an excuse to sleep more


Time taken away and wasted or given up willingly, but is it wrong to believe there is still time to make it worth it?

Taking photos of his friends and teammates has always been a thing Hanamaki does without much thought. A snapshot here, another there, blurry group pictures from tournaments taken in the spur of the moment.

He’s never paid much attention to anyone in particular, viewed each picture as a whole instead of the individual parts, until he lies in bed one evening, lazily scrolling through his camera roll, and stopping.

What catches his eye is a shot of Iwaizumi and Oikawa, sweaty and grinning, but that isn’t what makes his heart pound. In the back of the picture, casually leaning against the wall, is Matsukawa, his gaze lingering on something he can’t see. Hanamaki exhales, bringing the screen closer to his face. In profile, Matsukawa’s strong jaw and cheek bones stand out prettily, and even though the image quality isn’t the best, the thin screen of sweat is visible enough to make his skin glow.  

Matsukawa has never struck him as particularly photogenic before, but he can see it right there, that he’s got something. Something that makes his fingers itch and his skin tingle with the need to see it again.

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"I was going to get an oni at first. He looked so 
disappointed when I told him that," Tooru says.
"Too common?"
"Yeah. He gave me a book on mythical creatures and told
me to think bigger. I ended up going with hakutaku."
"Beast of knowledge?" Iwaizumi asks. "Sounds fitting."

Yakuza AU that’s killing me.

Iwaizumi’s Raijin 


Does anyone else get so in to drawing or writing or reading or whatever that they forget that they need to be a functioning human being? I just stopped drawing and realised I really gotta pee, I haven’t eaten in 7 hours, and it’s 12:30am so I need to sleep. I wouldn’t have even stopped if my mum didn’t bang on the ceiling to remind me I need to sleep some time soon.

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Subway Meet/Cute - Clexa

The morning commute was always the same. Lexa pulled herself out of bed and threw her long dark hair up into a ponytail. She dressed in the outfit she had picked out the night before, basically an excuse for ten more minutes of sleep. She gave her cat Leonidas a quick pat on the head as she grabbed her keys and phone. “Be good Leo. I don’t want to come home and have to clean up more toilet paper.” She smiled as the black cat just tilted its head at her in confusion.

Lexa checked the time on her phone and realized that once again, as with most mornings, she was running late. She quickly ran out of her apartment and locked the door behind her.

Lexa stepped out onto the sidewalk into the morning hustle. She had to adapt to the flow of traffic quickly. A man in a nice suit yelling into the bluetooth hanging from his ear almost ran into her as she tried to merge.

“Watch it.” The man grumbled under his breath and pushed passed her. Lexa sighed and pulled out her headphones. Every morning Lexa questioned why she moved to the city. Why did she pack up everything and move across the country by herself? But as her day went on and she went to her favorite coffee shop and let the warm liquid drive away the negative thoughts.

She was here for a reason. She was here to prove herself and to find what she felt like she had been missing her entire life. The second she got a job offer she didn’t even think about it. She told her parents that she was leaving the family business and moving. Her father had been okay, thought worried about his only daughter. Her mother on the other hand didn’t take it as well. She cried for three days straight and did everything but chain herself to the front door to stop Lexa from leaving.

Nothing was going to stop her and now here she was with a job, a place, and a life that was so much more than she would have had on the farm.

Lexa clutched her coffee tightly as she made her way down into the subway with a large crowd of commuters. The music blared in Lexa’s headphones and now she was feeling much more awake. She’d have to sit on the subway for 40 minutes before she got to work. Her music was the only thing that made the crowded ride bearable.

Lexa got into one of the middle cars and was surprised to find an open seat near the sliding doors. She slid into the seat and pulled her phone from her pocket. She took the first few minutes of her trip catching up on e-mails and assuring her mother for what felt like the hundredth time that she wasn’t hanging around with “the bad crowd”, whatever that meant.

Lexa looked up and her eyes were drawn to a beautiful blonde sitting across from her. She was wearing a pair of perfectly ripped light wash jeans. Her plain black t-shirt had a small whole near the neckline and another near the hem. Lexa eyes went down the woman’s body and landed on her perfectly clean white Adidas.

Her eyes were glued to the nearly glowing white shoes. Lexa had never seen this girl on her subway adventures before, she was sure she would remember someone so breathtaking. The girl moved and Lexa shook her head to break her gaze. She moved her eyes back to her phone and prayed that the girl hadn’t noticed her staring.

“Hey, so I was worried these shoes were too much with this outfit. What do you think?” Lexa’s eyes froze on her screen. She hadn’t even seen the girl get up from her seat, but here she was sitting quite close to her.

Lexa plucked up all of her courage and looked up into the girl’s gorgeous blue eyes. “I-I think they look great. I don’t understand how people can keep white shoes so clean in this city.”

The girl seemed to find Lexa’s comments funny because she let out a light laugh. “You just have to walk really, really carefully.” The girl responded. “Oh, I’m Clarke by the way.” She held out her hand for Lexa to shake.

“I’m Lexa.”

Lexa took Clarke’s hand and shook it. But when they were done Clarke didn’t let go of Lexa’s hand right away.

“Nice to meet you, Lexa.” Clarke gave Lexa a lopsided grin and brushed her blonde hair to one side of her head. “I’m just coming in for the night. Judging by your coffee and outfit you are going to work?”

Lexa nodded and sipped her coffee without thinking. “You’re just getting in?” Lexa lifted her eyebrows slightly surprised.

“Yeah, well I’m a bartender uptown. I can’t wear these beauties in there though.” Clarke pointed at the crisp shoes on her feet. “I have some gross black shoes I keep at the bar.” Clarke chewed on her lower lip for a second, like she was thinking very carefully about what she was going to say next. “You should stop by the bar sometime.”

Lexa eyebrows nearly went into her hairline at the suggestion.

“I’d even buy you a drink.” Clarke smiled and Lexa was surprised that she was actually very intrigued by the offer of basically a perfect stranger.

“Sur-Sure.” Lexa tried to sound as confident as she wanted to feel.

Clarke opened her mouth to speak again but the train started to slow and the conductor’s voice crackled over the broken speakers.

“This is my stop.” Clarke stood up and reached into her back pocket. “This is where I work. I’m in every night but Wednesday. Come see me.” Clarke handed Lexa a matchbook.

“I hope I see you soon.” Clarke winked at Lexa as the doors slide open and before Lexa could do more than lift her hand to wave a quick goodbye she was swallowed by the departing crowd.

Lexa ran her fingers over the matchbook Clarke had given her. ‘Polaris’ Lexa’s heart beat loudly against her chest as she put the matchbook carefully in her front pocket. She knew she was going to go to the bar, she had to know more about Clarke.

Sleeping at Last

Rows of houses,
Sound asleep.
Only street lights
Notice me.

I am desperate,
If nothing else,
In a holding pattern
To find myself.

I talk in circles,
I talk in circles,
I watch for signals,
For a clue.

How to feel different.
How to feel new.
Like science fiction
Bending truth.

No one can unring this bell,
Unsound this alarm, unbreak my heart new.
God knows, I am dissonance
Waiting to be swiftly pulled into tune.

I’ll go anywhere you want,
Anywhere you want,
Anywhere you want me.

I know the further I go,
The harder I try, only keeps my eyes closed.
And somehow I’ve fallen in love
With this middle ground at the cost of my soul.

Yet I know, if I stepped aside,
Released the controls, you would open my eyes.
That somehow, all of this mess
Is just an attempt to know the worth of my life…

…made of precious metals,
Precious metals,
Precious metals inside.

I’ll go anywhere you want me.


“Mr. Novak, I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation. I just want you to know that you will figure out your sexuality eventually, but until then I don’t think you should label yourself as bisexual,” Mr. Connard said just loud enough to silence the whole class.

“With all due respect sir, I have figured out my sexuality. Hence the label bisexual. I’m attracted to both women and men and I don’t think that’s any of your business,” Cas said, locking eyes on his chemistry teacher.

“Bisexuality is just confusion. You cannot marry both a man and a woman therefore bisexuality is just made up. Frankly, it’s just an excuse to sleep with more people,” he said, “it doesn’t exist.”

From the back of the room there was the sound of shuffling books and bags. Everyone turned to see Dean Winchester, the schools jock and ladies man, packing his bag. He slung it over his shoulder and headed to the door.

“Mr. Winchester, where do you think you’re headed?” Mr. Connard asked, stepping in front of Dean’s path.

“Well, If I don’t exist then why do I need to be in class?” The teacher stared at him in confusion as the class broke out in quiet murmurs. “I’m bisexual you ass.”

He pushed past his teacher and opened the door to the hallway. “You comin?” Dean asked Cas. Cas just stared at him slack jawed. Dean rolled his eyes, grabbed Cas by the hand and pulled him out of the classroom, waving his middle finger at the chemistry teacher.


i have always appreciated the added layer of safety that my glasses have provided me.

aiioli replied to your post “Not to shitpost at 6 AM or anything but you know what I’ve just…”

interesting point! now if you eat asparagus or drink beer/coffee, does that influence the taste of your blood? or does this happen after the urine is already filtered out?

I… would guess so??? Things like alcohol do enter into your bloodstream and circulate around your body while being filtered out as fast as it can be by the liver and kidneys. If things like alcohol didn’t enter into your bloodstream then it wouldn’t be able to make it to your brain and impair standard brain function. 

And on a related note, I’m pretty sure that Finn and Jake’s dad from Adventure Time was totally right and that drinking a ton of holy water for long enough would saturate your blood with it. Assuming that the blessing works down on the molecular level, continuously drinking holy water would slowly build up the percentage of your blood plasma that’s made up of holy water molecules. If only medieval villagers had known about this they could have saved themselves a lot of trouble. 

Got7 Reaction: How your Got7 boyfriend will wake you up

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Giantess Crystal Gems

Imagine; Giantess Crystal gems taking care of tiny!Steven–

Garnet’s pretty chill, but of course she knows not to let Steven do anything reckless because of his size. 

Pearl’s much more worried than usual about him; whether it’s double checking the floor to make sure he’s not stepped on, or panicking when she loses sight of him. His size gives her more of an excuse to watch him sleep, just to keep an eye on the little cutie and make sure he’s alright.

Amethyst is a little too chill; probably getting Steven into dangerous ‘fun’ situations that pretty much makes Pearl lose her shit every single time, but Steven always manages to make it out unscathed. 

And Steven just adores his giantess mommies to bits, regardless of what happens. 

2ps becoming a cat

Allen D, Jones/ 2p America: *is running away from his dogs*

James Williams/ 2p Canada: “why couldn’t i be turned into a mountain lion?”

Louis Boneyfoy/ 2p France: Will have an excuse to sleep more, but will try to figure a way to turn back into normal…in a week or year.

Oliver Kirkland/ 2p England: Will love it and dance around in the flower bed, and will destroy all of Arthur curtains 

Sergei Braninsky/ 2p Russia: I trying to figure what just happen to him and trying to turn book cover with paws is hard so this may take a while

Yang Wang / 2p china: Will use his new look to be swoon over by cute girls 

Siegfried Beilschmidt./ 2p Germany: Will be a lazy cat and do nothing all day everyday till someone figures it out

Luciano Vargas/ 2p Italy: Be screaming at everything but will only come out as little meows and will tear up people pants legs when they try to pet him

Flavio Vargas/ 2p Romano:* running around in circles screaming* 

Klaus Beilschmidt./ 2p Prussia:will hide under the bed away from everyone, and wonder why this always happens to him 

Kuro Honda/ 2p Japan: be sneezing the whole time and hiding form yang

Ryszard Edelstein/ 2p Austria: Be that devil cat that knocks over people water glasses and change back when he fells like it

Santiago Fernández Carriedo/ 2p spain: wont even notice since he is always sleeping anyways 

BTS's Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Rap Monster: “uhhh, my dog taehyung ate my homework?” 

Jin: actually did his homework. WHILE cooking dinner 

Suga: “there was homework!?” 

J-Hope: tells teacher a ridiculous story… “well see teacher, i saw this cat stuck in a tree so i went to go save it and when i returned the poor frightened kitty to its rightful owners, they were so kind enough to buy me ice cream, so i ate it and went home happy and went to sleep. now please excuse me while i go save more kittens!!! “ *runs out of class with his fist in the air and theres superhero music in the bg* 

Jimin: “uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..” “go sit down jimin.” “ok!” 

Taehyung: “i ate namjoons homework because he SET MINE OF FIRE!” *namjoon in the bg* “IT WAS ON ACCIDENT AND I ALREADY SAID SORRY!” 

Jungkook: asks to turn it in later because he “forgot it at home