an explosion of objects

There have been a lot of weird, quirky one-off characters with stupid, ridiculous weapons in RWBY, but my favorite is still Flynt and his gun trumpet.

Look at this idiot

This is how he dresses to an organized fighting tournament between what are basically national military academies for people with superpowers. “Hmm, I’m going to be fighting highly-trained fighters who can summon explosions, move faster than sound, and control objects with their mind, what kind of armor should I wear to that…got it. Fedora, shades, and a vest. Oh, and an untied tie for good measure.”

That fucking trumpet is his weapon too. People in this show wield scythes bigger than themselves, gloves and boots that double as magical fireball shotguns, floating swords they can control with their minds, and this moron decided to take a trumpet, stick a trigger and grip on it, and call it a day.

And the dumbest part is it works



Like everyone else in the show, he has a special ability on top of his ridiculous weapon. What is his ability? Is it something musical? Something that has to do with waveforms? Something that makes sense? Nope, it’s him playing with himself.




In a world of superpowered crazy people with giant illogically powerful weapons, Flynt Cole is a man with a trumpet, a hat, three clones of himself, and all the jazz his soul can muster.

I fucking love it.

Bring back Flynt!

Signs as Harry Potter Spells
  • Aries: Crucio - second unforgivable curse, tortures your opponent mercilessly
  • Taurus: Confringo - blasting curse, causes the targeted item to explode
  • Gemini: Bombarda - causes a small, contained explosion
  • Cancer: Accio - brings an object to you
  • Leo: Confundus - makes your target temporarily confused
  • Virgo: Episkey - heals relatively minor wounds
  • Libra: Levicorpus - turns your opponent upside down and dangles them in the air
  • Scorpio: Avada Kedavra - the unforgivable curse, kills your opponents
  • Sagittarius: Lumos - creates light
  • Capricorn: Wingardium Leviosa - allows user to make an object levitate
  • Aquarius: Silencio - makes target unable to make any sound
  • Pisces: Stupefy - stupefies an opponent

I already have some headcanons for something similar to this, I you want to read those too! If you go on my masterlist, you can find some for a good amount of the male cast!

Roadhog and Junkrat’s are together in this, but they aren’t written as a couple. ^_^


Technically, Emma was adopted. Technically, not legally.

She was about four when the junker duo found her wondering the streets alone, and a flash of Junkrat’s childhood led to them helping her.

It did take long for them to get attached, spoiling her near rotten with all the toys and games she could want.

That is, before they realized they had nowhere to put their quickly increasing amount of things, and had to go through the painstaking process of learning to say, “no,” to that face.

“Aye, not for you!” Junkrat reaches for the the sphere in the small girls hands. “This ‘ere is a live explosive. 'Member what they do?”

“Boom!” She reaches up to grab at the object from his hold. “I want boom!”

He giggles and proudly pats her head, raising the bomb slightly higher. “I like that thinker of yours!”

Before he could do anything else, the grenade was stolen from above to the sound of a disapproving grunt. An accusing glare bore into the back both of the people below the culprit.

“No explosions inside.” Mako scolded, handling the object with caution.

“I wasn’t!” Emma whined and sent a finger in Junkrat’s direction, “He was!”

Roadhog’s eyes shifted to the other man.

“What! She’s lyin’ to ya Roadie!” The glare intensifies. “I swear it!”





Never in his life, did Roadhog ever think he’d have to take care to two children. And, never in his life did he think that they’d be fighting over a live explosive.

His knee bounces gently as he sings a silly rhyme to his babbling child. He grins as Shoichi tries and fails to sing along.

The boy, being not much over one year old, was just starting to get a hold of words, but yet to understand the complexity of full sentences. It worried Genji in the beginning, thinking that maybe his child was having more trouble than he should with speaking, ending with a long conversation with his spouse on how all children are different, and the first child usually learns things slower than the next few.

A small tug on his shirt makes him realize that he’s stopped the bouncing.

He looks down at the toddler, who was now tapping the tips of his closed fingers together, looking up at his father with wide eyes.


His smile grows wide and he pats his small back with the hand already resting there. “Of course.”

He takes a moment to remember another rhyme before starting the small bouncing again.

Shoichi giggles, recalling this one as one of his favorites, and continues to mumble, to the best of his ability, along.

It was times like these that Genji lived for.

“Hurry up.” Reaper states, pulling Lillie along, his grip on her hand tightening slightly.

“Yes, dad.” She picks up her pace slightly to match his, looking both ways before crossing the street with him.

It was dark out, but then again, other than her going to school, they were only ever out at night.

Lillie knew that her dad wasn’t really, “normal,” per se, nor that he was really considered to be, “good.” But, he didn’t really seem bad to her. A bit stern and impatient, sure. But not bad.

She learned that early on.

“This it?” They stop in front of a small brown building in the corner of the outdoor shopping mall, a sort of clothing store for young girls around the ages of 10 to 13.

“Yep.” She looks the window, eyeing a few shirts she finds interesting.

“Okay,” he hands her money, knowing full well that going into a well light shop like that would only end with trouble for him. “Don’t take too long, they close soon.” She takes the money, nods and turns to leave. “And don’t buy anymore candy, you hear me!”

“No promises!” She taunts, rushing in as to not be stopped.

He sighs and leans against the wall, waiting for her to return.

“All done!” She presents the bag to him a few minuets later. “Aaaaannnd look! The cashier gave me a sucker!” She’s a good actress. “Can I have it now, please?”

Reaper raises an eyebrow at her, but agrees anyway. She happily unwraps it, and sticks it in her mouth, swinging her bag slightly as they make their way back home, excited to show her father her new cloths.

There were times where he wished he had the thing some called, “eyes on the back of his head.”

This was one of those times.

“Young one, where is Kamal?”

“I dunno.” The seven year old answers, not looking up from her drawing, partially covering it with her arm.

“But, he was here a moment ago.”

“Maybe he was hungry?” She more states than asks.

“Maybe. Thank you, Sashi.” He begins to wonder in the direction of the kitchen, checking here and there for the younger child along the way.

When Kamal was not there, the beginnings of panic start to set in. He was much too young to be wondering on his own. Much more likely to trip and hurt himself.

Or worse.

The search went on for what felt like an eternity before he was found outside, picking up various objects and holding them haphazardly in his tiny arms.

“What are you doing out here, alone?” Zenyatta gently scolded.

“Treasures!” The boy shows the assortment of flowers, rocks, and leaves to his father.

“Treasures?” He muses, moving closer and lower to get a better look. “I see. And, what do you wish with them?”

“This one is for Uncle Genji! And, this one is for Ms. Orisa! And, this one is for Sashi!” Kamal continues, naming nearly everyone he knew, placing an the object that he decided to gift them down on the floor. “And, this one,” he held a smooth rock up, no bigger than a fist, “is for you!”

Zenyatta felt a swell of sweet emotions flood him, and helping his son hold half of the, “treasures,” they went back inside to start handing them out.

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Hello! I just saw what you said about the sex scene in fiery cross and I agree with of the most amazing is the one with JC under the tree at Jocasta's wedding.. I mean Jamie is dying from desire, afraid of an explosion of his balls but when he had time with the object of his fantasy he uses his fingers to please HER..even if this kind of thing give him a form of pleasure it's not the same "release".. if we need more proof that James Fraser is the best husband, and lover, of the creation

Jamie and his aching balls 😂 But yes, he does care about Claire and her needs. Also in Fiery Cross is in the window when he realizes that Claire wanted him and he fell asleep. And then I think it’s Echo when she delivers Lizzie’s second baby and Jamie comes to walk her home, she tells him that she needs him and while he realizes that he could finish quick, he slows down knowing that she needs him for her own release and that she requested this of him.

He couldn’t help it. He had to turn and look after Claire. He caught no more than a glimpse of the top of her head among the crowd on the terrace—she wouldn’t wear a proper cap, of course, the stubborn wee besom, but had some foolishness pinned on instead, a scrap of lace caught up with a cluster of ribbons and rose hips. That made him want to laugh, too, and he turned back toward the willows, smiling to himself. 

It was seeing her in the new gown that did it. It had been months since he’d seen her dressed like a lady, narrow-waisted in silk, and her white breasts round and sweet as winter pears in the low neck of her gown. It was as though she were suddenly a different woman; one intimately familiar and yet still excitingly strange. 

His fingers twitched, remembering that one rebel lock, spiraling free down her neck, and the feel of her slender nape—and the feel of her plump warm arse through her skirts, pressed against his leg. He had not had her in more than a week, what with the press of people round them, and was feeling the lack acutely. 

Ever since she had shown him the sperms, he had been uncomfortably aware of the crowded conditions that must now and then obtain in his balls, an impression made forcibly stronger in situations such as this. He kent well enough that there was no danger of rupture or explosion—and yet he couldn’t help but think of all the shoving going on. 

Being trapped in a seething mass of others, with no hope of escape, was one of his own personal visions of Hell, and he paused for a moment outside the screen of willow trees, to administer a brief squeeze of reassurance, which he hoped might calm the riot for a bit. 

He’d see Duncan safely married, he decided, and then the man must see to his own affairs. Come nightfall, and if he could do no better than a bush, then a bush it would have to be. He pushed aside a swath of willow branches, ducking to go through.

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When and why have bots fallen out of style in what feels like the majority of modern shooters, particularly multiplayer shooters? Such a great feature, left out far too often. Thanks, great job with the blog!

Building bots requires a lot of resources, due to the nebulous nature of how they are supposed to behave (especially in situations where goals or good strategy are less well-defined), and because problems with bots can be difficult to reproduce and test. Building a bot isn’t trivial - it requires a lot of engineering and level design time, because the AI needs information in order to function.

So… why do they act this way? Probably because bots are supposed to be:

  • Adjustable (Can be set to different levels)
  • Scalable (can work either alone or in larger numbers)
  • Effective (can win the game)
  • Not overshadow the players (e.g. you don’t want the bot to get Play of the Game)

These ideas basically require some design and engineering time just to figure out how these will actually work. However, these requirements must be built on top of the game’s fundamentals, such as:

  • Navigating the map
  • Recognizing important locations and/or powerups
  • Achieving objectives
  • Non-deterministic (will not always do the same routine)
  • Using weapons and powers that aren’t just “shoot the opponent”
  • Recognizing the game mode’s rules (capture the flag vs capture point vs death match vs …)

So in order to do this, each map will need:

  • A navigation map so that the bots know how to traverse the map (including special traversals, like jumpable gaps marked as such).
  • Points of interest marked with some way to tell which is more valuable at the moment.
  • Objective locations marked with some sort of algorithm to determine whether to go for the objective (e.g. consider the amount of danger present in relation to the objective), as well as stuff to actually tell the bot to stand in place and activate the objective.

And, the bot AI itself will need:

  • Some sort of prioritization system to decide what objectives or points of interest to chase, especially based on game mode. Typically, they’d take factors into account like distance, number of teammates nearby, number of teammates heading in that direction, number of enemies nearby, number of enemies heading in that direction, and relative value of the objective into account when determining this.
  • Behavior for recognizing how weapons are used, and (optionally) maps marked with areas for specific environmental use. So, for example, you’d have areas or objects on the map specifically marked as “pushing weapons can be used to shove enemies off of ledges here”, “explosive object here”, and so on for enemies to utilize specific effects to their best ability.
  • Some algorithm to decide what objective to pursue. One can make use of randomization, or one can decide to split things up by determining how many teammates or players are going to a specific objective or point of interest, and then choose a target based on that. Then you just need to figure out how often it needs to happen - does it happen on death? On objective captured/achieved? On some sort of other event, like a player leaving or arriving at a capture point?

You need to remember that this is all done in addition to the rest of the gameplay - interacting with objectives, shooting each other, different weapon behavior, environment art, level design, matchmaking, game modes, etc. This is all built on top of those. Then you need to start thinking about how to test this behavior, and constructing the environments in which you test them. Individual behaviors need testing, and aggregate behaviors need testing in order to make sure that the individual pieces can work together. This also necessitates useful debugging tools, such as showing the behaviors that the bot is currently running such as what it wants to do, where it wants to go, and how it plans to get there.

The biggest issue, as you may have noticed, is just how much these different systems are really interdependent on each other and how dependent they are on the map itself. There’s no way for a bot to understand what happens on a map without actively marking elements of it as such so that the bot understands how to move around. Even a small map change can cause bots to break if the navigation map isn’t properly updated. A lot of things that we understand intuitively (due to our brains being very good at parsing information) must be explicitly broken down for the AI in order for the bots to use that information. Creating functional bots requires an enormous commitment of resources, and it is a fragile system due to the sheer number of dependencies bots have. This is why many games don’t have them - they just require too much commitment in terms of resources to build.

Got a burning question you want answered?

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Hello! I'm writing a Harry Potter fic (if there is no answer to my question, I can always say it's because of magic) where one of the characters is killed by potion experient gone wrong. What kind of chemicals (and the following question which is for a different script blog: where in the nature can I find them?) are needed for an explosion big enough to throw off a human too close to it?

A disclaimer up front – this post is going to deal with the topic of an individual being killed in an explosion-type accident. I’m definitely not going to show you any pictures of that kind of injury, and I won’t even be giving detailed descriptions (that’s @ScriptMedic’s gig, and the topic has already been covered), but I wanted to give everyone a fair warning before proceeding.

This is quite an interesting ask because the scenario you’re aiming for is actually fairly difficult to produce; you need enough oomph™ to get a person in motion, but it needs to be a controlled and directed oomph™ because I’m assuming that after the character is thrown you’d like there to be a body, a building, and potentially even some witnesses left to tell the tale. First we should take a moment to discuss what an explosion is, and the different sorts of explosions you can get from chemical reactions; then we’ll move on to how they might affect the surroundings and an unfortunate individual who happened to be nearby. Finally, I may be able to offer some advice as to how to throw your character and still have them be recognizable at the end of the scene, though it’s going to take some careful planning to do it in a realistic fashion.  

Just so we’re all on the same page, an explosion is a very fast release of stored potential energy, with most of it being released as heat, light, sound, and pressure. Chemical explosives are usually compounds that decompose to release a lot of heat (energy from chemical bonds) and large volumes of gaseous products like nitrogen; the rate of this decomposition plays a large part in how useful a material is as an explosive. So-called ‘low explosive’ compounds decompose by deflagration, meaning that the reaction travels through the material slower than the speed of sound; low explosives include things like gunpowder, pyrotechnics, propellants (propane/gasoline), and many other mixtures of fuels and oxidizers. If the reaction propagates faster than the speed of sound, you have a ‘high explosive’ material that decomposes by detonation. As an example, let’s take a look at something called detonation cord (det. cord), a thin flexible line filled with the high explosive pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN). Below is a setup where a bullet is fired from right to left, activating an electronic trigger connected to the end of 16 feet of det. cord. (FullMag’s full video can also be found here.)

PETN detonates at 24-28,000 ft/s, so in the time it takes the bullet to travel the remaining 2.25 feet to the target (moving around 2800 ft/s), the reaction front of the explosive travels 16 feet to catch up with it. If you look closely, you can also see the blast wave from the newly formed gases expanding outward after the explosion – look for the ripple in the air at the top of the frame, or for the wave of dust knocked off the right-hand cinder block as the concussive force of the shock wave moves past it. This high-pressure, high-velocity wave of compressed gas is what causes most of the damage associated with an explosion, but unfortunately we’re going to run into a slight problem if we try to use an explosive to throw a person – humans are relatively small and squishy, which makes them extremely resilient to pressure waves and able to survive much more than you might expect. Here’s one more explosion gif to demonstrate how this works (and this time it’s a splodey-melon):

There are a few things to take note of here, besides the complete lack of eye protection – if the chunk of watermelon rind that struck his head was two inches lower down, that eye may very well have been lost. First and foremost, the individual pictured was completely unharmed by the pressure wave, and the melon shrapnel luckily only caused a welt; you can see the full clip here. However, if you watch the edge of the table you can see it flex down with the pressure of the explosion, and if you look really carefully you can see chunks of debris knocked off the bottom side of the table at very high speed (through a process called spallation). When a pressure wave encounters a solid object, it deposits some of its momentum as kinetic energy and is then reflected off the surface; that energy must either be absorbed or dissipated by the solid, and if the solid is rigid it will crack and crumble. If the solid is squishy and flexible (like a person), it can deform slightly to both absorb and dissipate energy without shattering and falling apart. This table compares damage to structures and humans at various peak blast overpressures in the frame of mining explosions; at peak overpressures of 5 psi, only 1% of humans exposed will even rupture an eardrum, but at this pressure most buildings will collapse. Real-world mining explosions that reach 5 psi overpressures do in fact cause many injuries and fatalities, but it isn’t the pressure that kills – it’s the shrapnel and the blast wind that accompanies large-scale explosions. The other factor protecting a person is the fact that humans have a relatively small surface area when compared to things like tables or walls or buildings, so only a fraction of the explosive energy from a pressure wave can even be absorbed by a person to begin with. In order for enough energy to be transferred to a person to throw them across a room, the explosion needs to be massive.

So what does this mean for your character and their exploding potion? If you want the actual explosion to throw them, you’re going to need something huge; it’s going to take out the room, probably the floors above and below it, and maybe even the entire building/wing of the dungeon. An explosion of this scale involves forces far greater than those holding the body together, so if the character is near the center of it then there isn’t going to be much left at the end; to get this effect from something the size of a potion would also require military-grade high explosives, and they’re not the sort of thing you make accidentally.

There is perhaps another way to achieve the same effect, but with a much smaller explosion – it’s even a plausible accident that could occur in the real world. Consider that fact that the amount of energy in a small firework, which can turn a watermelon into a vapormelon without injuring a person sitting a few feet away, is more than an order of magnitude larger than the energy required to fire a bullet from a gun. The difference here is how the explosion is contained; with the melon it expands in a spherical wavefront and can bounce around and reflect off of things, but with the bullet the explosion is funneled down the barrel, propelling a single piece of shrapnel to a very high velocity. If you can contain the explosive energy of your potion and channel it into a heavy, solid object, it could easily strike your character and carry them across a room, killing them in the process through blunt force trauma.

Perhaps your character was preparing something in an iron cauldron over a small open fire, and instead of grabbing that vial of Horklump juice they accidentally grabbed the hydrochloric acid. Iron (and a number of other metals) will react with hydrochloric acid to produce iron chloride and hydrogen gas; the reaction isn’t particularly fast or violent, and the gentle bubbling and yellow color of the solution might not even be noticed in the bottom of a black cauldron. If your character were to put a heavy iron lid on top and let it simmer for half an hour, quite a lot of very flammable gas would build up, but as long as the lid remained in place it wouldn’t be able to come into contact with an ignition source.  Your character returns and grabs the next ingredient, but as they start to lift the lid off, hydrogen can escape into the room and oxygen from the air can diffuse into the cauldron. The escaped hydrogen is ignited by the small open fire, and it quickly flashes back towards the cauldron, snaking down under the lid where it meets an ideal mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. This results in a powerful explosion with almost all of the force being directed straight up into the iron lid; it takes off towards the ceiling and strikes your character’s head or torso on the way, causing them to fly back and collapse in a heap.

This is just one way to spin this unfortunate tale, but it would give you a plausible potion accident with a readily available material, and it could cause an explosion that (indirectly) kills your character and sends them flying across the room. You could even have any number of people standing around with ringing ears who are otherwise uninjured, and besides that dent in the ceiling you haven’t done much structural damage.

Of course it goes without saying that you are always free to exclaim “MAGIC” at any point to either augment or supplant chemistry and physics, but going that route is entirely beyond the purview of my expertise.



Added door opening animations, which are more or less finalized, as well as 1x1 and 3x3 explosion tiles. Those need a lot more work.

Explosions are interesting because they can overwrite each other in the case of a chain of explosions, and count as a solid object, so rocks etc can be rolled over them.

Also, the gold-trimmed doors aren’t mine so I need to redo them, so they work with the animation.

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How about a role reversal for the 77th and 78th class in which the 78th class became Ultimate Despair and the 77th class ended up putting them in the Neo World Program?

A/N by popular demand, I wrote this based on the majority vote so hope you’re alright with that. I could write a sequel but I don’t know how exactly that would play out so feel free to chip in ideas as usual and we’ll see what kind of hope or despair we’ll create

All Hope Lost - a what if the class 78 fell into despair instead au

The class of 78 was falling into despair.

“We won’t lose hope!”

The person on the screen objected. Unlike the rest of the class who were slowly succumbing to the dreaded despair, this person was the only one who was firmly holding on to hope despite the despairing situation he was in.

Makoto Naegi may be battered, bruised, and broken, but his spirit was unbreakable.

“What SHSL luck he has indeed! It’s a miracle that he’s even survived this far! He’s been lucking out on all the traps I’ve set up and that says a lot considering I’ve rigged all of them!” Junko chuckled maliciously and then smiled lopsidedly. “Upupu… But when will he run out of luck, I wonder?”

He staggered forward with a body that was drenched in his blood so much that he looked like he lost more blood than there was in his body. As for his body, it barely passed for one since with every trap he’d survive, his body looked more and more like pieced together corpse. He was barely holding together at this point.

His leg had twisted in the wrong way when he had to jump over the surprise pit trap. He had already lost half an arm when he didn’t get all sevens at the slot machine. He could barely hear anything after just narrowly missing an explosion. His vision was blurred around the edges when some blunt object hit him at the back of his head. His breathing was labored since one of the many bullets that were fired at him had probably shot through his lung. Truly, he was a pitiful sight worth despairing over.

But despite all this, nothing could dull the hope in his eyes as he pushed forward.

“It’s okay…” He heaved as he limped against the wall. “I’ll definitely… we’ll definitely… beat you!”

Each step he took was labored and it felt like it could be very well his last but his steps never stopped. His pace slowed with every new injury but he never did stop. As long as he had hope, he would never stop. Hope is what pushes him forward. Hope is what keeps him moving. Hope is what will win in the end.

Or so he believed.

Two doors lay before him. He was at the final stretch. Two doors: one would lead him to hope and the other to despair. He had a 50/50 chance of getting this right. How fitting it was the in the end, he’d have to rely on his luck. No, not just luck. His and everyone’s hopes were depending on him. He had promised everyone that he wouldn’t lose. And he wasn’t one to break promises especially not ones filled with hope.

His hand went for the door on the right, the coldness of the doorknob ran a chill through his body. His heart hammered wildly with anticipation in his ribcage. He had a good feeling about this. He was nervous and afraid but he was also ridiculously positive about this. It had to be this one, he thought. He may have arbitrarily chose this one but he couldn’t help but think that this was the right choice. He had to believe it was. His hand tightly clutched on the doorknob and turned.

And when he opened the door, a bright vision filled with hope greeted him.

Everyone was there smiling and eagerly cheering him on. He felt his chest fill with relief and there was a certain lightness in his step as he approached them. He’d make it back with them and hang out with them just like always. He took another step forward, another step closer, another step towards his hope. He reached out his hand. He was so close. He could almost feel a classmate’s fingertips touching his as he reached out expecting the warmth of a hand closing in on his.

But instead a spear slipped through his fingers and pierced him instead.

His eyes widened both in pain and in surprise. He got the… wrong door? His head instinctively turned to check the door. More spears burst forth from the floor and grotesquely stabbed him, a strangled choke ripped through his throat in agony. No matter how painful this was, it was the last thing on his mind as he blankly stared forward. When he turned back to check on the door, he had uncovered a despairing truth. Beside the door he entered was the door that he didn’t choose.

Both doors led to the same room. Both choices led to his death. Both fates led to this despair.

His body was screaming with pain but hardly any agonized screams escaped his lips. Maybe it was the shock or maybe a spear had also pierced through his throat. He couldn’t tell anymore as he was already losing consciousness in his mind’s efforts to save him from enduring any more of this torturing experience. It was painful, it was the most painful thing he had ever felt and it was tempting to just let go. But he knew that no matter how painful this was for him, surely it must feel more painful for his friends who were watching him helplessly.

This was truly the end for him. But even so, he didn’t want everyone’s hopes to end with him.

He writhed and struggled to at least do something before he dies. He gasped and tried to get the words he wanted to say out. But rather than words, blood coughed up instead. Tears streamed from his eyes and mixed with his blood. Not yet. No, he can’t let it end here just yet. He had to protect their hopes. He wouldn’t let his death dye them with despair. At the very least, he wanted his friends to remain as their hopeful selves.

He wanted everyone to believe in hope even if it couldn’t save him.

“Everyone… I…” He took in a sharp breath as he forced the words out. “I’m sorry…” He coughed and with each cough, he felt all the places where the spears stabbed him and it was agonizingly painful. “Please… don’t…” He choked on his own blood and he could already feel his strength slipping away. “Don’t…” He gritted his teeth as more tears flowed when memories flashed in his head. Precious memories of him and his friends whom he loved dearly. Memories that were fading just as he was.  "Just don’t…“

Don’t lose hope.

He never did get to finish his sentence.

A foreboding feeling filled the room as the screens flashed the broken corpse of their beloved classmate. The ongoing process of change in them had reached its climax. This was the breaking point for them. Something within them had changed irreparably. Something had died within them the same moment as Naegi did. That something was a feeling that was slowly being replaced by another more dreadful feeling.

They stared at the screen with not just tears in their eyes but also… despair in them.

“How despicable… truly unforgivable.” Kirigiri was the first to speak as her hands clenched tightly into fists. “We can’t let Naegi’s death be for nothing!”

Kirigiri continued to solve cases but she made it a habit to pin the crime on the wrong culprit and left despair for all of her clients.

“She’s right! Naegi would have wanted us to move forward from this.” Sayaka seconded. “That’s why I’ll give it my all and fill my fans with love from now on!”

Sayaka continued her idol career and her fanbase had turned into an occult that worshipped her and her despair.

“Like hell are we going to let him down!” Leon yelled. “Screw the rockstar life! I’ll keep scoring homeruns for him!”

Leon continued to play baseball as he pitched and batted on people even outside of the gaming field.

“I’m going to have my gang be outstanding role models! It’s what the little guy would have wanted!” Mondo shouted.

Mondo continued to lead his biker gang and spread havoc across the streets and highways.

“And I’ll make sure that everyone is working towards the right path!” Ishimaru cheered on.

Ishimaru continued to enforce controversial regulations and people followed them without second thoughts.

“I’ll try and do my best as well.” Chihiro said in between the tears. “He’s done so much for me, it’s the least I could do to repay his kindness.”

Chihiro continued to create all sorts of programs and viruses and unleashed them upon even the highest security systems all the while hacking and causing havoc all around the globe.

“He will not be forgotten! I will immortalize his tale of selflessness!” Yamada declared.

Yamada continued to draw doujinshis and even created original mangas which shaped the culture and also the minds of his avid readers.

“I suppose that I too shall join in this endeavor.” Celeste offered lightly. “He has earned my gratitude enough for me to repay my debts.”

Celes continued to gamble with the most powerful and most elite of the world and have them wager stakes at a global scale.

“He fought valiantly until the end.” Sakura remarked with deep respect. “I must follow his example and teach others of his way of life.”

Sakura continued to mentor not only in her family’s dojo but also in different dojos across the country, teaching her pupils how to fight and how to relish in the despair of fighting.

“I’ll miss him so much!” Asahina cried and then wiped her tears. “That’s why I gotta keep his memory alive as much as I can!”

Asahina continued to swim just as her competition also suspiciously drowned whenever she was in the pool.

“Naegichi!! I swear that I’ll live my life twice in honor of yours!” Hagakure wailed. “You were too good for this world!”

Hagakure continued to tell the fortunes of powerful leaders and foretold only the worst of his visions.

“I-I don’t exactly write anything aside from r-romance…” Fukawa mumbled. “But I guess I’ll make this an exception and w-write for y-you.”

Fukawa continued to write novel after novel, each one filled with more despair than the other and with each new publication more people succumbed.

Among those people was Genocider Syo who read one of Fukawa’s works out of curiosity once they switched. The effect on Syo was instantaneous and from then on, she started murdering indiscriminately.

“Don’t even bother trying.” Togami scoffed. “I’ll carry on his will more than any of you commoners can even imagine of.”

Togami continued to lead his family’s conglomerate and as a global superpower, he used all available resources and connections to cover the world in despair.

“This is… amazing!” Mukuro squealed in delight. “This is absolutely the most despair-inducing thing I’ve ever experienced! Naegi… you bring out all sorts of feelings even in death.”

Mukuro continued to slaughter all in her sister’s way just like always except now she does it more brutally so than before.

Everyone’s eyes were glazed and their faces had twisted smiles on them.  The whole class had fallen into despair.

Junko Enoshima’s smile was her brightest yet. “Congratulations! Everyone’s hearts have now united as one! From here on out we’ll continue to be one big happy family full of despair!”

This was the end of his hope, of their hopes, of the hope of the world.

And this was just the beginning of despair.


When Hope Becomes Despair

Makoto Naegi was falling into despair.

As he watched the video play before him, he felt absolutely helpless as he saw the student council murder each other brutally. Why would they turn to such savage acts? What were they hoping to gain? And did it even matter in the end since all of them died anyways? Unknowingly he was falling deeper and deeper into an abyss of nothing but this horrible feeling threatening to consume him. A feeling that he’d naturally reject but as he was now, he was fighting a losing battle.

“Please… no more…” He begged, tears streamed from his eyes, but he couldn’t look away no matter how much he wanted to.

He felt his mind unraveling inside of him. Precious memories were being warped and twisted into something unrecognizable. His personality followed suit after as his optimism ebbed away along with his sanity. He was getting hollowed out and being filled with atrocities he had never imagined could fit inside a person. He was dying. The person that he was right now was dying and it scared him. Fear just sped up the process. And as the final seconds of the video played out, he also lost the last bits of hope left inside of him.

All movements from him had stilled and the silence just added to the thick tension in the room.

“…” A hand twitched. “Ha…” A chuckle escaped his lips. “Haha…” And another. “…Ahahaha!” Until he was in a maniacal laughing fit with his  eyes shut tightly.

His smile was twisted upward but in all the wrong ways.

“I won’t let this despair get to me… or anyone else.” He declared as he opened his eyes which were glazed. He smiled wider. “I will give everyone hope!”

And he did. He gave everyone “hope” to hold on to.

Hope that would later become despair.

Makoto Naegi may have lived but something within him died that day.

Because at the birth of despair is the death of hope.


The Gravity Gun is introduced in Half-Life 2 right before the game begins to expand its environments. After the Gravity Gun is presented, the areas the player finds themselves in can often contain more enemies than the player has the ammunition to handle. While the Crowbar had been an effective melee weapon up to this point, the Gravity Gun allows ranged combat, with an effectively infinite supply of ammunition. Naturally, outside of a handful of found objects (the saws in Ravenholm, explosive barrels, etc.), most found objects will have a limited use against enemies, and still push the player to use their other weapons as much as possible. At the same time, the player always has the Gravity Gun to rely on, and thus the breadth of threats they can encounter increases significantly.

UK controlled bomb explosion completed

British police have carried out a controlled explosion on a suspicious object that turned out to be abandoned clothing in a park near a music venue in Manchester where 19 people died in a blast which is being treated as a terrorist incident.

“There will be a controlled explosion in Cathedral gardens shortly if you hearing anything don’t be concerned,” Greater Manchester Police said on Twitter.

Earlier on Monday night 19 people died and 50 others were injured in an explosion at Manchester Arena at the end of a concert by US singer Ariana Grande sparking panic among concertgoers.

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Imagine Peggy having to manage the Commandos because Colonel Philips just cannot deal with them.

It’s not so much that Colonel Phillips can’t handle the Commandos as it is that they don’t want him to.

The decision to grant her field command is an easy one for him. She’s grieving and needs something to do, and so are they. And they respect her.

And she gives the best pep talks.

“All right, boys,” she says briskly, rolling up her map. “Objective: explosions. Make some things blow up. Important things. I expect you lot will be good at it. Any questions?”

“No ma'am,” grins Falsworth, saluting her. He looks like a child in a candy shop.

“Excellent,” she answers him with the tiniest of smiles. “Let’s have a go at it then, shall we?”

Inhuman of The Day

May 30th - Kamran

A latent Inhuman whose transformation was triggered by the Terrigen Cloud.  Karan was imbued with the ability to store and discharge large amounts of bio-electricity.  He can transfer this energy to objects, causing them to explode… with said explosion the size and destructibility relative to the variable size of the object he charges.  Kamran can additionally emit short bursts of this energy in electrical touches that act like shocks that are able to briefly incapacitate a foe.  Kamran’s body glows in a bluish bioluminescence when his powers are active and he can transform back and forth from this form at will.   

Kamran’s parents immigrated from Pakistan shortly before his birth.  Kamran was born in Jersey City where he and his family were close friends of the Khans.  Kamran and Kamala Khan were roughly the same age and childhood playmates until Kamran’s family relocated to Houston when Kamran was five-years-old.  

Kamran proved to be a gifted student and he finished high school early, earning acceptance to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  The night that he and his family moved back to Jersey City, the Terrigen Cloud floated over New Jersey coast and activated Kamran’s latent Inhuman powers.  Unlike many new Inhumans, Kamran was endowed with the ability to turn his powers on and off and maintain a human appearance when not utilizing his powers; thus enabling him to keep his newfound Inhumanity a secret from his family and friends.

Kamran and his parents came to visit the Khans and Kamala was initially put-off by having to spend time with her over-achieving former playmate.  She was surprised to find that not only had Kamran grown into a very handsome young man, he also shared many of the same interests and hobbies as Kamala… she was quickly smitten.  

During an attack by the new Inahuman known as ‘Kaboom,’ Kamran witnessed Kamala transform into Ms. Marvel.  Afterwards, Kamran confronted Kamala over the matter and divulged that he too had been transformed into an Inhuman… a matter that acted to further intensify Kamala’s crush on him.  

Sadly, Kamran proved to not be as honorable and perfect as Kamala had perceived him to be.  Although he was bright and good looking, Kamran had had a hard life.  He was a Muslim growing up in Texas in the shadow of the attacks of 9/11 and it is quite likely that he endured a great deal of bigotry, abuse, and alienation from his peers.  Discovering that he was an Inhuman with tremendous powers proved to be an intense revelation  for him… he no longer had to be as powerless and isolated as he once felt.  This made him an easy recruit for the scheming Inhuman, Lineage.  Lineage felt that The Inhumans should be the new masters of the world… an ideology that Kamran ultimately fell in with.  

Lineage was quite intrigued by Kamala Khan, feeling as though there was something special about her bloodline and Inhuman powers.  He used his pawns, Kamran and Kaboom, to lure Kamala into a trap and Kamran tricked Kamala into Lineage’s clutches.  

Broken-hearted over Kamran’s treachery, Kamala was nonetheless able to break free from her confinement and escape Lineage.  Lineage was ultimately defeated by Medusa, Iso, and the other Inhumans.  Kamran escaped and attempted to continue on Lineage’s plans.  He abducted Kalama’s brother, Aamir, hoping that Aamir also possessed the Inhuman gene and that he might be transformed into a powerful new ally.  Ms. Marvel with the aid of Captain Marvel foiled Kamran’s scheme and rescued Kamala’s brother.  

It was not revealed whether or not Kamran was arrested or if he managed to escape.  As is such, his current status and whereabout remains unknown.

And here is our dear Row, her powers include teleport to little distances, control/separate her molecules to pass through solid objects or to create little explosions, as well as controlling small waves of energy from her body to the equipments tha she uses.
Different from Burn and Aron, her powers have come from a laboratory accident that was made to cure a rare disease, but as a result it left its molecules unstable, needing to use a equipment created by Heimerdinger to contain and control such power.

Soon I will come with her skills.

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Daddy!Spock is really important. Jim may be the obviously emotional and affectionate one, but Spock would be fiercely protective. (Mother sehlat>>> mamma bear) He'd be the one to wake up with her in the middle of the night (Vulcans require less rest, Jim) and he'd be the one able to calm her when she's upset because he's the embodiment of calm. And he would be her first teacher. They would bond over microscopes and testing samples. They would do science together and Jim would just smile at them.

oh my goodness yes

daddy!spock is just such a solid dependable parent; having had so much experience being the immovable object to jim’s unstoppable force, his daughter’s childish explosive energy - whilst initially slightly bemusing - doesn’t phase him and doesn’t tire him. when jim collapses after trying to match that energy playing for hours, spock is the one who scoops her up and engages her in a book or a padd or a new science project. when she sneaks into their bed, jim is the one who, in the morning, cuddles her and hides under the duvet with her and blows raspberries on her stomach, and spock is the one who, in the middle of the night, opens an eye the moment he hears her breathing, erratic from tears, as she creeps into the room, who holds out a hand to help her climb over dead-to-the-world and snoring jim so she can curl up between them and lets her warm her cold feet against his legs. whilst jim wades his way through his mountain of daily paperwork, spock (who finished his hours ago, the hyper-efficient bastard) will sit with her on the other side of the desk and go through the “homework” he’s set her and if she gets her work done quickly and asks really nicely he’ll sometimes take the time to pull up the results from his latest project on his padd and explain his experiments to her with a never-ending benevolent patience that not even his brightest students ever experienced

some people look at the way jim and spock interact with t'androma and interpret spock’s lack of grinning and playing and excitement as a lack of caring, as emotional distance, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.



Although there are no seasons in space, this cosmic vista invokes thoughts of a frosty winter landscape. It is, in fact, a region called NGC 6357 where radiation from hot, young stars is energizing the cooler gas in the cloud that surrounds them.

This composite image contains X-ray data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and the ROSAT telescope (purple), infrared data from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope (orange), and optical data from the SuperCosmos Sky Survey (blue) made by the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope.

Located in our galaxy about 5,500 light-years from Earth, NGC 6357 is actually a “cluster of clusters,” containing at least three clusters of young stars, including many hot, massive, luminous stars. The X-rays from Chandra and ROSAT reveal hundreds of point sources, which are the young stars in NGC 6357, as well as diffuse X-ray emission from hot gas. There are bubbles, or cavities, that have been created by radiation and material blowing away from the surfaces of massive stars, plus supernova explosions.

Astronomers call NGC 6357 and other objects like it “HII” (pronounced “H-two”) regions. An HII region is created when the radiation from hot, young stars strips away the electrons from neutral hydrogen atoms in the surrounding gas to form clouds of ionized hydrogen, which is denoted scientifically as “HII.”

Researchers use Chandra to study NGC 6357 and similar objects because young stars are bright in X-rays. Also, X-rays can penetrate the shrouds of gas and dust surrounding these infant stars, allowing astronomers to see details of star birth that would be otherwise missed.