does pay better than not having a job so he’s stuck there until he graduates. He’s not happy about it.

Tuesday, like clockwork, he’s on The Arrow, somewhere in the middle, squished between a homeless guy and some woman who’s been texting her husband ever since she sat down. Unfortunately, she’s the type to tell her phone what to say instead of typing it herself so Trevor has had to listen to half an argument for the past ten minutes. He’s getting a headache.

The train starts to slow and, thank God, the woman stands up. She mutters darkly to herself, shoving her phone into her bag, and stalks off the train, her purse hitting the homeless man and waking him up.

“Bitch,” the homeless man grumbles, yawning widely, and stands up. He storms to the end of the train, dropping into an empty seat, and Trevor lets out a breath, stretching out. One more stop to go, maybe he can take a ten-minute nap.

He’s just closed his eyes when someone drops into the seat next to him, stretching their legs out, their knee knocking against his, and he opens one eye, looking over at them.

His bleach-blond hair hidden under a backward ballcap, black sunglasses covering his eyes, flannel sleeves rolled up to the elbows, knees ripped out of his jeans, Trevor can’t tell the exact age of the guy. Everyone in Los Santos seemed to dress this way, regardless of their age. He could be in his twenties, he could be forty; it doesn’t matter, he’s invading Trevor’s space.

The guy leans back into the seat, tilting his head back and resting it against the window, crosses his arms, and immediately starts to snore. Trevor lets out an annoyed huff. There are so many empty seats, why is this dude sitting next to him?

He doesn’t get his nap, more preoccupied with keeping the guy’s head off his shoulder, and is actually grateful when the train stops at his station. He gets up, grabs his bag, and hurries off the train. When he risks a look back at him, Trevor swears the dude is smirking.


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10: Staring at the other’s lips, trying not to kiss them, before giving in. Send me a prompt.

Pairing: Prinxiety (romantic).

Words: 914 words.

Triggers/warnings: none.

A/N: when you have an idea for a short scene, but your brain decides to add silly sleep talk, lol. This is not proof read, sorry! Anyways, thanks for the prompt, anon! 

Moana was still playing, but Roman didn’t pay attention anymore. It was rare for him to ignore anything related to Disney, but he had found a more precious, more interesting and more rare sight than his treasured movie. It came in the form of Virgil, sleepily curled up against him and gripping his sash.

Instead of feeling insulted that Virgil would dare to fall asleep during such a masterpiece, Roman simply felt relief. The anxious trait had been tense lately and Roman knew that he didn’t sleep well at night. The whole purpose of the movie marathon had been to get Virgil to relax and Roman could only rejoice that it had worked so well.

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There are some ships you can warm up to, and some you just can't get into at all.

It doesn’t mean the ships are any less valid or important. They just aren’t for you. So I don’t judge when someone says they don’t ship my ship. Chances are I don’t ship one of theirs, and that won’t change simply by reading more fanfiction or viewing more art. Some ships either click or don’t. Others take some warming up until they click. I usually give a ship a chance before I decide which category it falls under. Sometimes you warm up to ones you wouldn’t expect.

Anyone care to share the ships they’ve warmed up or just can’t get into?

What a Tease.

gif from: isophhia  gif source: x

(check out their posts bc they are a peaky blinders blog and have a lot of cool posts)

John Shelby x Reader

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 

Prompt: You are hired by the Shelby’s after impressing them. 

A/N: I will be releasing a part 2 that involves more reader and John stuff than this one. This is more of an introduction than anything with slight hints at John taking a liking to you. Hope you enjoy!

Smoke swirled about the room, topped with laughter and the strong scent of alcohol. The further into the night, the looser the lips in the room became. Louder and louder as more people packed in the later in the day it became. The front doors smacked against the wall as they entered and the room became slightly quieter, still loud with whispers. As the three entered the side room the bar crescendoed back into speaking and laughter. 

You wasted no time and walked behind the bar reaching for the top shelf placing three glasses and whiskey on a tray. You passed the men crowding around the bar stools towards the Shelby’s side room. The tray weighed down on your hand as you knocked with ease on the small door. A creak came from the door that was now opened slightly, inviting you in. Only one of them looked up at you as he took a large puff on the cigar in his hand. The other two continued talking not paying attention to you pouring the whiskey into the glasses. Silently listening to the conversation acting as if you were hearing nothing about their newest business plan, your eyes drift upwards from the drink making unwavering eye contact with the lighter haired Blinder. Usually you avoided doing this with guys, knowing it usually only leads to trouble. Maybe it was because you were yelled at by the boss today or that you had been groped by twice as many guys today but you didn’t break as you continued to pour drinks.

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anonymous asked:

Hello!!!! Thank you for taking prompts?!?!??? I'm so excited to read all of these????? Would you maybe be interested in doing one about Harry and Draco creating their own Holliday tradition? (Movies or a fort or cookies or I don't know whatever makes you feel warm and cuddly inside) Thank you! ❤️

Additional Prompts Used:

  • k but listen fluffy holiday drarry 
  • Married and Domestic drarry, please? 

“Are you sure you don’t want to go anywhere for Christmas?” Draco asked.

“Everyone else has their own plans,” Harry said flatly.  He was already digging through the shopping bags he had strewn across the kitchen.

“I don’t mean go to anyone’s home.  It’s not escaped my notice that every single Weasley is with their spouse’s family and Mother is with her sister in France.”

“Every single Weasley, huh? Charlie finally marry a dragon?” Harry said in the same distracted way.

“Might as well have, but I thought we could find a nice hotel with a beautiful view with lots of snow.  Christmas being on a Monday this year, we could take a three day weekend.”

Harry finally set the bags aside and looked up at Draco. In the most demanding voice he could manage he said, “Excuse me, sir. Come here.”

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anonymous asked:

hello! can I request a headcanon about the 12 lords reacting to MC that is unintentionally ignoring them because she found a really good book to read? Like the lords really want her attention but she's really absorbed to the book she reads. i really like your writing style btw :)

thank you lovely anon!! come off anon and talk to me :) your request was really fun, i hope you enjoy!

MC ignoring the lords in favour of a good book

  • Nobunaga plucks the book out of her hands and replaces it with his beautiful scowling face. Lots of sulking. She soothes him by letting him put his head in her lap and petting his hair. He confiscates the book when they’re together because he’s offended that she could find it more interesting than him.
  • Mitsuhide is stuck doing work, so they hang out together in his study. She reads, he works, they stay up all night without doing anything sinful for once. She lies down, rests her head on his thigh, and props the book up on her chest. He toys with her hair absentmindedly when he’s thinking about a particularly complicated issue.
  • Yukimura is confused because like… How can a book be that interesting?? Coughs a lot, drops stuff, is just really noisy in general until she looks up and is like is something wrong? Then he blushes and stutters until she figures out what’s going on.
  • Saizo tells her that he has something better for her to read, that he had a hand in its creation, and that reading it will result in her knowing him better. She’s intrigued, until she flips it open and some… interesting illustrations are burned into her retinas. She yelps and drops the book, buries her hot face in her hands while Saizo laughs and offers her some firsthand lessons instead.
  • Masamune suddenly has all the requests for her. He’s thirsty, he’s hungry, he needs this letter to delivered to so-and-so. When she comes back from that last errand, he catches her at the door and suggests they go for a moonlight stroll. She can’t resist, of course, so off they go hand in hand.
  • Kojuro is intrigued by what could possibly have his precious girl so engrossed and wants to be able to discuss it with her, so he sneaks out and buys another copy of the same book. She catches him with his nose buried in it and laughs until she’s on the verge of tears because why didn’t you just say something we could have just read it together
  • Hideyoshi keeps getting in her way. He puts his head on her shoulder, breathes on her neck, nuzzles her neck until she’s like is there something you want to tell me? He proceeds to hit her with the worst pickup line she’s ever heard. There’s silence for a moment, then she’s laughing and smacking his shoulder, he’s smiling, he grabs the book and slides it under the table while she’s busy wheezing. And then he goes on to distract her more thoroughly.
  • Inuchiyo says exactly what is on his mind. Is that thing more interesting than me!? She blinks at him. Well, you’re definitely more predictable than the book… He’s both offended and a little sad about it and starts to leave. She laughs and pulls him back, kisses him in apology. He grumbles.
  • Ieyasu gets straight to the point. If you don’t put that book down right now, I’m throwing it into the fire. They squabble for like twenty minutes until she offers to read it aloud to him. He pretends that it’s a huge pain but actually he really likes it because then they end up under the covers together. It’s so warm and comforting, and her voice is so calming…
  • Mitsunari demands to know what she’s reading. He then criticises her choice of reading material and suggests something more suitable for expanding the mind. She kicks him out. He comes back sulking an hour later and is just so generally prickly and pouty that she gives up and gives him the attention he wants but won’t ask for because he’s a giant child sometimes.
  • Shingen scoops her up and (gently) dumps her in bed. She protests but he’s just like your book will still be there tomorrow, but I want you now. She melts because a) she’s weak b) Shingen is persistent af anyway, might as well cave in now and save some time.
  • Kenshin hovers around her and gives her giant puppy eyes, but she’s too engrossed in her book to notice. Finally, he gives up on being subtle. He shoves his head into her lap and angles her face down to look at him, smiling beatifically. He tells her that he’s feeling lonely and wants to see her beautiful smile directed at him. She obliges because how can she not.


  • Shigezane snatches the book and takes off running. She chases him, calling for him to stop. Obviously, he doesn’t. They play tag throughout the castle and the retainers are just like haha they’re so cute, there they go again.

Void!Stiles x Reader

Requested by Anon

“Excuse me are you done with that?” A boy asked as you jotted down notes from a book in front of you.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I was just reading about this fox demon thing and it sounds so interesting!” You gasped with a grin.

“Urm, yeah ok cool but could I borrow it?” He asked, glancing over the library at a group gathered around a table.

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With You In Your Dreams by lululawrence for @jaerie

“And how are you boys doing?” Professor Trelawney asked as she came to their table. Her wide eyes blinked at the two of them before peeking into the cup. “Ooh, a heart! How interesting…”

Harry’s eyes widened and he looked at Louis. Louis was just looking into the cup in interest. “Should I note that as well, then?”

“Absolutely, Tomlinson. What others do you have?” Trelawney looked at his scroll and she let out an overdramatic gasp. “Oh my my. It looks like someone definitely has love in their future! Those signs all stand for love, marriage, stability, togetherness, and when combined like this predominantly new love! Very interesting reading you’ve done there, Mr. Styles.”

She gave a wink at Harry and then whisked herself off to the next table.

Or the one where Professor Trelawney plays a very unlikely matchmaker.

Happy early Birthday, Jenna! Mwaa!!

This fic was also written as part of an ongoing challenge. We each select random numbers and are given a specific emotion from the book 1000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names. To read the other fics written in this challenge, click here, or you can find the masterpost on tumblr here.

My prompt was 321: The thankfulness for having friends.


This time… I don’t think I’ll make it…

Thank you, All Might… 

I’m sorry…

anonymous asked:

ur blog is goals and lol at that svt mtl for the gory horror movie XD ik requests aren't open for this but could you do like svt's ideal types? maybe one for bts too? feel free to delete this ask it goes aganist ur guidelines but like ur ships are so accurate... i ship them myself after reading ur reasoning lol (ooh is it alright if i become glasses anon?? soybean anon is already taken)

BTS’s Ideal Types

Glasses anon?? OMO HOW CUTE WELCOME TO THE MINI FAN CLUB lol no this blog is nowhere near that popular yet and of course I could; thank you for asking so politely! I was thinking about doing this a few weeks ago but decided against it after so many asks started popping in my inbox heuheu

Rap Monster: Namjoon’s ideal type, when discussing personality, would be someone who’s mentally intelligent and able to start an interesting conversation; either on worldwide affairs or facts about the last book you two have both read plenty of times. He’s all for an open-minded person, and would cherish a partner that respects his complex thought process. His partner themselves should be able to understand his random ‘facts of the day’ moments, and still love him even after the daily “oops! I broke it…” line.

When it comes to appearances, he would prefer a fiercer look, something more bold and suggestive. It’ll attract him right away, and he’d want to get to know the person better almost instantly. Heads up, Namjoon stans! If you use makeup, striking colors like red and gold would appeal to him, but lay off the excess makeup. A nude lipstick could work too as it contrasts against all those shades. As for clothing, a tank top that shows off your biceps would work just fine; being physically fit is a plus!

Rap Monster’s ideal type would be someone who’s mentally captivating, and clever on first glance. They may even have a rebellious spark in their eyes; it’ll draw him in.

Jin: Jin’s ideal type, in terms of personality, would be a mature person that understands situations quickly and frequently makes correct choices morally and when it comes down to split-second decision making. He’d love someone who can cook AND eat well, since he very much loves food himself. When it comes to dating, I see him as a pretty traditional person, but because he’s unpredictable, I think it’s safe to assume that he would venture out of the path a little to change some things around.

In a much more shallower perspective (not stating that Jin is shallow in the least), he may be drawn to girls (or boys) that have softer features or someone who appears younger than they actually are, such as singer IU or Korean actress Park Bo Young. As long as their choice of clothing and makeup is down-to-earth and nothing too extravagant, it’ll be a ‘yes, i like what i see so far’ from him.

Jin’s ideal type would be someone who’s mature, warm, and motherly; they should be able to handle themselves well in public. He would prefer softer features over sharper ones, basically someone who’s good-looking themselves.

Suga: Personality-wise, Yoongi might go for a calm and patient lover, one that’s able to handle his sassy remarks and lazy habits of his. I mentioned before in one of my mtls that to me, he seems like the most versatile out of BTS; his tastes probably changes a lot in a person. I’d love to see him with someone nearly just as sarcastic and laid-back as him; but it’s not too hard to imagine him being together with a fluffy, peace-loving unicorn either though.

If we’re going to go by appearances, Suga would probably prefer a more ‘swag’ rather than a polished/cute choice of clothing on his significant other, however, the curious eyebrow cocks up only if the certain s/o suits the ‘swag’ look. If the amount of bling-bling is blinding and way too unnecessary, it’ll decrease the chances of him asking them out and make his potential lover look like they’re trying too hard. Makeup isn’t necessary, but if you want to flaunt your good looks, go all in. Purple lipstick, blue eyeliner works perfectly; just remember not to look like you’re trying extremely hard to impress him!

Suga’s ideal type would be someone who’s laid-back and prefers to stay out of drama/gossip. He’d like it if they dressed similar to his style; ripped jeans with a checkered shirt around the waist would be smiled upon.

J-Hope: If we’re going to go by personality, he’ll go all for a smiley, funny significant other. Hoseok, in my opinion, prefers to be surrounded by positivity rather than negativity, so a pessimistic person wouldn’t exactly click with him, romantically speaking. Sure, he’s easygoing and extremely fun to be around with, and doesn’t select his friends or future lover, but a pessimistic person as his partner in life wouldn’t really be his first choice. Hoseok himself is emotional, so I think he’d do well with a caring lover that is able to comfort him effortlessly.

Regarding appearances, Hoseok would be the hardest for me to decide. I don’t think he has a specific preference of clothing or makeup; he’s just as likely to enjoy seeing his lover wearing jeans and a sweatshirt as he is when his lover’s in a tank top with dangerously short shorts. He also wouldn’t mind the body type of his significant other; Hoseok would like chubby people just as much as thin people. It wouldn’t hurt if his partner could dance though; work them moves J-Hope stans!

J-Hope’s ideal type would be someone cheery and has a positive outlook on life. He’s really open-minded, so he most likely doesn’t have a preference to how his significant other should look like.

Jimin: Jimin’s ideal type would be someone who’s extremely thoughtful and generous; someone who’s polite around adults and mostly places themselves second in most scenarios. They always have someone else on their mind when making decisions, and often is concerned about others’ emotions and physical conditions.  His ideal type wouldn’t be the ones that are easily pushed around though, they should be able to have a voice when unjust actions are committed against them, or someone else.

Appearance-wise, he might like a more subtle choice of clothing on his partner, one that he can compliment on and isn’t too extravagant or revealing. I totally see him loving a mature, sexy look on his significant other though! He’d be really aroused by it, and would give them nonstop kisses on the lips or neck.

Jimin’s ideal type would someone thoughtful and generous, who always thinks of others first before themselves. He’d enjoy seeing his partner in formal wear; whether they decide to go the ‘casual’ way or ‘sexy’ way is up to them.

V: V’s ideal type would be a person who enjoys laughing, and has a beautiful smile. He would be instantly attracted to them, as he’s a sucker for charming and sweet people. He would adore a cute and childish partner that he can frequently spoil and coo over too, and since he’s especially sweet with kids, he would want a partner who’s quite good with or loves children also.

When it comes to appearances, V might like a softer, more ‘girly’ style on his significant other on a typical basis, although he would be (pleasantly) shocked if they dressed slightly more revealing once in awhile. He’s the type that wouldn’t really mind how his partner looks like early in the morning; he’d still enjoy giving kisses to them even if they had bad morning breath and would find their disheveled hair adorable.

V’s ideal type would be someone who has a beautiful smile, and frankly, someone who loves laughing. He’s quite flexible with whatever his partner wears, cute clothing might appeal the best to him, however.

Jungkook: Jungkook’s ideal type would be someone who’s flirty but also mature. He would like being teased a little, so out of all of BTS, he may be the one who’s completely unbothered by the fact he’s dating a noona, and instead may even enjoyed being playfully pushed around because he’s younger. His partner should be patient with him; I see it being a problem relationship-wise if they’re not. Jungkook’s around the awkward transition of adolescent to adult, and he’s, frankly, still slightly impulsive. His significant other taking a few cautious steps to being understanding with him would create a stable and healthy relationship that would last a long time.

When considering looks, Jungkook has made us all aware that Korean singer IU is one of the female idols he really admires. He might prefer a taller partner, but don’t dwell on height too much! As long as the gap between his lover and him isn’t too large, it’s not difficult to imagine him leaning down to kiss the top of his lover’s forehead. Regarding the sensitive topic of makeup, Jungkook would probably choose a lighter makeup-look rather than to a heavy one, but of course, he wouldn’t stress over it much.

Jungkook’s ideal type would be someone who’s patient and playful, in addition to being mature when dealing with decisions that could affect their relationship. He would prefer a taller partner, but wouldn’t mind how they dress, unless they reveal a little too much in public (he gets jealous and possessive quickly).

This piece of work is based off my personal opinion. Feel free to disagree with it, as long as aggressiveness is kept at a minimum ^~^. Keep in mind that we, fans, have no to little idea of who BTS actually looks for in a partner so don’t get discouraged!

I Only Have Eyes for Blue

Originally posted by ethan-support-group

Request: Insecure Ethan and reader comforts him <33 // Ah hi hello for the jealous eth fic preferably fem reader if you can!

Summary: Fem!Reader and Ethan are out celebrating their 1 year anniversary dating and Ethan gets a little uncomfortable at the restaurant.

A/N: Hey all! This one was described first as Insecure!Ethan and in a later ask as Jealous!Ethan so I tried including both! Italics as always signify a characters inner monologue. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1100 longer than I thought oh boi

Request some more friends! Gonna start working on a new batch asap so it will take a while to get to any newer ones, but feel free to send them in!

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anonymous asked:

Where do you think a new witch should start?? I'm very interested, but there's so much information. Thanks for any advice!!

Hi, Anon! I know it can seem overwhelming with everything out there, but I’m sure you’ll find what works for you over time. Research is a huge part of starting out, so I would suggest you read as much information as you can handle to help you figure out your path and what you want it to entail.

Here are some posts geared towards beginners that you may find helpful:

{Beginner Witch Tips} by @lapiscat

{Richtor’s Advice for Witchlings} by @sylvaetria

{Luna’s Beginner Witch Master Post} by @lunaesteria

Here is a link to an ask I answered about common and easily obtainable witchcraft tools. 

You can also search these tags here on Tumblr for more resources:

  • #witchcraft 101
  • #beginner witch
  • #beginner witch tips
  • #witchcraft resources
  • #witchblr
  • #witchcraft 
  • #witchcraft community

For resources with spell craft and correspondences, Pinecone.Pub and Witchipedia are both great sites to check out. 

Aside from all that, remember that your craft is your own and you are free to incorporate what you choose as long as it’s from an open tradition. That also goes for only doing what you’re comfortable with. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. 

I hope this helps! Best wishes with your craft, Anon!! ♡

anonymous asked:

(wowzaihavesomanyquestions) About deaf!Keith, is he still entirely vocal(still signs tho)? Or does he just stick to signing along with a few sounds for clarification? Also with Lance, is he an interpreter for Keith or another student just touring the school with Keith? Lastly, is Keith able to read lips? Thank you for taking time in reading this I adore your art as well as your au!!! 💞

oh gosh thank your for your interest in my AU anon! 

here are my own headcanons:

- Keith was born with severe hearing loss, so he wears really strong hearing aids. He relies heavily on lip-reading, sign language and writing as communication. (He used a tablet but it broke so he uses the sketchbook now)

- He didn’t really do speech therapy so he can’t speak? He was orphaned and moved a lot so he didn’t get to stay at one place to learn. He probably squeaks sounds out without realizing it tbh (lance thinks it’s cute and illegal stop that)

- Lance is a student at the high school and is Keith’s classmate. Keith is enrolled in a special scholarship for deaf kids that the school offers!

everything is pretty much still in brainstorming stage, but those are what I think are solid for my headcanons of the AU ^o^ 

anonymous asked:

Have you read new MHA chapter? Thanks to recent chapter, I started to think that Overhaul is the best anti hero in MHA universe. What is your opinion about Overhaul and his motivation. Since you're a good meta writer I think your opinion will be interesting to read 😊

Alright, I’ve been waiting until the end of this arc to answer this, but thank you for sending in this question anon! I love it! I love talking about the MHA villains to me they are absolutely the most interesting part of the series.

Since you gave me a general springboard of Overhaul and his motivation, I think his motivation becomes the most interesting when you recognize that he is a clear foil for Shigaraki in several ways. If you look over this whole arc, the parallels between the two of them are staggering.

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The La-Z-Boi™

Originally posted by aj-squidkid

Request: I absolutely love love love! Your stories :) btw. But do you think you could do an Ethan fanfic where you came over to see him but he’s too busy editing so you just lay down on the couch and scroll through your phone but he takes too long and you fall asleep but once he’s done he comes over and lays down with you? FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF ADD ALL THE FLUFFYNESS

Summary: Fem!Reader wants to hang out and cuddle with Ethan but he’s being a butthole and doing his work (who does that??) so reader has to entertain herself on her own.

A/N: Hey all, this is a really cute idea! Very short though, I apologize. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 558, too short am srry peeps

Request some more babes! I’ve got like 15 already though, so it will take a while before I can get to all of them, keep ‘em coming though!

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Bad Day- Jimmy Darling Smut (AHS: Freakshow)

requested: yes (requests open)
-request: “Rough sex with Jimmy after he had a bad day at the freakshow?” -anon
type: smut
warnings: masturbation, 69, that’s pm it
summary: Jimmy comes back from the freak show pissed off about something, and you decide to try and make him feel better ;)
notes: hOLY SHIT THANK YOU FOR 1200 FOLLOWERS???? I HAVE TONS OF DRAFTS EXPECT MORE SOON! ps I’m still looking for co owners shoot me a message if ur interested ;-) anyway hope you guys like this! xx
❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥
You were lying in your and Jimmy’s bed, reading a book while you waited for him to come back to your tent. The freakshow started at 6:30 and only lasted about an hour and a half, which was good for you because this meant Jimmy only had to work for about 2 hours a day. And hopefully he’d be here soon, because to put it bluntly, you were horny, and you were wearing a new set of lingerie that he hadn’t seen before. You glanced at the clock on the nightstand next to you to see how much longer he’d be. 8:02. “Good,” you thought, “he should be here any minute now.”

Soon enough, you heard the tent’s door flap being peeled open and then closed again. Loud footsteps could be heard, and they were coming nearer. You casually continued reading your book, looking up only once you knew he was in your bedroom. You dropped your book on the bed and wrapped your arms around Jimmy’s neck. He hugged you back, but not as tightly as usual. It was kind of a half assed hug on his part if you were being honest. “How was work?” you asked once you pulled away from each other.

“Fine.” he replied shortly, walking to the dresser for his pajamas and beginning to unbutton his shirt.

“Okay..” you mumbled unsurely. Normally Jimmy was in a good mood when he came home– he’d chatter away about the show that night, and the two of you could just have some alone time. “Are you mad at me?” 

“No.” Jimmy said, not even turning to face you.

“Well you’re obviously mad about somehing…Did something happen today?”

He let out an exasperated sigh. “I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“Alright.” you responded with a sigh, “Well is there anything I can do to make you feel better?”

He stopped his motions for a minute, and then slowly turned around to face you. “Get on the bed.” 

You pulled your bottom lip between your teeth, feeling an excited flip in your stomach. All that you were wearing over the lingerie was one of Jimmy’s button up shirts –which wasn’t uncommon, he loved seeing his favorite girl wearing his clothes– so he’d have a big surprise in store tonight.

You looked over towards the dresser, watching Jimmy as he finished shedding his clothes and began walking towards the bed. He climbed on top of you, resting his weight on his forearms. You gently reached up and popped open the first button of the shirt you had on, encouraging him. Now he was in nothing but his boxers, and you pretty much fully covered, considering the shirt went down to your thighs.

Jimmy smirked at your small gesture and started unbuttoning the rest of the shirt. He was having some trouble with it because of his hands, and you instantly felt bad that you didn’t just do it yourself. His face was a mix of frustration and ‘Why can’t I do anything right?’

“It’s okay, I got it.” you said softly. Once you got down to your stomach, he let out a “Fucking hell,” as he noticed what your were wearing underneath. You quickly finished unbuttoning the rest, and then shrugged the shirt off your shoulders, letting him see what you really wanted him to. You’d just bought the set earlier that week, and you had to admit, you looked fucking hot. The white lacy bra pushed your boobs up just right, and the matching thong made your ass look amazing. “Christ, Y/N,” he muttered, running his hand from your collarbone to the valley of your breasts, playing with the little pink bow in the middle of your bra. “You like?” you asked, a coy smile playing on your lips. 

“God, I love. You look gorgeous.”

“I think you’d like how I look without them on better, though, don’t you?” you asked, grinning a bit as you noticed the tent forming in his boxers. You reached your hand towards it and started gently rubbing his bulge to encourage him.

“Fuck yeah I would,” he smirked, leaning down to kiss your stomach before sliding your panties down your thighs.

“You want this off too?” you asked, slipping your fingers under your bra strap, figuring it’d save a lot of trouble for him if you took it off yourself. He nodded vigorously and stopped what he was doing to watch you unclip the back and then pull the material down your shoulders. He let out a quiet moan and immediately finished pulling your underwear down.

“God damn Y/N, you’re soaked.” Jimmy groaned as he pulled his boxers off. But to your surprise, instead of coming back on top of you, he sat himself on the other side of the bed. “I want you to touch yourself for me, baby doll.”

You raised your brows, and you could feel your cheeks flushing at his request. You slowly moved your hand down to your pussy, and started rubbing your clit, giving him a questioning look.

“Go on,” he said, biting his lip and starting to pump his cock as he watched you. “Spread your legs a little more.”

You were nervous at first, but you could tell how turned on watching you masturbate was making him. So, getting more confident, you pushed yourself up, spread your legs wider to give him a better view, and without warning, shoved two fingers inside yourself, glancing back at Jimmy and seeing him holding his breath in anticipation.

“Mm, fuck baby, I can’t wait to be inside that sweet little pussy of yours.”

“Then why don’t you come over here and fuck me already?” you asked, wanting that just as much as you could tell he did.

Jimmy smirked and came closer to you. “Not yet.”

You really liked this foreplay, but you were honestly so turned on that you just wanted him in you already. You closed your eyes, but they immediately shot open when you felt Jimmy pushing your hand away and then his tongue on your clit. “You didn’t think I was gonna fuck you without tasting you first, did you?”

You let out a loud, breathy moan, happy to have a new sensation bringing you even closer than you were. Jimmy’s hands held your thighs down firmly as he started started flicking his tongue in short, circular motions, knowing just what to do to drive you insane. One of his hands left its place on your thigh to start fingering you, and you knew he could tell you were close to cumming.

Right as you were about to hit your release, Jimmy pulled away and laid down on the bed. “Come here darlin’,” he mumbled, gesturing to his face, “I wanna 69.”

You gladly obliged, coming up to kiss him first, and then turning to straddle his face. You leaned down towards his hard member as he pulled you closer to his mouth, and immediately started his attack on your pussy again. You slowly licked his tip, teasing him as you wiped away the pearl of precum that had formed, before taking him in your mouth as far as you could. Jimmy let out the loudest moan you’d ever heard him make, and you immediately started bobbing your head on his dick. He was letting out soft whines every now and again, and you knew he was going to cum soon, too.

He switched from his mouth to his fingers, and you heard him say, “Oh God, Y/N I’m close,” but you kept going, wanting him to cum in your mouth. He let out a quiet, “Mm, that’s my girl.” before he started vigorously rubbing your clit, wanting you to cum soon as well. You moaned but kept sucking him off as your orgasm started, and Jimmy went back to his mouth to help you ride it out. The feeling of you moaning on his cock triggered Jimmy’s orgasm, and you could feel him bucking up towards you as you took your mouth off of him, but left your tongue on his tip, and started pumping him with your hand. Hot spurts of cum shot into your mouth and you slid your tongue over his tip once he was finished, making sure you got every last drop.

You felt extremely satisfied, and you could feel your pussy tingling from your climax. You climbed off of Jimmy, and smirked as you got under the covers and cuddled up to him. “Was that good?” he asked, wrapping his arm around your back and squeezing your ass.

“Good? Are you kidding? I think that might’ve been the best sex we’ve ever had.”