an infinite list of the best tv show characters

OK ok oK ok listen it is not unreasonable for people to be upset that they are introducing an entire host of new male clones. It’s not a question of screen time or whether or not Tatiana will still be the main lead, because of course she will. The show runners have confirmed this and it is clear to everyone in the universe that this show is entirely run by the force of Tatiana’s talent. But it’s still fair to worry about what impact an INFLUX of male clones will have on the story. This show has always first and foremost been about WOMEN and the struggles that come with that, including agency, reproductive rights, motherhood, identity, etc. It’s hard to imagine a show where an infinite amount of male characters added to the list can somehow benefit these questions about the female role in our society and culture - especially when they are militarized and bring in a whole other layer, a layer which coincidentally women have been almost entirely excluded from throughout history.

I’m not saying that it won’t end well. I do have faith in these writers, and their ability to continue to show me ground breaking writing that pushes past stereotypes and tropes, to give me the best female characters on television. But in a society where women are fridged right and left and TV is looking more like a boys club every fucking day - it’s understandable to be scared. Don’t fucking tell me not to be.