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Midday/Maeday/MaeBea in Deep Hollow Possum Springs ~

Thank you so much to everyone who shares in these experiences with me and enjoys looking at my work, whether it be my inspirations as a fan or some of my own, you’re appreciation means the whole world to me. xx

After a while, I found it refreshing to wade through Night in the Woods, having first played it all the way back in April, and took a real adoration for the town itself. After a good while of experimentation and retreading into my own knowledge perspective and asymmetry, I’ve had one more shot at articulating my love for this universe in the form of a big environmental project overlooking a humble impression of what other parts of the horizon Could look like had the game looked a little more 3-dimensional. 

The image is large in scope, therefore I found it challenging to bring attention to the most important aspects of the image, such as Mae and Bea sitting rigid against one of the brick struts. There was so much that I wanted to depict that I may have allowed myself to get carried off into the project itself. Looking back at it now, it was a major test of patience and careful planning which I value most of all and hope to learn from in future work. 

BTS REACTION: unexpected pregnancy

i loved the exo unplanned pregnancy one you did, please would you be able to do one for bts? thanks very much!


You had told Seokjin that you were feeling unwell, so he called you as often as possible, making sure you had everything you need, and that you weren’t feeling to bad. 

“You look better today,” he smiled at your image on the screen, making you nod. “Your illness has gone?” he asked happily, adjusting so he could hold the camera steady. “It’s not an illness I have,” you smirked before reaching over to pick up the notes your doctor had given you. The confusion wiped from his face when he read what was on it. 

When you set the papers down, you saw him frowning on the screen. “You’re not happy about it…” you joined him in frowning. “Who’s going to make sure you’re eating everything you need to keep you and baby healthy?” he huffed, face screwing up. “I’ll send you some recopies, okay? Remember to take your vitamins. Don’t work too hard,” he stopped when he saw you roll your eyes. “Don’t do that! I want you both to be healthy! When I come home, I’ll take over caring for you.”


You’d ended up arriving at the venue late, as the traffic was a nightmare around the area. You managed to catch your husband before he went on stage again, grabbing his arm to stop him. “Can I talk to you?” you panted, making him. “Of course you can,” he moved you to somewhere with a tiny more privacy.

“Is everything okay?” he asked, fingers locking together with yours. “We’re going to be parents,” you announced, making him grin at you. “Really?” at your nod, he pulled you close and pressed a kiss to your head. The sweet moment was cut off by the announcement playing through the speakers. “Go wait for me at the hotel. I’ll be there in a few hours.”


Hoseok had finally come after crashing at the dorms after schedule. You two slept wrapped in eachother for the first time in weeks. You decided to try give him a good send off, not knowing when the next time you’d see him would be. 

You had managed to break free from his arms and begin your cooking, making as little noise as possible. As the sun began to rise, you had finished, adding your final touch to the meal; a note of congratulations. 

He was sleepily staring at the ceiling when you entered with the tray, his eyes soon going to you. “I thought you were a dream,” he laughed, shuffling so he was sat up. “Breakfast in bed for one hard working man,” you hummed, setting the tray down in his lap. 

He took in everything you had made, his smile faded when he saw your note. “I’m not a Daddy…” his face screwed up in confusion as you settled next to him. “In a few months you will be,” you smirked, setting your mug of tea on the bedside table. “You’re pregnant?” he moved the tray to the floor and pulled you to him. “When all this is over, I’ll treat you like the princess you are.”


You and Namjoon had no time to talk when he’d come home to pack, you focused on making sure he had everything he could possibly need to take with him. When he left the room to collect something, you slipped in the pregnancy test, hiding it within his clothes. He threw his phone charger into the case then zipped it up. “I’ll see you when I come home,” he smiled, cupping your face and pressing your lips together for a final time before leaving. 

A few days after your husband’s departure, you received a call from him, which you accepted happily. “I found your present,” he announced the moment you answered. “Oh?” you smirked, making him grin. “We had to get pregnant before a tour,” he shook his head as he chuckled. “They’ll be kicking when I come back,” he turned his phone so you could see the order of books on his screen. “I’ll use my spare time to learn everything I can.”


Jimin being halfway across the world from you made it hard to talk to him. You had found out you’d both be parents, but couldn’t call him to tell him the exciting news, as he was probably sleeping. You promised yourself you’d wait until he was home, but at 3am, when you missed him more than ever, you decided to record a message for him. 

“So it’s month four of not seeing you… I hope everything’s going well, and that you’re eating lots. I know you said to go out with friends alot while you were done so I couldn’t get lonely, but I haven’t been out… I’m not lonely, though! I have Jimin Junior to keep me company!” you grinned, holding up the forms from the doctors so it could easily be read by him when he watched. “We’ll see you soon, okay? We love you!”

 The moment Jimin saw the video from you, he’d cry, concerning the other members. “What happened?” Hoseok asked, rubbing the younger’s back. He called all the members into the room and let them watch the video. “Let’s do well, okay? I need to go home and see my babies.”


Taehyung has an app on his phone that tracks your periods, so he can get everything ready for you. When he gets a notification from it, informing him that you were two weeks late, he’d make a mental note to talk to you about it if/when he got home. 

“Y/N?” he’d call through the home, to have you appear from the kitchen. “Welcome home,” you smiled sweetly, approaching him to kiss him. “Did you forget to tell me about your period?” he asked, arms wrapping around you. “I missed you too,” your chuckle didn’t change the stern look on his face. “Why are you being so serious?” you frowned. “Because you might be carrying prince or princess Kim,” he mumbled, rooting through his bag to produce a test, finally making you realise you were late. 

“Go get changed, I’ll go take this, then can have dinner,” you wandered off to take the test. When you walked into your room, you husband sat patiently, eyes now wide with hope. “Please tell me it’s got two lines…” he whispered, making you nod. He let out a squeak of delight and fell back against the bed, a pillow was pulled over his face so his shouts of joy were muffled.


Jungkook would notice how you winced everytime he laid his head on your chest, and how certain smells would trigger nausea. He’d take to the good old internet, typing your symptoms in to see if there was something he could do to help you. When he saw the word ‘pregnancy’ he’d tense up, glancing over to you. “I need to go to the store for snacks to take to rehearsals tomorrow,” he offered you a smile before leaving.

When he returned, he’d empty the snacks into his bag, then hand you the box that contained the test. “Can you take this?” he asked quietly, resting a hand on your shoulder when you looked up at him in confusion. “I might be wrong, but I wanna make sure.”

He’d patiently wait outside while you took the test, then hold you in his arms while waiting for it to develop. “What do you want it to say?” you asked as you hid you face in his neck. “I don’t know… I’d love to have a mini us… But not when I’m going to miss it all…” his lips came to your hair. 

When your alarm went off, he guided you to check the test. His eyes widened as he examined the two pink lines. “We’re going to be parents,” he murmured, handing you the test. “I’ll take the best care of you when I’m done with schedule.”

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Hi sweetie! You are so great and an absolute joy of the fandom! What picture is your favorite that you have made?

Hi there!  Thanks so much for your nice comment!

I just had a look through my folder, and it turns out I have well over six hundred images, and over two hundred gifs.  That makes this question really difficult!  I can tell you that there’s a few images I like for different reasons.

This one is a favourite because I have no idea why I thought of this idea, but it was in fact an idea.  I literally searched out for an image of someone skateboarding in a suit, put Lestrade’s face on it, added sunglasses, added a cat and put it over the NSY building.  It was intentionally bizarre, and I was funny to probably only me.  But that’s fine!

I love making logos, so making up this one for the fictitious band belonging to @finalproblem was particularly fun.

I had this one printed out and on my wall for about four years. It still makes me smile. 

And I am adding this one here because it got a ton of hits, mostly for the added stuff after the original image.  This one was pretty fun to make, required a lot of careful close cropping, and I thought it was really funny.

That’s it for now, I hope this works for you! 

I’m starting a modern AU fanfiction Julian x MC. Would you read it?

This is the beginning:

The girls all thought that Julian Devorak was a loonie, but also that he was really handsome. That was the exact word; not hot, dreamy or sexy: handsome. He appeared to have the strongest bad boy charm, with his leather boots and auburn hair, and –apparently- a smile so sweet you would have sold your mama to buy him smokes. Despite his glamour, tho, I never met a girl who actually had any first-hand experience of the boy: he was too much, they said, with his coat that looked like a cloak and that pirate eyepatch. The kid tried too hard. And he was a junkie, everybody knew that.I knew for a fact that he wasn’t, because my best friend was his sister Portia and thanks to her I had a much less romanticized image of him: it’s hard to find intriguing someone when you hear him constantly being referred to as “Dummy” and “Banana boy”. Quite surprisingly, though, I had never seen him. I wasn’t a “going out” girl (we lived too far from the city center) and he was bigger than us, went to med school and wasn’t simply around the time that I was. When I met him, anyway, he managed to make the whole thing unforgettable.

If you are interested, I will post the updates here on Tumblr. I don’t want to encumber dashboards, so I’d like your opinions


Avada’s Holiday Commissions

Hello all! With the holidays coming up I wanted to open commissions up since holidays are the only time I can really work on them anyway! 

Want to buy your RP partner some gift art? I will draw any of your OCs as well as canon character! I can also draw animals (and, in fact, love doing so). My only limit is that I will NOT draw hardcore n-sfw (nudity is fine!). 

To commission me, email the following form to

  • Name: 
  • Tumblr URL:
  • Type of commission:
  • Paypal email:
  • A little bit about your character (appearance, personality):
  • What you’d like your character to be doing (poses, activities, etc.): 
  • Reference images or inspiration:

Thank you very much, happy holidays!!

Now I’m getting worried about BTS and their time in USA. I’m already pissed because of all this English songs nonsense.

I don’t want guys to change only to please American audience, to fit their pattern and image of a successful international artist. I want them to evolve and change only if they feel so, I want it to be natural and caused by their own work, experience and inspiration, not pressure and expectation of western audience who are used to everything revolving around them.

As Russian I know what is like to look up to West and always think that we are not good enough. I hate that this kind of mindset became normal since 90’s. And I don’t want seeing people from other countries suffer from this way of thinking too.

BTS and kpop in general gained so much popularity and recognition being who they are, singing in korean and doing what they do. People love kpop because of it and I don’t want to lose this feeling of a certain authenticity and originality.

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And the same applies for Louis too. If they let him BE like with his personality, his amazing sense of humor, the spontaneity, like everything that made us love him... and instead we have horrible stunts following him everywhere, a team that cares more about a beard and a fake baby than his own career. He’s a ghost almost all the time.. it’s sad so so so sad. He deserves better, both deserve better. They’re so much more than their nasty public images. Maybe one day, who knows 😪

Of course the same applies for louis i say it all the time, but in this case i was talking about harry. maybe it applies even MORE to louis cause harry’s personality is not completely erased (although still very crafted) when he works while louis’ is way more for the usual obvious reasons unfortunately. i agree with what you say and i hope one day they will, once a decent team behind both let them shine their own real light  (or part of it but still real to themselves, that’s the important) they’ll be unstoppable cause people would LOVE them even more than what they already do and i am not talking about this fandom only, i mean all the people even random who listen to an interview or a song out of curiosity. 

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Mike forgive me but i think one of the reasons your one of my fave streamers is how honest and open you are. Most streamers i find are p neutral, but you actually speak your mind shamelessly as well as emotionally connect and open up with your viewers. As a streamer, it makes you unique and its honestly very brave of you. I think all of us can say we adore it about you, and we cant thank you enough for actually being that way. 💗

well thanks this is a really nice compliment. the truth is i am really really bad at hiding what i think/how i feel about things so i kind of dont have a choice. and im fine with that because you know what? we get one life. I’m not interested in spending it constructing an image of myself that’s not honest and then struggling to maintain it. that doesn’t sound like a good time to me. id much rather throw myself out to the fucking wolves naked and see which take me into the pack instead of ripping me apart. if one of them leaves with a body part that’s fine; it just tells me that’s someone i didn’t want in my life anyway.

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Please show a picture of each of the gazette members that you think is the funniest.

THAT’S A TALL ORDER and i’m honestly not sure if it’s even possible to choose anything considering the 15 (more if you count pre-gazette images) years of nonsense we’ve got to choose from

but the funniest picture of ruki is probably this one

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your alice is so much more expressive? you can imagine her actually being a character, as opposed to... just... a flat/static image on a poster. and i like how u bought more angelic things into it, like the cloud hair, i feel like the BatM creators just kinda slapped a halo on her and said 'yeah, she's an angel, trust us'

I just watched a few minutes of a couple cartoons JUST to freshen myself up a bit on how women were drawn in that earlier style and there are quite a couple examples of women being just as odd and expressive and batshit as the men were in those cartoons, not to mention she doesn’t really look anything like a rubberhose style woman fashion-wise tbqh

I’m not for SURE tryna make myself seem better, all I really do is pull up images for reference and design from there, and I’m still very new to the style

If I could when I get the interest I might try to give her a couple more angelic themes in her design if I can do some more minutes of research, but until then that’s all I got

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Commentary meme: Kolivan tore through the tiny quarantine cell and slammed the doctor against the wall before pivoting and kicking the sentry unconscious. Then he cradled Shiro’s smaller form against his own, taking in the cub’s liquid eyes and relieved expression. He gave into his own primal urges and ducked his head to greet Shiro’s properly.“Never again,” he promised himself as much as Shiro. Never again he would allow his personal mission to come so close to failure.

Quote from “Crossing the Border.”

So this is going to sound horrible - but this whole story revolved around Kolivan sweeping Shiro into his arms like he weighs nothing, one arm under Shiro’s knees, the other around his shoulders. It’s actually an image I saw in a movie and absolutely loved, and went, “Yes! I will write that!” 

…I, for the life of me, cannot remember the movie. #EpicFail

As for the “Never again” line – you’ll see me veer from the usual linear plot in many stories. When things get boring or too dark or too fluffy in the “present,” you’ll see me write a flashback. (Pretty much, “Reunion” from S4 is my kinda writing. Loved how the writers show us Pidge and Matt in the past and the present and give us not only the back story but also motivation by doing so – and a cameo of Shiro and Keith.)

Digressing slightly – Take “The Final Act of Mercy.”  It’s super dark in the “present” – Shiro learning from Sendak how to survive in the Galra Empire, finding the Red Lion, and eventually being experimented on by the Druids. I contrasted that darkness with fluffy flashbacks of Shiro and Keith in the garrison. Shiro learns Sendak killed his own brother – while in the past, Shiro cuddles with sick, cat look-alike Keef, all in the same chapter.  

“Never again” falls into this category. While I was writing “Crossing the Border,” I thought, “I’m bored. Kolivan’s going to join up with Antok, break into the cell, and that’s it. Action. Done. But why do I care? What makes this interesting?”

That thought led to – What is Kolivan thinking when he saves Shiro? Probably about how Shiro didn’t like this mission, didn’t like that he had to wear the necklace/collar, but he had to wear it because it’s the only way he’ll be accepted and be “safe” while traveling. And this is most likely the most dangerous mission he’s ever been on. He’s going back to Drule Central. He’s going to be close to Sendak, and he’s also now the second-in-command of space ninjas. So Shiro’s obviously nervous/concerned, which led to him having a conversation before the mission with Kolivan about what happens if something goes wrong.

And that became what Kolivan thinks about while going to save Shiro – how Shiro was scared and how Kolivan promised him everything would be okay – and that Kolivan would always save him.

Which then led to Kolivan’s “Never again.”

I should also note that I had a very hard time finishing the second part of “Crossing the Border.” It just didn’t click like others had, but after three rewrites, I posted it. So the aftermath one-shot helped to clear that part up and explain the “Never again” that you read in the second part.    

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Also, have I mentioned before how much I love Miraak? Because I do. I love him. He a the best asshole and he had so much fucking potential to be amazing in game. Like, now he was cool. But he could have been fucking amazing. I also feel like Miraak is what the player character could possibly become. He is a mirror image beyond being another dragonborn. He has so much depth and I'm sad Bethesda didn't go all the way with him.

i just find him a really interesting character to explore in his different life situations!! like you said, he could’ve been so fucking amazing!! he had ALL of the potential. bethesda just hates us, is all. but the imagining what miraak would do if he hypothetically returned is really intriguing to me because he seems to have this huge big goal of “escape escape escape” but once he actually achieves that goal? i think he’d honestly be a little lost in the world. he’d soon realize that he can’t turn back the clock and revert the world to the old ways, of how it once was. the adjustment process would’ve been extremely fascinating since miraak is such a one-minded person. he wants the world to bend to him, instead of him bending to the world. again, this stems from him being under the rule/control/influence of other beings for so long, and not wanting to lose control. but this is a different situation now. he’s adjusting to a different era, and he doesn’t have to change his actions or personality and he doesn’t have to submit to anyone, actually, he just has to realize that things are different. he has a truly engaging personality to dissect, and i’m so looking forward to writing more about his possible actions in an au where he does, indeed, achieve his ultimate goal of freedom.  

This is probably just me but I love when Victor spins… like… have you ever just looked at him when he’s spinning? The way his hair just kinda…. swooshes??? anndd,, uuhhHHH,,?? and his expressions??? ju s t,,,,,,, hhHH

i mean…. wow, he’s very??? beautiful?????

hunk: i consider myself to be a pretty laid-back, easy-going, nice guy! i prefer making friends, not enemies, y’know? i don’t like stepping on people’s toes. i feel like everything would be better if everyone learned to chill out.

rolo: (does anything)



Threw around some ideas with @nerdaday and gave our favorite gals some matching bezzie mate sweaters 😖


Taeyong’s “cute” expression when he is practising revealed😂😂