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There have been a lot of weird, quirky one-off characters with stupid, ridiculous weapons in RWBY, but my favorite is still Flynt and his gun trumpet.

Look at this idiot

This is how he dresses to an organized fighting tournament between what are basically national military academies for people with superpowers. “Hmm, I’m going to be fighting highly-trained fighters who can summon explosions, move faster than sound, and control objects with their mind, what kind of armor should I wear to that…got it. Fedora, shades, and a vest. Oh, and an untied tie for good measure.”

That fucking trumpet is his weapon too. People in this show wield scythes bigger than themselves, gloves and boots that double as magical fireball shotguns, floating swords they can control with their minds, and this moron decided to take a trumpet, stick a trigger and grip on it, and call it a day.

And the dumbest part is it works



Like everyone else in the show, he has a special ability on top of his ridiculous weapon. What is his ability? Is it something musical? Something that has to do with waveforms? Something that makes sense? Nope, it’s him playing with himself.




In a world of superpowered crazy people with giant illogically powerful weapons, Flynt Cole is a man with a trumpet, a hat, three clones of himself, and all the jazz his soul can muster.

I fucking love it.

Bring back Flynt!

Five Famous Pulsars from the Past 50 Years

Early astronomers faced an obstacle: their technology. These great minds only had access to telescopes that revealed celestial bodies shining in visible light. Later, with the development of new detectors, scientists opened their eyes to other types of light like radio waves and X-rays. They realized cosmic objects look very different when viewed in these additional wavelengths. Pulsars — rapidly spinning stellar corpses that appear to pulse at us — are a perfect example.

The first pulsar was observed 50 years ago on August 6, 1967, using radio waves, but since then we have studied them in nearly all wavelengths of light, including X-rays and gamma rays.

Typical Pulsar

Most pulsars form when a star — between 8 and 20 times the mass of our sun — runs out of fuel and its core collapses into a super dense and compact object: a neutron star

These neutron stars are about the size of a city and can rotate slowly or quite quickly, spinning anywhere from once every few hours to hundreds of times per second. As they whirl, they emit beams of light that appear to blink at us from space.

First Pulsar

One day five decades ago, a graduate student at the University of Cambridge, England, named Jocelyn Bell was poring over the data from her radio telescope - 120 meters of paper recordings.

Image Credit: Sumit Sijher

She noticed some unusual markings, which she called “scruff,” indicating a mysterious object (simulated above) that flashed without fail every 1.33730 seconds. This was the very first pulsar discovered, known today as PSR B1919+21.

Best Known Pulsar

Before long, we realized pulsars were far more complicated than first meets the eye — they produce many kinds of light, not only radio waves. Take our galaxy’s Crab Nebula, just 6,500 light years away and somewhat of a local celebrity. It formed after a supernova explosion, which crushed the parent star’s core into a neutron star. 

The resulting pulsar, nestled inside the nebula that resulted from the supernova explosion, is among the most well-studied objects in our cosmos. It’s pictured above in X-ray light, but it shines across almost the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from radio waves to gamma rays.

Brightest Gamma-ray Pulsar

Speaking of gamma rays, in 2015 our Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope discovered the first pulsar beyond our own galaxy capable of producing such high-energy emissions. 

Located in the Tarantula Nebula 163,000 light-years away, PSR J0540-6919 gleams nearly 20 times brighter in gamma-rays than the pulsar embedded in the Crab Nebula.

Dual Personality Pulsar

No two pulsars are exactly alike, and in 2013 an especially fast-spinning one had an identity crisis. A fleet of orbiting X-ray telescopes, including our Swift and Chandra observatories, caught IGR J18245-2452 as it alternated between generating X-rays and radio waves. 

Scientists suspect these radical changes could be due to the rise and fall of gas streaming onto the pulsar from its companion star.

Transformer Pulsar

This just goes to show that pulsars are easily influenced by their surroundings. That same year, our Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope uncovered another pulsar, PSR J1023+0038, in the act of a major transformation — also under the influence of its nearby companion star. 

The radio beacon disappeared and the pulsar brightened fivefold in gamma rays, as if someone had flipped a switch to increase the energy of the system. 

NICER Mission

Our Neutron star Interior Composition Explorer (NICER) mission, launched this past June, will study pulsars like those above using X-ray measurements.

With NICER’s help, scientists will be able to gaze even deeper into the cores of these dense and mysterious entities.

For more information about NICER, visit

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Signs as Harry Potter Spells
  • Aries: Crucio - second unforgivable curse, tortures your opponent mercilessly
  • Taurus: Confringo - blasting curse, causes the targeted item to explode
  • Gemini: Bombarda - causes a small, contained explosion
  • Cancer: Accio - brings an object to you
  • Leo: Confundus - makes your target temporarily confused
  • Virgo: Episkey - heals relatively minor wounds
  • Libra: Levicorpus - turns your opponent upside down and dangles them in the air
  • Scorpio: Avada Kedavra - the unforgivable curse, kills your opponents
  • Sagittarius: Lumos - creates light
  • Capricorn: Wingardium Leviosa - allows user to make an object levitate
  • Aquarius: Silencio - makes target unable to make any sound
  • Pisces: Stupefy - stupefies an opponent

anonymous asked:

Okay 1. I love your blog. 2. I have a character who's very strong and she is constantly fighting for her life. I planned on giving her a katana as a weapon but after I read your post about how katanas suck I was like "Okay, so I won't give her a katana." But what sword would someone be able to use in the modern world pretty effectively while actually using it to defend themselves?

There’s a real reason why we don’t use swords anymore.

Beyond the problems posed by guns (and knives for that matter), the sword is simply inconvenient in a modern environment. You could still carry one (depending on country/state restrictions on weapons… maybe not, especially not without a permit), but people will look at you funny. And, maybe, be a little worried about your mental health if you walked into the local MiniMart with a real, sharpened, honest to god longsword belted to your hip.

It’s basically the equivalent of walking into a store or getting into a taxicab with an AR15 strapped to your chest. Except, weirder.

Also, you can’t conceal it. You’re going to get arrested. You’re gonna get tased. No, I’m not kidding that really happened to a man carrying a katana on his back in SoCal. This is not the only example. There are a lot of people who carry swords… and a lot people who get tased for their trouble.

The other human beings around you will see that sword as an active potential threat to their safety, and swords don’t have a gun lobby lobbying for the right to carry them wherever. The cops will arrest you. It is no longer culturally acceptable to openly carry these weapons as a matter of practice.

Society has moved on.

Now, in a fictional context we can fudge the rules a bit. Still, you should be aware of the realities especially if you’re writing toward modern fiction. The modern world is one you’re readers will be intimately familiar with, so if you’re working outside the set norms it’d behoove you to explain yourself.

Swords make sense in Urban Fantasy settings or cultures where guns have (inexplicably in many cases) ceased to work. (And if you’ve got any technology with a combustion engine, you’re going to have guns. Or explosives. The theory behind the gun is simply you use an explosion to propel an object at high velocities in the direction you want. What we have now is just a refinement of that thought process. If you have fireworks, someone will inevitably hit on the idea that you can shoot fireworks at your enemies then work to improve the process. We call this science.)

What a character does on their own property is their business, but it’s a different story when they’re out in public.

If you’re serious about your character carrying a sword, then these are issues that should be addressed or, at least, considered.


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Space battles

So a lot of sci fi these days involve space battles in which multiple ships fire on one another. Of course the questionable science of the Praxis effect comes up (there’s neither oxygen nor sound in the vacuum of space; an explosion would not look like the Death Star’s death or the original Praxis explosion from Trek). But I have another question.

An object in motion will remain in motion unless acted on by an opposing force. In the vacuum of space there is no friction and, depending on where the object in question is, the effect of gravity from planetary/astral bodies is fairly negligible. Mostly in sci fi space battles happen outside of orbit. So what happens to the shots that miss. Maybe Captain Kirk fired a photon torpedo at a cloaked Klingon ship and didn’t land a hit. Maybe Darth Vader missed when he fired at Luke Skywalker as they flew through space in the vicinity of Yavin IV.

So what happened to those shots. Do these bolts of energy keep flying through space at constant velocity, forever??? Are their trajectories somehow recorded and plotted, so space bound ships from various planets can avoid them?? Who records this data in the heat of battle? Is it made public on a universe wide scale. How is that data transmitted freely in times of interplanetary war? How long is this information maintained??? What if Poe Dameron is flying somewhere in the galaxy after retirement and is hit by a bolt fired by Obi Wan Kenobi at the start of the clone wars.

and indeed there will be time (ii)

steve trevor/diana prince | wonder woman | fix it fic


He had resigned himself to never knowing who he was.

The amnesia had never shaken over the past two years. He’d tried everything, from therapy to hypnosis to having his breath knocked out of him in a boxing ring, but nothing had budged. Not a single memory, not even a sliver of the man he was before the explosion had resurfaced.

There were objective facts from the people that had found him, from the people he now worked with. Steve Trevor was good with a gun, even if he had to be taught how to load an automatic pistol. Steve Trevor could learn quickly, and had to, considering he had also forgotten that it was the 21st century and that smartphones and the Internet were a thing. Steve Trevor was a dedicated and steadfast ally, and would have your back even when things got rough.

But it bothered him, ate at him night after night as he lay in bed trying to remember. It was as if a part of his mind had been locked away, and no matter what he tried, he could not regain access to it.

Until he was introduced to Diana Prince.

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The Light Behind Your Eyes (Pt.4)

Originally posted by superheros-and-books

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!Reader - HYDRA x Reader - Avengers x Reader

Summary: Bucky and the other members of the Avengers have been searching for you for nearly two months, but to no avail. It’s not until the news breaks of an attack on Boston leads them to you, but what they find is something none of them will ever forget.

Warnings: angst - violence - a teensy bit of language

Word Count: 3.5K

A/N: Oh boy ya’ll, it’s a bit of a long one. After this, there will be at least one or two more parts. I apologize for the length, but once I started, I just couldn’t stop, and I couldn’t decide on a good cut-off point, so…here we are, part four! Hope ya’ll like it!

Y/N - your name

Y/H/C - your hair color

Y/E/C - your eye color

Part One // Part Two // Part Three

Bucky’s P.O.V.

It’s been two months.

Two months without Y/N.

Sixty-three days have passed since I’ve seen her smile, heard her gorgeous, contagious laugh, or even pranked Sam. We would drink coffee and watch an episode of a show every morning - we were on the last episode of the newest House of Cards season before we left for the mission. Now I can barely force myself out of bed to even make coffee, let alone bring myself to finish the season without her. My biggest regret besides not being able to keep her safe from the very thing that haunts me is not telling her how much I care about her…how much I need her…how much I love her. An empty ache grows in my chest with each passing day, consuming my thoughts - nothing has been the same without her. Every night, a new nightmare of what could be happening to her tortures my mind. Even when I’m completely exhausted, I can’t trust myself falling asleep. These nightmares are just as bad as the ones that haunted me when I first came to the team and still dreamt about HYDRA. This time around, it’s the same situations, but it’s not me that they’re controlling and manipulating into their own personal weapon of destruction, it’s Y/N.

Steve’s probably the most worried about me. At least twice a week, he pops his head in my doorway with that weird “worried mom” look plastered on his face. And every time, I tell him that I’m fine, even though but we both know that I’m not. Everyone’s treating me like some lost puppy, and it’s kind of starting to piss me off. It feels like the rest of the team is spending more time worrying about me than they are trying to find Y/N.

When I couldn’t save her, my whole world came crashing down around me. I don’t remember much after the phone call with Steve, but Clint told me I was a fucking mess when they found me. Nat wouldn’t admit it to my face, but I could see it in her eyes. They tried to track the tires in the snow, but they lost it after a mile when the winds had picked up and snow started to move in, covering the tracks and forcing us to return back to the compound. The tracks were the only hope I had to bring her back home.  

Tony has been helping Steve and I search for possible locations of where they might be holding her. The rest of the team has been on other missions, but chip in their efforts whenever they can. At this point, we think HYDRA targeted her as a way to bait me. We have poured countless hours into scouring maps, GPS coordinates, possible HYDRA hideouts and movements…anything we could possibly get our hands on, just to get a possible lead on where she could be. We’ve gone to six different locations, trying to follow possible leads, but each search has turned up nothing.

So far, we’ve come up completely empty handed…I’ve never felt this helpless in my entire life. I can’t believe she slipped through my hands so easily…

A quiet knock on the door alerts me of Steve’s presence.

“Hey, Buck,” he whispers caringly, leaning against the door frame. His “mom” face is back.

“Hey,” my voice is hoarse from crying during the night. Steve pushes off the frame and saunters over to where I was sitting on the bed.

“You okay?” Does it fucking look like I’m okay?

“Could be better,” I mumble. He sits next to me, the mattress sinking under his weight. A few moments pass in a heavy silence. I can sense that he’s keeping something from me.

“We have a new lead,” Steve breaks the silence. A flick of hope ignites in my head, but a rain cloud of doubt threatens to put out the weak flame.

“What is it?” I look at Steve. He wears an expression of something I can’t really place. It’s like concern mixed with a look of slight disbelief. Maybe even heartbreak. My stomach churns at the thought of what he might say. “Is Y/N…i-is she…,” a lump in my throat cuts off my sentence.

“She’s alive, Buck. But I’m not sure if you’re ready for this…I don’t think any of us are,” a muscle in Steve’s jaw twitches. He’s nervous.

“What do you mean?” The fact that she’s alive sends a wave of excitement crashing through my body, but the way Steve held his body and the melancholy laced in his expression quickly floods out the excitement.

The sound of chatter and voices from the T.V. carries into the hall. I follow Steve into the main common room. Most of the team are either sitting on the couches or standing, talking amongst themselves. Tony and Banner were missing from the group. Natasha turns her head in our direction, breaking off from her conversation with Sam and Clint, and gravely saunters over to us, the usual pep in her walk nonexistent, her arms hugging her chest. A light shade of red runs along the bottoms of her eyes, and I knew she had been crying. She gently places her hand on my arm and her lip quivers.

“I’m so sorry, Barnes…We’re going to do everything we can to get her back,” her voice shakes. What is she talking about? 

I look over her at the large plasma T.V. that’s partially blocked by the members of the team that are standing. “BREAKING NEWS” flashes on the screen and reveals glimpses of destruction flashing across the screen. A rolling strip of text runs across the bottom of the screen, and her name - Y/N’s name - is in it. My heart stops, and the chattering in the air turns into a persistent buzzing. My feet move against my will as I shove my way past the standing bodies, stopping in front of the T.V.

Y/N’s picture is in the top right corner of the screen. The reporter’s lips are moving, but I can’t hear a single word he’s saying. Her picture switches into a video. I-It’s her…

She’s dressed head to toe in a black, form-fitting suit, carrying a large machine gun in her gloved hands. Dirt cakes one of her cheeks and thin lines of black paint stream down her face from her eyes, but instead of her brilliant Y/E/C that I can lose myself in for hours, there’s only black. Her hair has been shaved to a buzz cut, her Y/H/C hair speckled with dirt. It’s almost like they sucked every last bit of light from her, and all that remains is pure, unforgiving nothingness. They somehow managed to steal the light from behind her eyes that I never thought would leave. My stomach churns as I breathlessly watch a wave of dark, swirling energy burst from her palms, effortlessly hurling a car out of her way, landing somewhere out of the frame. The power that shot out of her looks exactly like Wanda’s. Something tugs on my sleeve and I warily turn my head in the direction of the tugging.

Wanda stands next to me, silent tears creeping down her pale cheeks. She brings a delicate hand to my face, wiping away tears I didn’t even know had been shed. My gaze returns to the screen, becoming completely and utterly captivated by the events unfolding before me.

More footage shows a small group of HYDRA agents and operatives following her lead, some shooting at targets far out of frame, others holding their guns, ready to attack at any given moment. The video switches to a higher aerial view of their procession and I stare in horror as an agent hands Y/N a new weapon. She loads it, and drops it into her other hand, taking aim at a building. It launches a black, compact object and demolishes an entire building, the explosion sending debris flying into the air and shooting in every direction. If I had actually eaten anything this morning, I’m sure it would’ve come up by now. My nightmares were coming true, and I was so entranced by the raw, grave reality of all of it that I couldn’t even move a muscle.

Another hand touches my shoulder. Through my blurry vision I can see Steve, his face scared and ashen. He’s wearing his combat suit.

“We’re flying out in ten minutes,” he tells me, his voice muffled by something I can’t see.

“What?” I blink away warm tears. “W-who’s flying out?” The heavy blanket blocking out the rest of the world begins to lift off of my shoulders. I drag my leg and face him. Moving my head, I see Natasha, Wanda, and Tony standing near the elevator, Natasha and Wanda both wearing their gear while Tony was still in a t-shirt and jeans.  

“I need you to stay here, Buck,” Steve whispers and I snap my head towards him. “I promise we’re going to bring her back.”

“No,” I choke. “I’m coming with.”

Steve rolls his head and breathes out a deep sigh from his nose, dropping his gaze to the ground.

“I know how much she means to you, Bucky,” he mutters, voice low. “But you’re not fit to do this right now,” he gestures to the screen flashing clips of unearthly destruction. “You haven’t slept in days, let alone eaten, and this mission would require you to be-”

“I can do this, Stevie,” I whisper, desperation tainting my voice. “Please, I-I need to do this. I’m the one who lost her, I need to be the one to bring her back.” I do my best to stop my eyes from spilling any more tears. I need to fucking do this.

Steve searches my eyes for a few seconds, then looks back at Tony. Tony slightly nods his head a few times and drops his gaze to his feet.

“Suit up, Barnes,” he says, bringing his head up. “We leave in five.”

The news reports all say that Y/N is in Boston. We take the fastest jet Tony has on the compound, and reach the city within an hour. Flying above it, Y/N’s path of destruction is clear as day.

Whole blocks of buildings lie in ruins, their materials and contents scattered everywhere. The only people patrolling the areas of destruction are members of the National Guard and some police forces, digging through the rubble, searching for people in need of help.

“Over there,” Wanda points out the window towards a large dome of black, flickering energy. A chill slowly trickles down my spine at the sight of it. Tony steers the jet in the direction of the energy, managing to land the jet in a large area of dirt where a parking structure and multiple buildings once stood a couple of blocks away from the dome of static energy. I would know - the area was in the news coverage earlier.  

The back of the jet opens and the team starts to file out. I grab a machine gun from the shelves of weaponry and load it, grabbing a few extra knives and another smaller handgun. As I turn to leave, I see Steve waiting for me by the exit.

“You ready?” He hands me an earpiece.

“Let’s bring her home.” We walk out of the jet and join the rest of the group.

Steve breaks off and stands in front of the team, Tony by his side.

“Alright let’s keep this brief, people,” Tony calls out over the sirens and a loud, far away rumbling sound. “Our goal is to secure Y/N and shut down whatever’s happening under that dome. Banner will be in the skies, surveying the area deploying whatever methods necessary in order to contain her in one area. If it comes down to it, the jet is equipped with five long-range darts of strong tranquilizers, ready to fire at any moment,” he pauses. “We’re going to get her, no matter what.” A few people nod. “Alright, let’s get moving.”

Up close, the swirling energy creates a strong breeze. The rumbling we heard when the jet landed was roaring like an angry ocean in my ears now. The inky haze camouflages the building the Y/N had shot at during the news coverage. The dome covered an area of about a block. We had split off into smaller groups of people. I was with Steve and Wanda. Tony, Rhodes, Clint, and Nat started to walk to the other side. Vision and Sam had taken to the skies while Banner went up in the jet.

I walk up to the dome, the intense breeze blowing strands of hair into my face. Slowly, I move my palm closer to the dome, a light tingle pricking at my fingertips. I push my palm against it, the energy making the hairs on the back of my neck stand. The energy is hard like a wall, making it impossible to pass through.

“There’s no way to pass through that thing,” I shout over the noises of popping electricity and the rumbling.

Alright, Vision. Light it up,” Tony’s voice rings through the comms.

A blinding line of buzzing energy cuts through the dome, slicing it from the bottom up, sending black particles slashing into the air.

Let’s go!” Steve calls out over the deafening commotion. We run through the opening, jumping over piles of rubble and debris. I watch as the wall of energy slowly falls away, disappearing into the warm air. Glass from the blown out windows of the crumbling building ahead of us crunches under my boots. A figure stands near the entrance of the building, gun in hand, arms raised. We continue to run, pounding on towards the figure, and my chest tightens in fear at the list of endless outcomes cramming into my thoughts. At this point, nothing was certain, but anything could happen.

Agents begin to rush towards us and the firing of bullets fills my ears. From above, Tony, Rhodes, Vision, and Clint work to strike down as many agents as possible.

As we close-in on the building, the number of agents drastically dwindles, the details of the figure become clear.

It’s Y/N. Her arms are pointed straight out, a handgun at the ready, her face drained of all emotion.

A shot rings through the air, zipping past my ear. With her background, if she wanted to kill me, she could’ve easily made that shot. I turn around and see Nat cradling her arm.

Natasha makes eye contact with me. “Behind you!” She hollers.

Y/N drops the handgun. It clatters to the ground, and she thrusts her palms outwards, sending a billowing cloud of thick, dark energy rushing in our direction.

Wanda!” I call out above the roaring.

On it!” A wall of red energy forms out of thin air right in front of us, stopping as in our tracks. The inky energy slams into the red and Wanda grunts as she pushes more power into it. The black races up the wall, dispersing into the air above us, the wind circling around the barricade. As the air clears, Y/N marches through the twirling black, a machine gun with an attached grenade launcher resting in her hands. She stops, raises the gun, aims, and pulls back on the trigger. Fire explodes over Wanda’s energy as the ground beneath our feet vibrates, and she falls to her knees, crying out in anguish over the amount of energy she’s supplying into the barricade. Y/N walks closer, this time stopping about five yards away from us. She’s so close now, it feels like I could just reach out and pull her into my arms. My heart begins to ache.

She swings the weapon up to her face, taking aim once again.

Banner!” Steve calls out. “We could really use only of those tranquilizers right now!

Wanda’s still on the ground, her face twisted in pain and frustration. The wall separating us from Y/N gradually begins to degrade as Wanda loses more of her strength. The thinning barricade threatens to disappear as Y/N shifts her feet, steadying her body, preparing to brace herself against the recoil of the gun.  

Time slows around me. Y/N’s finger reaches for the trigger, ready to kill. Then out of the corner of my eye, something fast strikes her shoulder, throwing off her aim, sending another grenade flying to the far left. A large dart juts out from her left shoulder and she stumbles a bit to the side, dropping her weapon as she absorbs the velocity of the impact. She bends over, her hands on her knees as she gently sways. Shaking her head, she snaps her body upwards, grabbing the needle and yanking it out of her arm. She tosses it to the side, thrusting out her left palm, but nothing happens. A look of confusion quickly flashes across her face, her black eyes widening. Her jaw clenches. With a grunt, she thrusts out her palm again, only a few wisps of energy sputtering out. Her chest rises and falls heavily, and she quickly goes to grab her gun when Tony shoots a beam of light in between her and the weapon.

Not so fast,” he speaks through the suit. He lands a few feet in front of me, blowing up some dust from the boosters in his suit. “This ends now.” Rhodes and Vision land behind me, and Steve is crouching beside Wanda. Clint was back by Natasha, tentatively tending to her wound. Sam was standing in front of Steve, creating a barrier between the fighting and Wanda.

Y/N stands in front of us, her glare darting from one face to another. I can feel her stare linger on me, even through the never-ending darkness of her eyes.

Bucky,” a gentle voice whispers in my mind. It sounds like…Y/N. But…how?

“Y/N?” I mutter. Her face contorts in frustration and she shakes her head again.

No!” She screams, more to herself than us. I look up at the jet circling above us.

“Banner, hit her with another dart,” I breathe into the comms.

But she hasn’t done anyth -

Do it!” I yell at him, staring at Y/N.

Barnes, what are you -,” Tony begins to question me, then stops as he seems to understand what I’m trying to do. “Banner, the tranquilizer brings her back. Hit her again!

Y/N snarls and sprints in our direction, yelping out in pain as another dart strikes her in the back. She tumbles to the ground, landing face down. A low groan rumbles from her as she shakily pushes herself up, kneeling on all fours. She drags her head up, breathing heavily. The pitch black that had invaded her eyes was gone, and her beautiful Y/E/C eyes squinted at me.

B…Bucky?” Her voice was fragile and quiet.

Y/N,” I rush towards her, brushing passed Tony, ignoring his protests, and almost reach her when out of nowhere, black crawls up the thin veins in her face, and the color of her eyes is hungrily consumed by darkness. All of a sudden, it feels like a pair of hands are strangling my neck and the air catches in my throat. I choke as the pressure strengthens and feel my body being lifted into the air. The energy swirls around me, and dark dots dart across my vision. My lungs are screaming for air, but the tension only grows. I can see Y/N a few feet ahead, standing below my dangling body.

My name is Ангел,” her voice rings clear in my mind as a cruel, wild smirk spreads across her face. “And you’re my mission.”

The lack of oxygen makes my head pound and it feels like it’s going to explode at any second. One second I’m on the verge of passing out, and the next, my body drops to the ground like a ragdoll while Y/N cries out. Lying on my back, I hoarsely gasp for air as my throat opens up again. Turning my head, I see Y/N passed out on her back, her hand a few inches from mine. I manage to pull myself into a sitting position through the heavy dizziness invading my stability. Steve jogs over to me and extends his arm. I reach up and he clamps his hand in mine, pulling me up from the ground.

“You okay, Buck?” He questions breathlessly. I rub at my neck, kneading out the ghostly pain.

“I will be,” I groan. Looking down, Y/N still remains motionless on the ground, her limbs completely limp. Staggering over to her, I check for a pulse in her neck. It’s weak, but there. I scoop up her legs, then slide my arm under her back, easily lifting her up from the debris. I turn around and find everyone’s eyes glued to me.

“Let’s go home,” I breathe. I start walking in the direction of where the jet will land, ignoring the glares from the rest of the team.

Banner, I need to do a scan of the building to clear -” I carefully lift my arm cradling Y/N’s leg to my ear, pulling out the piece from my ear, cutting out Tony’s voice from my conscience. I leave it behind in the dust. A wave of calmness washes over me as I carry Y/N towards the jet as it lands a few blocks away, the words she had spoken in my mind still ringing in my ears.

Ангел - angel

Part Five

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I already have some headcanons for something similar to this, I you want to read those too! If you go on my masterlist, you can find some for a good amount of the male cast!

Roadhog and Junkrat’s are together in this, but they aren’t written as a couple. ^_^


Technically, Emma was adopted. Technically, not legally.

She was about four when the junker duo found her wondering the streets alone, and a flash of Junkrat’s childhood led to them helping her.

It did take long for them to get attached, spoiling her near rotten with all the toys and games she could want.

That is, before they realized they had nowhere to put their quickly increasing amount of things, and had to go through the painstaking process of learning to say, “no,” to that face.

“Aye, not for you!” Junkrat reaches for the the sphere in the small girls hands. “This ‘ere is a live explosive. 'Member what they do?”

“Boom!” She reaches up to grab at the object from his hold. “I want boom!”

He giggles and proudly pats her head, raising the bomb slightly higher. “I like that thinker of yours!”

Before he could do anything else, the grenade was stolen from above to the sound of a disapproving grunt. An accusing glare bore into the back both of the people below the culprit.

“No explosions inside.” Mako scolded, handling the object with caution.

“I wasn’t!” Emma whined and sent a finger in Junkrat’s direction, “He was!”

Roadhog’s eyes shifted to the other man.

“What! She’s lyin’ to ya Roadie!” The glare intensifies. “I swear it!”





Never in his life, did Roadhog ever think he’d have to take care to two children. And, never in his life did he think that they’d be fighting over a live explosive.

His knee bounces gently as he sings a silly rhyme to his babbling child. He grins as Shoichi tries and fails to sing along.

The boy, being not much over one year old, was just starting to get a hold of words, but yet to understand the complexity of full sentences. It worried Genji in the beginning, thinking that maybe his child was having more trouble than he should with speaking, ending with a long conversation with his spouse on how all children are different, and the first child usually learns things slower than the next few.

A small tug on his shirt makes him realize that he’s stopped the bouncing.

He looks down at the toddler, who was now tapping the tips of his closed fingers together, looking up at his father with wide eyes.


His smile grows wide and he pats his small back with the hand already resting there. “Of course.”

He takes a moment to remember another rhyme before starting the small bouncing again.

Shoichi giggles, recalling this one as one of his favorites, and continues to mumble, to the best of his ability, along.

It was times like these that Genji lived for.

“Hurry up.” Reaper states, pulling Lillie along, his grip on her hand tightening slightly.

“Yes, dad.” She picks up her pace slightly to match his, looking both ways before crossing the street with him.

It was dark out, but then again, other than her going to school, they were only ever out at night.

Lillie knew that her dad wasn’t really, “normal,” per se, nor that he was really considered to be, “good.” But, he didn’t really seem bad to her. A bit stern and impatient, sure. But not bad.

She learned that early on.

“This it?” They stop in front of a small brown building in the corner of the outdoor shopping mall, a sort of clothing store for young girls around the ages of 10 to 13.

“Yep.” She looks the window, eyeing a few shirts she finds interesting.

“Okay,” he hands her money, knowing full well that going into a well light shop like that would only end with trouble for him. “Don’t take too long, they close soon.” She takes the money, nods and turns to leave. “And don’t buy anymore candy, you hear me!”

“No promises!” She taunts, rushing in as to not be stopped.

He sighs and leans against the wall, waiting for her to return.

“All done!” She presents the bag to him a few minuets later. “Aaaaannnd look! The cashier gave me a sucker!” She’s a good actress. “Can I have it now, please?”

Reaper raises an eyebrow at her, but agrees anyway. She happily unwraps it, and sticks it in her mouth, swinging her bag slightly as they make their way back home, excited to show her father her new cloths.

There were times where he wished he had the thing some called, “eyes on the back of his head.”

This was one of those times.

“Young one, where is Kamal?”

“I dunno.” The seven year old answers, not looking up from her drawing, partially covering it with her arm.

“But, he was here a moment ago.”

“Maybe he was hungry?” She more states than asks.

“Maybe. Thank you, Sashi.” He begins to wonder in the direction of the kitchen, checking here and there for the younger child along the way.

When Kamal was not there, the beginnings of panic start to set in. He was much too young to be wondering on his own. Much more likely to trip and hurt himself.

Or worse.

The search went on for what felt like an eternity before he was found outside, picking up various objects and holding them haphazardly in his tiny arms.

“What are you doing out here, alone?” Zenyatta gently scolded.

“Treasures!” The boy shows the assortment of flowers, rocks, and leaves to his father.

“Treasures?” He muses, moving closer and lower to get a better look. “I see. And, what do you wish with them?”

“This one is for Uncle Genji! And, this one is for Ms. Orisa! And, this one is for Sashi!” Kamal continues, naming nearly everyone he knew, placing an the object that he decided to gift them down on the floor. “And, this one,” he held a smooth rock up, no bigger than a fist, “is for you!”

Zenyatta felt a swell of sweet emotions flood him, and helping his son hold half of the, “treasures,” they went back inside to start handing them out.


Kubinka Tank Museum Part 3

1 & 2) Object 268: A Russian prototype assault gun, Object 268 was concieved in the summer of 1952 at the Kirov Plan in Leningrad. The vehicle was based off of the T-10 chassis. A prototype was produced in 1956 and successfully underwent trials but the vehicle never saw mass production. The vehicle featured a 152 mm M-64 main armament; which fired a shell weighing 43.5 kg. 

3) Object 277: The Object 277 was a further prototype development of the T-10 series, developed between 1957 and 1960. Similar in appearance to T-10 but larger, the Object 277 was built on a special base, using IS-7 and T-10 components. The tank featured a new 130mm M-65 gun with a stabilizer system and a new M-850 V-12 diesel engine developing 1000hp. The prototype was field trialed was not developed further.

4 & 5) Object 279: Russian prototype heavy tank developed in 1956 and produced by 1959. This special purpose tank was intended to fight on cross country terrain, inaccessible to conventional tanks, acting as a heavy breakthrough tank, and if necessary withstanding even the shockwave of a nuclear explosion.

6) Object 770: The Object 770 was developed in 1957. The tank was armed with a 130mm gun with dual axis stabilization and an autoloader system. The tank resembled the Object 277 but featured several major design characteristics including a modified hull, a new suspension system with six large road wheels per side, a hydro-mechanical transmission system and was powered by a newly developed V-10 diesel engine developing 1000hp. The Object 770 was field trialed but did not enter service with the Soviet Army.

7) Object 416: Also known as SU-100M. The Object 416 was developed in 1951 at the KhPZ plant in Kharkov. The idea was for a SPG with all the crew in the turret under protection. The SU-100M is unusual in its rear-mounted, fully rotating turret, harking back to it origins as a light-tank replacement for the A-44.

8 & 9) SU-100P: The SU-100P is a self-propelled gun based on a new design of chassis. It mounts a 100mm weapon in a small square superstructure at center of the hull, with an open crew compartment behind.

10) SU-152P: Similar to the SU-100P in concept, but mounting a more potent 152 mm gun. It was based on an elongated chassis shared with the Object 112 and SU-152G

MAGI 360 Full Spoiler Translation.

Disclaimer: i only to this for fun, to share it with you guys, and to practice my japanese :) which is very basic so keep in mind that i could be completely mistaken in some parts.  This is just a fan translation of incomplete spoilers so: Don’t forget to support the official releases of Magi!  

Please don’t repost without giving credits. If you use this translation, don’t forget to share the link to this post!.

Source: From Tieba Baidu’s Japanese scans and from Jump-Netabare’s texts , some pics also belong to marumaru’s korean scans.^^  Special thanks to @hirohy for the full japanese raw.

@maumauxmau @sayakakat2012


UPDATE: I added the info that was missing. You can read this together with the japanese raw. the link is on my blog!.


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*Seas of the Kingdom of Sindria

*Jump-Netabare text: Judar and Hakuryuu are fighting the Angels. In that moment, the Kingdom of Kina appears from the sea.

Judar&Hakuryuu: what?

*Kingdom of Heliphapt, Upper skies.

*Jump-Netabare text: Several air balloons appear from the Magic circles that were casted into the skies.


While the rukh is being collected, the world advances towards its downfall. All the world’s military power vs Alibaba &co. A desperate struggle!

Night 360 “Alibaba’s Answer”

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“Meet my best friend and bad influence, Marcy! Technically he’s a shipwright, but he has this weird obsession with explosives and using random objects as weapons. He’s more of an inventor than anything.” “His current weapon of choice is a bag of golf clubs with various types of exploding golf balls. They’re surprisingly effective.” ((He wants to steal the heart pirates’ submarine and also Franky because science))

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Hello! I just saw what you said about the sex scene in fiery cross and I agree with of the most amazing is the one with JC under the tree at Jocasta's wedding.. I mean Jamie is dying from desire, afraid of an explosion of his balls but when he had time with the object of his fantasy he uses his fingers to please HER..even if this kind of thing give him a form of pleasure it's not the same "release".. if we need more proof that James Fraser is the best husband, and lover, of the creation

Jamie and his aching balls 😂 But yes, he does care about Claire and her needs. Also in Fiery Cross is in the window when he realizes that Claire wanted him and he fell asleep. And then I think it’s Echo when she delivers Lizzie’s second baby and Jamie comes to walk her home, she tells him that she needs him and while he realizes that he could finish quick, he slows down knowing that she needs him for her own release and that she requested this of him.

He couldn’t help it. He had to turn and look after Claire. He caught no more than a glimpse of the top of her head among the crowd on the terrace—she wouldn’t wear a proper cap, of course, the stubborn wee besom, but had some foolishness pinned on instead, a scrap of lace caught up with a cluster of ribbons and rose hips. That made him want to laugh, too, and he turned back toward the willows, smiling to himself. 

It was seeing her in the new gown that did it. It had been months since he’d seen her dressed like a lady, narrow-waisted in silk, and her white breasts round and sweet as winter pears in the low neck of her gown. It was as though she were suddenly a different woman; one intimately familiar and yet still excitingly strange. 

His fingers twitched, remembering that one rebel lock, spiraling free down her neck, and the feel of her slender nape—and the feel of her plump warm arse through her skirts, pressed against his leg. He had not had her in more than a week, what with the press of people round them, and was feeling the lack acutely. 

Ever since she had shown him the sperms, he had been uncomfortably aware of the crowded conditions that must now and then obtain in his balls, an impression made forcibly stronger in situations such as this. He kent well enough that there was no danger of rupture or explosion—and yet he couldn’t help but think of all the shoving going on. 

Being trapped in a seething mass of others, with no hope of escape, was one of his own personal visions of Hell, and he paused for a moment outside the screen of willow trees, to administer a brief squeeze of reassurance, which he hoped might calm the riot for a bit. 

He’d see Duncan safely married, he decided, and then the man must see to his own affairs. Come nightfall, and if he could do no better than a bush, then a bush it would have to be. He pushed aside a swath of willow branches, ducking to go through.

How They React to an Argument With Reader

Anon:  Mmm, so obviously this won’t be answered for a bit (you’re super popular, yay!) but how about Easy Company argument headcanons? So like, how they react in an argument with you? Idk, it was something I was thinking about with fic ideas and I trust you :)

Richard Winters: He becomes very reserved, but he never actually leaves the house. He will give you your space and spend time in another room in the house, and if you want to leave then he won’t stop you, but eventually, he’ll sit down with you and talk it out. Your arguments usually last about 2-3 hours, depending on the severity.

Lewis Nixon: He gets heavily drunk, even if you’ve been working with him on his alcoholism, an argument with you flips the switch. He’ll probably storm out of the house and go to his favorite local bar to get absolutely shit-faced. You’ll end up going to get him so he doesn’t drive home and in the morning - after the hangover’s subsided - you’ll try to make up. Your arguments can last anywhere from 12 hours to a full day.

Ronald Speirs: He gets quiet and leaves, locking the door and driving off to who knows where. He has a very good hold on his rage, but he doesn’t want you seeing him so angry. He comes back soon because he gets worried about you. Even if you don’t want him in the house, he’ll stay nearby. Your arguments really don’t last that long, maybe an hour and a half, tops.

Carwood Lipton: He doesn’t leave and he doesn’t walk away. He sits down with you and talks it out. He can’t stand the idea of you being upset with him, so he tries to make it stop as soon as possible. After the argument is done, he’ll spend time making sure you’re happy (hint hint) and the next day he’ll bring flower home. Your longest argument was about 45 minute long.

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When and why have bots fallen out of style in what feels like the majority of modern shooters, particularly multiplayer shooters? Such a great feature, left out far too often. Thanks, great job with the blog!

Building bots requires a lot of resources, due to the nebulous nature of how they are supposed to behave (especially in situations where goals or good strategy are less well-defined), and because problems with bots can be difficult to reproduce and test. Building a bot isn’t trivial - it requires a lot of engineering and level design time, because the AI needs information in order to function.

So… why do they act this way? Probably because bots are supposed to be:

  • Adjustable (Can be set to different levels)
  • Scalable (can work either alone or in larger numbers)
  • Effective (can win the game)
  • Not overshadow the players (e.g. you don’t want the bot to get Play of the Game)

These ideas basically require some design and engineering time just to figure out how these will actually work. However, these requirements must be built on top of the game’s fundamentals, such as:

  • Navigating the map
  • Recognizing important locations and/or powerups
  • Achieving objectives
  • Non-deterministic (will not always do the same routine)
  • Using weapons and powers that aren’t just “shoot the opponent”
  • Recognizing the game mode’s rules (capture the flag vs capture point vs death match vs …)

So in order to do this, each map will need:

  • A navigation map so that the bots know how to traverse the map (including special traversals, like jumpable gaps marked as such).
  • Points of interest marked with some way to tell which is more valuable at the moment.
  • Objective locations marked with some sort of algorithm to determine whether to go for the objective (e.g. consider the amount of danger present in relation to the objective), as well as stuff to actually tell the bot to stand in place and activate the objective.

And, the bot AI itself will need:

  • Some sort of prioritization system to decide what objectives or points of interest to chase, especially based on game mode. Typically, they’d take factors into account like distance, number of teammates nearby, number of teammates heading in that direction, number of enemies nearby, number of enemies heading in that direction, and relative value of the objective into account when determining this.
  • Behavior for recognizing how weapons are used, and (optionally) maps marked with areas for specific environmental use. So, for example, you’d have areas or objects on the map specifically marked as “pushing weapons can be used to shove enemies off of ledges here”, “explosive object here”, and so on for enemies to utilize specific effects to their best ability.
  • Some algorithm to decide what objective to pursue. One can make use of randomization, or one can decide to split things up by determining how many teammates or players are going to a specific objective or point of interest, and then choose a target based on that. Then you just need to figure out how often it needs to happen - does it happen on death? On objective captured/achieved? On some sort of other event, like a player leaving or arriving at a capture point?

You need to remember that this is all done in addition to the rest of the gameplay - interacting with objectives, shooting each other, different weapon behavior, environment art, level design, matchmaking, game modes, etc. This is all built on top of those. Then you need to start thinking about how to test this behavior, and constructing the environments in which you test them. Individual behaviors need testing, and aggregate behaviors need testing in order to make sure that the individual pieces can work together. This also necessitates useful debugging tools, such as showing the behaviors that the bot is currently running such as what it wants to do, where it wants to go, and how it plans to get there.

The biggest issue, as you may have noticed, is just how much these different systems are really interdependent on each other and how dependent they are on the map itself. There’s no way for a bot to understand what happens on a map without actively marking elements of it as such so that the bot understands how to move around. Even a small map change can cause bots to break if the navigation map isn’t properly updated. A lot of things that we understand intuitively (due to our brains being very good at parsing information) must be explicitly broken down for the AI in order for the bots to use that information. Creating functional bots requires an enormous commitment of resources, and it is a fragile system due to the sheer number of dependencies bots have. This is why many games don’t have them - they just require too much commitment in terms of resources to build.

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foreverfelicityqueen  asked:

Stydia past lives au

So i wrote this twice and could never settle on the perfect ending but i could never deny you anything!

  • It’s not the strawberry blonde hair or the glistening eyes that Stiles recognises. It’s the power and intelligence she radiates. The pure force of nature that he recognises as Lydia Martin. 
  • He know’s her. Know’s the real Lydia vs the Lydia she presents to everyone else. He knows it’s more then a crush, more like a link or connection he just can’t shake and he knows she feels it too. He feel’s her eyes on him sometimes and see’s her staring at him sometimes with a unsure look on her face.
  • Lydia believes in science. In maths. In facts. Things that come with evidence and explanation. The attachment she feels to Stiles comes with nothing. Sometimes she tries to work it out. Tries to find an explanation. But mostly she does what Lydia Martin does best. She ignores it. 
  • It’s not until they’re dancing that she see’s something for the first time. It’s  their first period of extended contact or even time together. Lydia’s enjoying herself. Stiles is funny and honest and smart. He likes her and he appreciates her. She could be in worse situations right now. 
  • When she drops her head to his shoulder as they dance she see’s them together in a different dance. A candle lit room. Lush fabrics and bright colours. String music and the sound of a crowd. They’re moving around the room in practised dance steps and her eyes are locked with another version of Stiles’. 
  • She picks up her head and looks at modern Stiles. Know’s he’s seen it too. Knows they saw the same thing. 
  • Later that night when Stiles screams Lydia’s name across the field he feels it echo back to him across time. He’s done that before. Seen her body crumpled on the floor. Right now all he cares about is saving the current Lydia. 
  • The supernatural world gets in the way and Lydia and he never talk about it. He still feels it in the air but there’s only so many supernatural issues and murders he can deal with at a time. It’ll come back around eventually but for now he’s focused on keeping everyone alive.
  • The next time it happens she’s in a classroom. She pushes herself under the desk and then Stiles is crouching over her protecting her from the craze. And just like that she hears the whistle of falling object, gunfire and explosions. She see’s a vague flash in the distance. A version of Stiles is stood over her keeping her safe. 
  • They spend more time together. Stiles is the only one who can keep up with her and she’s the only one who can keep him focused. She likes spending time with him and working on puzzles with him. It’s easy and comfortable. They’ve done this before and neither of them need a vision to know that.  
  • She see’s the fire crawl over Stiles body before it happens. She doesn’t know if it’s her banshee powers now or a memory from the past and she doesn’t think about it before acting. Throwing herself across the concrete and into Stiles. 
  • They still don’t talk about it. Carry on as if it’s normal to see visions of yourself in a past life with someone. 
  • When they kiss every image from every life crashes into them. Lydia, Queen of arid lands with Stiles as an aide by her side. Wartime lovers lost. Stiles, a warrior being killed on the battle field. Lydia being tried at a witch being dropped underwater. A lady in waiting and an advisor to the king. It seems endless. 
  • When Deaton pairs them together it isn’t a shock. They’ve known that they’ve been connected for a long time but now everyone else does too. An emotional tether. Someone you’re linked too. It’s been thousands of years and countless lives and they’ve always found each other nothing will change that. 
  • There’s no denying it now. What they are to each other but each life is different and each version of themselves is unique. And in this life they need more time. 
  • More time to grow into the world around them and find themselves as individuals first. There’s obstacles and wrong paths taken. But they move forward. Know it’s inevitable. Know that eventually they’ll come together because that always happens. 
  • But when Stiles is taken Lydia feels like she’s lost part of herself. The part that balanced her out and kept her in going. Her soul is heavier and she feels a loss but she’s not sure of what. It’s the echoes of their past lives together that force her to remember him. 
  • She remembers the touches, the comfort, the encouragement and the esteem he always had for her come back and Lydia feels the pressure of Stiles’ absence push on her. 
  • She’s lost him before. Through war or death. He’s been taken form her and this time Lydia refuses to let that happen. Refuses to live a life without him. She pushes and fights for him. Makes the others remember and makes them fight for him. 
  • She see’s him and kisses him like it’s a reflex. Automatically pushes her lips to his and sighs into it. 
  • Stiles feels like he’s whole again. Grounded back to the earth by Lydia. It feels like they’ve done this before a thousand time and it feels so normal but his whole body is alight from her touch. 
  • They’ve spent far to many of their past lives apart or lost to each other. This time around hasn’t been simple but they’re both alive and together.
  • It’s rare in their past lives that they get to live it out together and they’ve been separated more often then not. But this life is not one of those times. 
  • This life is their’s together.  In this life they’re joined and it’s both familiar and extraordinary at the same time.