an image that i like so much

Holy shit. So that happened.

That was a really good episode, in that I think it may have taken several years off my life. Matt is so much more menacing when he can stand at the table!

[image: Matt as Vecna casting a Finger of Death spell at Pike; everyone is freaking out and Travis has physically jumped in front of Ashley]

Cursed Images burned on my eyeballs: the twins hugging when it looked like they were both gonna permadie, everybody’s faces whenever Vecna targeted Pike with a permakill spell, Sam talking about how Taryon is just weeping on the floor clutching his necklace, Sam and Taliesin literally shaking with nervousness, Marisha’s face when Matt said “we’ll have to talk” about using True Resurrection on Vax, Liam’s face when Laura said, “…where’s Vax?”

Fucking wonderful feeling, though, when they were all debating the normal approach (fly up and attack) and then just went for it and decided to destroy the entire tower with dual Earthquake spells, everyone perma-winking, with Scanlan standing on Pike’s shoulders and pretending to be a cultist, and everything culminating in Vex calling a literal archlich a “dipshit”. So perfectly Vox Machina.


power rangers moodboards

jason scott (red ranger) // not my pictures


a twitter compilation of a sudden and inexplicable werewolf au (click images)

Don’t look at Heiji, look back at me, and say “he doesn’t even act like a dog” with a straight face

Sooooooo somethin’ a little different this time, some artwork of Steven Universe! I don’t actually watch the show all that religiously but the times I have watched, I enjoyed it. My favorite gem by far is Garnet, I love her so much, but I’m also pretty interested in the whole complication of Steven being the son/sorta-kinda reincarnation of Rose Quartz. So I did this!

There was originally gonna be thorny vines looping the rose arch but I ultimately decided against it. Anyway the basic idea behind the image is “inheritance”. Steven, as Rose’s son, seems to inherit all the good and the bad that came from her life, and whether or not it’s fair he’ll have to deal with the legacy left for him. I could be wrong; like I said I don’t actively watch the show, but I thought this would make for a cool painting.

This was 4 hours of work, using acrylics and watercolor, then touched up a bit in Photoshop. The original will be on sale at Bronycon, too, but I haven’t decided if I should make prints of this or nah. I guess I’ll take note of the reaction and see from there. o3o

Buuuuuuuuuuut yeah. Something different and a bit out of my comfort zone but so much fun to work on. I hope you all like it! ^.^


I had really hoped EA would make some male body training suit outfits for the Fitness SP, but it didn’t. Again they missed an opportunity. So I figured out how to create something like that with the male, base game, underwear and it works fine. Best I can do since I can’t mesh. LOL

Found in bottoms, base game so no mesh needed. Not random with 8 swatches and a custom thumbnail. Since they are pants, you can pair them with a top or an accessory top, not all will work with it. Sorry.

Created using Sims4Studio,, Google Free Images.

Credits to @ebonixsims, @diversedking, @blvck-life-simz, @estrojans, @voidsims, @MsBlue, and many others that have contributed to the game, making my Sims game so much fun. I truly appreciate it. Thank you.

Download: Sim File Share 

Any problems, please let me know. Enjoy! :)
Why the Alt-Left Is a Problem, Too

Much of the media spotlight has been on the “alt-right.” But the “alt-left” provides a mirror image distortion: the same loathing of Clinton, rejection of “identity politics,” and itch for a reckoning.

you might have already seen this but its so funny


i like how it opens up with being so scandalized at criticism of Meryl Streep it does it in all caps 

AoS Appreciation Post:

This is an appreciation post for all of the amazing AoS tumblr contributers.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you for sharing these amazing pieces of yourselves with us. Whether you write a lot or a little, now or previously, thank you. If you make videos or images of our favourite guys, thank you. If you make theories and predictions that we ponder and squabble over, thank you.

You guys get me through the hiatus and keep me sane when they are throwing us plot twists left, right and centre. You make me think deeply about the motives, feelings and goals of the characters and I love that (yes angsty fics, I’m looking at you).

I read so much of your amazing works and whilst I always try to like, give kudos, comment and reblog, I really just wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you. Sometimes, just seeing your content makes my day!

@chinesebakery @agentverbivore @agentcalliope @agl03 @memorizingthedigitsofpi @fitzsimmonsy @fitzsimmonsfic @notapepper @queensimmons @unbreakablejemmasimmons @recoveringrabbit @theclaravoyant @theartofbeinganerd @lalallicat @poursuislesetolies @captainironnerd @consoledacup @tashonix @eclecticmuses and the million other amazing people who I’ve no doubt forgotten to tag!! I love you guys ❤❤❤
How to fall in love...
Many times I've been asked for advice and tips on self love, and this is a subject I hold very close to my heart, so today I share with you some things I've ...

New video up on my channel all about self love! 
I hope this can provide some sort of help, or even just a bit of company to know you’re not alone, in your beautiful journey to self love! I encourage you to voice your questions, opinions, and suggestions for future videos like these,
and as always, 
thank you so much for your support!

Yeah, so, first trip to Quatre Reves (the official Takarazuka merchandise store) and Takarazuka-An (the other major store, which also includes used stuff) unsurprisingly resulted in spending way too much money. Which I had planned for- and I didn’t buy things that I hadn’t planned for, so that was good. I have to say, there was one wall in Quatre Reves that had a set of photo posters (too large for bromides, I think? Like, large-sized photographs) of most of the main cast of “Rurouni Kenshin,” and I didn’t want the individual photos, I just wished that I had a picture of the set up on the wall, because it was kind of perfect, because you had a lineup consisting of: 1) Kenshin Himura, emoting Complex Emotional Backstory behind the disguise of a Clueless Wanderer. 2) Kaoru Kamiya, the Rose of Kenjutsu- she is beauty, she is grace, she will shinai you in the face. 3) Sano, who came out looking for a fight and is honestly having such a good time right now. 4) Konou, shady OC and merchant in swanky French goods, looking swanky. 5) Kanryuu, posing for the cover of Smarmy Merchants Illustrated. 6) Literal Trash Fire Aoshi Shinomori.

i swear it’s like some of you are so dead set in your image of being mentally ill that you hold yourself back from improving your health.

no, diet and exercise are not a cure all for depression.

however, they will HELP you. no, not everybody has access to affordable healthy food. but the key is control over your own life. exercising and eating better not only improves your physical health (which will impact your mental health much more than you realize), but gives you a sense of control over your life as well as makes you feel good about yourself! it’s also a distraction.

same goes for drinking lots of water. taking steps to improve your overall health DOES impact your mental health. so don’t wave off all advice as “what are you, nuerotypical???” bc very often it’s advice from other ppl with mental illnesses that have seen the benefits of improving yourself

This is probably just me but I love when Victor spins… like… have you ever just looked at him when he’s spinning? The way his hair just kinda…. swooshes??? anndd,, uuhhHHH,,?? and his expressions??? ju s t,,,,,,, hhHH

i mean…. wow, he’s very??? beautiful?????

hunk: i consider myself to be a pretty laid-back, easy-going, nice guy! i prefer making friends, not enemies, y’know? i don’t like stepping on people’s toes. i feel like everything would be better if everyone learned to chill out.

rolo: (does anything)



Threw around some ideas with @nerdaday and gave our favorite gals some matching bezzie mate sweaters 😖


Taeyong’s “cute” expression when he is practising revealed😂😂


Prepping your print from file to finish:

I always hear people complaining about how much better the piece looked digitally, SO, here is a run down on how to get prints that look more like your original piece.

First of all, every printer is different.  Every paper is different.  Make sure you take the time to do test prints and become familiar with how your printer and paper combo work, as you’ll rarely nail a print your first try.  This one took about 5 test prints before I was confident to print on the expensive large paper Every time I mess up on a print, I save the remaining paper to use as scraps for test prints.

As you can see, the original piece looks very nice!  The focus is super strongly on the tiger, and all of the vibrant colors are still super evident in the background.  That said, when I print it as is, everything about 85% gray or darker turns BLACK.  And this is high quality paper designed to get accurate vibrant colors, too.

The best way to fix this is to do layer effects.  Brightness/contrast is my favorite, as a typical piece will generally print about 5x better if you up the brightness to around 15-25, and adjust the contrast up or down by 5-10 points.  That said, if you have a HIGH contrast piece (Darks against brights) like this one, you typically need to do a few more steps.

Often I’ll do a second brightness/contrast adjustment layer and push brightness to an obnoxious level so the darkest darks are closer to a mid-dark range.  From there, I’ll create a mask and use a transparent gradient tool to slowly pull back the brightness on all of the lighter areas of the image.

Additionally, due to printers using CMYK and your screen being RBG certain colors just physically CANNOT print.  Some people will always work in CMYK because of this, but honestly I like my saturated colors and most of my work is intended to be seen digitally so I only ever work in RGB.  Photoshop has a nifty toggle (Ctrl + Y) where you can toggle between CMYK and RGB view to see how your piece will appear when it prints.  It’s useful to check this because if you worked in a color that cannot replicate in print, you may want to shift it entirely before you even bother printing.

Artwork tends to desaturate a bit as it prints, so I’ll often make a Hue/saturation layer to play with, too.  In this case the image was already pretty damn saturated, BUT some of the shadows on the tiger were printing more brown than orange, so I adjusted the saturation a bit to keep them vibrant with the rest of the image.
**DO NOT use “Lightness” to lighten your image!  It basically adds a white overlay to your image.  Always use Brightness, instead.

After all of that, I have a final print that much more closely captures the essence of the original painting.  I could have tinkered even more, but to me the goal is a good print rather than an exact copy. 

For ULTRA high contrast images, like a dark room looking out into a snowy exterior, expect to do a LOT of adjustment to get it to print correctly.  Printers just aren’t too fond of super darks right up against super lights.

I could make a proper tutorial on this if people request it.  Mostly, just wanted to put my thoughts down in one spot!