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My parents think I only watch shows with gay characters in it, so I thought I’d do a little experiment and go through my Netflix cue, picking out T.V. shows with LGBT characters.

The Fosters - I have no excuses for this one.
How to get away with Murder - that one just showed up, I swear.
Glee - okay we all knew this one was coming, stop acting like it’s a surprise. Why do I need to defend myself? Maybe I just love Grease.
Quantico - technically that guy wasn’t actually gay, and I in no way made him my favorite character because I thought he was gay. I’d never do such a thing.
Lost Girl - let’s be honest, this show is on there because Anna Silk is a goddess.
Grey’s Anatomy - just showed up as well. And also that in no way made Callie one of my favorite characters…
American Horror Story - who doesn’t watch American Horror Story? I don’t even need to explain myself.
Supergirl - can we all just say, Alex is the cutest little baby gay to grace our screens.
Orange is the New Black - honestly, yeah, I watch this cause it’s hella gay. I’m not ashamed.
Faking It - this one…okay, I get it, I’m gay asf. Sue me.

So I made this woman in Target feel really uncomfortable about the Fifty Shades of Grey movie/book series, basically, here was the conversation:

Me: *Standing at the checkout counter and reading National Geographic, there’s a Fifty Shades Darker book lying nearby, someone must’ve left it there*

Woman: *taps me on shoulder, gestures at book* “Excuse me, are you buying that? I was thinking about reading them, what with the movie coming out and all…”

Me: “No, I s'pose someone just left it there…”

Woman: “So do you think they’re any good? The Fifty Shades books, I mean…”

Me: *looks woman dead in the eye as I pay for my magazine* “No, the whole Fifty Shades series is, in my opinion, an awful story about an unhealthy relationship based on fear and full control, both of which are horribly inaccurate portrayals of a safe, sane, and consensual  BDSM relationship. The book shouldn’t even be called Fifty Shades of Grey, it should be called Fifty Shades of Domestic Abuse, because that is precisely the type of relationship that is portrayed in those books. E.L. James should be ashamed of herself for writing such a story.”

Woman: “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t uh…” *babbles awkwardly and walks away, clearly embarrassed*  

Cashier: *nods* “You know, I told the woman who was originally buying that book the same thing, and as a survivor of domestic violence, I’m proud of you for being one of the few young folks that can actually see that book for what it is… here’s your magazine…” *looks at my crucifix necklace*  "And have a blessed day.“

I ain’t even sorry about that other woman, she asked for my thoughts and I dropped the mic on her 

anonymous asked:

OMG yess Hibari reacting to Mukuro and Shisui flirting with each other. HELL YES to Mukuro meeting Danzo. It would only not end well for Danzo and most possibly Sarutobi for letting him to do whatever he wanted for so long without any punishment at all. That piece of moldy tree bark and eye-stealing SOB deserves whatever Mukuro decides to do with him. FUCK YES TO MORALLY-GREY!NARUTO FUCKING WITH SASUKE, KAKASHI, AND OBITO!!! This all sounds so fantastic and even more life-ruining tbh LOL


Glad you approve! I have a massive weakness for morally grey!Naruto so this was probably subconsciously an excuse to write him that way. Just - I can imagine him no other way with Mukuro and Hibari as parental figures. Ish. Just - Naruto is 4 in rattle this ghost town. If he’s summoned back at, say, 15, that’s 11 years learning that it is entirely okay to torment your enemies until they cry or, barring that, just bite them to death. Tsuna would try to save him and fail. It would be hilarious

Hibari and Mukuro’s adventures in parenting. What a glorious disaster for everyone but them and Naruto. 

farrahda5hy: Frat!Chris vs Professor!Chris

The only difference really is the haircut in my opinion. Cause douchey frat!Chris has the buzz cut and snapback and Professor!Chris has the lovely coiffure and beard. However, there’s an issue with this argument because there’s a specific grey sweater that has been worn by Frat!Chris and Professor!Chris.

You can say “Well duh, they are technically the person”. You are right and so wrong. The grey sweater is a tool that will get you fooled if you think like that.

If You see Frat!boy wearing that bitch with his tiddies all poking out like it’s below zero; you need to run. Lock your door and put your phone on do not disturb. It will save you some heart break. He knows what he’s doing. He thinks he can walk back into your life after not calling you for two whole weeks with a dumb excuse and a sweater knitted by demons of lust. Don’t do it. It doesn’t matter how bomb the dick is. You know he’s been fucking that girl Natasha who lives in his building while you were out of town. Block that motherfucker and his stupid sweater.

If you see Professor!Chris Evans wearing that sweater, ten bucks says he’s going to spend the half class talking about his dog and some documentaries he watched over the weekend and then pass back the papers you wrote like four weeks ago. The beer stains on your paper and the grade you got makes it evident that he really didn’t read your paper or the academic gods have blessed you with a free pass of a B plus by the Adonis in a grey sweater and pair of Stacy Adams and those dark blue jeans that remind you of “Shoop” by Salt n Pepa. But…you get caught fantasizing about that sweater on your apartment floor when Professor Chris is talking about Hemingway and Ex-Pat writers during the Great War. While if this were any other professor, you’d be horrified that they have planted themselves in front of your desk for the entire class. Instead, you praise the heavens for your astigmatism and need to sit in the front because you have all access to “Please call me Professor Chris.” For the next half hour.

But that’s just how I see it.

——————————————————————— professor chris can’t be doing this, i need this degree, i need to focus
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Teikou Arc Clubroom Scene

Contrasting the manga version of the clubroom scene to the anime, I initially thought that (in the manga) it’s never made clear if the Miragen ever actually speak to Kuroko about their excuses for 111-11. In the anime, at first it appears that they do, but further examination of the scene seems to preserve the ambiguity. 

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9:54 am

Too often in life, we wait around for the perfect moment or the right timing to do things.  Forever stuck in the never ending time warp of the grey areas of life.  We aren’t necessarily low, but we also aren’t at our best.  We promise we will take better care when someone comes along, or that we will eat better next week, or start up that new project sometime this year, or the worst of all, be happy when everything goes according to plan.  What we don’t realize, is this grey area can hold you forever.  It can hold you until your last day.  Some people never leave it.  Others always find their way back to it.  We give ourselves excuses, self pity, and the easy way out time after time.  And then we wonder why we don’t feel 100% happy.  
Stop waiting.  Stop putting everything off.  Stop procrastinating.  
Do something.  Just do it now. Get off your lazy butt and clean out your fridge.  Fill it with whole, healthy, nutritious food.  Bookmark a bunch of awesome healthy recipes on your laptop.  Get excited about it.  Throw on your workout gear and go for a walk, a hike, a run, just get moving.  Stretch.  Make yourself a week schedule of workouts and stick to it.  Stop giving up.  Learn to love the movement of your body, rather than moving for the guilt of whatever you ate last night.  Love yourself.  Call up that old friend and talk, make plans.  Follow through with them.  Don’t let the comfort of the grey area suck you back in.  Learn to love being uncomfortable.  Always challenging and changing.  Learn to value all the people around you, no matter how different.  We are no greater than anyone else.  Everyone’s journey is different.  Judging someones else path won’t make yours any happier, just focus on what you’re doing.  Stop staring at the TV and create something.  A piece of art, a playlist, a journal entry, whatever gets your mind going.  Put your soul into it.  Go to work, or go to school.  Try your hardest, and love what you do.  Value the time you’re in rather than constantly looking for that next step.  If you can’t or in your deepest core, don’t love what you’re doing, abandon it.  There’s more out there.  You’ll figure it out, that’s half the fun.  Pay those bills, clean that mess, just get up and do whatever it is you’ve been putting off.  The stress of not wanting to do it blinded you from how minuscule the task was anyways.  Just get it done.  Stop desperately waiting for someone else to give you value.  Someone to fall in love with you. Give value to yourself.  Fall in love with taking care of yourself, and making the most of your life.  Wait for the person who loves this version of you.  Wait for the person who inspires you to keep going, reach for more, and doesn’t hold you back.  You’ll only find that when you stop looking.  Research.  Look up places all over the world.  Make a promise to travel, volunteer, find a purpose.  A purpose you believe in. Start looking at the bigger picture.  Start sketching out a plan for yourself and don’t be afraid to change that plan over and over and over again in life.  Don’t let it confine you.  Because when you’re vibrant, and alive like this, you won’t be surprised to find you fall in love with many different things at all different times.  You’re growing and changing.  
But you can’t grow and change if you keep waiting.  Waiting until it “feels right” to start doing these things.  Waiting until it just starts happening on its own.  It won’t.  The only thing holding you back from a vibrant, fulfilled life is you.  You and the grey area you hold yourself prisoner too.  Believe in yourself.  You deserve to be happy, you deserve to take care of your body and your mind.  You deserve to do all of these things for yourself, and to want more of your life than just vanity and the fast pass to a life of materialism and unhappiness.  You deserve a passion and purpose, no matter how small or how big. 

 Just do it.  Do something.  

I see more.

We are seduced by a society increasingly flattening and obsessed with spectacle. We see the brilliance of the artist who can create a vision from a brush, sculpt a world from stone, create environment from space, or movement from sound. However, is there not so much more human triumph and brilliance in the world?

Why for example is the mother tirelessly working two jobs to support her family not an artist, not a visionary of lives and a sculptor of her children? I assume the mundanity of the everyday excuses us from valuing the genius in the daily. Still, why do allow others to define our perspective?

In my view, livings the real art of humanity. We are all the Rembrandts, Picassos and di Vinci’s of our own lives.

Paint well.

—  Cleon Grey

Research Tip: Borrow used textbooks–especially from people who know what they’re talking about.

Writing any character well is hard. Writing a character well that has a technical skill that your plot line requires you highlight is daunting. It’ll make you appreciate what the writers of shows like ER, Law & Order, and Grey’s Anatomy do– and they often have professionals in those fields as consultants.

So what are us mere mortals to do? Well, If you’re in college/uni, you’re in luck. Ask your friends (or their friends) who are taking classes in law, medicine, engineering, if you can take a peek at their textbooks/notes for your project. Those will give you a better idea of what is important, trends, and how concepts fit together. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to teach myself parts of a neuron and all about GARF scales.

Last night’s ratings for Grey’s Anatomy put an end to ALL speculation. Scandal (and the Catch, too) does awfully because people do NOT want to watch it, not because of time slot or anything else. In same time slot, last night GA had a 2.2 and 7.8 mln viewers, besting ALL Scandal ratings since Nov. 19, 2015.

So goodbye pitiful excuses. People DO tune in, in that time slot on ABC. Just not for Scandal.

Meantime, despite that much better lead in, the Catch went again down to 1.0 and 4.8 mln viewers. Which on ANY decent network, for Thursday night at 10 pm,  are cancellation numbers.

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Doctor Emily Grey had been busy. Armonia’s medical wing hadn’t stalled all day, and after having stayed late last night– Well let’s just say she was getting a little tired of all the complaining.

“You didn’t put me under for those stitches, I have a knife in my arm, I’m still bleeding” The doctor mocked, leaning on the wall outside her office after having excused herself for a much need break under the guise of a hand cramp.

 Emily was out of armor, having been working in the ward all day, and while she’d put on her helmet and taken off her gloves before she left, her white lab coat was stained with regretful red blotches.

 She was thinking about getting dinner before heading back when she heard the familiar sound of boots down the hallway. She quickly clutched at her hand acting concerned.