an exhalation of disease

After All Things (Part IV)

Peter Parker x Reader

This is part IV of my new series that chronicles Peter and a new reader as they deal with the fallout of the events in It’s A Lot Like Falling.‘

Summary: The deciding; three months had passed and your lips still tingled every time he decided to reaffirm that decision. Peter is 25. Words: 3.6k.

There will be one more part to wrap all of this up. Thanks for sticking with me.

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After All Things: A Playlist by @jedistardust

Three months had passed since you’d met in the elevator.

Three months since the deciding; earthquake mind slowing it’s rattling in the space of that box where unguarded eyes had met without the protection of a disguise. Borders and lines that were known and understood were finally, finally crossed; doors opening along with the shiny metal ones with an unquestionable ding that rung through ears the same way his choice had vibrated in your chest.

Three months had passed and your lips still tingled every time he decided to reaffirm that decision.

The days after, after the deciding, had been filled with tears and more nightmares than you were really prepared to handle. There were nights after intense sessions; where he’d strip himself of that second identity entirely, leaving it in a shrunken pile at your feet, bare fingers touching at wet faces and salty lips working to ease that crushing feeling in a fallen chest, bodies moving in sync to the beat of pounding hearts.

Nights where he would wake drenched in sweat, gasping for air that his lungs kept telling him he was at a loss for. A weary soul crying out into the dark, the whole of him trembling, his stomach heaving, peeling himself from tangled sheets on shaky legs to expel poisonous thoughts into porcelain that never judged.

You likened it to detoxing, like one did coming off of alcohol or drugs; he had been addicted to falling and then floating on the waters of limbo and indecision.

The two of you spent many hours curled up on the cold tile floor of the bathroom, damp skin attaching itself, bodies tangling, his between your legs; falling into the safety of your arms, a damp wash cloth running over the burning skin that lay cradled between breasts; sticky, sweaty curls clinging to the skin there the way his ears clung to the heartbeat that sung lullabies until heavy eyelids won out and he could try to sleep peacefully again.

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It’s Alright. (3/?)

Team Cap x Reader - Bucky x Reader.

Words: 2023

Story Summary: Reader is being chased by someone, not knowing who and why. She’s determined to find that out. A group of superheroes is helping her, but as they are helping out, they find out more about her. A secret that they don’t know how to bring to her. Can they secure her safety and tell her the news?

Author’s note: I’m not really feeling the following parts but because of the great likes I got from previous parts, I decided to upload it anyway.

Part 1.

Part 2.

The sound of a door closing brought Y/N to open her eyes. Blinking a few times, she closed her eyes from the bright light in the room. Y/N had only seen a fraction of the room and she was not at home. There could not have been this much light in her bedroom; Where did she end up?

Y/N frowned at the confusion and opened her eyes again, now someone had dimmed the lights. Looking around, two unfamiliar faces were sitting at her bedside. Two faces that Y/N didn’t recognise. She moved her eyes away from the strange faces, focusing on herself. Her throat felt sore as she swallowed, there was a slight headache.

Y/N turned her attention to her arm, following the tube to where it went. Looking up left, she saw the bag with fluids hanging on a rack. Closing her eyes, she swallowed as the events at her apartment flooded back into her mind. She lost that fight.

“Hey, Y/N?” She opened her eyes, watching the strange man at the side of her bed. His short blonde hair. The broad-shouldered upper body and his genuine smile are the features that Y/N noticed; He is one good looking guy.

“Hey, there. I’m Steve. This is Wanda. We’re glad to see you finally awake.” He commented. Y/N turned to look at the girl, who Steve called Wanda. 

“Where…am….I?” Y/N asked with a hoarse voice.

“You’re in the hospital. We found you but not in time to prevent the guy from beating you up. He was….-” Steve started but Wanda, the girl with the dark hair and the pale complexion stopped him with her hand on his arm.

“Now is not a good time to talk about that, Cap.” Steve nodded, looking into the room as he leant on the railing of the bed. A frown made a headache worse and Y/N closed her eyes for a moment.

“Could you put me in a sitting position as far as the pain will let it. Can I also have some water?” She asked, opening her eyes again. Steve nodded, moving the bed with a remote control. Y/N groaned in pain as the headstand moved slowly in a half sitting position. Wanda handed her a plastic cup with water.

“Thank you. So can you tell me how you know my name?” Y/N asked, her voice didn’t sound as hoarse as before. She sipped from the cup, waiting on some answers. 

Steve wanted to say something but another woman with shoulder length red hair walked in.

“She is finally awake?” The woman asked, giving Y/N a smile rather than an introduction. Wanda nodded.

“Good. Cap, can I see you outside?” Steve nodded. Cap? Note to self, ask about the cap, maybe it was a nickname.

Steve put his hand on Y/N uninjured hand and smiled.

“I’ll be right back to answer your questions, rest a little bit more. You need it.”

Steve walked out of the room closing the door behind him.

“What’s up, Nat.” He asked. Natasha opened Y/N’s file.

“She is special. I had a SHIELD agent test her blood in secret. She has the serum in her body but they said that it was not an injection more of a natural cause. I’m not sure what that means.” Natasha said. Steve frowned grabbing the file, reading it.

“Do you think she is a case of reproduction, like as in baby with the serum? By HYDRA perhaps to make her a super soldier?” Natasha whispered the last sentence, narrowing her eyes at her own conclusion. Steve looked around the room, then turned back to the file.

“They said that it was possible to reproduce but the offspring wouldn’t get affected. So the babies would be normal human beings. Do you have information who her parents are?” Steve asked, changing the subject because a couple of lab coats walked by. Natasha turned the page for him. She pointed at the page. “This is only known to her. She was given up as a child after her mother was brutally murdered. She saw everything happen because she was hidden in a closet. She has been in and out of several foster families. The reason she had to leave was that she had these mood swings that could go on for days. On top of the accidental kill of her classmate. They had to put her in a group home.“ Steve shakes his head at the information.

Natasha continued. “She’s living here for four months. She works in a small coffee counter and she practices kickboxing.” Steve nods, letting out a deep sigh, running a hand through his hair.

“What do they want with her? She is just a kid.” Steve wondered out loud, shaking his head again. “We have to keep an eye on her, I’m taking her to Wakanda, no one will find her there. We could figure out what the serum does to her and how we can help her. Do you have something on the guy who was in her apartment?” Natasha opened her jacket and showed him a photograph, without someone seeing it.

“If the information in the secret message is right then this man is Alexander. Clint and I have searched the building and the streets but the guy was gone before you arrive.” Steve pursed his lips together, nodding his head.

“Alright. My gut tells me that it has something to do with HYDRA. We need to find Alexander.” Steve said giving the file back to Natasha, but she held her hand against the file.

“I’ll keep my eyes and ears open. I have to get back to headquarters. Don’t let Tony get in your way, get her to your headquarters,” Natasha pointed at the file. “Keep it, it’s not safe with me.” She said. Steve nodded walking back into the room.

He put the file in his backpack on the chair. He rubbed his hands together, turning to Wanda and Y/N.

“So now I know a little bit more about you, you could tell me why you chose kickboxing?” He said, sitting down in the chair by Y/N’s bedside. She gave a small smile. Y/N loved talking about her sport. “Kickboxing…” She mumbled. She narrowed her eyes as she remembered a phrase from her mother’s handbook.

‘Don’t share too much information. It’ll help you get back the things you love to do without anyone knowing when you need to start over.’

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Shake the Disease

Sighing. Something was sighing, it’s deep exhale wrapping around Xepher as means of comfort. She did not open her eyes for they felt heavier than she could have imagined. Drip. Drip. Drip. A soothing cascade of water drifted around and around. The sweet sound held her mind, held her thoughts to it. Something could be felt walking around what would be assumed a pool of water. An echoing resounded. The echo of water in a cavern or was it a temple? Something placed a single hand to her head and remained there. Silence.

Humming. Something was humming, it’s strange echoing voice wrapped around as means of familiarity. Opening eyes would not occur.  A striking blueish white light shone through the echoing silence of the dark. It was cold. So very frigid and the light appeared to sprinkle down as though it were snow. Xepher tried to open her eyes but the now diming light was keeping hold of her. There was a seduction to it, the light calling her as a moth to a flame. Her demise was imminent or so she presumed in this suspended state. Attempting to move was futile and this lack of motor control turned her hesitant tranquility to effervescent panic. Foreign sensations violently attacked beneath the skin, her blood ablaze and the light shifting to a red hue. The heat was excruciating causing her to scream within her mind, no sound coming from her mouth. The light dissipated till it was nothing but a soft glow. Was this the end? Something only hummed.

Trailing. Something was trailing, once again a touch filled with heat and cold trickled over her exposed skin. Opening eyes was given up on. This was what she choose and so this is where she would remain. Drip. Drop Drip. A stinging chill soaked into her chest causing her to jostle. Something wrapped its ‘arms’ around her waist and pulled her close. The sensation of the hours before had passed and she was thankful. Was this what awaited her? There was no protest but did it have to hurt? Something only trailed.

Crying. Xepher was crying, the sound bringing Something to cease its actions. She could feel it. The tugging of her very soul by way of her back. Eyes were sealed tightly, unable to budge though tears trickled from them. Something was holding a thick cord that appeared to be a vein in the woman’s back. It was stark cerulean with various speckles of fel green upon it. Something pulled the cord higher,  analyzing it while making a strange noise. The rushing of water resounded before a sword being sheathed was heard. Ice. Chilling ice dug into each speckle of fel green, throwing it aside like dirt. Crying commenced once again. Something paused and placed a warm hand? Was it a hand? Upon her head.

Scraping. Something was scraping, the sound created was like that of nails to a chalkboard. “Be careful…she can only do so much tonight” A murmur, a wisp of voice. Something uttered another obscure sound before halting its movements. The cord was released gently, a clawed hand leaving the vein alone. There was speckles still clinging to it, only a portion had been made pure. The taint. That word was whispered into her ear. Something rolled her over to her stomach, allowing the back to be fully exposed. A faint blue scar lingered on her near nude form. Something trailed its touch up it before disappearing altogether. Xepher was fading.

Nothing and everything. No one and someone. Death and life. Xepher held to nothing as what she presumed was a new day unfolded itself. The cord was being pulled once again, she could feel it. The chill of sensation stinging every tip of her fingers and toes. The weightless aura that swallowed her whole. Was it a daze? A trance? She could not tell nor could she scream out. She asked for this. She came to them and asked for this. Something ran an even colder blade against the thick vein. The pain. How unbearable the pain was. It was as though soul was being ripped to shred in a methodical manner. Precision. Something wanted precision. There was no room for mistake in handling such a thing. Xepher had not kept track of how many days had gone by. It all became a blur. The darkness that blinded her eyes had lost its terror but it was the sounds that encased her. The sounds that kept her adrenaline ever coursing through. A thought flitted by, a distraction from the screeching of the ice blade.

Sniff. Sniff. Xepher watched the ethereal shapes that floated around her heaving form. A single hand, was it a hand?, reached up to her chest and poured through the back. She could not move as this occurred, her body was like stone lest the breathing of chest. Whispers. Haunting whispers were shared between the shapes as they watched her. A miasma of emotion washed over her, immense fear and nostalgia. Why was that? Had she met these creatures before? Did they know her? Why had she come here? All she had was a feeling in her heart. One that pulled her soul closer and closer to this place till it embraced her in familiar warmth. Had the realization come from that dream? Something scraped in a difficult place causing her to return to the present. Pain. How numbing and sweet this was.

Another fleeting memory. Was it a memory? Xepher could not tell. The cord had been returned to her back after what felt like an eternity. Something had left her after comforting her shaking form as it did every day before. Why did it always comfort her after? Did that mean it cared? The memory flashed once more before taking over her realizations of the present. A scene of days long faded played now. 

“The Sons of the Mist are coming for us…We have lost too many women already. We cannot fight them alone” A commanding voice spoke to a mass of beautiful creatures sitting before it. “We must not let them have the essence! We must hold our position!” The voice slammed a hand to the table before it. Pieces of statute figures rumbled before settling. The table was a map that displayed the areas of a place unknown. Was this the land? No. Xepher tilted her head as she came closer to the table. “Are you listening sister!” The voice directed its ire to Xepher. Eyes of blue, vibrant and blazing like none she had seen before locked with her own. 

The memory died in that moment. Had sleep taken her? Who knew?

Sleep held with it an emptiness. There was no dreams that met the blinded woman. Only silence. The waking world provided her with thoughts and memories, all playing before her eyes as vivid realities. Were they reality? Something watched nearby. Lingering on the outskirts of the pool. The night had taken the area and cast a hue of shadow over all. Glowing illumination was the only thing to provide light. It did not matter. Light nor dark mattered in this place. Eyes did not hold the same quality as they did away. Something was approached by the wisp of voice. “She is…hmm…she is” The wisp hummed as its voice drifted around the area. Something only made a obscure sound in turn. The wisp sighed. Was it a sigh of relief? One of happiness? Or that of sadness? One could not tell.


Now, this disease poses a danger to the entirety of the human population. Its unpredictability is insane - every day the death rate gets higher and higher and the source of it all comes from Komaeda.

Like I said before, there’s no telling how this disease works. You could almost say it floats in the damn air and affects unsuspecting people. They all drop down like flies, I tell you.

Death. There’s no precursor to the illness - you just die.

When your life flashes before your eyes and you see the grim reaper, that’s when you know.

Wait wait wait wait, you’re asking me how to prevent Komaeda? There’s no way to prevent him - its existence is everywhere! Through some means it slips into people’s bodies and infects them, and no one knows how because of how bullshit it is! It’s like the disease purposely puppeteers both our life expectancies and sanity to throw society into greater disarray than it already is! No one is able to stand up to the threat because the next hero already falls to the ground! There’s just no stopping it.






Walking into your parents spare bedroom, you looked at Liam curled up on the bed, his face placid. He looked like a freshly bleached sheet. Nothing hurt you more than seeing him in pain or sick. Though the man was as white as a ghost, his forehead was damp with sweat.

He looked up at you with big sad eyes. “I think I’ve got a bit of food poisoning.” He said groaning and rubbing his stomach.

“I wonder why.” You smirked knowing that he and your father had gone for fast food a few hours before. He closed his eyes and groaned again. “I’ve brought you a bucket.” You said holding the red, plastic cleaning bucket up slightly, sloshing the inch of water inside. “Just in case you need it.” Liam muttered a thanks and watched as you placed the container down beside the bed. He gave you a pleading look and you sighed, sitting down on the bed beside him. “It’s kind of funny you know, dad’s completely okay.” you chuckled.

“It’s not that funny. It was a 50/50 chance…” Liam choked, leaning over the side of the bed to empty the contents of his stomach into the red bucket. He leaned back and tossed his hand over his eyes. “This stinks.”

You laughed and rubbed his arm, “It’s okay. It’ll only be 24 hours.” he peaked at you from under his hand. “Well, a long 24 hours.” You smiled and stood, reaching for the empty glass on the bed side table. “I’ll go and get you some water, and some gravol.” Liam nodded and gave a heavy sigh. You laughed a bit and walked out of the room. As you made your way down the hall to the main bathroom, your dog sat at the top of the stairs, looking up at you with big blue eyes. “What?” You asked the german shorthaired pointer. The dog cocked his head and just stared at you. “Oh, all right.” You sighed knowing just what he wanted. Walking into the bathroom you opened the medicine cabinet and grabbed the box of gravol. Turning the cold water tap on, you then filled the glass an inch from the top. As you left the bathroom, you gave the dog a nod and he followed like he always did.

“Babe…” Liam called as your walked through the door.

“I’m here and I’ve brought a friend. One that won’t care that it smells of vomit.” You joked sitting next to Liam on the bed. Sucking your teeth together, Y/D/N jumped up onto the bed and circled just behind Liam, finally laying his body down and flopping his head onto Liam’s side. “Here,” you said, “take this.” You handed the sick man a small pink pill and his glass of water.

Taking the pill and the glass from you, Liam tossed both back one at a time. He closed his eyes and sighed. “I don’t know what I would do without you, babe.”


“Is he always that babyish?” Your mother asked as she stood in front of the stove stirring the pot of homemade chicken soup. You laughed and shook your head at her. “What? I was just curious.” She looked at you and cocked an eyebrow. “You know about first impressions.” She said in a joking tone.

“No he’s not usually like this. Sometimes he just gets real sick.” You countered reaching into the cupboard above your head and reaching for a bowl. “I even warned him about using the airplanes AC. I told him to turn it off because it’s recycled air and it usually makes people sick.” You handed the bowl to your mother.

“That’s my girl. ” the other woman said as she took the bowl from you and filled it to the brim with warm soup. “Go bring this to the sick baby.” She chuckled.

You gave her a look and placed the soup onto a bed tray. Gripping the handles of the small tray you lifted it from the counter and began to walk out of the large kitchen. It didn’t take long before you were on your way up the stairs and down the long hallway to your old bedroom. Of course the room had been renovated and turned into another spare, but you still called it yours. Knocking on the door you pushed it open a bit spying the red nosed brunette laying on the bed, a box of Kleenex beside him, used tissues scattered around him. “I’ve brought soup! Homemade chicken noodle!”

Harry turned to look at you and smiled. “Did your mom make it for me special?” He asked his voice deeper than usual and muted. “I love soup.” He sniffled.

You walked over to the side of the bed and waited until he sat up. Placing the tray on his lap, you sat beside him and felt his forehead. “Still no fever. I’d say that you Mr. Styles have the common cold. Congrats.” You chuckled and watched as he began to slurp his soup. “You should be better in no time.”

Harry gave you a sympathetic look. “I’m sorry I’ve ruined our holiday.” You shook your head and started to say something but he cut you off, “I’m sure you’re mum wanted to meet me in this state. All whiny and sick. She must think I’m pretty lame.”

“Not at all. She pokes fun but doesn’t mean anything by it. Mom won’t admit it but she secretly likes taking care of sick people.” You smiled and placed a hand on his blanketed leg. “Even if it’s a stranger her daughter brought home.” Chuckling, you looked down at your hand and drew circles across his calves. “You could never ruin a holiday for me. Every moment I spend with you is a holiday.”

“And they said I was the sappy one.” Harry tried to say in a joking tone. “It would sound better if I wasn’t sick.” He stated after you gave him a strange look. He smiled at you before continuing. “If I wasn’t sick, I’d give you a big old kiss. But I can’t.” Harry took another bite of soup, taking a few crackers and crushing them into the liquid filled bowl.

“You’re not contagious now. When you show symptoms, the virus is already dead. So you could kiss me, but I’m sure it’s a matter of time before I catch the cold. We were on the same air plane you know.” You shrugged and stood. Harry gave you a pleading look. “What?” You asked as he grabbed your hand.

“Can you hold me for a while. It’s a little cold and I miss your arms around me.” Scrunching your nose at the male, you gave him a look. “Plus I tried to nap already but I couldn’t because you weren’t here.”

You rolled your eyes and sat back down. “Okay, I’ll stay, but you have to finish your soup and,” you reached over to the bedside table and grabbed the cold and sinus medication, “take your pills. That’s my condition.” Harry smiled and nodded, quickly finishing his meal and taking the pills from your hand, swallowing them with the last bit of water he had.

“Now come on. This bed is huge and lonely.” He whined. Again you shook your head and shifted your weight onto your knees, crawling over the sick male and climbing beneath the covers.

Unable to hide your smile, you wrapped your arms around Harry as he scooted into a laying position. He closed his eyes and sighed. “It’s a good thing I love you. I wouldn’t risk my health for just anyone Styles.” You joked watching the male breath through his mouth.

“It’s a good thing.” He sighed snuggling into you. “I wouldn’t share my disease with just anyone either.” Harry exhaled a heavy breath, falling into a much needed sleep.

Running your hands through his long damp hair, you grinned a little and kissed the side of his head. “I hope you feel better.” You sighed closing your eyes, starting to drift off.


It was funny to see the man who loved to talk not be able to. You did kind of felt bad for Louis but at the same time he kind of deserved it. You hadn’t been at your parents house for more than a few days and he had stupidly taken a drink from your younger sisters cup after having been fully informed that she had laryngitis.

He now sat at the dinner table with your family, sipping soup while the rest of you had pork roast. Louis looked at you, his mouth slightly open as if he wanted to say something. You had to look away afraid that you might burst into uncontrollable laughter. Bedsides the usual chatter of your family, it was relatively quiet.

After dinner, the two of you had decided, or rather you had decided, that it would be best for the both of you to just relax and maybe put a movie on. Of course Lou got to choose the movie with his wildly eccentric pointing. Still trying not to laugh you put the disk into the DVD player and walked back to the couch sitting beside him and slapping your hand onto his thigh. You looked at him and kissed his cheek. Lou groaned and looked at you. “No way. I’m not getting what you have.” You shook your head as he pointed to his lips.

“You are so mean.” He whispered, his voice extremely hoarse.

“Hey!” You said pointing your finger at the older male, “The doctor said no talking, you need to rest those vocal cords of yours.” You smiled a little and turned to look back at the TV, “My mother warned you, but did you listen, nope. So you only have yourself to blame.” Louis huffed. “Now don’t pull an attitude, and watch the movie, you wanted to put it on.” You shook your head again and gave his thigh a squeeze.

About half way through the movie, your mother walked into the family room, “Louis, did you need anything?” Louis looked at her and shook his head. Your mother looked at you and placed her hands on her hips.

You looked at the screen of your phone, “Actually, Mom, can you bring his antibiotic and a couple glasses of water.” She nodded and left the room. He looked at you and furrowed his brow. “You have to take them, I know they have a bad after taste but you need them.” Lou rolled his eyes, “Don’t be like that Louis. Plus you have to do the steam inhalator yet, do you want pine or eucalyptus?” He held up two fingers. “Eucalyptus it is.”

Walking back into the room your mother made her way over to Louis side and handed him his antibiotics and a glass of water, “Drink up Hunny, we need to get you better.” She smiled and then took the empty glass from his hands. She reached over and pushed a lock of hair from your face. “Don’t you get it now too.”

“Oh believe me, I won’t!” You laughed.

“Good.” Your mother said chuckling a bit and walking away from the two of you and called over her shoulder, “I love you.”

“Love you too mom!” you shouted back looking at your boyfriend. “That wasn’t so bad was it?” He just gave you a look and pointed to the TV. “Okay, okay. We’ll watch the movie!”


You knew he was sick the moment you stepped into the plane. But like the tough guy he was, Niall pushed on, not letting the turbulence get the better of his already queasy stomach. Once you were landed, it was another situation. The blonde boy barely made it to the bathroom before he emptied the contents of his stomach. It was then that you told him to sit tight and you’d find your mother and her fiancée.

Walking out of the arrival doors you spotted your family. Giving your mother a quick hug you looked over your shoulder as Niall made his way through the doors and over to you. You were thankful that the airport was quiet. It would have been impossible for Niall to stop and say hi to fans. You wrapped your arms around him and looked to your mother mouthing, “he’s not feeling well.” She nodded and led the way to the luggage pick up. Because the airport was practically deserted, it was quick and easy to snag your bags.

Still gripping on to your rather sick boyfriend, you walked to your mothers car, her and her significant other carrying your bigger bags. It was a smooth ride to the small place your mother owned, as she lived close to the airport. As soon as the car was parked, Niall threw open the door and ran to the side of the house. Only to return a few minutes later. “Oh baby, was it something you ate.” You asked rubbing his back.

“No. I haven’t had anything to eat since we left London.” He muttered wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

You shrugged and began to walk to the front door, “well, let’s get you inside and to bed.” He nodded and followed you, slumping forward a bit. Once inside, you set the sick boy on the couch. “Stay here, I’ll get the bed ready.” You said walking down the small hallway of the one level home to the second bedroom. Hearing a loud curse, you watched as Niall ran to the only bathroom.

You sighed and looked at your mother who was now standing in the door jam. “Y/M/F/N is gone to get some ginger ale and gravol. He should be back soon.” She said as she walked into the room helping you turn down the bed. “Let us know if you need anything.”

You nodded and turned towards his packed suit case. Opening it up you grabbed a pair of Pyjama pants and stood. “Thanks mom.” Patting one of the pillows the older woman left the room turning towards the living room. You sighed and walked to the bathroom. Knocking on the door, you received a groan in response. Opening the door, you saw Niall curled up against the toilet. “Oh baby.”

“You shouldn’t be here. You hate vomit.” He said breathlessly before pushing his head further into the toilet. Once finished he leaned against the wall.

Walking over to Niall, you pushed his hair back and kissed his moist forehead. “I think I can handle it this time.” You smiled. Turning to the sink, you took a clean facecloth and turned on the taps, wetting it with cold water. “Here hold this to your forehead.” You said pressing the cloth to the blondes head. Niall smiled weakly and did as you told him too. “Okay love, now strip if you can and put these on.” Niall stood and leaned against the wall, dropping his jeans and putting the plaid pyjama pants on. “Let’s get you to bed.” You spoke softly taking his arm and leading him to the bedroom. Sitting him down on the bed, you lifted the blankets urging him to lay down. You pushed his hair back from his face before starting to walk away.

Niall grabbed you hand, “Please baby, can you stay?” He asked opening his eyes. “I always feel better when you’re with me.” Smiling you nodded and crawled over his curled body. Slipping under the covers, you wrapped your arm around his waist. “I love you.” Niall sighed heavily with sleep.


It had been a few weeks since you had came to visit your parents. Having been abroad for graduate work, you and your boyfriend of long term thought it would be a good idea to stop by and spend some time with your parents. Things were going according to plan until Zayn had come down with a cough. Now, however, he was lounging on the three piece sectional in the basement entertainment room, covered in a blanket, a bottle of cough syrup and a spoon sat on the table beside the arm of the couch. As you walked into the dimly lit room you couldn’t help but laugh a little. Zayn had fallen asleep with his arms folded across his chest. You sat down beside him and pushed his long bangs out of his face.

“Hey.” He said clearing his throat. “Did you have a good brunch with your folks?” He asked opening his eyes and hugging his arms closer to his body.

You shrugged and continued to play with his hair. “It was okay. You know? The usual.” He chuckled and coughed a little. “Is it breaking at all?” You asked giving him a sympathetic look and running your hand down his scruffy cheek. You knew what it was like to have a really bad chest cold and you just wanted him to get better as fast as he could. But you also knew that chest colds were tough old birds that didn’t give up the ghost easily.

Zayn reached over to the living room table and pulled a tissue out of the box sitting on it and blew his nose. “Yeah, It’s starting to.” He smiled and tossed the used tissue into the nearly full garbage can sat beside the couch. “It’s nice to just sit here on the couch and watch TV and sleep. It’s different from the bedroom,” he said looking over to the slightly open patio door, “at least out here I can get some air.”

You looked towards the door and smiled a bit. “It does feel nice in here.” You stood and grabbed the remote for the TV. “Okay sicko, scoot over so we can watch a movie.” Zayn smiled and sat up a bit making room for you beside him, muttering something about loving cuddles and how they made him feel better. You sat down and he laid his head on your shoulder, coughing. “You know, mom’s kind of worried about you. She’s making lasagne for you.” He cleared his throat, “Okay, maybe she’s making it for dad, but she is worried about you.”

“She’s always worried about me.” Zayn said in a nasally voice. “It doesn’t take much for your mother to worry.”

You laughed, “I know! But it’s one of her best qualities and we love her for it.” having realized that you forgot to turn on the television, you pressed the power button on the remote and began to search the movie channels for something to watch. “What do you feel like watching?” You asked Zayn, looking down at the sick male. You smiled. He had fallen asleep on your shoulder, his head cocked upwards slightly, and the back of the couch. “Okay well, what do I want to watch?”


Sorry it took so long! They turned out longer than I expected. Hope you enjoy!