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Fired! After years… years of hard work. And ass kissing. Oh God, I kissed so many different kinds of asses.

Magic Sands: Chapter 1: Calling

Chapter 1: Calling

“Erin! Would you get your dumb ass down here before you break your fucking neck!”

A redhead man looked down from the ladder he was on, letting out a mischievous laugh. He adjusted his glasses as he closed the book in front of him and placed it back on the large book shelf.

“Come on Terry, I’m not that bad.” Erin stepped down off the ladder with ease, he lifted his hands up to show he was safe and sound on the ground in front of his worried friend. “See, I didn’t fall? Now stop worrying.”

Terry ran a hand in over his shiny bald head, it glistened in the imitation light. The old friend sighed, looking over at the youth with tired eyes.

“I’m gonna die of stress because of you.” He let his eyes wander up to where Erin was lingering. “Still studying up on Egypt huh? You know, I could recommend some college AP classes you can take now.”

Erin shoved his hands in his pockets, his school uniform dusty from his time up on the old bookshelf people hardly touched any more. His mismatched brown and blue eyes wavered in a hidden joy.

“I can’t believe this is my last year in high school.” Erin’s lips started to quiver as he looked over at the old man. “This is the last year you will be my teacher. What am I going to do without you?” A fake and loud cry escaped from the youth’s lips, causing his teacher to pinch the bridge of his nose to let his stress out.

“I don’t know? Die or something because you NEVER look where you are going…” Terry started walking, leaving the old section of the library and having Erin close behind him. The youth was about to say something, but was quickly silenced when he smacked into the corner of a bookshelf. “How in the hell am I gonna let you go out in the wild like this. Look at you!”

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I just think that you’re not getting any younger. I mean you’re pretty, but like you were prettier last year.
—  Candidly Nicole

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welcome to my oc infograph corner where i waste hours and days creating content for myself because i can!! i have a lot of different versions of characters which can get super confusing while talking to people about them… so i made this handy info sheet of my most used ocs!! most of the jobs are modern + alternative + fantasy  though some of them are simply other jobs/careers they have in the same universe like darren or tori… i hope this helps explain some things ^___^;;

darth-salem-emperor-of-earth  asked:

For the originals: “We have to stick together.”

(This got way longer than I meant it to, so…enjoy a really long thing about the originals in a crisis situation?)

Takes place after Knifepoint’s main events, but there’s no spoilers for plot events. I say that like the damn story’s ever going to get written one of these days. Thanks for the prompt!

It was supposed to be easy.

But that was always how it was, wasn’t it? Her mission was supposed to be easy, supposed to be straightforward, but it was a paradox of the work. Her objectives might be straightforward, but achieving them was not. Her job was not about easy. Her purpose was not about straightforward. If that was the career path she’d wanted, she’d have gone into something boring, and stable. Like accounting.

Easy and straightforward it might’ve been–or it might not have, Erin was no accountant herself–but it would have been quiet, at the very least. Her being–the marrow in her bones and the blood in her veins–had been forged in conflict and war. It was all she knew and all she planned to know, and for the most part, it suited her just fine.

Sometimes, though, fate was cruel.

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