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jojo gangs up until part 5….my hand got tired….

Health and Hygiene

1.  Switch out coffee for tea.  You still get your caffeine fix without compromising the calories, sugars, and fats.   There are also various flavors and sugar/calorie free sweeteners for tea if you don’t like the taste.

2.  Cut all sodas, energy drinks, and artificial juices out of your diet.  Switching to just water is insanely beneficial for weight loss, nutrition, and to generally feel better.

3.   Use mouthwash before your brush your teeth, not after.   Mouthwash helps to break down colonies of bacteria in your mouth, and loosens them from your teeth and gum surfaces.   Brushing your teeth is what completely gets the bacteria out of your mouth.    Mouthwash before brushing=whiter, cleaner, healthier teeth.

4.   Switch to unscented men’s deodorant.   Women’s deodorant is generally weak af, stains clothes, and doesn’t last nearly as long as men’s.

5.  Switch to men’s razors for shaving your legs/armpits/pussy.  It has finer, sharper blades for a clean shave without nicking your skin.

6.   Never ever ever use douches, scented pads/tampons, or strongly scented soap for your pussy.  It fucks with your natural pH and can cause yeast infections, UTI’s, and just generally throws off your pussy ’s health.

7.   Lotion/moisturize your skin (preferably with SPF) every single day.   Aside from easing dry and dead skin, it helps you tan better and more evenly during the summer.   Using SPF protects your skin from harmful UV rays and makes your skin younger, more radiant, and more flexible.

8.   Do a mini workout in your bathroom right before your shower.   I like to do 50 squats, and then 30 sec side planks on each side while waiting for my water to warm up.  It kills any “no time to workout” excuses, and you can wash any sweat or grime right off immediately after.

9.   Switch up your workouts every 3 months to avoid plateuing.   Keep your body challenged and excited during your workout.

10.    Eat at least 3 meals a day, each with a serving of protein and fiber.   Don’t skimp on fruits and vegetables, and try to cut unnecessary starches and complex carbs.

11.   Make some bomb ass workout playlists to keep you jamming and motivated when you exercise.   Be sure to switch up playlists and songs to keep it interesting, too.   I like to use songs I don’t know the lyrics to; I learn the lyrics through working out, and when I know the song word for word I switch it out for another song.

12.   Stretch before bed every night for a better nights sleep and less soreness in the morning.

13.   Be sure to have an even balance of weight training and cardio in your workouts, to strengthen your muscles, bones, and your heart without exhausting or neglecting any one part of your body.

14.   If your insurance covers it, or you can afford to, go to a chiropractor every few months for a regular adjustment.  It releases endorphins, fixes your posture, relieves any pent up spinal pressure, and feels just as satisfying as a massage.

15.  I like to make sure my feet are smooth, soft, and pedicured at all times.   Buy a small pumice stone to rub your heels and soles in the shower with soap and water.   Always moisturize your feet after you shower, and avoid being barefoot in wet, populated surfaces (public bathrooms, showerhouses, etc)

16.  Before brushing your teeth, dip a cotton swab in some diluted hydrogen peroxide and run it over the surface of your teeth and gums. Hydrogen peroxide kills many harmful bacteria in your mouth. This will leave your teeth cleaner, whiter, and stronger.

imreallynotazombie  asked:

Do you ever have musical moments where you burst into spontaneous but seemingly perfect choreographed songs and dances?

Omg I sometimes get wayyyy too into my exercise playlist when I run, which is why I now run at night. Like, hand motions, leaps, backward lunging, the entire ending dance from A Chorus Line, amongst other things.

hanzo and mccree go lifting together and hanzo goes “jesse. would you care to listen to my exercise playlist” and mccree agrees like “sure hanzo!” and its just an hour long compilation of hanzo screaming the worst like the most emotionally draining and devastating insults at himself

guide to becoming relatively productive when you’re not doing anything
  • draw something using the paint tool on your laptop
  • reread a book that you like and reevaluate if you still like it
  • write a poem that does not rhyme if you always write a rhyming poem and a poem that rhymes if you’re more of a free-verse poet.
  • go for a walk. alone. and try to pick some wild flowers on your way home for pressing.
  • exercise. stretch a little bit. work out a little.
  • calculate your monthly dues and see if you’re still financially stable
  • try to exercise your breathing (buteyko exercises), find your inner peace, and/or do yoga
  • make cute little playlists for future purposes
  • play with your cats, dogs, and pets and give them a little bubble bath
  • go to a coffee shop from another neighborhood
  • and sit beside a stranger, also a little challenge: befriend them
  • explore a new place; may it be a cute little city or a strange little town
  • visit an airport and sketch a couple of strangers- their figures and stuff.
  • visit the neighbor that you never had the chance to talk to.
  • talk to your old friend, that one friend that you “never talked again”
  • clean your room, change your sheets, or rearrange some of the furnitures/stuff in there
  • ask someone out- may or may not be the person that you like
  • try to learn something- a new language (the basics and alphabet)
  • plant a tree or a plant
  • sign up for an environmental organization (that may or may not be focusing in saving the bees)
  • try to immerse yourself with a new lifestyle and try to appreciate it
  • sew some of your clothes incision close
  • do a little embroidery of your fave thing on your fave shirt (even if you don’t know how, yes, google it up)
  • write a letter to 30-year-old self
  • make a cute video using your phone
  • reevaluate your life choices- do you like the current you
  • make a little something for your best friend
  • do some little diys/craft from pinterest
Workout Log 6-28-17

It’s almost July? No–time…stop

Woo! Busy morning. Decided on taking the walk home today since the next two days are going to be a little yucky up here in the Metro. Stopped by the grocery and grabbed some avocados, because I cannot be stopped. I’ll probably make some chocolate avocado mousse with those because wave two of PMS is coming. Yes, it comes in phases for me. Anyone else?

Well. That’s completely aside from the point. I did biceps and triceps today! It always feels so good to do arms.

Treadmill Warmup
Dumbbell Bicep Curls: 3 x 12 w/ 15 lb dumbbells
Hammer Curls: 3 x 12 w/ 15 lb dumbbells
Supine Bicep Curls: 3 x 12 w/ 10 lb dumbbells
Triceps Extension: 3 x 12 w/ 20 lb dumbbell
Triceps Bench Press: 3 x 12 w/ 12.5 lb dumbbells
Triceps Press: 3 x 12 at 60 lbs
Cable Push Down: 3 x 12 at 35 lbs
Push Ups: 35
Triceps Dips: 3 x 12

Playlist Picks: Show Yourself by Mastodon and Torture Me by Red Hot Chili Peppers. On the way walking home I listened to Blue Öyster Cult‘s Agent of Fortune. Great, great album.

I sincerely think that 180 HR was my Fitbit freaking out because I’ve never gotten that high and I was seriously only running 5.0 mph at the time. It’s usually more accurate than that, but then sweat happens.

Time for breakfast phase one. Breakfast phase two will come after I get my day a bit more started. 

staying productive during the summer ☀️

hello! i only recently made this studyblr but today i just decided to go ahead and make a post! i thought this particular post would be relevant now because the summer is about to start or has already started for many of us. so, here are some ideas on staying productive during the summer:

work on all your summer assignments

this one’s kind of obvious. if you don’t want to spend the last week/day of the summer frantically doing ALL your summer work, do a little bit each day. to help get myself organized, i printed out some calendars (see picture) and broke down my summer assignments so that way, i only have a little bit to do each day.

prepare for next year

it would be a good idea to see what you can do to help your future self do less work next year. for example: as an ib student, i am planning on using the summer between my junior and senior year to write notes for ib chem and ib bio for multiple reasons, but also because i won’t have to waste time doing that next year. as you can see, i also used my calendar system for this by assigning a section or two to cover each day!

s l e e p

although you can’t really “catch up” on the hours of sleep you missed during the school year, you can still get enough sleep each day! relax! you can go to bed early or late, but you should be sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep! try not to sleep too much, though, because you won’t feel too good when you wake up.


if you’re anything like me, then after finals your room looks like a tornado hit it!!! now, whether this is or isn’t true, i think it would still be a good idea to do some cleaning. clean your room, organize your closet, donate old clothes, reorganize your desk drawers, rearrange your bookshelf…you will definitely feel so much better after you’re done.

do something cool

why don’t you spend some time during the summer volunteering or picking up a new skill or hobby? you can learn a new language, learn some new recipes, learn to code, learn to draw realistically–you can learn anything!

but don’t forget:

actually have fun

while i believe it is very important to be productive during the summer and get  work done, it’s also important for you to spend time doing things you enjoy: read, draw/paint, watch tv shows, movies, documentaries, hang out with your friends, play video games, play with your pets, go to the beach, visit an amusement park! 

take care of yourself

  • work out a couple times a week. make or listen to a playlist while you work out, find an exercise buddy, and just devote some of your time to exercise! exercising has many benefits!!! it will make you feel good and fresh!
  • take care of your body. put on face masks, hair masks, moisturize…
  • honestly, just do what relaxes you! pamper yourself, you deserve it!

We Are One - Pitbull ft. Jennifer Lopez 

Radioactive - Imagine Dragons 

Red Lights - Tiësto

We Got The World - Icona Pop 

S&M - Rihanna 

The Spark - Afrojack ft. Spree Wilson 

Monster - Imagine Dragons 

Bad - David Guetta ft. Showtek & Vassy

Disturbia - Rihanna 

Born This Way - Lady Gaga

Killer - Sharon Doorson

Titanium - David Guetta 

Ten Feet Tall - Afrojack ft. Wrabel

Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm 

Animal - Ke$ha

Summer - Calvin Harris 

Check It Out - Nicki Minaj ft. Will.I.Am 

What You Waiting For - Gwen Stefani 

Demons - Imagine Dragons 

Wasted - Tiësto ft. Matthew Koma

All That Mattered

Author’s Note: I set out to exercise, pulled out the computer to find a workout playlist and *boom* decided to write instead. Amazing what can happen when you procrastinate.  As always, thank you for being patient and for reading! I hope you enjoy!

“Do you love him?”

You froze. Outwardly, that is. Inside, your heart was pounding so loudly you were sure everyone could hear it. The question hung in the air, thickening the atmosphere with its insufferable loom. The answer danced on the tip of your tongue, your mind and your heart debating their side. You sighed heavily, your eyes unable to leave a particular scratch on the table before you. You clasped your hands together, nervously wringing your fingers, as you tried to formulate a sentence. You’d thought about it plenty of times before, but you hadn’t come any closer to an answer. Did you love him? Or did you love the idea of him?

He was handsome, no doubt about that. Granted, when you first met him he wasn’t your type. In fact you didn’t really notice anything about him except the ‘interesting’ choice of hair color. But now you’d grown accustomed to his look and thought him to be one of the most attractive human beings you’d ever met. You’d stare at him for hours if he’d let you. His dark brown eyes that seemed to pierce into your own, his smile that always made your stomach do flip flops, his hands and how perfectly yours seemed to fit in them, his laugh and how it was one of the best ways to brighten your day.  

He’d been rather reserved when you first met. He’d been shy almost to the point of rudeness, but he’d later explained to you that he was so nervous around you he didn’t know how to react. It took some time for him to be comfortable around you and let you in, let you see the real him and not the person in front of the camera. It was worth the wait. He had a beautiful mind, a sharp wit, and a sense of humor that would have you laughing until your sides ached. He spoke to you about any and everything, brought a different perspective, engaging you into the wee hours of the morning.

He was thoughtful and kind. He was sensitive when no one was looking. He was grumpy at times, moody when he felt that he’d lost control over a situation. He could be messy and noisy. He was less than adequate when it came to cooking and more so when it came to folding laundry. He was a hard worker, diligent and always seeking to better himself.  In part, he subtly motivated you to be a better version of yourself as well.

Your mind drifted to the kiss. It had only happened one time. Both of you had too much to drink, got a little too friendly, a little too giggly. Hanging onto each other for support, laughing hysterically at something neither of you could remember. You remembered pressing your lips to his. You’d done it affectionately. You adored him and, in your inebriated state, felt that a kiss was the best way to express that feeling. He kissed you back with the same fervor and warmth. It seemed very natural. As if it was supposed to be this way. You’d both laughed it off, saying that it was just a silly mistake despite the color rising in your cheeks. Still, things were never quite the same after that.

“Well?” the teasing tone was impatient. “I’m not going to let you marry my brother if you won’t even say you love him.”

He was someone who you would have never thought of before but now was an essential part of your life.  Through all the time you’d known him, through the ups and the downs, the good and the bad, you’d come out stronger. It seemed like a sort of connection that you only ever have with a few people in a lifetime.  So…yes…you supposed you did love him.

“Yes, of course I love him! You know that!” the bride-to-be said. You looked at the girl at the end of the table. She looked madly in love. She was glowing and smiley and happily looking at the diamond ring on her finger whenever she had a free moment. She was beautiful. They looked beautiful together, even you had to admit. She seemed to make him happy and that was all that mattered….

“Well then here’s to the newest member of the family and for finally marrying my brother off.” His sibling said, raising their glass. You raised your glass with the group and chugged the rest of your drink in one swoop.

His sibling, your best friend, tucked their arm with yours and pulled you closer.

“I wish he’d chosen you.” They quietly complained as they placed their empty glass on the counter. You forced a laugh in response as you felt the sting of tears in your eyes. You made eye contact with the bartender and motioned for another drink. You’d need it.


Trying to squeeze a little more writing in your day? Consider checking out my guided prompts! The video above contains the full playlist~ ☝🏻🖋✨ 

Reasons To Improve Your Lifestyle

At times, I find it extremely difficult to find the right motivation and inspiration to build and sustain healthy habits. I made a list for myself and altered it a bit in the hopes that maybe putting it out there could help you as well. 

  • There are millions of people who are starving right this second and they would kill to have access to such bountiful amounts of such healthy foods as you.
  • You have absolutely 0 excuse not to. Laziness is unacceptable. 
  • Discipline is an incredibly valuable skill and quality that will prove to be even more useful and beneficial in the future 
  • Don’t you want to look like a movie star/Victoria’s Secret model? 
  • Eating healthy makes your body smell, look, and.. taste.. better so DO IT
  • Good hygiene, eating habits, and exercise routines lead to a more attractive body and a longer life 
  • Exercise to live a longer life to spend with family, friends, spouses, and children  
  • Exercising and healthy diet makes you a good role model for your siblings and your future children 
  • It’s super attractive to most anyone when you take care of yourself by feeding yourself healthy food and doing things to keep yourself in shape 
  • Exercise and healthy eating has proven to lift your mood and promotes overall positivity 
  • You can use exercise as the alternative to medications and therapy for anxiety. depression, and many other mental illnesses.
  • Exercise and healthy diet can prevent and slow the effects of nearly any disease as an alternative or addition to prescription drugs and expensive medical treatments 
  • Exercise makes you stronger and more able bodied to complete daily tasks and defend yourself against predators, AKA it makes you more of a bad ass and more comfortable as a singular human being to protect yourself 
  • Exercise boosts your daily energy in order to promote creativity, motivation, and ability to be awake and alert longer. 
  • Exercise promotes memory storage in the brain making it easy for you to retain learned and studied information in school, benefiting your overall studying career 
  • Exercise promotes healthy habits and paves the way toward being able to do anything you set your mind to 
  • Exercise is a mindset that promotes individual empowerment and the willingness to love and take care of yourself, inevitably resulting in a longer and happier life

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Gym Playlist

So, I’ve worked the past three nights, which is why I haven’t posted any weigh-ins lately.  You won’t believe what a messed up sleep schedule will do to your weight.  Really, I weigh about 8lbs more after a 12 hour shift.  No food changes, just no sleep and lots of activity.

Since I can’t give you a weigh-in, I’ll give you this instead!  Here’s my gym playlist (creatively titled “Work it Out” on Spotify).  These songs make me feel invincible, strong, bad ass, and sexy.  

  1. 23 - Mike Will Made It, Miley Cyrus
  2. Boss Ass Bitch - PTAF
  3. Come and Get It - Selena Gomez
  4. Lose Yourself - Eminem
  5. Happy - Pharrell Williams
  6. Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
  7. 99 Problems - Jay Z
  8. Black Dog - Led Zepplin
  9. Dirt off your Shoulder - Jay Z
  10. Hard - Rihanna, Jeezy
  11. Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem) - Jay Z
  12. Let’s Go - Trick Daddy feat. Big D and Twista
  13. Ni**as in Paris - Kanye West, Jay Z
  14. Pon de Replay - Rihanna
  15. Right Round - Flo Rida
  16. Pound the Alarm - Nicki Minaj
  17. Shake ya Tailfeather - Nelly, P. Diddy
  18. Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo, 2 Chainz
  19. Wikked Lil’ Grrls - Esthero
  20. Super Bass - Nicki MInaj
  21. Black Skinhead - Kanye West
  22. Air Force Ones - Nelly
  23. Smack That - Akon
  24. The Illest - Far East Movement
  25. All I do is Win - DJ Khaled feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg
  26. My Chick Bad - Ludacris
  27. I Am Not a Whore - LMFAO
  28. Get Low - Lil Jon
  29. Chain Hang Low - Jibbs
  30. G-slide - Lil Mama

Do you have a gym playlist?  What are your favorite songs/artist to work out to?

work hard. [Listen]

1.Cocks - Zico | 2.Say It - ToppDogg | 3.Open The Door - Wonder Boyz | 4.No Limit - Zico | 5.Rock Your Body - VIXX | 6.You Know Me - TASTY | 7. RINGA LINGA - Taeyang | 8.Doom Dada - T.O.P | 9.LA SONG - Rain | 10.MAMA Beat - LC9 | 11.NO MERCY - B.A.P | 12.Boy In Luv - BTS | 13.No Joke - Block B | 14.MichiGO - GD | 15.Step - F(X) | 16.Growl - EXO | 17.Very Good - Block B | 18.Warrior - B.A.P | 19.Attack On Bangtan - BTS | 20.History - EXO-K | 21.The Baddest Female - CL | 22.We Are Bulletproof Pt.2 - BTS | 23.Nalina - Block B | 24.Like This - Wonder Girls | 25.Beautiful Night - B2ST | 26. Fantastic Baby - BigBang | 27. Mr.Bang - Teen Top | 28. SUPA LUV - Teen Top | 28.This Love - Shinhwa | 29.Everybody - SHINee |30. Bounce - JJ Project | 31. Out Of My Mind - Kidoh | 32. Big Spender - Kidoh | 33.MTBD - CL | 34. Nom Nom Nom - WA$$UP |

Judges l Shawn Mendes Imagine


prompt: Shawn & (Y/N) are judges for The X Factor, and boys seem to really like her, much to Shawn’s dismay. part 2

Originally posted by dannydiloveyourwork

i) auditions.

You and Shawn had met before.

You had settled on the music industry a while ago, shared the same record label, and had crossed paths at awards shows and events, and now you had just learned you’d be sharing the judges table at a new version of The X Factor along Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid, making you the only girl of the panel for the first time, but you couldn’t be happier, and the chemistry between the four of you became clear since the first time you got together to start the promo.

The first day of auditions arrived sooner than expected, and it was clear that you and Shawn were the most nervous ones, since both Simon and L.A. had been here before, though they didn’t waste the opportunity to mess with the both of you making jokes and counting all of the things that could go wrong as you were recording for one of the most viewed shows, but it all vanished once you heard your names being called and the crowd greeting you with loud screams. 

You were seated with Shawn on your right and Simon on your left. Simon said a few words before the first person auditioning made their way to the stage. It was a woman that was about thirty years old and was shaking entirely, but she turned out being so amazing you had to fight the urge to stand on your feet and hug her. Of course the four of you said yes and she left happily. but there also were terrible singers who were also rude, but they made your day.

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#236 - For emmernems & anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “…the idea of Van and his gf/wife/etc etc not being able to have kids. Like they’re trying for a baby but it’s just not happening and BAM! TESTTUBE BABY 2.0! They try IVF and the miracle of baby McCann is born, a quite literal mini Van.” from @emmernems and “it’s modern day and reader casually sings lyrics to Van from his songs that relate to their situation.”  and “reader is super into health and fitness and is a total gym bunny?”

Note: Shout out to @simpaticoswift - the most beautiful test tube baby ever.

Each store bought pregnancy test was discarded in the public trash can on the corner of your street. There was no use in both you and Van having constantly shattered hearts. The stupid plastic sticks all said the same thing, like a tragic groundhog day. Maybe they were wrong. Maybe dozens of them were wrong. Maybe every brand you had purchased over the course of a whole year and a bit were dead wrong.

In the beginning, neither of you were worried. But fear set in in you first, then Van. He’d watch you from the other side of the room pretending you really did care about the positioning of throw pillows and that all the jars in the fridge faced forward. He’d bite his nails and huff to himself, before escaping the sad to have a smoke alone outside. 

Nobody wanted to be the one to bring it up, make it real. Van was a true optimist and you knew he’d just keep hoping and trying before he was willing to admit that his family dream wasn’t going to pan out like all his others. You were simply terrified.

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waking-electric  asked:

Hi! I just started ballet for the first time this past July- I'm 22 and this is my first experience with dance. Although I wish I could go to class every day of the week, I only have the funds and time to be able to go 2x a week. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for how to improve at home on my off days? Besides ballet, I run every day, if that's relevant.

I totally understand not always have as much time/money as we would like to use for ballet classes. There is definitely a bunch of different things that you can do at home and it is great that you are running already. I’ve started running a lot more in the past six months and it has helped a lot with my cardio and endurance while dancing. However running does tend to make my legs very tight so I would highly recommend stretching after every run if you don’t already do that. Since you are a beginner, I would suggest really focusing on the basics and even if you were more advanced I would still say focus on the basics, because a good foundation of the basic ballet steps are key to everything. I personally love doing little exercises like plies, tendus, and rond de jambs in my kitchen. I also like to do yoga and pilates to help strengthen my core which will help your balance and stability in ballet class. I will give you a bunch of links to my favorite things to do at home! Let me know if you have any more questions. I hope this helps!

The first link listed is to the main Youtube webpage for the channel. The links following are to the individual videos or playlist of videos that I have used before while working on ballet at home. I have used all of these videos multiple times and have definitely seen an improvement from it.

Ballerinas By Night -

Kathryn Morgan -

Scottish Ballet -