an injoke

oh man imagine if “strictly professional” was like……..a kind of injoke between junkrat and roadhog. like they keep trying to pass of the friendly things they’re doing as Very Normal Things for a boss and his employee to be doing with each other until it just gets…..completely ridiculous

the first time they kiss junkrat’s probably like “dont think this changes anything; I want to keep things strictly professional between us” and hog just fucking loses it and starts laughing

Futch was a super funny and genuinely fun little injoke and then people couldn’t calm down and had to make it into a self identifier with none of the history or significance of butch/femme and totally misinterpreting butch and femme as just a gradient from “masculine” to “feminine” rather than specific ways of experiencing lesbianism. And of course in the hands of people who don’t know jack shit about butchness it was always bound to become vaguely anti-butch; “futch” is “butch but not like a piece of shit who sits with legs open and doesn’t respect women and never smiles” to many people.

Don’t wait until you know people to have injokes.  Start dropping eldritch bullshit humor first fucking hang out.  Have none of the shit you say make sense. See if they’re real

Tumblr Monarchist Masterpost

So I’m creating a masterpost of monarchists on Tumblr for the purposes of social and political networking and sharing tasteless historical injokes. Reblog, reply, or PM if you want your name added to The List.

So far from memory:

I know there are more of you out there…

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What if for the acting AU all the Duwang subs was everyone either imprompt their lines or forgot them altogether and Morioh being called Duwang was just an injoke between all of them?

The Duwang thing is DEFINITELY an injoke with them, and “Duwang” in this universe probably refers to all the bloopers and outtakes? It probably started where Oku forgot his line for a moment and was just like “Bro don’t be dong” AND EVERYONE LOST IT

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Did you know "je ne sais quoi" doesn't actually mean anything? It's actually an American term taken from the French fraise "je ne sais pa" which means "I don't know" but is instead used in a situation where it means something more along the lines of "it is what it is". Just an interesting vocab lesson in case you weren't aware of that.

I am, actually, aware of that. That was kinda the joke I was going for there. I like to be very clever with titles, even tho sometimes it’s just an injoke between me and my brain.