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women do not have to
  • be thin
  • cook for you
  • have long hair
  • wear makeup
  • be feminine 
  • be graceful
  • have sex with you
  • shave
  • diet
  • be fashionable
  • wear pink
  • love men
  • listen to your bullshit
Acne is natural, stretch marks are natural, fat rolls are natural, and body hair is natural for all genders.

I think it’s about time to write a post about the art theft  I’ve been suffering regarding my Ons material and during this year which isn’t decreasing at all.

 I’m a person who doesn’t mind repost or modifications (like graphics or so)of any of my art, it’s okay, it’s also okay if you use it as an avatar on tw and no giving me any credit ( though I highly appreciate when you do it) but I don’t mind if you don’t, as long it’s for personal use it’s fine.

 The things I don’t tolerate it’s when you use my art for any commercial purpose, ripping my designs and making keychains , dakimakuras, posters, cushions and a large etc I’ve found it on internet. Or when you upload the pic as if you were the author <–PLEASE DON’T! 

I’m very aware that my art has been and it’s been sold via ebay, aliexpress, taobao, amazon, etsy …etc And no, THEY DON’T HAVE MY PERMISSION, THEY AREN’T ME. My only owned store is the one on Tictail (which I’m planning to reopen) and Toranoana Stores which have my permission to sell my designs. Taking down the merchandise from these webpages previously mentioned, you need to provide lot of personal papers and then the webpage decide if you’re or not saying  the truth. Closing one shop is difficult than opening one //that’s why no one cares about taking down it’s own art, it’s very difficult, consumes so much energy and when you close one, other 3 appear 8) A no ending circle.

I´ll highly appreaciate if you don’t buy from these people. I know it’s cheaper but for any purchase you make from them, it’s a loss for me.

Today I received 3 messages about different kind of art theft from my work…I’m very angry and sad… Thank you for reading and for the support you give me. It’s my day a day energy.


Facts About The Female Body
  1. Everyone has rolls when they bend over.
  2. When someone says “You’re beautiful”, they aren’t lying.
  3. Any girl you ask will have a stretch mark, they are beyond normal.
  4. You should have more confidence, it’s really attractive. 
  5. You’re allowed to fall in love with yourself, and you should.
  6. It’s okay to not love every part of your part of your body (but you should)
  7. Everyone’s boobs are uneven.
  8. You’re fucking beautiful. 

headcanon: genji has a lot of boyfriends

Skam has covered the following topics in just 30 episodes:

- Friendships
- Romantic Relationships
- Cheating
- Lying
- Bullying
- Drugs and alcohol
- Sex
- Violence
- Religion
- Sexuality
    - Self discovery
- Rape
- Child pornography
- The law 
- Feminism 
- The refugee crisis
- War
- Body image
- Self importance and self belief
- Parents splitting up (briefly)
- Teen pregnancy (briefly)
- Prostitution (very briefly) 
- Mental health (possibly more throughout series 3)

Most British and American shows don’t cover all of this entirely through the shows airing time and Skam has covered it in 30 episodes.

Kudos to you, Norway!!

Here’s a very important image from the new Steven Universe comic:

From this article:

It’s definitely worth looking at that article, because it has a little interview with a couple of the writers - and it also has the cover art and the first few pages! :D

It also confirms that the comic is launching on 8th February.

It looks adorable and I’m really excited about it!