an evening with a picnic

man i wonder what aarons gonna do for roberts birthday.

can you imagine him coming out of prison and seeing robert still so withdrawn and sad after he got drunk and trashed the mill and cried on vic’s shoulder. aaron decides he’s gonna make roberts birthday the best it can be. he takes his husband out for a picnic even though it’s not his thing because robert once told him his mum used to take him on picnics.

he’ll buy robert something small but meaningful; something robert will keep locked away in a drawer, safe and sound, taking it out to look at it occasionally and aaron’ll find him doing it on twenty, thirty years from now and neither of them will believe they’ve come so far, but they’re both certain they love each other as much now as they did then.

aaron’ll take robert out for a drink somewhere in hotten, will make jokes about robert eyeing up the ladies but he better not be wanting to go home with them if he knows what’s good for him. robert looking pleased and so so proud and just kissing him senseless right there and then.

with his husband fed and watered and gifted out, aaron will drag him back to the mill in the bedroom roberts fixed back up and he’ll fuck him right there and then, making the room their own.

robert will make as much noise as he wants, no worries about any comments being thrown their way the next morning. he’ll hold onto aaron for dear life and this will be the first birthday in forever where he’s felt safe and loved and truly, truly happy.

when it’s over, robert’ll kiss aarons shoulder and burrow in to the cuddle, aarons arms around him, and he’ll say thanks and that he loves him and that aarons the best thing that ever happened to him.

aaron’ll tell him he loves him back, that robert deserves that and more, and from now on it’s about them and only them.

and liv, robert’ll add because they’re a unit, these three.

good birthday? aaron’ll ask

best birthday, robert’ll reply and mean it with every fibre of his being

“I was sentimental about many things: a woman’s shoes under the bed; one hairpin left behind on the dresser; the way they said, “I’m going to pee …”; hair ribbons; walking down the boulevard with them at 1:30 in the afternoon, just two people walking together; the long nights of drinking and smoking, talking; the arguments; thinking of suicide; eating together and feeling good; the jokes, the laughter out of nowhere; feeling miracles in the air; being in a parked car together; comparing past loves at 3 am; being told you snore, hearing her snore; mothers, daughters, sons, cats, dogs; sometimes death and sometimes divorce, but always carrying on, always seeing it through; reading a newspaper alone in a sandwich joint and feeling nausea because she’s now married to a dentist with an I.Q. of 95; racetracks, parks, park picnics; even jails; her dull friends, your dull friends; your drinking, her dancing; your flirting, her flirting; her pills, your fucking on the side, and her doing the same.” - Bukowski

Mount Taranaki is without a doubt the most beautiful mountain I have seen. We took a trip to find it just a couple of days ago, it was a long drive but definitely worth it. We took the Mangorei Track to Pouakai Tarns. The path was stunning as it winds up and up through the enchanted forest. Just follow the boardwalk to Pouakai hut and head left towards the tarns ten minutes from there. There is a water tank at the hut where you are able to refill and even stay for fifteen dollars a night. We arrived for sunset, had a picnic and watched the mountain as the clouds circled and danced around the summit. If you walk back in the dark keep an eye out for the glowworms!


Cute date ideas

-Picnic in a garden

-Ice skating even though one of them doesn’t know how

-Rollerskating even though they both done know how

-Walk on the beach at sunset

-Swimming even though one of them can only do the doggy paddle

-Fancy restaurant to see how the other cleans up

-Hiking because one of them knows the best place to see the sunset/sunrise

-Skiing/snowboarding because they can cuddle afterwards to get warm

-Walk through the park/garden

-Just staying in to watch the sunset and stars on the balcony

-Cuddling on the couch marathoning LOTR with ice cream and popcorn

-Home cooked meal because one of them really wants to impress the other even if they did overcook the noodles

-One of their favorite coffee shops

-Diner where they can make out in the back booth and no one will notice

-Family owned restaurant where one of them goes so often they could name everyone who works there. Their date finds it endearing

-Sledding because who the fuck doesn’t love sledding

-Dog park because DOGS


“Tell me of your trip to the DESERT!”

“I’ve just gotten here, I haven’t even unpacked our picnic!” the gorgon replied coyly as she settled into a comfortable position on the rocky overhang. With extended slowness, she removed a blanket from her wicker basket, then set about the dishes. She contemplated each of the various small condiment pots, cutlery—-


“Start with dessert? But we haven’t even had—“


Laughing, the gorgon turned her full attention to her watery companion. “Imagine a sea of sand instead of water, with air as crisp as it is soft here on the beach. Hot as a furnace during the day and as cold as the depths at night…”

The mermaid’s eyes grew wide with rapt attention.

I was sentimental about many things: a woman’s shoes under the bed; one hairpin left behind on the dresser; the way they said, “I’m going to pee …”; hair ribbons; walking down the boulevard with them at 1:30 in the afternoon, just two people walking together; the long nights of drinking and smoking, talking; the arguments; thinking of suicide; eating together and feeling good; the jokes, the laughter out of nowhere; feeling miracles in the air; being in a parked car together; comparing past loves at 3 am; being told you snore, hearing her snore; mothers, daughters, sons, cats, dogs; sometimes death and sometimes divorce, but always carrying on, always seeing it through; reading a newspaper alone in a sandwich joint and feeling nausea because she’s now married to a dentist with an I.Q. of 95; racetracks, parks, park picnics; even jails; her dull friends, your dull friends; your drinking, her dancing; your flirting, her flirting; her pills, your fucking on the side, and her doing the same; sleeping together… .
—  Bukowski, ‘Women’
Dating Tom Holland would include:

These are kinda random… Oops, enjoy :) •Netflix Binges •Tom would totally watch anything with you •Facetiming when he’s gone •Long walks with Tessa •Impromptu photo sessions all the time •His parents thinking your adorable •Your parents loving him •Tom would literally be the definition of chivalrous •Doors open, chairs out, hand holding •Big romantic dates, like star watching or picnics •Practically adopting Harrison, even though he’s an adult •Pulling pranks on Tom with his brothers •His siblings want to hang out with you all the time •Major, major, major pda •Like always •Tom loves to show others your his •Hickeys •Lots of Hickeys •You’d be good friends with Laura and Zendaya •Tom would always try to bring you filming with him •He can’t stand being away from you •Discussing the future together in bed, late at night •Tom’s Instagram is basically all you •He loves to take you travelling •You always sit in the passenger seat when he drives •Steamy make outs while you watch late night talk shows •Cooking together •Waking up to Tom cooking •Watching Tom and Harrison attempt to play one on one basketball •Freaking out when Tom does all those funky trampoline tricks because you love him and want to spend your lives together •Being the star of literally all of Tom’s social media outlet •Videoing and taking pictures of Tom for your snapchat •Fans literally worship you for the lovely pictures of Tom on your social medias •Tom loving you to pieces •Tom texting you every second he’s not with you •Even when filming, to the point where the director and all the crew are annoyed at how cute you two are

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newsies camp counselors au
  • they’re all counselors at a sleepaway camp on a lake somewhere in the middle of Bumfuck Nowhere, upstate NY
  • crutchie is in charge of an entire cabin full of 12-year-old boys and they all love him. nobody knows how he does it. not even davey, and he’s in the same cabin
  • he likes going on picnics with campers to this one little island on the lake
  • he spends a lot of time at the art shop for some reason
  • on a completely unrelated note,
  • jack runs the art shop which is a sort of loft above the boat launch
  • it’s really just a room on stilts where everything is covered in paint and pretentious quotes are written on the walls. there’s a back porch where jack can look out dramatically over the lake
  • lbr jack BELONGS here
  • jack and crutchie like to sit in hammocks under the art shop and sing duets during free time
  • katherine is everyone’s favorite counselor, but only her girls know that she is a DICTATOR when it comes to cabin cleaning. she’s trying to beat crutchie and davey’s cabin
  • kath also runs a camp newspaper workshop every week
  • she likes to go around taking pictures of everyone especially when they’re making the weirdest possible faces. jack will nEVER let her put up the ones of him playing volleyball
  • davey is the one all the campers have a crush on
  • he’s probably from canada or something
  • he runs the camp store and is known for his astounding quotability
  • “i don’t sound CANADIAN, i sound GAY!”
  • *just took a shower* “LOOK AT HOW CLEAN I AM”
  • etc etc
  • les is a camper and CONSTANTLY asks davey to open the camp store until it becomes a camp meme
  • one year they do wish night and someone’s wish is for davey to open the camp store whenever they want. in the middle of the dance on friday night davey begrudgingly opens the camp store
  • spot and race are the “cool” lifeguards who all the campers are in love with
  • but sadly for those campers, they’re actually dating and make out pretty much any time the kids aren’t looking
  • oops
  • romeo is the youngest staff member and he works in the kitchen
  • he is also solely responsible for the time the kitchen blasted the entirety of jesus christ superstar through dinner
  • not that anyone was complaining
  • specs is in charge of the kitchen and everyone calls him “dad”
  • romeo jokingly calls him daddy once
  • things happen
  • gay things

Oldshore Bay just a few miles south of the most north westerly place in the British Isles, Cape Wrath. Deserted on a mid-January day with the sun out and no wind.  The pup and I enjoyed our “piece” (picnic in the local jargon) on the beach.  Not even the need of a coat.  A picnic in mid-January in the far north-west of the Scottish Highlands!  

The Ahoge Garden

The Naegi Makoto Lush Garden

Although the looks of this garden can be seen as though it could poke you and cause bleeding upon contact, it is the exact opposite. With its soft texture, you could just pet it and it feels as though its a cute fluffy animal tail. You could lie on it and have a nap or even have a picnic. It is a wonderful soft paradise.

Hajime Hinata Thorn Garden

This is the opposite. Touching it would cause you to bleed. Falling down on one could even impale you. Once you’re trapped, you may wonder, “Why the hell would I even go here? I thought judging a book by its cover would prove something, but I was wrong”. The only means of escape is none, not even luck.

Preference: Spending the Summer Together

Harry Potter:

- Bringing him to your favourite places to go in summer, like the lake beside your home.

- Hanging out at the muggle mall 

- And trying on the most ridiculous clothing items

- “Show it to Neville, and he can imagine Snape in it!”

- “Oh pleaseeee, Harry, just use magic to make me feel less hot!” 
  “ No, (Y/n), you know I can’t.”
  “ Fine, try saying this tongue twister. While facing the air-con. Wingardium              leviosa.”
  “ Winga- (Y/n)!”

- Going to the Dursley’s just for entertainment

- “Bringing a filthy friend of yours, Harry?” 

- Then wiping your sweat all over Dudley and saying, “Oopsie, now you’re filthy, too.”

- Having a competition on who can drive the Dursleys insane first

- Might have some help from Hedwig. Dursleys hate Hedwig

- Bringing Hedwig on a picnic

- Even Hedwig ships you two

Ron Weasley:

- Spending the summer at the Weasleys, of course. 

- Mrs Weasley stuffing you with desserts. Pies, cakes, everything.

- “Hey, (Y/n), wanna do some shoppings?”
   “Ginny! She’s my girl friend! Not yours!”

- “ Ron, I think it’s haunted around here.”
   “ Why?”
   “ (Y/n), dear. This is a family of wizards.”
   “ Oh, wait. Yeah.”

- Playing harmless little pranks with the twins

- “(Y/n)! My socks are frogs!”
   “ What, oh, HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, Ronald, I did it because I love you.”

- Making Ron flower crowns

- Rides on the enchanted car late at night just around the house, so that no one will see you.

- Answering Mr Weasley’s questions about Muggles

- Family game nights

- “ What that chess always there? George! No cheating!”
   “ It’s Fred!”

Hermione Granger:

- Summer reading lists

- Staying up late at night reading under blankets

- Getting too hot and sweaty inside and immediately going for a swim

- Getting Hermione really into late night swims

- “(Y/n), I read that it’s really good to swim at night. It can -”
   “IT’S FUN!”

- “Hey, I just learnt this new hairstyle. Can I try it on you?”
   “Honey, you look. Stunning.”

- Cooking together

- Mainly making refreshing dished for summer

- Making a bucket list together

- Taking tons of polaroids 

- Turns out the polaroids are moving portraits polaroids

- Making her breakfast

- Failing completely

- Hermione making you a successful, delicious breakfast at last

- Hanging out with Crookshanks 

Draco Malfoy:

- Him getting you accessories, clothing, basically everything you wanted

- Or actually everything you so much as glanced at 

- “Draco, how did you I want these? They go so well with my summer dress!”
  “You looked at it the other day, so I got them.”
  “I can’t thank you enough for it!”
  “Just thank me by wearing those with your summer dress.”

- Dressing him up in your clothes because only you can do it 

- He always looks at you with a lovey-dovey smile which Ron calls ‘the Melt-foy face’

- Him calling Crabbe and Goyle, say, every two hours when you do something cute, or actually just normal things.

- Actual teenage girl that is Draco Malfoy

- “Oh my god, Goyle, (Y/n) made me wear her swim wear today. Adorable, isn’t she?”

- Getting him into Muggle movies

- His favourite movie is the Addams Family

- Getting him to wear bright colours clothes

- Getting drunk together

- Rocking out to Nirvana and having dance parties

George Weasley:

- Also spending the summer at the Weasleys

- Trying out so many sweets that you two got into a sweet coma

- And of course, Mario Cart

- “Aw, dang it, you can’t cheat with magic, can you?”
   “Haha, Weasley, you’re on your own.”

-  Wii-fit

- “Hey, (Y/n), wanna play tennis?”
  “Sure, but it’s raining.”
  “We’ve got Wee.”
  “What? Oh, its Wii.”

- Playing tennis in the rain anyway

- George wanting to cheat at tennis but accidentally set off some fireworks

- “I’ve been wanting to do that.”

- Eating pies that makes you make animal noises

- One of you sounding like an elephant and the other sounding like a duck for the rest of the day 

- Miraculously communicating and on one having any idea on what a duck quack means

Fred Weasley:

- Since he’s so dang tall, you get piggy back rides all the time

- He trips and you two fall into a body of water. Either a pool, a lake or a pond.

- “Fred, you created a pond in your living room.”
   “Mum’s gonna kill you!”
   “Shut up, Ron!”

- Purposely trying to confuse you on which one is George and which is Fred

- You can always being able to tell though

- Looking angelic in front of the Weasley parents and they adore you because they think you can ‘tame’ Fred

- Only the Weasley children know you’re not that ‘tamed’ yourself

- You’re a little trickster just like Fred

- It was actually your idea to levitate the house

- Also the time where all the chairs know how to talk

- Broom stick rides, of course

- Water balloon fights

- Getting him into the youtube world

- Pewdiepie is his favourite 

Neville Longbottom:

- Hiking together

- Picking fruits on the way. Berries, apples, all kinds of fruits

- You’re an expert in climbing trees and it always scares Neville because he’s afraid that you’ll slip and fall 

- He gives you bouquets of wild flowers all the time

- Eating tons of ice creams

- Staying up late conversations

- Counting stars at night to fall asleep

- You dyed your hair (Y/f/c) and change your hairstyle

- Neville loves your new hairstyle so much that he kept touching your hair. 

- Maybe when he puts an arm on your shoulder, he’ll play with it; He’ll twirl the ends of your hair on his finger when he’s not paying attention, etc

- Somedays he’ll be really shy around you and blush at anything you do, and somedays he’ll be really confident, depending on his mood

- Getting him into scuba diving 

- “Oh come on, Neville, it’ll be fun!”
   “There might be sharks, (Y/n).”

- “This is the most fun I’ve ever got! I should’ve done this earlier!” 

- Going to carnivals

- Loving the ferris wheel 

- He got you a large stuff toy from a booth

Once upon a time, not very long ago, white people commorated lynchings and attended them as cheery social outings, sometimes turning the occasion into family picnics. But all of a sudden, now even with police routinely caught on camera executing unarmed black people, courts still have trouble convicting killer cops? And somehow white people persist in asking for irrefutable proof of systemic anti-blackness, because even when murder is caught on film, it’s still not good enough since we can’t “prove” what’s in someone’s heart?

Please. If we let proving “what’s in someone’s heart” become the impossibly high standard of guilt, then the police will never be convicted for murdering black people.

An unarmed man getting shot in the back as he was running away, not presenting a threat, should be the most open and shut case of police brutality ever. And the fact that Michael Slager was filmed planting evidence on Walter Scott’s dead body should be proof enough as to what was in Slager’s alleged heart.

Anyone who doesn’t see racism is being willfully ignorant. They aren’t seeing it because they don’t want to see, because it it’s always been right there in front of all our faces.

The Trip. Mystic Messenger Fanfic.

(V X MC  Smut/Nsfw Warning.)

(Also, if your wondering why V can see, it is because he got the eye surgery he needed to prevent his blindness.)

The day was bright and sunny, the temperature was perfect for going out, especially to have a picnic, or to even just hang out with friends.  Earlier that day, Mc and V were planning to go to the park with one another. 

The problem was that the park was a couple of miles away and there was no way they were going to get there anytime soon. There was a traffic jam after all, and the car started to get heated. 

Beads of sweat began to drip down Jihyun’s face as his breathing was a bit heavy. Mc rolled down the windows since the air conditioner decided not to work at the time. 

The both of them were pretty hot at the time, why did it have to be a heat wave all of the sudden? Or was it just the car? Either way, it was really hot and the both of them were wearing long sleeves.

Mc sighed lightly, the cars seemed not to move at all, the traffic seemed to be worse that she had thought. Why today did there have to be a traffic jam? Why did we choose to wear long sleeve’s? 

Before it was a nice and cool, now it was just an unbearable heat that made you sweat. Jihyun seemed to unbutton a couple of his shift buttons. Some of his chest showing. 

A nice pink blush on his cheek and beads of sweat continued to drip down his face and down his chest. Showing off his rippling and toned body. His breathing seemed to be pretty heavy. 

The urge to strip was strong, especially for Mc. She looked over at Jihyun, her pink blush seemed to turn into a red flush. Becoming a bit flustered at seeing some of his bare chest. 

Let alone, the way he looked was so.. Sexy.. Especially since his hair was a bit disheveled. Slowly after, he caught your stare. His blush seemed to darken as he began to apologize.

“I-I’m sorry for you seeing me this way Mc.. It’s just.. So hot.. I couldn’t take it anymore to be honest..” 

All you did was shake your head gently at his comment, your hands waving around drastically. “N-No. It’s fine, I totally understand why. Besides.. It’s not like your bothering me, you look very attractive in my opinion.” 

The last part of your sentence seemed to make him flustered, as well as yourself. Did you seriously just say that? Especially to him? He couldn’t believe his ears. Nor, could you believe that you actually said this.

  “I-I’m sorry, I said that without thinking and-”

        “No, it’s fine. I completely understand. The heat makes us do things we’ve never thought we would.”

All you could do was nod, you couldn’t handle the heat anymore and absentmindedly began to take off your shirt. Taking your hands at the rim and pulling it up, removing it.

“M-Mc- w-what are you-?”

“I-I’m sorry, I can’t bare this heat anymore.” You interrupted him gently, panting ever so lightly. He caught himself starring at you ever so gently. Taking in ever detail of your upper body. 

The sweat that seemed to form on you seemed to help show your appealing details. Rolling down and between your breasts, rolling down your slightly fit abs. Your curves as perfect as ever.

If he had his camera at the time, he would defiantly take pictures of you. Not only were you looking very innocent, but also very sexy. It was either this heat making him feel this way or something else. Whatever it was..

The urge to touch your body was strong. And you felt the same at the time. He adverted his gaze  once he caught himself starring. It was just.. You were so perfect.

Slowly, you sat you gently, the sweat from your body seemed to smell like sweet flowers. It was very pleasant instead of it smelling like dirty socks. He liked it and he wanted to have the incredible smell around him even more.

You began to stretch a bit lightly, he took glances at you, though didn’t dare to look at you fully, he was a gentleman after all. After wards, once done with stretching, you looked over at him and gave him a reassuring smile.

You saw that more of his buttons from his shirt were unbuttoned. Revealing his nice toned chest, his sweat seemed to continue to run down it. You bit your lip at this, damn he was so sexy.

He noticed you taking every detail of his body, he seemed to stare at your face. Your hair seeming a bit disheveled as well. He seemed to lean in close to you. Sure, he was still in love with Rika but.. He felt.. Much more with you.

Sure, Rika was his sun. But.. You were his whole world, you were his galaxy and his stars. Though.. He never admitted it. The both of you were still friends after all but.. You seemed to like one another more than just friends.

You were zoning out at the time, not noticing his face coming close to yours until you felt soft lips on yours. This caused you to blink a few and find yourself kissing V.

Well more like, he was kissing you. His head was filled with so many thoughts, what would become of the two of you after this? He didn’t care what other’s thought, he just wanted you for himself as he seemed to kiss you with so much passion and love.

Your face seemed to heat up with a dark scarlet blush, though slowly after you began to melt into the delightful kiss. It was the truth, this was indeed your first kiss. Heck, your still a virgin, though was too embarrassed to say anything about it.

Your hands seemed to make there way up his neck and behind his head, messing with his hair ever so gently as the two of you kissed. Lips colliding and shifting to add more and more pleasure.

The both of you knew that you were longing for one another’s touches. His hands going down to your waist and holding you close.

After a couple of hours of the sweet kisses, things started to take another turn. At the time, the both of you were in the back seat. His hands gripping your butt roughly, your thighs around his waist lightly. His mouth seemed to be attached to your neck.

Attacking your sensitive neck with love bites and an army of kisses. His tongue swirling and whirling around some area’s which seemed to drive you crazy. You seemed to moan his name oh so loudly. Repeating it over and over.

This seemed to give him more courage, as well as drive him off the edge. Your moans seemed to make him get more flirtatious, as well as suggestive. This was new to him but, he enjoyed it.

The both of you seemed to be turned on at the time, your hips grinding, your bodies touching, the rubbing, the licking, the kissing. It was so pleasurable. Soon.. The both of your clothes seemed to be discarded to the floor of the car. 

The both of you seemed to moan as the intense grinding of your hips against one another seemed to grow. Of course the two of you were in your undergarments at the time. Though it was obvious you were turned on.

Especially Jihyun, his boner seemed to throb for more. It being very stiff and long, you could feel the tent within his boxers seemed to grow. The boner poking your inner thigh.

You of course were all hot and bothered, your panties soaked with your own juices and fluids. You need him inside of you, feeling yourself be so ready for him.

He didn’t have a condom though he hoped you were on the pill, because he wanted to be inside of you very badly. Eventually, the two of you were naked. Not only that but you were giving him the blow-job of his life.

“Ngh.. Your so good at this.. Agh.. I’m so close.. Mc..~”

You seemed to give a soft amused chuckle, licking and swirling your tongue all around his hardened member. You were surprised at how big he was, let alone, how hard he was.

Eventually, he came. The cold though slightly salty liquid seemed to drizzle down your chin as you swallowed it. This drove his urge to be inside of you to increase. 

Next thing you knew, he had you pinned down to the car seat. Since your breasts were already bare he sucked and licked you breasts, giving soft kisses and licks all over one of them while massaging the other.

His hips began to grind against yours, you felt his member rub lightly against your womanhood which made you moan more. You needed him badly, just like how much he needed you.

He looked down at you, giving a look of wonder. Asking for your approval, which of course you said yes. So with one whole thrust, his member penetrated you and went deep within you, hitting your g-spot.

Your body jumped at this, tears brimmed your eyes as you groaned lightly in pain. He gave you a reassuring look, “You’ll get use to it.. I promise you.” he kissed away your tears and stopped himself from thrusting any further. 

Allowing you to adjust, once you have adjusted he began to thrust once anew. Going at an inhuman pace, his member opening up your walls more with each thrust. Going in and out of you in a swift and rough manor.

Moans from the both of you seemed to fill the car as this continued for an hour and a half. Eventually, the two of you reached your climax. Panting heavily once finished. Laying beside one another and cuddling.

“.. I love you Mc.. I really do mean it.”

He stated lightly, giving you a rare smile as you gave him a mutual look. Him holding you close. This was the best day of your life, you wished this could last for forever. He made you so happy, he was your world.

“I love you too Jihyun, more than the world itself.”

This seemed to make him give a soft chuckle, his smile growing as he gave soft kisses all over your face. Which made you giggle.

After all those hours in the hot car within traffic, the both of you got dressed. Sitting back in your seats and not minding how much time this took. As long as you were together. It made you the most happy, the both of you.


Carmel Beach

Have you ever been down to the sea
on a drizzly day?

How the rain is misty like a fog
that falls in tiny pieces;
how the skies and thusly waters
become that steely grey;
how the breeze makes your bones
ache, your hair knotted.
And there’s no one around. You
stand on a beach, the
edge of the world, all alone and
wondering if the world
threw you off its back then and there,
if anyone would notice.
It’s oppressively quiet, dangerously
loud. You overdose on
the salt air and brush the droplets
from your forehead. And
you know that this rainy day will blur
into the others, like the
rain blurs into the sea. Like you want
to blur into the sands below.

I live for going down to the sea
on those drizzly days.

Avengers Preference 21 - Proposal

Thor Odinson

He was of course, now familiar with the idea of the wedding proposals, though he wanted to do it in the most perfect way possible. So, he took you on an evening picnic, candles, wine, the lot. At the very bottom of the box, there was a small box, which he got to first, before getting down on one knee, holding both of your hands gently, and asking you to make him the happiest man alive.

Steve Rogers

Steve did it right; he did it in the sweetest way possible. Whilst away one day, he got many photo’s of the both of you, edited into polaroid images. Each one had a different title underneath, such as ‘First Date,’ or ‘New Home.’ And, at the very end, was a beautiful, diamond ring, with the words gently written underneath ‘Marry Me?’

Tony Stark

He kept it calm, and small. So much of his life was advertised, and you were the one thing he wanted to keep to himself. So, when waking up one morning, he left a small box, and a tiny note next to your bedside table. When you woke up, you saw the box, lifting up the note, which said ‘You know what I’m asking…’ And, a grinning Tony Stark at the doorframe, as you ran to hug him.

Bruce Banner

He again, wanted to try and keep it low key, but changed it a little. With the help of his ‘Science Bro,’ he managed to book out your favourite place, for you both to go to privately. After the perfect evening there, he kept fumbling in his pocket, until you asked what on earth he was doing. That, was when he got down on one knee, and promised you he would love you forever, if you wanted him to.

Loki Laufeyson

It was at Christmas, in front of your family. He did this because he needed to feel accepted, for once in his life. So, when the Gift Giving began, he gave you a present, and when you opened it, he took your hands, and recited how much he loved you. And that, was when he asked you to always be his. You were silent for a moment, before grabbing his face and kissing him, to which your family applauded.

Clint Barton

You didn’t think he meant it - he came home from a mission, and as you helped him off the Quinjet, he fell into your arms, asking if you would marry him. But, when you went to see him later, he pulled himself up, hospital gown and all, and told you he was serious. So, he asked you to look in his jacket on the chair, and you saw the box, as he gently got down on one knee, and asked you to marry him. 

Bucky Barnes

It took him ages, but for you, it was worth it. It started with a letter on your bed when you woke up, and from then, he took you around the city, to all of your favourite places. From the place you first dated, to the time you punched a guy in the face. Eventually, he got to where you had both first met, and there he was, waiting on one knee, to ask you the most important question in his life.

Pietro Maximoff

It started off when you came home - your apartment was filled with Balloons, and Pietro told you that in one of them, was your birthday present. So, you spent most of the evening, going around and popping them, before something heavy fell out of one of them. He was first to pick it up, before getting down one knee, and asking you to marry him, which was the most nervous he had ever been, bless him.