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“What do you mean you can’t dance?” she asked.

“He means he’s never gone to a dance, and so has never tried, and therefore believes he is incapable of dancing,” Tyrion said. “But he’s got good moves, nimble feet, so I don’t see why he couldn’t learn.”

Sansa giggled as Sandor threw an empty soda cup at Tyrion’s head, who ducked and ran off to join Shae. “Fucking imp,” he growled.

Baby Puck One Shot

I am sick, so you get Baby Puck drabbles
The fairy child coughed in Stanford’s face again.

“Puck, cover your mouth,” Fiddleford gently scolded the little imp as Ford once more tried to place a thermometer in the child’s mouth.

“I didn’t do it on purpose,” sniffled Puck as he reluctantly allowed Ford to take his temperature. “I can’t help it if I’m dying!”

“Oh, hush, you ain’t dying,” said Fidds, giving the boy a gentle squeeze on his shoulder, careful to avoid hurting his fragile wings. Fidds shot a nervous look in Ford’s direction. Was the boy going to be all right?

Ford smiled reassuringly at his partner.

“From what I can see,” said Ford, eyeing the thermometer carefully after instructing Puck to open his mouth again, “it’s just a regular cold, same as any human child would catch. With a little cold medicine–”


“Some bed rest–”


“And lots of soup and fluids, he should be back to normal in about a week.”

“Noooooooooo,” groaned Puck mournfully, which was promptly interrupted by a violent sneezing fit.

“He’s right, sweetie,” said Fiddleford, gently picking up Puck from the couch and giving the boy a quick hug, “you’ll need to rest if you want to get better.”

“But I don’t want to rest, I want to play,” sighed Puck, his eyes itchy and watery as he tried to hold back another sneeze. “Dr. Crackpot’s just saying that because he’s boring and hates fun–”

“Yes, my nefarious, evil plan to make you well again, where will my wickedness end,” said Ford wryly. He turned towards the kitchen. “I’ll start boiling a pot of tea, you get him in his pj’s,” he told his partner, who nodded in understanding as he carried Puck to his bedroom.

Puck continued to grumble under his breath as Fidds changed the boy into his pjs, a fluffy, pink one piece with, of all things, soppy-eyed dragon slippers attached to the feet.

“Ya sound like my boy Tate when he was a little fella,” chuckled Fidds, who tousled Puck’s hair affectionately as he spoke. Puck momentarily forgot to be grumpy as Fidds gently stroked his soft, white hair. “He just cried something fierce anytime he came down with something.”

“It stinks!”

“Yeah, it does,” agreed Fidds, “but you’re lucky, I’ve been looking after grumpy, germy kiddos for nearly seven years now, you’re in good hands.”

“I’m not taking any yucky medicine,” stated Puck, indignantly crossing his thin arms across his chest.

“Well, okay,” said Fidds shrewdly, “but only kids who take their medicine get to hear stories when they’re sick. Guess you won’t get to hear about Lucy and Mr. Tumnus tonight after all.”

“…. if I take my medicine, can we read about Dorothy and the witches instead,” said Puck, trying to sound like somebody too clever to fall for his dad’s tricks. He failed spectacularly.

Fidds, smiling warmly, said to the boy, “it’s a deal.”


You’ve got to watch this music video about gender bending from ancient Greek drag to trans women standing up for themselves at Stonewall

“[E]xposure often erases or invisibilizes a population of queer people, and especially trans women of color, who are actually creating these cultural expressions,” Imp Queen says. “So it felt like an important time to gather a group of queens and trans women and try to make something about the history of drag and trans culture.”


Ac and I did this piece for a Kubo illustration contest in DA. Hatched out the idea together, AC did the inks, and I did the colors. Unfortunately it didn’t get far in the judging process, but It’s been a while since we’ve collaborated on something that wasn’t work related. I think that just having had something fun like this to do together made it worth it nonetheless. Aside from the beautiful visuals that we’ve come to expect from Laika studios’ work, the relationship and dedication of the Kubo character to his “catatonic” mother during the early bits of the movie really spoke to me.