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Jimon + iconic lines for @capstevierogers. Happy belated birthday Molly!!!!

Despite how difficult their lives have been because of how intense this fandom is, EXO still holds so much reverence and love for their fans and you can see it in every single photo of their public fansign and how their eyes are still full of so much appreciation and gratitude for every single individual fan even after 5 years in the business- and especially because of lasting 5 years in the business.

For us, it’s no EXO no life.
For them, it’s no EXO-L no life.

Started off as a silly little doodle when I was thinking about the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra concert for the billionth time and then it turned into this. Why not celebrate one concert with the Disney concert that started it all?

Gosh, I could wax nostalgic for days about the concert. Music has been just an integral in my life as art, and the KH music is the reason why I got into arranging music in high school and beyond. To hear and see the music I’ve loved for years performed live gave me an even greater appreciation for compositional prowess of Yoko Shimomura, the dedication of the musicians (btw, most of the musicians at the concert probably learned the music about a week or two prior to the concert. AMAZING, RIGHT???), and the musical nuances of different instruments and arrangement choices. Absolutely stunning. 


“Love is more valuable than anything I know. To love is to enter a completion of oneself. I hate those who choose to destroy a love, who take it for granted. love is greater than life even. As I look for love, I feel I can’t find it. Ever. But something tells me I will, someday. Somewhere.”

Too Late

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J-hope x Reader

Much Angst

A/N: Hello everyone! So lately, I’ve been having Massive J-hope feels. He’s hard core bias wrecking my bias wrecker (Joonie). So here’s a one shot based around a dream I had about him. (Slightly changed) Hope you enjoy! ~Yosei

Trigger warning: Slight self-harm

    “You need to tell him.”

    “Boom! Headshot,” you grin at Jungkook as you just took him out with Widowmaker. You turn to Yoongi and glare at him. “You’re out of your mind.”

    Jungkook pouts as he is waiting to respawn. “Y/N, you need to tell him eventually or it’ll be too late. It’s not that hard.”

    “Says you,” you mumble as you search for Jungkook once more with your sniper.

    “Y/N, it’s pretty obvious he loves you back. Just tell him,” you hear Taehyung say through your headset. 

    You roll your eyes as you find Jungkook and take another shot. “Boom! Headshot again!”

    “What the fuck!” Jungkook gets frustrated as he waits to respawn once more.

    “Well, maybe you shouldn’t have chose Pharah when I chose Widow. Duh.” You chuckle.

    “Y/N, you’ve been in love with the boy for like, 10 years, which I still don’t understand why. You need to tell him. Before it’s too late.” Yoongi says sleepily as he watches you, Jungkook and Taehyung play a deathmatch.

    “Taehyung where the fuck are you hiding…” You mumble, purposefully ignoring Yoongi.

    Suddenly you were being shot at by Tracer. Being too fast, Taehyung killed you. “Ha! Guess you found me.”

    It was your turn to pout as you wait to respawn yourself. “But…What if he rejects me? We’ve been friends since we were kids. All of us. I don’t want to risk that.” You say quietly, scared out of your mind that your once best friend would no longer want anything to do with you.

    Jungkook glances over at you and puts a hand on your shoulder. “Like we said, it’s pretty obvious Hoseok loves you back. Just take the chance. You’ll regret it if you don’t.”

    You shake your head and swing onto a high beam, searching for Taehyung and Jungkook. Jungkook looks at you, suddenly serious. “How about this. If I kill you in the next shot, you have to tell him. Tonight.”

    You send Jungkook a side glance. Your hands shake as you even imagine telling Hoseok how you feel. “But he said he was busy and that’s why he couldn’t hang out with us.” You drop your head, suddenly saddened by the thought about being ditched by your best friend. “He’s been telling us this the last few weeks. I haven’t even seen him.”

    “All the more reason to tell him. Maybe it’ll wake his ass up,” Taehyung speaks again through the mic.

    You sigh and nod. “Fine. If you get the next kill on me, I’ll tell him tonight.”

    Jungkook grins and turns his attention back to the screen. You pay attention to the game even more now. You don’t want to do this, so you search hard to find Jungkook before he finds you. Suddenly, you’re being shot in the head, as you were killed by… another Widowmaker?

    You glare at Jungkook surprised, “wait, you changed your character just so you can kill me? For this bet? You do know that changing your character in a deathmatch cancels out all your other kills, right?”

    Jungkook smirks and winks at you. “It was worth it, babe.You need to do this.”

    Yoongi claps his hands and smiles. “Oh good, now we can finally get on with it. Finish your game and we can send Y/N on her way.”

    As much as you wanted to make the game last all night, Taehyung only needed 10 more kills to win. You tried hiding to the best of your ability, but once Jungkook switched to Widowmaker and Taehyung was using Tracer, you’re pretty much fucked. Taehyung eventually won the game, Jungkook in second and you in last. You groan, tempted to throw the controller at the wall.

    “Goodluck, Y/N! I expect to hear about how it goes!” Taehyung says goodbye over the mic and signs off. Jungkook takes off his headset and you do as well.

    “Alright, Y/N. Time for you to get going.” Yoongi grins. You stand up and brush yourself off. Suddenly, you try bolting to the bathroom to hid for the rest of the night but Yoongi caught you by the shirt. “Ah ah ah. I don’t think so. The door is that way.” He points to the door that leads to outside.

    You glare at both your best friends. “Fine.” You mumble as you head out the door.

    Since Hoseok’s house isn’t that far from Yoongi’s, you head down the street by foot. On your way, thoughts race through your mind. You, Hoseok, Jungkook, Yoongi and Tahyung have been best friends since you were kids. The five of you were inseparable. You don’t know exactly when you developed a crush, but suddenly you were falling. Falling because of your best friend. He was sweet, loving, caring, full of energy. You were closed off, quiet to anyone who was not your best friends, low-key. You were closer to Yoongi in personality than Hoseok. But that’s what made your love even greater. He balanced you out. The problem is, you never had the guts to tell him.

    Now you’re 24, out of college and it’s going to be too late soon to say anything. Having a crush for 10 years on someone who has no idea takes a toll on you. You watched him date, having long lasting relationships and here you were, never really had any sort of relationship. Yeah, you’ve been on a few dates, but nothing that lasted more than a week. None of those guys were Hoseok. They just couldn’t compare.

    ‘The boys are right. It’s time to tell him,’ You think to yourself. ‘He’s finally single and it’s your chance.’

    You were so deep into your thoughts that you didn’t realize you had made it to his door. You climb the steps, your legs shaking with anticipation and anxiety. You reach the top step and stare at the door. Swallowing the lump in your throat, you ring the doorbell. You instantly regret doing so. Your immediate reaction was to run, pretend like it was a prank. But before you could process that thought, you hear the door unlock.

    “Hello, can I- oh, Y/N! What are you doing here?” Hoseok answers the door. All you can do is stare at him. You’ve always thought he was good looking, but lately, you can see him growing up into a very handsome young man. This thought threatens to make you blush, but you try to hold it in.

    “H-Hey, Hobi. I w-wanted to talk to you about something,” you stammer. God, if you can’t talk now, what makes you think you can actually tell him how you feel?

    “Baby, have you seen my- Oh, hello there.”

    Your eyes widen and your breath hitches. You suddenly see a women pop her head up behind Hoseok. It occurs to you that she’s partially naked. Hoseok rubs the back of his neck, slightly embarrassed.

    “Oh, Y/N. This is my girlfriend, Mina. Mina, this is my friend, Y/N.”

    Mina sends you a small smile. “Nice to meet you, Y/N. I’m sorry for being rude, but I’ve got to search for something.” She nods at you and takes her leave back into the house.

    Hoseok smiles after his girlfriend and turns his attention back to you. “So, what did you want to tell me?”

    You can barely speak. When you finally find your voice, it comes out as a small squeak. “O-oh. It’s nothing serious. I got to go now. See you later.” You turn and bound down the steps.

    “Oh. O-Okay.” Hoseok looks after you, confused. He shrugs and closes the door.

    You couldn’t get out of there fast enough. You feel like your legs are failing you as you push faster and faster. Suddenly you can’t breath. You run as fast as you can back to Yoongi’s house. When you made it to the door, you pound as hard as you can. Yoongi opens the door, a surprised look on his face. “Y/N, hey what’s-”

    Before he can finish his sentence, you collapse on the ground. Your legs just couldn’t hold you up anymore.

    “Y/N!” Yoongi panics. He puts his arms around you and pulls you inside. “JUNGKOOK GET YOUR ASS IN HERE!”

    “Alright alright, hold on.” Jungkook comes out of the kitchen holding a water bottle. When he sees you, he immediately drops it and runs to your side. “Oh my god, Y/N! Are you okay?”

    You can’t answer him. All you can do is hyperventilate, your whole body trembling. Your eyes are wide as you look around the room. You suddenly feel trapped you push Yoongi away and back up into the corner of the room.

    Yoongi and Jungkook look scared out of their minds. “Jungkook, call Taehyung and get him over here. Now!” Jungkook nods and runs for his phone.

    You hold your head in your hands, shaking it back at fourth. The tears continue to spill from your eyes, making your panic attack worse. Yoongi sits down next to you. “Y/N, breath. Please, what happened?” You continue to shake your head, not listening to anything he’s saying. 

    You start scratching hard at your wrist, eventually beads of blood starting to show. “Y/N, stop!” Jungkook grabs your hand, trying to get you to stop hurting yourself.

    Just then Taehyung bursts through the door. “Where is she?!” He practically yells, startling  you. Jungkook yells to him. Taehyung comes over slowly, dropping to his knees. “Hey, Y/N. You need to tell us what happened. Please.” He asks, concern laced in his voice.

    You try to calm your breathing. You look up at the boys. They gasp at your face. Tears are cascading down your cheeks and your eyes are red and puffy. You try your voice, it coming out a lot more raspy than you thought. “Y-you said h-he loved me. Y-You p-promised.” You cry out, as you feel your heart break into a million pieces.

Should I make a Part 2??



Quotes and excerpts from Dylan’s journal:

“I was delusional and thought she waved at me the last day of school. Oh well … my emotions are gone. So much past pain at once, my senses are numbed. The beauty of being numb.”

“I’d rather have nothing than be nothing." 

"I want to be free." 

"Farther and farther distant… that’s what’s happening… me & everything that zombies consider dear… just images, not life. Soon I will be at peace I hope…”

“I’ve always had a thing for the past - how it reacts to the present & the future - or rather vice versa. I wonder how/when i got so fucked up…”

“Sadness seems infinite, & the shell of happiness shines around. Yet the true despair overcomes it this lifetime.”

“The pain multiplies infinitely. never stops. Yet im here, STILL alone, still in pain.”

“The framework of society stands above & below me. The hardest thing to destroy, yet the weakest thing that exists. I know that i am different, yet i am afraid to tell the society. The possible abandonment, persecution is not something I want to face, yet it is so primitive to me. I guess being yourself means letting people know about inner thoughts too, not just opinions & fashions. (Heheh) I will be free one day, in the land of purity & my happiness, I will have a love, someone who is me in a way. Someday… Possibly thru this life, maybe another, but it will happen… ”

“Love is more valuable than anything I know. To love is to enter a completion of one’s self. I hate those who choose to destroy a love, who take it for granted. love is greater than life even. As i look for love, i feel i can’t find it. ever. but something tells me i will. Someday. Somewhere. As my love will find me. She feels as i do right now, i can feel it. we will be inseperable. Her & i. Whether it is [edited] or not, i think ill find it. (my love). we will be free, to explore the vast wonders of the stars. To cascade down everlong waterfalls, & thru the warmest seas of pure happiness… no limits… no limits. Nothing will stop us.”

“Nobody will help me.”

“I wonder if ill ever have a love.”

“Being made human
Without the possibility of BEING human
The cruelest of all punishments.”

“These moments will be lost in the depressions & caverns of the human books forever like, tears in rain, but the thoughts will be eternal. To explain the happiness is impossible even for fate. It’s just a pure halcyon set to last more existences than a conceivable number.”

“Existence is a great hall, life is one of the rooms, death is passing thru the doors, & the ever existent compulsion of everything is the curiosity to keep moving down the hall, thru the doors, exploring rooms, down this never-ending hall.”

“Existence is pure hell & pure heaven at the same time. I will never stop wondering. The lost highway will never end.”

“Time to die, time to be free, time to love.”

“The zombies will never cause us pain anymore.”

“Fact: People are so unaware. … well, Ignorance is bliss I guess…. that would explain my depression.”

“I was Mr. Cutter tonight - I have 11 depressioners on my right hand now.”

“oooh god i want to die sooo bad… such a sad, desolate, lonely, unsalvageable i feel i am….. not fair, NOT FAIR!!!! I wanted happiness!! I never got it…”

“I think a lot. Think … think … that’s all my life is, just shitloads of thinking … all the time … my mind never stops… music runs 24/7 (except for sleep), just songs I hear, not necessarily good or bad, & thinking…" 

”My existence is shit to me – how I feel that I am in eternal suffering, in infinite directions in infinite realities. Yet these realities are fake – artificial, induced [?] by thought, how everything connects, yet its all so far apart…. & I sit & think…"

“I don’t fit in I’ve been thinking of suicide gives no hope, that I’ll be in my place wherever I go after this life … that I’ll finally not be at war with myself, the world, the universe – my mind, body, everywhere, everything at PEACE in me – my soul (existence)." 

”Goodbye, sorry to everyone… I just can’t take it … all the thoughts … too many … make my head twist… I must have happiness, love, peace. Goodbye"

“some zombies are smarter than others, some manipulate… like my parents.”

“It’s interesting, when I’m in my human form, knowing I’m going to die. Everything has a touch of triviality to it. Like how none of this calculus shit matters. The way it shouldn’t. the truth. In 26.4 hours, I’ll be dead, & in happiness. The little zombie human fags will know their errors, & be forever suffering and mournful”

How to say goodbye

Before I say goodbye, I want to tell you that I will always love you, whether you are downstairs, across the street, in a different neighborhood, or in a different part of the world. And even though my heart is still breaking, I know that you will always fiercely and unconditionally love me. Those who you will meet will be lucky to have been in your presence, even just for a moment, just as I have been lucky enough to have known you for as long as I have. It has been a privilege to know you, and an even greater privilege to love and be loved by you. You will always be a part of my life, and I will always be a part of yours. Thank you for being the best person that you could be, and above all, the best person that anyone could ever ask for. Thank you for going above and beyond in what started as nothing and became a relationship that will far outlast our time together. Thank you for the memories, both the good and the bad, and thank you for the memories that are still to come. We are not finished; this is not the end for us, only a new and slightly painful beginning. And so now here it is, the moment we have dreaded and dreaded to wait for:
Goodbye, I love you, and I will see you soon.

While in Barcelona / Tom drabble

Pairing: Reader x Tom

Featuring: Tom Holland and special guest Tessa Holland

Warning: nudity (visual)

Request -  Can you do 68 and 70 with Tom? I feel like it could be really funny and cute.


70 -  “Oh. I guess I should put pants on then.”

The elevator dinged as it arrived to your floor, you headed down the hall swinging your room key thoughtlessly around your fingers as you went. It was early when you woke up so you headed to the hotel’s gym for a morning pick-me-up. Your boyfriend, who had been up till well past 2 AM, was fast asleep when you left. As you unlocked the door to your room, it was quiet as you stepped in. Guessing that your boyfriend was still fast asleep, you headed to the shower as quietly as you could. 

You quickly stripped out of your sweat-soaked clothes and got into the shower, washing your hair and body from the grime of the gym. It took you only roughly 15 minutes to wash away the smell of sweat from your hair and body, and you wrapped a towel around your body and walked out of the bathroom, the warmth of the hotel suite following you everywhere. you assumed Tom, your boyfriend, had left the heat on all night. You knew how cold he got in the morning after drinking, he’d be shivering for hours. 

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In the end it’s all about Jesus, do not let hate or fear blind you from the love that is eternal. Look to Christ, it is only when we see the storm around us that we begin to sink, just keep your gaze on Jesus.

The hope of heaven is far greater than the reality of earth, learn to trust God even when your heart is troubled. His love is greater and it will never fail.


When he opened the door, the light from within threw his shadow clear across the yard, and for just a moment Tyrion Lannister stood tall as a king.

people thinking kindly of tyrion lannister
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Best of Wives & Best of Women Part 2

 Lin-Manuel x Reader

Part two requested by @whovianwriter  (part one here)

words: 3,006 holy crap im so sorry

warnings: a few swear words

a/n: yOU GUYS. 100+ followers, thank you so much, I love you ALL! In honor of you guys and @whovianwriter and her request, here is Best of Wives & Best of Women part two. Hope you all like it :) So sorry if this isn’t what you were expecting, I did my best sticking to your request! Don’t hate me! 

 (I don’t own any of the music lyrics mentioned here, all lyrics belong to the one and only!)

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لم أقع في حُبّكِ بدافع الملل أو الوحدة أو عن نزوة، أحببتُكِ لأن رغبتي بكِ كانت أعظم من أي سعادة أخرى
I didn’t fell for you by act of bore , loneliness or even fancy, I loved you because my passion for you was greater than any other happiness