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I saw a comment about how P1 and P2 are important to everything P3+ and would like to share it here!

“Persona 3, 4 nor 5 explain Shadows and Shadow selves. Persona 2 is where they are created. All persona games are linked and even though you dont see most of them, Persona 3, 4 and 5 continue the war between Philemon, Igors master and Nyarlatothep, the master of shadows. The MCs are like the champions  of Philemon and Nyar created the shadows to torment the cast. Nyarly has no other reason than to cause chaos and suffering. Nyar and Philemon are omnipresent. Philemon, in the form of a Blue Butterfly, entrusts the MCs, the Wild Card, while Nyar is fucking around with all natural laws to stop you, the player. But because the MCs are the Wild Card, they can resist the fate control by Nyarlatothep. Nothing happens by chance in Persona and Shadows are part of that too. Nyarly is OP as fuck and can wipe out everyone if he wanted  to but hes using shadows to make it more fun and tormenting. You cannot kill him which is why Shadows will always exist. He is the very essence of darkness within humanities heart. Persona 2 cast were able to stop the shadows and Nyar but only because they were stupidly powerful themselves and also at a colossal cost of the whole world being torn into two. Perosna 2 Eternal Punishment, 3 and 4 are the second timeline cause the first one was destroyed. (But the events of P1, SMTIf and Devil Summoner carried over to the new timeline with only P2IS being erased) The likes of Strega and Artificial Persona user also hail from experiments from Persona 1 and 2. What Im trying to say is, Persona has a long history with a very deep and complex story linking all the way from previous games, but the core is the same." 

I couldn’t say it better myself. But I would like to add a few other things that link them.

  • The Kirijo group was once apart of the Nanjo group and they are now business partners.
  • The Blue Butterfly that appears in P3, P4 and P5 is Philemon.
  • Nameless and Belladonna, a pianist and soprano singer from the Velvet Room, are still around during P3, P4 and P5 preforming "Aria of the Soul”.
  • In the Japan only PSP remake of P2EP its stated strong Shadows can take the form of Demons. This retconned the Demons in P1 and P2 as strong Shadows, and fixes the inconsistency between P2-P3. This also explains why Shadows take the form of Demons in P5. And why Demons in other SMT games work differently then in Persona.
  • Some of the P1 and P2 characters appear on the “Who’s Who" tv show in P3 as guests. Which is also hosted by another character from P1 and P2. Trish.
  • Shadow Aigis’ intro for P4 Arena Ultimax shows her with a black butterfly, Nyarlathotep’s symbol.
  • Katsuya Souo is mention on a tv program in P5, described as a "handsome detective with red sunglasses”,

If Persona ever ends it will be one big explosive battle against Nyarathotep and his Shadow army with the fate of the world on the line.

Come Back (Beast Boy x Reader)

Request: hey hon, how are you, I was wondering if you could do a beast boy x reader. like the reader and beast boy are really close but then they have a mission and the reader dies, but she comes back to life and she is evil and they don’t know who it is because she has a mask on, also she is working with the joker and all of the other villains and beast boy has to fight her and she has no memory of them and at the end can you make it cute and adorable.I’m sorry if its a lot or confusing.

So this only took me ten thousand years, I apologize. Also I know you didn’t exactly say you wanted Jason in it, but the whole come back to life theme just parallel so well with Jason that I wrote him in. I hope you like this even though the end is very open ended, and not super cute and adorable.

Trigger Warnings: Death, violence, angst, memory loss

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“Are you sure you want to go?” Garfield asked you, his voice tinting at being a whine.

 You rolled your eyes at your best friend, you loved him to pieces, but he could be really selfish sometimes. I mean really? Asking you to stay home from a mission so the two of you can play video games? That just seemed low.

“Come on Gar, this mission is a favor to Robin. The little bird is going on some soul searching adventure to find his mom, and our Robin Dick wants me to keep an eye on the little thing. I’m sure nothing will happen.” You explained to Gar, giving him a kiss on the cheek before grabbing your super suit and heading for the door. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey I know you guys like roadrat and I wanna love it, but... Isn't Mako kind of a jerk to Jamison? I mean JR has some really cute lines about RH but like his are mostly about shutting him up. There's like one where he says to be good (1/2)

and that’s it. At first I thought it was just banter but I can’t find anything that shows he feels anything but annoyed (or slightly friendly) towards JR. Even in Going legit there’s nothing promising.  So yeah. Mano wtf (2/2)

((Ho boy, this one is going to be an essay *cracks knuckles* Ok, so first and foremost, yes, Roadhog is a mother fucking ass to Junkrat in the voicelines. Pretty much every single response to him is to tell him to shut up. So, yes, there is a definite argument to say that he doesn’t actually like Junkrat, and I think that is DEFINITELY valid. Buuut I have my own take on it.

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highgardens  asked:

You mentioned the lyric video in a previous post, so can we talk about how, honestly, every look, every inch of the aesthetic in the TSwift music video that dropped yesterday just /screams/ Esme? Like, if Esme Gigi Geniveve Squalor herself were ever to make a music video as some sort of vanity project, I imagine it would look something like that. (Big fan of your blog, by the way!)

Oh my goodness, yes, let’s talk about that, because the whole thing looks like an absurd compendium of in things. Tell me this doesn’t read like a list stuck to one of the fridges in one of the kitchens of the Squalor penthouse:

- Bathtubs full of jewelry
- Thrones (gold, engraved with Shakespeare quotes)
- Snakes as butlers
- Sports cars (gold, rigged with explosives)
- Complicated relationships with the concept of responsibility/autonomy
- Leopards as driving companions
- Leopards as coats
- Sequined dresses
- Monochromatic orange clothing
- Cages (gold, enormous)
- Cat masks (white, terrifying)
- Sequined cat sweaters
- Baseball bats (gold, not NBA-regulation)
- Stiletto boots for all genders
- Crop tops for all genders
- Riding crops
- Capes
- Spikes (silver)
- All-female biker gangs
- Explosions
- Standing on a pile of your own former personas, thereby retroactively renouncing out things while also demonstrating that you have not only discovered how to clone yourself, but how to commit heavy-handed acts of self-satire
- Aircraft vandalism

Persona 4 AU where everything is the same except at some point Yosuke and Naoto end up starting a Game Grumps-esque Let’s Play channel, with a sort of “Straight-Man and Wiseguy” dynamic in their commentary.


Klaus hadn’t been in love for several centuries, and his siblings always knew that. He wasn’t a trusting soul, and romance did disgust him, but not when it came to you. You lived in the bayou for so long, you’d only had the time to care for the wolves around you, while Jackson himself cared for you like a father. But when he first set foot on the grounds of the werewolf territory, he had your heart. He came across as cold and vicious but when he saw you he suddenly became a little more gentle rather than ruthless. You were smart and strong, and you weren’t afraid of what he could do to you; you even that gained his respect and his throbbing heart. Ollie warned you to stay away but you never listened. As for Klaus, Rebekah worried. You were extremely gorgeous and kind…that couldn’t be all there was. She and Elijah grew a distaste for the more you came around into the Quarter so Nik could see you. They feared the closer the two of you got, the bigger the chance you could begin to use Nik. This couldn’t go on. Klaus could not get hurt now.

“I saw her…with a vampire,” Elijah told Klaus calmly, “Y/N. I’m not quite sure what makes a kiss familial…but it didn’t quite look that way when I witnessed it.” There was a lump in Elijah’s throat at the sound of this lie hitting Klaus like a brick. He looked angry, but he didn’t seem to know what to say. “What?” he growled. Elijah couldn’t console him the angrier he became, his room becoming the hurricane debris of his first fit in a long time. Elijah couldn’t take it back now.

“…I’m so sorry. I thought it was a service to tell you if he hadn’t…” Rebekah told you. You sat on your couch with her as you looked at her with glassy red eyes. “You’re kidding, right?” you muttered hoarsely. She held a stern gaze as you shook your head. “No, of course you’re not,” you mumbled. Rebekah stood about to leave, and you stood, as well. “Rebekah,” you croaked. She turned to you tediously. “Can you at least tell him I love him,” you requested. She nodded despite she’d never completed the request. You wouldn’t leave your home for a few days after that.

Klaus was in complete shock despite his refusal to show it. He returned back to his malevolent and violently explosive persona. He loved you…he loved someone for a first in a while and you betrayed that. Of course you did. They always do. Rebekah and Elijah were in a setting of relief, despite the stubborn nature Klaus had returned to afterwards. You wouldn’t eat or sleep, and you wouldn’t listen to Jackson. You hadn’t ever felt that way, you were so young. You’d never admit that was your first love—your car crash of a first love. And the most horrible part is no one would ever know the truth. Klaus would never treat you the same again…and you never knew what you did to deserve it.

Emmy Vermeer

Job: Professor of Engineering, TU Delft | Potter
Likes: crafts, painting, working with her hands

Appearance: Dirty blonde | The brightest blue eyes you’ve ever seen | 5'8" / curvy | arms concealed usually by sleeves but has delfts blauw tattoos of flowers covering her left arm and a rope of tulips on her right wrist | usually has hair in messy bun or ponytail | powder burn on her thigh (left) from the Delft Thunderclap explosion of gunpowder in 1654.

Persona: Sweet tempered but serious on most occasions, enjoys not having a huge tourism issue. Generally keeps to herself unless sharing new data from the uni. Every year she gives homemade gifts for holidays.

Fact: Delft was where Willem van Oranje took up residence and the de facto capital of the newly independent Netherlands. Also where the House of Orange is buried.

Fun fact: she and Rotterdam have Delfshaven in common and a prior rivalry/romance.