an inability to shake the feeling of running the wrong way into the unknown

changes - Ian

A request in which you’re friends with Ian on a road trip; then you are ‘forced’ to share a bed…


“Hey, [name]…”

It was late night, just you and Ian sitting on his porch, sprawled onto your back—the chill air brought goosebumps onto your skin. You hear his voice like in a dream but immediately respond with an “Yeah..?”

“Let’s go on a trip.”

You slowly turn your head towards him, staring at him in confusion. “On a trip?”

“Yeah!” he’s watching the starry sky, not even daring to look at you—but there’s a fond smile of longing on his face. Like he’s envisioning the whole trip before his eyes. “Just me, you and the car. We don’t know where we’re going, but we’re keeping on moving forward.”

‘Just me and Ian?’ you think, hear rate picking up. ‘Alone…’

You didn’t mind that at all.

“What do you say, [name]?” the handsome bespectacled boy glances at you, his smile so beautifully glinting in the moonlight. It made your cheeks go flaming red. “Do you want to come?”

‘How can I say no to you, Ian?’


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Divergent!5SOS AU

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- AMITY - The  P E A C E F U L -

- CANDOR - The  H O N E S T -

- DAUNTLESS - The  B R A V E -

- ERUDITE - The  I N T E L L I G E N T -

A C C E S S  T O  ‘Rebel Organization Files’  G R A N T E D

Hood, Calum: Born Dauntless, Transferred Candor

STATUS: Divergent, Factionless


Born into the rough life of Dauntless, Calum had experienced the harsh ways of living from the off. He was average in all aspects of Dauntless life and never succeeded in reaching his full potential. Often being scolded for speaking out about issues in the lifestyle of his faction, Calum decided he had to transfer at the Choosing Ceremony. His Aptitude Test results were inconclusive, rendering him terrified to tell anyone, after being advised against it by an equally afraid Leader. He chose Candor at the Ceremony, betting on his strongest quality, honesty. He settled into Candor quickly, although still found himself in trouble repeatedly; for fighting with other transfers and protesting against scholars. His Dauntless traits influenced him to nose around in offices of highers. He discovered their plans to overthrow Abnegation in government and told other transfers immediately, hoping they’d feel as disgusted as he did. He was wrong, his faction became brutal towards him and Abnegation and after two months he found himself ejected from Candor, left factionless and labelled Divergent. Accomplice to Clifford, Michael.

Clifford, Michael: Born Candor, Transferred Dauntless

STATUS: Divergent, Factionless


Michael detested his childhood, growing up under strict regimes and surrounded by people who told the truth, whether he liked it or not. Criticized for his inability to be ruthlessly honest, Michael grew tired of the ways of Candor and was determined to transfer at the Choosing Ceremony. Excited and nervous for his Aptitude Test, he went in confident, but his results did not turn out as expected - indefinite. Bustled out of the room fast, he was left confused and scared as to which faction to move to. He chose on a whim, siding for the seemingly carefree life of a Dauntless. He soon found that it was anything but. He kept up with rigorous activity and regimes for the first few weeks, but was let down in fighting, his technique lacking. Slipping below the line he wound up on the streets, factionless and found his true identity as Divergent.

Being homeless he soon befriended aforementioned Hood, Calum. Confiding secrets in each other, they discovered they were both Divergent. Having nothing to lose, they founded a group of rebels to spy and take down the plans Candor had to take over. Inside knowledge from Candor residents led them to find that serum injected into people separated a Divergent from a particular faction. Rescuing Divergent born led them to forming a larger group of freedom fighters to save the factions from blindly following Candor. They are now plotting to kidnap government officials and hijack public broadcasting, although details remain unknown.

Irwin, Ashton: Born Abnegation, Transferred Amity

STATUS: Divergent, Factionless


Ashton grew up in Abnegation. Although a natural at helping others, Ashton despised the way his faction was run. He was a people pleaser and whilst he knew assisting the factionless was the right thing to do, he felt as if he wasn’t the happiest he could be living under the strict rules of Abnegation. He was planning to use the results of his Aptitude Test to influence his decision, but the results were undetermined. Eventually he chose to move to Amity. The boy suffered in the first week of transfer as he missed routine and his family, but he was quick to adjust and found himself much more content in the Amity farms than he ever was in Abnegation. A month into the transfer he started having problems with other people in his faction. He found that despite their cheerful disposition he clashed with Leaders of his faction. After a few months Ashton managed to control himself and keep his head down. Soon after his initiation he found that every night his faction would be controlled as a unit, except he was not - the sign of a Divergent. He managed to play along for a week before being caught by a Leader. Recovered by Hood, Calum. Now part of the Divergent rebel group.

Hemmings, Luke: Born Amity, Transferred Erudite

STATUS: Erudite, Ex-Official


Luke lived peacefully with his family in his faction, but somehow felt as if he never really belonged. His older brothers had stayed in Amity after given the choice to leave, and he was expected to do the same. Pressure weighed heavily on him as he knew he viewed things differently to the rest of his faction. He was fascinated with the plants he grew and his mind constantly babbled with theories, Luke went into the Aptitude Test petrified to see the outcome. It pointed to Erudite, faction for the intelligent. The boy was shaking with nerves at the Choosing Ceremony, scared as to what his relatives would think of him after he switched, especially since he would never see them again. After a few days at Erudite he knew he had made the correct decision. Excelling in experiments and debates he became a respected transfer, and eventually a Leader. His ways were fair and smart, but he was approachable, his Amity qualities shining through. Soon into his reign he was educated about the ways a special serum would control his faction, unbeknownst to them. He was sickened at this and made it clear to other Leaders he felt that way. Luke was hurriedly rejected and left factionless, despite being a true Erudite. Rescued by Clifford, Michael and Hood, Calum. Now joined the rebellion organization.