an excellent lesson in self defense

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got any headcanons for children of Eris?

Eris: Goddess of discord and strife.

  • Excellent prankers. When a child of Eris and a child of Hermes get together there’s bound to be trouble all throughout camp.
  • They tend to get bored by calm situations so they always know exactly what to say to descend a room into chaos
  • Are those kids who can ask a question at the start of class and send the teacher on a spiral, making them completely forget about their lesson plan
  • Can send any room into chaos with two words
  • Make excellent lawyers
  • Will literally fight over anything
  • That kid in class who is really loud and constantly trolling everyone else
  • Probably have the words “very smart, lots of potential, doesn’t apply themselves” written on every report card back to the third grade
  • Adhd+dyslexia+general goofing off in class does not equal application of self in a teacher’s eyes.
  • Usually very intelligent, able to properly asses any situation
  • Very good at finding weak spots in defenses, in people or armies.