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SHINJUKU by B Lucava

Hoshinoya, Tokyo stay in a luxury ryokan retreat

Since Hoshinoya Tokyo opening in July 2016, everyone has been talking about it. Few years back, Tokyo had the most boring set of hotels ever, maybe because the city itself is so engaging, visitors spent every minute of their time outside, without big lodging expectations apart of a comfy bed. 

However, for the past few years the hotel game in town has been changing, with big international luxury chains establishing themselves in Tokyo.

Hoshinoya, is a Japanese luxury resorts chain, mainly known by breathtaking locations: Fuji, Karuizawa mountains, Kyoto Arashiyama. So can they reinvent themselves by building a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn), in the business heart of Tokyo, Otemachi? 

I arrived at Hoshinoya Tokyo directly from the airport. It is conveniently located close to Tokyo train station (where airport train - Narita Express stops); (from there best is to take a cab for 2 minutes ride; but you can even walk if you are travelling light, which is never my case). 

Already the entrance cuts you off from Tokyo business life. Japanese curtains, wood, tatami smell. Once you step in through the entrance, you’ll start a journey into traditional Japan, staff wearing beautiful kimono will welcome you kneeling and request that you remove your shoes before stepping on the tatami mat floors. 

Each floor of Hoshinoya features a common area called Ochanoma (tea room) Lounge, exclusive to guests staying on that floor. Seasonal, finest Japanese tea selection and snacks are served during the day, while in the evening you can try different alcohol. 

Consider this space as a semi-private study or living room, where you can read a book, catch up on work or mingle with other guests while staff wait at the ready to attend to their needs.

The rooms are big, and simply spectacular. Fluffy beds, tatami mats, amazing design. Each moment at Hoshinoya is an experience. In your room wardrobe you will find a beautiful kimono set, (wear it if you feel like taking a stroll in the nearby Imperial Palace gardens, or simply to take plenty of photos). There is also a set of instructions on how to wear it, or simply you can call a staff to help you.

Breakfast is a ritual. Japanese traditional breakfast arrives to your room, like a colorful surprise box. And then there is a coffee, a special drip with a blend imported from Colombia, I still think it was one of the best coffee cups I had in my life, and I did try many, and in different countries.

In the evening, I went down to the lobby where performances take place irregularly (check the schedule upon the arrival), I listened to a musical performance of an instrument I never saw before. 

Then I headed for a light stretching class on the top floor, a bit of a Japanese style yoga and breathing exercise mix.

Even the lift has tatami mats inside. Sliding paper screens everywhere. 

Inside of the room with a beautiful traditional and modern bath.

Evening tea and sweets in the lounge.

And spectacular in room dining, prepared with seasonal ingredients.

One of the most amazing features of Hoshinoya Tokyo is the hot spring bath on the top floor. A hot spring (onsen bath) is a defining feature of every ryokan, yet here Hoshinoya surpassed the expectations and created a true state-of-the-art facility, which draws on the area’s first natural hot spring, identified back in 2014.  The bath is an open air one, with no roof. 

I woke up early and decided to go to the onsen for a sunrise. When I entered the bath I looked up and saw the Tokyo sky lighting up with first sun rays, and beautiful snow flakes falling into the warm hot spring water. One of these truly dreamy experiences that I will remember forever.

My advice for your visit: 

Spend some time inside the ryokan to unwind and enjoy

Check the performance, and different classes schedule 

Spend time in the Ochanoma lounge (few times a day the lounge offers different things - from rice onigiri, through interesting tea blends, to alcohol in the evening) 

Experience the onsen bath on the top floor (go in the evening for the most relaxing experience) but also if you can try it at sunrise, most likely you will have entire bath just for yourself ! 

Don’t forget to try the coffee! 

Go to the underground restaurant for a dinner

Hoshinoya Tokyo

1-9-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004

Reservations: +81 5037861144

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Tour Surprises

Genre: Fluff/Smut
Pairing: Vernon x Reader
Summary: You decide to give Vernon a little surprise while he is on tour.

Today was the day. You steeped on the plane, ready to go. Your stomach was full of butterflies….what if he got mad? Oh well. You hadn’t come this far to chicken out. Today you were flying to Japan to surprise your wonderful other half, Vernon. You had been dating for 2 years, so you had gotten used to his tight schedule and tour times. But for some reason, you really missed him on this round of tours. So you decided to drop a paycheck’s worth of money on a plane ticket and a hotel room. You had told the other members about your little plan, just to get them in the loop so they could give you two some space. They were like your brothers, the bond that you and the group had was out of this world. And the bond that you had with Vernon blossomed into something more than a friendship. 

It was a pretty entertaining (and uncomfortable) flight, in the two hours it took to get from Seoul to Tokyo you went on your Tumblr, played some Rolling Sky, (have yall played that game yet?? Harder than Jimin’s dick.) and listened to some music. When you finally touched down, it was about 9am. You got your luggage and made your way to the hotel room you rented out, occasionally stopping to go into a store or take pictures. The city was beautiful, it was full of colors and unique buildings. It seemed as if each tower had it’s own personality, some tall, dark and blended in, others oddly shaped and popping with color. The sidewalks were so crowded and lively, you were being pushed along in the long river of people. From across the street, you could see the hotel you were staying at. You broke away from the busy sidewalk and crossed the street, entering the doors of the magnificent building. The inside was styled beautifully, they obviously had a theme of white and gold going on. You walked up to the check-in desk, prepared to say the line you had been practicing two weeks prior. 

“こんにちは、私は日本語を話せません。私は英語と韓国語を話すことができます。これらの言語を話す労働者はいますか?” (Hello, I do not speak Japanese. I can speak English and Korean, are there any workers who can speak these languages?) The woman at the desk nodded and went into the back room to fetch a worker who you could talk to. She came back shortly, a girl with red hair and blue eyes following her. 

“Hello, welcome to the Tokyo Inn. What can I help you with today?” She asked. 

“Hi, I’d like to check into my room. My name is _____ ________.” You said. She typed something into the computer and looked back up at you. 

“Alright, room 170 on the 7th floor. If you need anything, please call. Enjoy your stay.” She said, smiling while handing you your key card. You took it and began walking towards the elevator. 

It was night 2 in Tokyo, and tonight was the night that you would surprise Vernon. You opened your suitcase to try to find something rather….sexy. Not so sexy that you would give the other members a hard on, but sexy enough to get Vernon going. You picked out some high waisted cut off shorts (that made your ass look amazing) and a flowy white crop top that had some corset style lacing at the top. It showed off just a hint of your cleavage, Vernon would be absolutely mad by the time he got back from the concert. You put on some mascara to accentuate your eyelashes. You knew Hansol loved your bare face so you were going for a very minimalistic look with your makeup tonight. You popped on your shoes and walked out of your room, ready to see his reaction. 

You walked into the Tokyo Dome. The place was huge, the stage was huge, and the amount of screaming fans was amazing. You walked in as they were performing Mansae, you stood still for a second to watch all the members dance. They were so in sync, it was absolutely mesmerizing. Slowly, you made your way back stage. Their body guard let you in- seeing as you were a familiar face to him- and you walked towards the stage to get a front row view of the performance. As soon as Mansae ended, the lights went out and you heard them scurrying into formation to perform 아주 NICE. The beat started and they began their routine of singing and dancing. 

The song promptly ended, it was half time. They all came back stage to dry their hair and touch up their makeup. 

“Noona!!” Dino screamed as he came running towards you. You warmly waved, and all the other members followed, in a hurry to greet you. The last one in was Vernon. You could see the look of confusion sweeping his face when he saw all his fellow members huddled together, but when he saw your face, his eyes lit up with joy. He came running towards you, you ran towards him, and as soon as your bodies collided you were swept into a passionate kiss. You didn’t care that he was soaked in his own sweat, you didn’t care that it was messing up his hair when you effortlessly ran your fingers through it, all that you cared about was the fact that you were with him. 

“Hyung!” Dino shouted at Vernon in attempt to separate the two of you. He broke the kiss, pulling back to look at you. His eyes absolutely devoured you. As he looked you up and down, you noticed his eyes lingering longer in some parts- just what you wanted. When he finally looked you in the eye again, you could tell that your plan had worked. He was hungry for you; he wanted you.

“_____, you came! How did you get here?”

“Via plane.” You said, chuckling at the end of your sentence. You smiled and bit your lip seductivley, he looked you in the eye, cautioning you to take it down a notch. After all, the other members were around, and your body language was just screaming “I’m horny!” You slipped him your extra key card and winked.

“Hansol, get your shit together we gotta go back out there in 5.” Seungcheol said. Hansol rolled his eyes as he was dragged way my his hyung, he looked back and gave you a wink before being pulled into the makeup artist’s chair. 

You were back in your hotel room, he would be here soon. You changed into some simple yet sexy lingere that you had bought just for this occasion. How the hell were you going to do this?Just lay on the bed in a sexy position? Wait for him to walk into the room then jump out from somewhere? As you were pacing around the room trying to think of a way to surprise him, you heard the door unlock. 

“____? Are you here?” Hansol said, peeking his head in. At that moment, all thoughts of laying on the bed all seductive-like had vanished. 

“Hansol!” You screamed, running towards the door. He swiftly entered the room, shutting and locking the door behind him. You ran and jumped up onto him, your legs wrapping around his waist and your arms on his shoulders. He put one hand under your ass and one on your back to hold you up. He broke the hug and pulled you into a passionate kiss while walking towards the bed. When he arrived at his destination, he threw you onto the bed. You looked into his eyes, they were still as dark and lust-filled as earlier. 

“Damn, ____. You don’t know how much I missed you.” He said, taking off his jacket. He began to crawl over your body, his muscles making his shirt (and pants) sinfully tight. 

“I missed you too baby. I was so lonely without you.” You said as his face neared yours.

“You have no fucking idea how much I have wanted you princess.” Hansol said, staring deep into your eyes.

“You have no idea how uncomfortable that plane ride was. All I could think about was you fucking me all night long. I was so horny, but I knew your dick would be 10x better if I waited.” You said, grinding up onto his bulge. 

“You are too good to me, princess.” He said, connecting his lips with yours. He ripped off his shirt, buttons went flying. 

Every morsel of clothing was soon scattered around the  room, leaving the two of you in your naked skin. Vernon began to trail wet, sloppy kisses along your jaw and down your neck. He sucked and bit down on the skin, his tongue soothing it immediately after. His large hands grabbed both of your breasts, kneading them with hunger. He kissed down your stomach, approaching your heated core.  

“Vernon….I wanted to pleasure you tonight…” You whined, squirming under him, “I had this whole thing planned out where I give you the best night ever. Please?” You asked. He sat up and looked at you. You begged him to let you with your eyes. 

“If that’s what you want, babygirl.” He said with a smirk. You let him lay down, then you kissed the line of hair from his belly button down to his shaft. You looked at the tip; it was red and leaking precum. You slowly took his length into your mouth, he grunted in pleasure and wove his hands through your hair. You began to bob your head, his hands lightly pulling your hair. Suddenly he pulled you off with a pop. He looked at your face, your lips were red and swollen, hair a mess….oh god how he would love to fuck you hard and rough. 

“Ride me baby.” He said, voice deep and raspy.

You crawled over him and hovered your entrance over his tip. You ground on him slowly before sinking down on his length with a gasp. 

“Fuck….Vernon….your cock feels so good…” You said with a sigh. He let out a low grunt and you began to ride him. 

You started out with slow little hip movements, but it grew and grew until you were bouncing rapidly on his member. You could feel him push deeper and deeper inside of you as he thrusted up to match your rhythm. 

“Vernon….I’m close…” You whimpered. 

“Hold on a little longer babygirl, I need you to come with me.” He said, looking you straight in the eyes. You returned the eye contact followed by a loud moan as he hit your g-spot. It was so hard for you not to come, but you knew you had to wait for him to finish. 

“Come with me babygirl.” He said under his breath. Your walls clenched around his shaft and his hot seed shot up into you. You both came with a moan, and you both rode out your orgasms. 

“Thanks for that ____. I really needed it.” He said as you hopped off of him. 

“I needed it too, Vernnie. So thank you too.” You said with a chuckle. You collapsed next to him in the messy hotel bed and he wrapped his arms around you. 

“____, I missed you so much. It was so hard being away from you. I’m so glad you are here now.” He said in almost a whisper.

“I missed you too.” You replied. You your eyelids growing heavy and they began to slowly close.

“I love you, ____.” Vernon said.

“I love you too.” You whispered back as you fell into a deep sleep. 

wOW I got carried away

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Children in Cinema (1)    [part 2 - part 3]

1. The Kid (Charles Chaplin, 1921)
2. Inn in Tokyo (Yasujirô Ozu, 1935)
3. The Children Are Watching Us (Vittorio De Sica, 1944)
4. Bicycle Thieves (Vittorio De Sica, 1948)
5. Forbidden Games (René Clément, 1952)
6. The Night of the Hunter (Charles Laughton, 1955)
7. The 400 Blows (François Truffaut, 1959)
8. To Kill a Mockingbird (Robert Mulligan, 1962)
9. Ivan’s Childhood (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1962)
10. Muddy River (Kôhei Oguri, 1981)

anonymous asked:

Hello, congratulations to your 4000 followers. You opened your ask box to celebrate and I thought to ask you to write a story for Iori, about their routine with the kids and how a couple. Who prepares the cafe, bathing, bottle feeding, food, takes to school, helps to do homework ... And they still work and date! A typical day of an ordinary citizen. Thank you! :)

“Ring….” You struggled to open your eyes and let your hand struggleg to find the alarm clock near your bedside table. Just when you were about to turn it off, a hand stretched out from behind you and turned it off. You turn around and were surprised by a kiss on your lips.

“Morning!” Iori smiled sleepily at you and then leaned in for another deep kiss.

“The twins are going to be awake soon.” You whispered in between kisses, finding it hard to break away from Iori.

“We still have some time.” Iori whispered and hovered on top of you. You can feel his hands caressed seductive over your body and you can’t helped but wrapped your arms around his neck. His legs slipped between yours and just when it was about to get heated between both of you, the crying sound of the twins from next room travelled over.

“They really got good timing.” Iori grumbled, reluctantly pulled out from you.

Both of you hurried to get their milk ready. “Daddy is coming with your milk. Just a few minutes more.” You tried to calm the twins while struggle to change their diapers as they keep moving around. “Iori, are you done? They are crying even louder.” You pleaded.

“Yes, it is done.” Iori rushed in with two bottles.

The twins finally calm down after the milk bottle was in their mouth. You then get ready the coffee and breakfast while Iori get into the shower. You went for yours after him. The moment you step up, you saw Iori sighing.

“Yoshio just threw up on me.” Iori sighed.

“We don’t have time for you to take another shower. You will be late for the dance practice with the rest.” You sighed while trying to clean Yoshio and Iori grabbed a new shirt for a change.

“I just have to spray more perfume later.” Iori sighed.

The whole morning schedule was in total mess and finally reaching their grandpa’s place, where they will be there while both of you is at work. Both of them start crying when both of you are leaving.

“They will be alright in a while.” Iori’s father reminded both of you. “You two better get going. By the way, both of you look like a mess.”

“Yes, we are aware. You don’t have to remind us.” Iori grumbled.

Both of you rushed over to the studio where everyone was waiting for him. He supposed to have his dance practice in the morning and other works done while you will start writing your scripts and lyrics there. However, both of you were running late that morning with all the mess in the morning and caught in the jam.

“You are so late.” Takashi raised his voice.

“Sorry, a little traffic jams along the way.” You apologized.

“You should leave the house early since it always jam in the morning.” Koto reminded both of you.

“They must be stuck in bed over each other.” Nagito teased.

“We are not.” Iori blushed.

“Your expression seems to tell us that Nagi hit the jackpot.” Kyohei teased.

“By the way Iori, you smell horrible.” Ryo muttered.

“Sorry, I need to put on some perfume and jump into a shower before we leave the studio for our interview later. Yoshio threw out on me this morning.” Iori explained.

Everyone start teasing him and soon the busy day begins. You also left the house early than them for your meeting and meet them later after their interview. Both of you somehow manage to get the job done early for the day and decided to fetch the twins home early. Just then, Iori received a text from his dad.

“What? It just liked him to make such arrangements.” Iori exclaimed in shocked. “He booked us a traditional inn out of Tokyo and has arranged a private transport to bring us there. He wants us to enjoy ourselves and maybe give him more grandchildren.”

“What about the twins?” You asked nervously.

“He mentioned that he can handle them.” Iori continued. “Might as well take up his offer since we are off tomorrow but I am hesitating about having more grandchildren for him. The twins already occupied a lot of our times.” He smiled wryly and you giggled at his comment.

He then dragged you back home in a hurry to pack and you wonder why such a rush.

“Why are you in such a rush?” You asked curiously.

“Why? It is rare that we have time of our own. I don’t want to waste any second of it. Plus, we need to pick up from this morning. I am at my limit.” Iori exclaimed, continue dragging you home. You did not protest and definitely wants some time with him. You can’t deny that you miss his touch as much as him. You are thankful for your father in law for being thoughtful.


hello its jo, a music junkie, and here’s my longass song recs bc top 10 current faves ain’t enough for a music hoe like me;; if ya see // it means we go from happy to sad bc i’m not ok every night i watch the highlight reel and cry lol let’s go i listen to too much lmao

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KPOP: boys
bts(everysingledamnsong): not today, fire, save me, fun boyz, ma city, take my blood sweat and tears, every single cypher, baepsae, i need u, tomorrow, I LIKE IT PT2, EVER SINGLE SOLO// dead leaves, house of cards, love is not over, run (ballad ver.), let me know, hold me tight, spring day, 4 o'clock, we don’t talk anymore, so far away remix
(ft. RM: joke, do you, throw it, glory
AGUST D: give it to me, tony montana, the one he speaks in, give me the std, so far away
HOBI: hixtape, 1verse)
got7: A, if you do, out, don’t care, Q, sign, skyway, hey, jj project!!!
monsta x: shine forever, incomparable, all i do, OI, calm down, all in, stuck // sweetheart
bap: i guess i need u, pray, killer, wake me up, diamond 4 ya, ribbon in the sky, BANG YONGGUK’s yamazaki (yong guk guk guk)
shinee: tell me what to do, picasso, feel good, view, lipstick, savior // don’t let me go
day6: how can i say (that I LOVE DAY6 SO MUCH), be lazy, man in a movie, dance dance, i’m serious, blood, hunt // congratulations, hi hello, i wait, letting go
winner: love me love me, really really, island // fool, baby baby, sentimental
nct 127: running to u, summer 127, HURRY HURRY RUN RIGHT CHERRY BOMB FEEL IT YUM, heartbreaker, baby don’t like it, back 2 u
ikon: bling bling, bday, MOBB // apology
exo: shimmy shimmy kokobop, they never know, monster, love me right, artificial love, hello angel, transformer, girl x friend, unfair, love me right, tender love
seventeen: boom boom, mansae, if i, crazy in love, ah yeah, aju nice, VERNONS LOTTO REMIX WAIT ENOUGH OF VERNON WONWOO HYUNG HERES THE TORCH
infinite: the eye, zero, air, THE CHASER
block b: yesterday, toy, hey, conduct zero, that’s right
btob: movie, i’ll be your man, just tell me
b1a4: drunk on you, nightmare, sparkling // IT’S A LIE
vixx: HOT ENOUGH, 桃源境, maze, dynamite, six feet under, chained up, good night & good morning, desperate, the closer
hyukoh: tomboy, leather jacket, tokyo inn, hooka
crush: hey baby, I FANCY YOU, YOU AND I
dean: POUR UP, 21, bonnie and clyde, i’m not sorry, fancy, TOO MUCH(ft. loco)
penomeco: WTF (went too far), for you, PNM (plus and minus), SMT (so many times)
jay park: ME LIKE YUH, mommae, drive, alone tonight, only one, I NEED A CHACHA BEAT BOY
san e: DON’T YOU WORRY BOUT ME BABY (ft. cosmic girl), bomb (w/ravi), bad year, ready made, ME YOU, i am me
longguo and shihyun: the the the (their new mini album!!!)
samuel: sixteen, i’m ready, with u (ft. chungha)
keith ape: IT G MA (lmao)
(haven’t got to wanna one yet but i’ll do it soon)

also: jelly by hotshot, cactus by A.C.E, OMGT by madtown, bingo by 24k, swimming by lim hyunsik, eureka by zico, da da da by loco, plz don’t be sad by highlight


KPOP: girls
blackpink: EVERYTHING as if it’s your last, boombayAH
red velvet: red flavour, russian roulette, zoo, some love, you better know,
mamamoo: ooh um oh yeah, decalcomanie, woo hoo, yes i am
exid: BOY, UP&DOWN, velvet, woo you, ah yeah
jessi: GUCCI, spirit animal, boing boing
kisum: FRUITY (ft. hyolyn), que sera sera
ioi: m-maybe, me as i say, HOLD UP, PING PONG
suran: if i get drunk tonight (ft. changmo), walking, 10+1 (ft.dean)

KPOP: coed
kard: RUMOUR, hola hola, their entire discography
AKMU: my darling!!!!

NO WORDS (literally)
thefatrat: fly away, time lapse, jackpot, monody, xenogenesis, unity
snail’s house: hot milk, grape soda, cappuccino
also: ramune, lemon soda (idk by who)


cashmere cat: QUIT, plz don’t go, after coachella, europa pools, wild love, trust nobody
calvin harris: skrt on me, slide, feels
martin garrix: there for you, scared to me lonely, byte
major lazer: particula, sua cara, know no better, run up, light it up
dj snake: talk, good day, here comes the night, sober
peking duck: high, fake magic
galantis: rich boy, no money, peanut butter jelly, hunter, love on me
snakehips: either way, all my friends, right now, burn break crash, DONT LEAVE
chainsmokers: take off (coldplay), roses


lana del rey: EVERYTHING!!! summertime sadness, queen of disaster, sad girl, ultraviolence, summer bummer, groupie love, lust for life, money power glory, art deco, blue jeans, off to the races, I LOVE HER
lorde: SUPERCUT, HOMEMADE DYNAMITE, buzzcut season, liability, the louvre, sober, perfect places, I LOVE HER TOO GOSH
marina and the diamonds: savage, blue, solitare, froot, disconnect (clean bandit), LIES, how to be a heartbreaker, power ans control
melanie martinez: TRAINING WHEELS UGH, play date, pity party, PACIFY HER, milk and cookies, soap
dua lipa: BLOW YOUR MIND, new rules
allie x: PAPER LOVE, cassanova, old habits die hard
kehlani: UNDERCOVER, piece of mind, faking it, do u dirty, i wanna be, crzy
grimes: kill v maim, venus fly, flesh without blood
brooke candy: volcano, opulence
adore delano/danny noreiga: hello i love you, i adore u
alaska: stun (this is such a hoe song wow)
oh wonder: ultralife, heartstrings, drive, plans, midnight moon, solo, lose it, lifetimes
troye: talk me down, SUBURBIA, blue, for him.
safia: TAKE ME OVER, make them wheels roll, counting sheep
hurts: guilt, BLIND, miracle, wonderwall
skizzy mars: alcoholics, hit me harder, do you there, comb, recognise
rich chigga: (yikes) gospel, dat stick, back at it


nicki minaj: no frauds, changed it, the night is still young, get on your knees, feelin’ myself, ***flawless, vavavoom, shanghai, want some more (my inner hoe)
ariana: everyday, baby i, piano, side to side
post malone: white iverson, congratulations
dnce: kissing strangers, toothbrush,

that’s all i can think abt atm lmao (wow i’m a total music hoe) and i’m gonna tag people to expose themselves!!

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170522 Malaysia - The Bee, Tokyo Inn


“When a director works with a scriptwriter they must have some habits in common. Otherwise they wouldn’t get along at all. With Noda and me, we see alike about staying up late and drinking, and things like that. That is the most important thing.” — Yasujiro Ozu on Kogo Noda

Lifelong friends and collaborators, Ozu wrote more than half of his films with Noda, including every picture from Late Spring in 1949 to his final film, An Autumn Afternoon, in 1962. Donald Richie detailed their working relationship in his book on Ozu:

Their method of work was always the same: to go someplace and stay up late drinking until the ideas began to come. Noda later remembered the various places they worked: “We used to sometimes work in a bar named Fledermaus in Nishi-Ginza, or we’d go down to an inn called Nakanishi in Yugawara. We locked ourselves in an inn in Chigasaki and wrote Late Spring.” Later Ozu bought a mountain house in Tateshina, and there they wrote all the films from Early Spring on. According to Noda:

One scenario usually took us from three to four months, that is, if we weren’t adapting something [as they did in the case of The Munekata Sisters, Floating Weeds, and others] but were working from scratch. That’s how long Tokyo Story took. We did it at this inn in Chigasaki. It was more a boarding house [yadoya] than an inn [ryokan]. We had this eight-tatami room which looked out on the east and south to a long garden and had good sunshine. The buds came out, then the flowers, then the fruit, and we still weren’t finished. Whenever we went for a walk we’d do the shopping. Ozu used to buy meat and make hamburgers. And we drank a lot, too. By the time we’d finish a script we’d sometimes have over a hundred big empty sake bottles—though our guests would help drink them up, too. Ozu used to number all the bottles. Then he’d count them and say: “Here we are up to number eighty already and we haven’t finished the script yet.”

There is a note of triumph in the diary at the conclusion of Tokyo Story: “Finished. 103 days; 43 bottles of sake.” Ozu not only drank more than perhaps any other major film director, he saw in this habit a source of his artistic strength. Usually Ozu’s comments in the diary that he and Noda (and anyone else who happened to be there) kept were confined to poetical remarks about the weather (in the most arcane of kanji) and an accounting of how much of which kind of alcohol he had drunk that day (he preferred scotch, but he also drank sake and relatively inexpensive Japanese whiskeys). In an entry of July 7, 1959, however, written in elegant imitation of classical forms, he observed, “If the number of cups you drink be small, there can be no masterpiece; the masterpiece arises from the number of brimming cups you quaff.” He descends from these heights in the following line: “It’s no coincidence that this film [Floating Weeds] is a masterpiece—just look in the kitchen at the row of empty bottles.”


Hino City is a place for any Shinsengumi fan. Going from the top left you have: Hino City History Museum of the Shinsengumi where you can see a lot of things related to them and even dress up as one and take pictures 😍📷.
Then you have the last remaining Honjin (inn for a Daimyo from Edo period) in the Tokyo area. Where you can explore the place where the Shinsengumi gathered and trained under Inoue and Kondo, when they weren’t Shinsengumi yet 😊.
Then there is a monument and grave of Inoue Genzaburo in Housenji temple and the last of the three graves of Hijikata Toshizō in Sekidenji temple. They are more like his memorials because no one knows where his actual body was buried.
The last picture is of Hijikata Toshizō’s statue in Takahata Fudo temple 😍.
All in all I highly recommend visiting this city if you’re in Tokyo area. The best time would be 1st or 3rd Sunday of every month because that’s when other museums I wasn’t able to visit are open: the Inoue Genzaburo Museum & the Hijikata Toshizō Museum. I’m definitely going back to see them next time I’m in Japan 😍👍🏻❤️.

[ENG TRANS] Daesung on NACK5 Radio OCT 11, 2014

DAESUNG’s guest appearance on NACK5 radio on OCT 11, 2014.

*I don’t have time to translate word for word so this is just a summarization. Please understand :D -mmvvip



HOST: So I heard you went to hot springs?

DAE: Yes. I actually went all by myself. I took the bullet train from Tokyo and went to an inn with hot springs. I only went for a night. I basically just ate dinner, slept, ate breakfast and came back.

HOST: Where do you want to go next?

DAE: I love winter and the cold so I want to go to Hokkaido. I won’t take the airplane. I will swim to Hokkaido! If you just take the airplane or ferry, that is SMALLBANG. I am BIGBANG so I swim there!! (? lol)

Question time!

Q: What made you excited recently?

DAE: That convenience-stores in Japan started selling  ODEN! I love oden. I’m so happy that it is getting cold and the stores began selling them. 

*please wiki-search ODEN if you don’t know what it is!

Q: What do you want in this moment?

DAE: chicken breast! I recently found out that smoked chicken breast is really really good.

Q: Where is a place that made you happy visiting?

DAE: Hot springs of course!

Q: What do you want to eat now?

DAE: Konnyaku!

* please wiki-search that too if you don’t know!

Q: When did you get nervous recently?

DAE: When I went to a convenience store and worried if the store had oden.

Q: What are you looking forward to?

DAE: eat konnyaku!

Q: When did you last make a mistake?

DAE: I never make a mistake!!

Q: What do you want to challenge?

DAE: Anything, as long as it is with you!

Host: How did this new trot mini album happen?

DAE: I sang Furui Nikki during the tour this year. I felt that the fans enjoyed it and at the same time, I really enjoyed singing it myself.  I chose to sing DOUNIMO TOMARANAI because I was amazed how it was choreographed and when I heard it I really wanted to make this song with my voice. These songs aren’t easy to sing buy it’s very dance-able and enjoyable! Please sing and dance at the end of the year partys!

Host: Can you teach us how to do Gwisoon dance?

DAE: Please watch the new MV for it! But I think all of the people here (fans) know the dance already. BB members can dance to it too. When you do the chest pump, imagine that your chest goes out 10meters. 

Host: Can you tell us about D'SLOVE DVD that will be out soon also?

DAE: I actually thought this year’s tour was better than last year’s, because I felt that all of the fans and I were able to become ‘one’.  You will be able to feel that we were having fun together when you watch the DVD. My concert is not MY concert. It’s YOUR concert :)

HOST: I understood your love for oden. What else do you like?

DAE: I love tofu and fruits. My favorite is persimmons recently. I found good ones at a store so I bought 20 of them to give it out to everyone. Actually, I like watermelon the best. Then I like tangerines. Then melons.  

HOST: Final message?

DAE: My mini-album will be out and BIGBANG dome tour will begin soon! Please keep supporting us and I appreciate everyone for everything all the time!