an image that i like so much

I daydream about what would happen if I ever saw you again
Maybe it would be in a bookstore
or a coffee shop
or a grocery store
Maybe you would be alone or with your new girl
I would be with my family or with a boy who treats me so much better
We would make eye contact
Or maybe you wouldn’t see me at all
But I am certain you would
However I would just see right through you, because you are no longer real to me
But perhaps you would try to resuscitate me
like a dead flower you try to revive by intense watering
You can try and act like we are still alive
Except honey I died awhile ago
So if we do ever meet again
Don’t try to make small talk
Just take in the image of me
Because I don’t even want to picture you anymore
—  aloseshermind, we are dead

Hi guys! Yesterday I reached 5k followers! That’s something I never thought I’d even come close to getting, thanks so much guys for helping me reach this milestone, you’re the best! Huge thank you to every one who supports my blog and says nice things. You have no idea how much it means to me. Reblogging my gifs and edits you make me happier. I didn’t tag everyone because i follow too many blogs (exactly 404 blogs, what can i say, i watch too many tv shows), i’m so sorry if i didn’t include someone. Ok, lets do this:


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My favorite people since forever, you made me who i’m here now. Thank you sweethearts for everything. There is no me here without you. You all are very special to me and I love you all very much<3

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just a bed

I’m a bed where no one sleeps.
       maybe they should. maybe not.

       maybe this isn’t a poem but a
way to say something that just

can’t be said in any other way.
       maybe I should’ve left it there

       because this is very much like
nothing. so very much like the

nothing that I’m eagerly trying
       to put into words. because it’s

       important but it’s not important.
like holding a nonsensical thing

in your hands & digging the fun
       out of it. this is what’s left. what

       you get. an image of me looking
like a bed where no one sleeps.

which is just a bed & nothing but
       a bed & the significant part of the

       image is the missing person who
doesn’t sleep in the bed that I am.

coffeeandcigarettekisses  asked:

Do you have any drawing tips for aspiring comic artists like myself?? I love to draw and would love to work on comics some day but I can never seem to get my drawings to look right (the hands look like meat hooks, can't do the second eye, etc etc) and struggle to draw in the comic book style! You're all brilliant artists and inspirations, thank you so much <3

There is *nothing* like drawing from life to make your drawing skills level up! All images, regardless of style , involve interpreting the world, and translating it into a 2D image. So sometimes we can end up learning ways of translating, say, a hand, without actually learning how a hand is really shaped like and how it moves!

The more you draw from life, the more you look at the world - and the more you look at the world, the more you understand it, so that even when you don’t have it in front of you, or even when you don’t want to draw in a fully realist style, you know how things are formed, how they move, and that will let you figure out how you want to translate that.

Carry a sketchbook around with you, and crack it out to sketch what’s in front of you when you’re waiting for a train or having a coffee! Go to life drawing sessions or urban sketching groups, do an Inktober-style life drawing challenge. As you spend time drawing what’s in front of you, you’ll notice the results when you’re drawing what isn’t.

And don’t worry about ‘comic book style’ – start with the skills and your style will develop naturally over time, usually as a sort of melting pot of the things that you enjoy in other people’s work and the way you interpret the world. It’ll look after itself!

I have a group on facebook called Docta Foo’s lab

It’s an awesome little community if I do say so myself. We do google hangouts and share resources with aspiring creators, professionals and hobbyist alike.   I’ll often share what I learn as I go. I welcome you to join the lab! But carry a sketchbook around with you every day. Draw from life. Do gesture drawings and scenes. Study perspective and start creating comic pages in full. Know how much you can create in a particular amount of time. Use yourself and others as a model. You have hands right in front of you! Use one to draw and study the other! Also, be open to critique but don’t let it crush you. I’ve seen people get way too sensitive about people making suggestions on their work. Take the objective advice but trust your vision. The repetition will solidify your skill.

Ear Biscuits 87

- Aww it’s the familiar music, and their voices sound the same, but now with video! We shall see how different the experience will be. So far I’m liking this new format at least, great to actually see the mythical Round Table of Dim Lighting.

- “Crank my knob a little bit.” Oh my what a start. Not a euphemism eh, sure thing.

- Well thanks for the mental images of eye biscuits and ear biscuits as some gross secretions. At least now I can look at their faces instead of picturing these nasty things in my mind.

- “I like speaking to you.” So much eye contact and full concentration on each other. This pretty much relieves that fear of the camera drawing their focus away from each other.

- Great attention span there, Link. Fun to see them be just like everyone: go find an answer to something from the internet, get distracted by everything else. I kinda like seeing their screen when they’re talking about something on it, but on the other hand it does have a bit of a distancing effect too.

- Wisteners and Latchers

- Link faffing about… equalising? What on earth is this boy doing? Either way, a great genuine and spontaneous moment between them, with some adorable giggles.

- Link is instantly angry at someone honking their horn at Rhett? Protective bff feels.

- “I felt feisty. I was itching for to be punched.” Say… what? :O

- And now Rhett is getting protective over his idiot fireball bff. I’m loving this so much!

- Hah, Link calling Rhett out on his know-it-all bullshit.

- “Too much hair for his own good.”

- And now Link is untying his pants and Rhett is offering to teach him what to do with the strings. What a time to be alive.

- “Buttons mean business.” Absolutely loved their conversation about clothes and what they signify. This type of material is why I love Ear Biscuits and these two guys so much.

- “Don’t be like Link.” Such wonderful parting words from Rhett. Their future selves sound… eccentric alright. Link with long braids though… please tell me someone has photoshopped those and Rhett’s banana suit already.

- Ahh and hearing the ending music again, Ear Biscuits is definitely back! And what an excellent season opening this was. I need a happy shirt now :D

Okay, so basically the last couple of things I’ve posted about Medic’s parents and background have been stuff pinging around in my head since I decided I wanted to draw him punching a Nazi. And since I can’t let anything like that exist in a story vacuum, I filled in the space around it. I’ll get to that actual drawing sometime this week and probably also post more headcanon stuff, since you guys have been enjoying it so much.

Also, that last post had some formatting issues around the embedded images in the mobile version of Tumblr, which I’ve fixed, in case anyone wanted to re-reblog it.

anonymous asked:

Thank you so much!!! You don't know how happy I was to see your opinion on casting the characters. Thank you for using everyone's correct ethnicity and not whitewashing! You could have just chosen an Asian instead of an actual Japanese person. I just wanted to tell you that means a lot, I hope your having an amazing day !

Thank you! 💙 I actually feel pretty bad about not finding a Swiss or Canadian actor that fit the image of what I thought the characters would look like, but I tried to stay as true to the characters and their ethnicities as possible! 

I’m pitching my TV series concept for one of my classes and I wanted some images to go with it. So therefore, I got to draw my OCs for school. I’m not really an artist, but I think they turned out fairly well?

On the left is Evelyn, she’s the captain of a cargo vessel she inherited from her parents. She doesn’t really like her job, but she feels she owes it to her parents to do her best, and she’s actually pretty good at what she does. She’s also a bit grumpy most of the time and very much wants to be left alone.

In the middle is Dusty. She’s a princess from a planet that allows very little technology and practically no visitors. When Evelyn’s ship crashes onto the planet, Dusty takes her chance and stowed away. She’s very reckless and rushes into absolutely everything. (The picture makes her look like she’s about 12 but she’s actually 18. Might redraw her.)

And on the right is Jamaurel. My baby. Non-binary, historian, lovable fluffy nerd. They specialize in Earth history and mythology. They’re a passenger on Evelyn’s ship to accompany some cargo, but wind up staying longer than originally intended.

The series is essentially what happens if you smash a space epic with a supernatural fantasy series. It’s called Nickelstar, and I’m writing the pilot script for my Screenwriting class. I’ll be posting some updates, so stay tuned!

From Canada, With Love

I just wanted to say that I’m absolutely blown away by how many people participated. I’ve found out about so many incredible writers, artists and other talented content creators through this and I can’t wait to see more of what everyone comes up with. I can’t wait to do it all again in a year! I’d also like to say a special thanks to everyone who sent me asks and replies letting me know how much you liked the theme and the backround/header photos, it really means a lot to me. You can always find more at my photography blog @images-of-the-canadian-dream and everything is free to use as long as you give credit. Thanks to Inkstranger for having me on board, I’ve had so much fun! -Lizzie

It’s an interesting thing to think about how like. People like Kiryu or Daigo, the general populace of Kamurocho probably knows exactly who they are and what they do but like. Majima, people have probably HEARD of him but they probably don’t actually know who he is. 

Because think about it– Without actually seeing the man himself, the facts someone would know about Majima through reputation are that he maintains the largest family in the Tojo Clan and his cover business is an incredibly lucrative construction company that just finished that huge high profile project Kamurocho Hills and he’s one of the longest-running members of the Tojo Clan who has an office in THE MILLENNIUM GODDAMN TOWER.

The image those facts would probably conjure up is some like OLD-ass guy, probably very old-fashioned and subdued, a very traditional yakuza. And Majima for all he likes to run wild doesn’t really care much about his position or glory or anything like that so I don’t think he’d advertise much who he is. Like if you ASKED he’d probably tell the truth but at a glance I imagine people in Kamurocho probably think of him as just another one of the weirdoes who hangs around the city, not Literally One of the Most Powerful People In Town™

And honestly Majima probably does that on purpose– One of the many benefits of the wild and crazy persona he adopted is that it casts suspicion away from him. For fellow yakuza his lackadaisical demeanor disguises how fiercely intelligent and genuinely dangerous he is, for civilians he can basically walk around relatively free and clear since people only know him as That One Weirdo™

Bedtime selfie from Feb 4, 2017 (from instagram)

 Recently a couple of trolling 💩 s found their way onto my Instagram and felt the need to post negative comments about my looks on a few selfies with empowering messages attached to them. 

And we’ll, those turds got what they wanted, I tried not to let them win but they did. I even took down the pictures including one that Chris Hemsworth’s brother in law liked- now why in hell did I give creeps on the internet so much power?! The answer is I don’t know. I have fought very hard to love and accept myself as is and not need other peoples approval but the truth is that those kind of words still sting- even from strangers. I don’t want to let them win though. I want the acceptance of myself to be bigger and stronger than their tiny turd words. I know I am beautiful. Even right after my relaxing bubble bath with no makeup and crazy hair. I’ve got it going on and the only people who can’t see that are beneath me and not worth my time. 

And because of that, I am going to share more selfies on instagram, and on tumblr because even though I feel like I’ve gotten to a place where I have accepted myself, there is a certain self-consciousness still attached to me so this is part of my empowerment (it’s why I’ll be blogging more personal stuff in general too-I’m working on putting myself out there in baby steps.)

I really do not give a fuck if ur a csa victim and use these images to cope DONT POST THAT SHIT PUBLICLY I SWEAR TO GOD. I see one more fucking loli image on my dash im just blocking everyone besides like 5 ppl cuz ur all promoting pedophiliac by reblogging those “aes”. AND YES this includes that shitty dragon titty anime you all love so much. The manga literally has csa in it so stop fucking reblogging it istg ur all disgusting

anonymous asked:

Oh that scenario though! I'm officially hoping that in like ten years Sprousehart is Brangelina (without the breakup and the drugs) spending time at aunt Debby's with their 500 kids. Okay 500 kids in ten years is a bit much when they're so young. Let's make it 15 years haha!

Right? SUCH A LOVELY IMAGE!!!! Yeah no, I am thinking the cats will rule that place after all?

Casually adding this to the list of things that I wish had happened

This is probably just me but I love when Victor spins… like… have you ever just looked at him when he’s spinning? The way his hair just kinda…. swooshes??? anndd,, uuhhHHH,,?? and his expressions??? ju s t,,,,,,, hhHH

i mean…. wow, he’s very??? beautiful?????


Taeyong’s “cute” expression when he is practising revealed😂😂

I really love this image because it looks like Souda’s about to do something drastic and Komaeda is holding him back by the jumper like “No”

“Souda. Control Yourself”