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In the end it’s all about Jesus, do not let hate or fear blind you from the love that is eternal. Look to Christ, it is only when we see the storm around us that we begin to sink, just keep your gaze on Jesus.

The hope of heaven is far greater than the reality of earth, learn to trust God even when your heart is troubled. His love is greater and it will never fail.


When he opened the door, the light from within threw his shadow clear across the yard, and for just a moment Tyrion Lannister stood tall as a king.

people thinking kindly of tyrion lannister
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Cultural Bit: Christmas in Japan is a rather unique experience. It’s extremely recent that Christmas even be celebrated on a national level in Japan, but has been going on long enough for some unique traditions to take hold.

In most of the world, Christmas is a time for reflection on peace and acts of charity, both to loved ones and the less fortunate. However, in much of Asia, Christmas is treated as a romantic holiday on par with (if not exceeding) Valentine’s Day or White Day.

Christmas Eve/Day are considered prime date nights and, if you’ve been dating for a while, there’s an even greater expectation to propose. Reservations for fancy restaurants and love hotels are typically booked solid until well after New Year’s. Christmas songs, another holiday tradition to recently take off, tend to focus on romantic ballads over joyful nostalgia.

Another quirk is the tradition of eating KFC for Christmas dinner. This tradition started in the 80′s, a time when very few Japanese celebrated Christmas in any capacity. For unknown reasons, KFC decided to change that and launched a huge ad campaign mostly targeting women and teen girls. This campaign was so successful that it effectively started Christmas in Japan as we know it today.

To this day, lines wrapped around every available KFC are a common sight as early as 2 weeks before Christmas, and people often have to call ahead to reserve buckets. Assuming the Colonel’s sold out of original recipe, chicken karaage is also an acceptable substitute.

okay so Betty you better step up fast cause it looks like Cheryl is going after your girl. what kind of charade that was just to go with Veronica to the drive-in Cheryl?? and she even scooted closer. wouldn’t this love triangle be greater than the whole boring archie-ronnie-betty one though?

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Thank you for the really nice messages and thank you for being here day after day. Hopefully would be here again this time next year and we will be doing even greater things and bigger better things.
I love you guys and I’m really happy that we’re al here together in this community doing cool things on youtube. I feel like I don’t say that enough that I am grateful for what you guys have done for me, so thank you.


Again, Happy Birthday Jack!

Little things in Zelda I love:
  • the way ww link’s hair flies back when he runs
  • that face tp link makes when he meets ooccoo and ooccoo jr. the first time
  • the fact that ss link smiles when he holds remlits
  • oot link sneezing and shivering in the ice cavern 
  • tp zelda–a princess–bows to tp link–a ranch hand from a small village
  • tetra’s little wink and hip combo
  • fi’s dry, deadpan humour
  • tp link’s abs 
  • the way ss link’s face lights up when fi tells him he can wake zelda up
  • the way oot zelda cries out in worry when oot link gets hurt against ganon
  • the way almost any link looks around when he enters a boss room
  • the way alttp link spins around in a circle before game over
  • the way remlit gather around ss link when he plays the harp
  • the way young oot zelda reacts to the masks when link shows her them
  • that there’s almost always a small animal to pick up in the 3d games
  • how ss link sags his shoulders dramatically when his stamina runs out 
  • the fact that a gossip stone reveals oot zelda to have been a tomboy, alluding to her disguise as sheik
  • how expressive ww and ss link are
  • the way st link squeezes st zelda’s hand at the end of the game
  • the fact that ss link’s tunic almost looks too big for him
  • the fact that ss link made zelda and himself wood carvings and display them in both of their rooms
  • the way oot link steps in front of zelda when he hears a noise from ganon’s castle
  • that you can see tears flying off of ss zelda’s face right before she seals herself

I have read somewhere once that the probability of me being born is 1 in 400 trillion. That means that the probability of you being born is 400 trillion, too. Which means the probability of us meeting and falling in love is even greater still. And yet here we are: that’s no coincidence.


When you come home to me, your hand will touch my face, and banish any trace of gray. Soon, a love will rise anew, even greater than the joy I felt just missing you. (x) - (for @lemonyandbeatrice)

Please Help Me

Alright folks,

so shit hit the fan today, i hate having to do this but
For the past 2 ½ months, i’ve been dealing with a lot of physical and mental illnesses that are literally prohibiting me from getting a job. i’ve been in the hospital multiple times in the past month and i’ll have a surgery coming up in november to find out the severity of my ulcer in my stomach. blood puke and such is minimal as of late but it’s still there and it prevents me from gaining weight, which really sucks for someone as tall as me. my family finally got insurance but we’re still struggling to pay for my medication as well as my tuition. 
To make things EVEN greater for me, today I have lost 150$ plus worth of ID and Transportation fees (which is my metro pass that is bought monthly to get me from home to school) as well as my house keys. My family really doesn’t have the money to replace a lot of these things and we really struggle to pay for medication and my tuition..etc.

PLEASE DON’T FEEL OBLIGATED TO BUT it would be so amazing if y’all could help me out by donating to my paypal

if all my followers donated a dollar i would have enough to pay for my tuition for 3-4 years! which is amazing!

if y’all can’t donate thats totally okay but PLEASE spread the word for me, i really need you help.

thank you so much!

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You guys are unlike any others, I loved that I discovered some great fics and even greater writers through your blog. take all the time you need. Put yourselves and your lives as the first priority. We will survive and try to navigate the tags on ao3. Thanks again, enjoy some ice cream soon, even non dairy ones.

Aw thank you ! This is so sweet :,) we won’t be too long, just giving us time to catch our breaths aha And you all still have our blog so you can easily still find old fics (: 💖

29 + 38 - Loki

“He wasn`t as tough as they all thought, and she knew it.” “Happily ever after?please.” 

I hope you like it @highchu, sorry if it`s a little bit short. 

She looked at him as he stood with his back facing her, and pondered upon the events the had let the dark haired man into his life. She was, of course, aware that he was no man. He was a god, as he so loved to remind her. But she knew something that no other did. He was capable of showing great kindness, and even greater love. He wasn`t as tough as they thought, and she knew it. He was a broken man. 

“This is a silly story.” he said as he turned around, a worn copy of Cinderella in his hands. “No true story ends with eternal love.” She tilted her head and looked at him, trying to read him. Read his emotions, and impossible task she might add. “So you don`t believe in them?” He looked at her with a look of utter incredulousness. “Happily ever after? Please.” He said, and rolled his eyes. “Don`t tell me you do?” He took her silence for a yes, and shook his head. “but why? it makes no sense.” She pulled him so that he was lying down next to her. Leaning over him slightly, she brushed his pale cheek with her hand. “But it does my love. You shall see.” She said, and pressed her lips to his.

Love is more valuable than anything I know. To love is to enter a completion of one’s self. I hate those who choose to destroy a love, who take it for granted. love is greater than life even. As i look for love, i feel i can’t find it. ever. but something tells me i will. Someday. Somewhere. As my love will find me. She feels as i do right now, i can feel it. we will be inseperable. Her & i. Whether it is [edited] or not, i think ill find it. (my love). we will be free, to explore the vast wonders of the stars. To cascade down everlong waterfalls, & thru the warmest seas of pure happiness… no limits… no limits. Nothing will stop us.
—  Dylan Klebold’s Journal

Loving someone else before you love yourself is self-destructive. If they disappoint you, it damages you even further. There is no greater love, than the love one has for self. 😉

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