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                        Hey darlings! My roomie is finally moving out which means I can freely get on tumblr without it turning into some obnoxious toxic battle. Starting today i’m revamping both this blog and my @syrenieulogy ( mic.hiru ka.ioh from sai.lor m.oon ) blog. These will be the only two blogs i’m keeping up with so I really appreciate everyone that’s stuck around all this time! I will be watching phantom of the opera and making new icons but you guys are welcome to sk.ype message me! ( reallyrowan ).

anonymous asked:

hello, i am new in tumblr. and i want to change my theme/background, but i don't know how. please send help!!! lol!

Yes you can either do it via your dash click on the little person icon then edit appearance the scroll down to edit theme.

There are themes tumblr give you or you can google them I use this blog mostly:

changing the background should be part of the option for your theme :)

blog changes!

so, if you’ve spent any amount of time following me you’ll know that I’m an inconsistent piece of garbo so I’m attempting (emphasis on attempting ) to kind of start over in a way? first things first, I deleted all my stories. I just didnt have the motivation for them that I once did and it was becoming a drag to play the game, which I never wanted it to be. I will, most likely, be starting up a new story soon. i haven’t decided what thats going to entail yet but, we’ll see. secondly, I changed my blog url to gnomesims bc i absolutely love the gnomes in ts4 (panicattheplumbobs is still saved by me bc i love it a lot, sorry y’all) and thirdly, i’ll be changing my mobile theme/icon soon too so if you see a random blog with a random icon floating around your dash, its probably me. thank you guys for sticking with my blog thru the ups and downs and in betweens of it all <3

Now this to me, is a pretty epic deal for you guys! Do you want a complete upgrade of your blog? Do you just want everything to look nice and pretty? Well this is the perfect thing for you my dears! For only five CAD, you can get an ENTIRE BLOG MAKEOVER! This includes:

  • 100 edited icons of your muse faceclaim.
  • A promotional blog banner.
  • A mobile banner.
  • A dash icon.
  • AND a new blog background featuring “Base Code 2

All you need is to message me via ask or IM if you’re interested. I will need blog login details, as well as any rules, verses, about pages or anything of the sort. I will create one icon, a dash icon, and the theme background before requesting payment, just to make sure it’s satisfactory for you! Just remember to pay in CAD!

Beneath the cut are some examples of what you can expect!

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Winter is coming, have some V3 icons!  c:

Feel free to use them eyyy


mystic messenger
adventure time
Yuri on ice
ouran high school host club
mob psycho 100
rick and Morty
Steven universe
miraculous ladybug


**Please do not delete the text or self promote. Doing so will automatically disqualify you**

Hello Angels. I’m glad to present my first ever awards collaboration with Aku. I’m very very excited about this. Both of us share a mutual love for Kylie Jenner lip kits thus this awards was born. I can’t wait to meet a lot of new and wonderful blogs out there.


  • Must be following me @amazely and Aku @cokonut (We will be checking!)
  • Reblog this post at least once, liking it will be overlooked as bookmarking 


  • Best Theme (2x)- Moon
  • Best Post (2x)- Dirty Peach 
  • Best URLs (2x) - Spice 
  • Best Icon (2x) - Reign
  • Nicest Blogger (2x) - Candy K
  • Best New Discoveries (2x) - Leo
  • Best Alternate Blog Style (2x) - Dead of Knight 
  • Best Overalls (2x) - KyMajestic 
  • Aku’s Personal Faves (2x) - Koko K
  • Lina’s Personal Faves (2x) - Mary Jo K


  • Two new friends :)
  • A follow from both of us (if not already)
  • Spot on an awesome page (under construction)
  • A promo of your choice each week upon request
  • Blog advice, html help, etc
  • Winners can collab with us on awards or faves

Higher Chances: 

  • Talk to the both of us (we don’t bite)
  • Reblog this post more than once
  • Queue or reblog from us 
  • Apply for Aku’s other awards here and here


  • Banners was made by the beautiful @rehticent. See her other banners here
  • We will pick the winners once we are happy with the notes
  • Good luck and Happy Reblogging 

**Please don’t let this flop, or forget this ever happen**

New Blogs Wanted!

Hello, everyone! As you probably all know by now, I’ve decided to post whatever I want on this blog. It’s about time I took back my Tumblr experience and stopped worrying about follower counts and other inane things that truly don’t matter in the end. Therefore, this blog will become multifandom. I am deleting my current multifandom blog (@peggehcarter) because I literally never use it, and will instead be posting all of my fandoms on this blog instead (besides Yuri on Ice, which will remain on my dedicated sideblog, @flowercrownyuri, because I post it way too much for it to fit into a multifandom blog, lol). 

As I undergo a bit of rebranding, I’m really cleaning out my follower list (aka, unfollowing people who are inactive for the most part) and refilling it with people who are part of the new fandoms I’ve acquired over the past few months.

I am currently looking for people who post the follow who tag their posts and are hate/wank free (or tag it). 

  • Yuri on Ice (for the side blog)
  • Voltron
  • Once Upon a Time 
  • “Book Fandom” blogs
  • Jane the Virgin
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Friends
  • Parks and Recreation 
  • Shadowhunters
  • Stranger Things
  • Figure Skating (for the side blog)
  • Aesthetic 

If you or anyone you know posts any of the following, can you reblog this? I’d be forever grateful. 

I completely understand if you unfollow as I move away from being exclusively SPN and delve into new fandoms. I want everyone to have a dash that is relevant to their interests, without guilt attached because of breaking a mutual follow, so please know there are no hard feelings. And also thanks to everyone who is going to stick on as I transition over the next few weeks. 

I love you all. 


Alright here’s what I recommend you use to avoid NDRV3 spoilers if you have the XKit extension:

Everyone knows this one of course.
I use the following blacklisted words:

  • ndrv3 spoilers
  • drv3 spoilers
  • v3 spoilers
  • danganronpa spoilers
  • dr spoilers
  • spoilers

I have the following options checked:

  • Enable alt + B shortcut for adding new words
  • Show type of post when it’s blocked
  • Check author blog titles and usernames for blacklisted words
  • Don’t block my own posts
  • Don’t block posts I’ve liked or replied to
  • Use improved checking (might slow down your computer)

No Recommended
This is one I haven’t seen people talk about.
I have the following options checked

  • Get rid of recommended likes
  • Get rid of two-column recommended blogs (which isn’t as important as the recommended likes one, but I like this personally and you might avoid spoilery icons through this)

That’s ‘cause when you like something, this might happen:

tungls recommending you other posts. I wouldn’t want to see a spoiler through something like this. So if you’re not going on Hiatus and want to avoid spoilers make sure to get this extension as well and check get rid of recommended likes!