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“Well, that was a bit stupid of you,” said Ginny angrily, “seeing as you don’t know anyone but me who’s been possessed by You-Know-Who, and I can tell you how it feels.”

Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix

Harry searching for comfort in the middle of the night, 4 months after the battle of Hogwarts. He literally woke Ginny up at 3 A.M because he had a nightmare that wasn’t letting him sleep at all. It was regarding to the scene where Bellatrix almost killed her. He really needed to talk to her, but that wasn’t what they actually did in her room.

A comic about the morning after can be found here.

And more headcanons about their first time here.

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If these skins are based off what I think they are, and I know they are.


To quote my mother: “This isn’t even a Yoruba Masquerade, They took and Igbo Masquerade and gave him flip flops.”

Masquerades are sacred beings that represents spirits in our culture and they are to be revered and respected. Of course we know that humans are in there but you never see someone putting on the costume right?

To SEE that a human is dressed as a Masquerade breaks the illusion of what they are and is frowned upon.

While my family is Igbo and Akande is Yoruba I spoke to my mothers about if this sort of thing is okay. It’s not. Yoruba people may handle their Masquerades differently than an Igbo person but I showed her these pictures and she said, like i quoted above, that is an Igbo Masquerade.

I have loved the amount of research, time and care that Blizzard has put into Akande but this one of the fears POCs have when other people take on their cultures but i know for Nigeria tbh DO NOT TOUCH OUR SPIRITS. Not only is it bad that they put the costume on him in general but it looks like they mixed up the tribes and that honestly is just as if not more insulting.

Igbo and Yoruba people have enough to deal without their cultures being used interchangeably.

There are an estimated 3000+ tribes in the entire continent of Africa and over 500 in Nigeria, please do not continue this harmful delusion that all Africans are the same, especially when you want to use our cultures for whatever purposes you see fit.


okay so im rereading the third harry potter book and this moment in particular is just so fuckign funny to me

this is immediately after the gryffindor tower has been violently broken into and everyone knows sirius black is looking for harry and has some unknown way of moving undetected around the castle and can and will kill the shit out of harry

so professor mcgonagall, totally reasonably, is like dude you cant be practicing sports unsupervised in a bigass unprotected field in the middle of the night


and then to make this even funnier mcgonagall is like “u know what. ur right. beating slytherin is important. ill just have a teacher oversee ur training to make sure u dont die”

like has there ever been a more purely gryffindor teacher-student interaction Ever. i think not. i love both of them so much


First set of little backgrounds I’ve made for my phone and computer using the Omnipj family. There will be more!

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alright i am super interested! i wanna hear ALL about HoH Reigen. Gimme the goods. What's the proof?

  • Anytime Reigen does The Hand Thing™ (I always took that as him half signing/lazy signing). Plus when you’re signing you HAVE to be really expressive, and whose the most expressive person in mp100?

Originally posted by zerla

  • Homesigning! Theres really only this one instance of it, but I took this part of the anime as a homesign (Which is what I use a lot). 

And if you dont know what homesigning means, heres the definition:

  • This part in the anime when a claw lackey is whispering to Reigen. In the dub he says “I can’t hear you”. Which can be taken as the claw lackey not reaching Reigens hearing level.
  • Reigens voice fluctuates a lot from high to level volumes, and he shouts a little unnecessarily at times. 
  • Hes really observant! He notices a lot of things other people dont maybe because he knows he can’t rely on his hearing to pick up noises. See, this part from the anime.

(Nobody else saw Hoshino hide behind the corner, even though theyre all kinda at the same pace).

Thats all the “proof” I have off the top of my head, but really, its just a headcannon! :D


March 26th 2010-2017: 7 years today since your audition & look where you are; performing your first song in front of a huge crowd at Ultra last night!
I’m so proud to see how much you have grown & how much more confident you are in your voice & your talent. You are nowhere near done.


2 versions of the dress for my side character who is a hatter! 👒🎀

Be there for her when she’s sad, especially if she can’t explain why. Send her silly pictures and sweet messages to make her smile. Even if there’s nothing you can really do to cheer her up, make sure she knows that you’re there for her and that you’ll always support her. That’s what you do for each other, you make sure that you’re never truly alone. 💕

It’s my first solo video and I’m really proud of it. It was also great to have my band in it. All of them are Irish, apart from one from Preston, so it wasn’t hard to ‘act’ drinking Guinness in a pub.
Makai Ouji pillar 1 be like:

Dantalion: My name is Dantalion I’m a demon and I’m-

William: The answer to a question I never asked.


Everyone please PLEASE block and report theenginerd

They’re a horrible person, and they’ve been doing some bad shit over here.

They’ve clearly sent me anon hate before, and threathen me by saying they’re going to send a bounty hunter against me.

They’re playing with other people’s hearts, and played with my friend Hannah’s heart, and is spreading rumors about her, saying that she’s been sleeping with other men (Even though she would never do that, since she’s 13).

They’re horrible, and need to be reported.

I don’t want this dude harassing anyone, or any of my friends again.



Real smooth Cullen.


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How do you take such beautiful photos? Can you give me advice on taking clear, bright, and aesthetically pleasing photos? Thank you :)

hi, sorry for the late reply! i was hesitant about answering this because i’m 100% sure there will be people arguing that i’m encouraging an unrealistic studyblr aesthetic but whatever. yolo

long post ahead!!

the first step is most important: natural light!! unless you have, like, professional photography lights ready to go, then your photos will look best with natural light. take a photo near a window but not directly in front of it so the shadows aren’t too harsh

also, i use an iphone 6 for my photos, but you can use whatever you have

and, now, a messy collection of steps that i got too carried away with:

and now for some disclaimers:

  • the quality of your studies is in no way determined by how pretty of a photo you can take
  • the studyblr aesthetic is cool and can be super motivational but you shouldn’t feel compelled to ///give in/// to it
  • a studyblr isn’t about the photos. it’s about an enthusiasm for learning and a passion for education!
  • but nice photos are still nice to look at, and i personally think they make studying more appealing to me, so,

there you go! the entire process from desk to dashboard. i hope it helped!