an epic showdown

Okay but consider:

Movie night. Kallo sneaks Scott on board the Tempest with 80 water guns and about a thousand water balloons while everyone else is distracted by the vid.

Scott proceeds to ambush Sara and the ship goes insane.

Sara grabbed two pistol-waterguns. She spends most of the fight flipping and jumping around the Cargo Bay, with Liam screaming after her, “Not everyone is a fucking ninja!” Scott, to no one’s surprise, primarily aims for her.

Drack found himself a shotgun. Two, actually, but he’s keeping one in reserve. He doesn’t take cover, no he’s charging everyone with a big-ass grin on his face and so many water balloons his opponent needs a moment to recover. 

Peebee could be consistently found on top of the raised Nomad, with two rifles and no fear of the world. She slipped and fell once; the crew never lets her live it down.

Jaal is initially confused by this. At first he didn’t realize it was a game at all, until Suvi pulled him aside to explain. He takes up a sniper position, to which Sara aims at mercilessly. “I know your tricks, Darav! You can’t hide from me!” His laughter quickly becomes infectious.

Cora ends up getting many of the last laughs by using her biotics. She had fun warping people into the air, dropping them when she starts laughing too hard. Everyone is a little reluctant to aim for her.

Vetra tried to stay away from the water at first, but Drack shoved a gun into her hands and quite literally carried her out into the middle of the cargo hold. She very quickly realized the greatest reward was in the use of water balloons. 

Kallo took up shop by a bucket of balloons, around a corner where the crew honestly could not find him. They discover that day that Kallo Jath has amazing aim and an even better throwing arm.

Lexi remains off limits. She throws a few water balloons anyway; they know when they catch her giggling.

Liam was also more inclined to the Water Balloons, and he and Drack really got into it, with so many balloons flying across the hold the rest had to take a moment to hide from them.

Gil managed to find himself a pretty sweet mini-gun and had himself a good time ambushing the crew. He’s surprisingly stealthy, when he’s not throwing out sarcastic comments about people’s aim.

Suvi filmed the entire event. She was also considered off limits, but the crew noticed a significant amount of balloons hitting people in the back from her general direction. Video proof is later acquired; her laughter was constantly present.

By the end, water is running dry. Sara takes cover, coincidentally right next to Drack, to reload her guns. The two glance at each other, nod, and Suvi swears it was better than an Action Vid. They walk out to the center of the hold, a gun in each hand as if followed by epic music, the two against the world in their final stand.

Sara proceeds to hide behind Drack when everyone’s attention turns to them. And upon noticing, Drack drops to the ground so hard the floor shakes, and the crew drench Sara in an onslaught of water and balloons. She falls dramatically, screaming out with a raised fist “I will not be defeated!” 

The ship is soaked. The crew is soaked. But they all sit in the cargo hold and laugh, excitedly chatting away about their epic showdown and debating the winner (to which Sara claimed was hers; “Guys, I had a dramatic death and everything!”), gaining memories that they talk about for the rest of their lives.

Katrina Law returns for epic Nyssa vs. Talia al Ghul showdown

EW has learned exclusively that Katrina Law will reprise her role as Nyssa al Ghul for multiple episodes that culminate in an epic fight between Nyssa and her half-sister Talia al Ghul (Lexa Doig) in the upcoming season 5 finale.

Ever since Talia’s introduction, the eventuality of an epic showdown between the pair has been highly anticipated. “They’re close enough and different enough that I would love, at some point, to do a story with Nyssa and Talia,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim previously told EW.

jay-leno-incarnate  asked:

What's the story behind the guy calling you a petulant whore??

Oh good lord, that was from awhile ago. I GUESS WE’RE DUE FOR A STORYTIME?

I was in an online D&D group with a bunch of guys in 2016. DM was a woman, and I was the only woman player. Some of the guys were particularly awful, and liked to bully her around since she was a new DM, and make a lot of nasty jokes about me and my character being female (sexual jokes, mainly). Even when I asked them not to, they shrugged me off. They also promoted this belief that women were inherently stupid at D&D, and that I didn’t know what I was doing. I could’ve left, but I refused to have them run me off, and instead had my character go full campaign villain on them. So now they had to fight against this “woman who doesn’t know what she’s doing” - except I had more gaming experience than all of them combined, which proved troublesome for them. Since all this happened, all of the other guys have come to me and apologized for their behaviors. Well, all except one.

ONE PARTICULAR DOUCHECANOE, the one who had been the worst the entire time, was so overwhelmingly outraged by this. He was really bad at doing anything game-related that wasn’t just rolling a dice. He couldn’t think outside the box, he was terrible at puzzles, he also didn’t like communication. Well, on his last day in the group, he was also really shit at rolling dice too - luck was not on his side. He tried to take me on without any of the rest of the party, or without prepping himself whatsoever. When he rolled badly, he demanded rerolls, making a fuss that it wasn’t fair that I was winning, much to the annoyance of even the other guys. I went way easy on him, picked spells and things that were level 1 or 2 instead of the 5 or 6 I COULD’VE done… and he still ended up losing miserably. He ragequit at this point, and screeched, in front of everyone, that I was a “petulant whore” before leaving.

We have some mutual friends, so someone, somewhere, let him know that I’d been using “petulant whore” as a joking pet-name, since it’s the most fucking hilarious thing on the planet. He did not like it. He’s still mad, but I can live with that.

I have parts of that whole “Island Prianna” campaign logged in my D&D posts on this tumblr, mostly the moments that were worth noting (that battle wasn’t, it was so boring and annoying to have someone constantly trying to break the rules). But yeah. That’s the story.
'Arrow': Katrina Law returns for epic Nyssa vs. Talia al Ghul showdown
Another familiar face is returning to Arrow. EW has learned exclusively that Katrina Law will reprise her role as Nyssa al Ghul for multiple episodes that culminate in an epic fight between Nyssa a…

EW has learned exclusively that Katrina Law will reprise her role as Nyssa al Ghul for multiple episodes that culminate in an epic fight between Nyssa and her half-sister Talia al Ghul (Lexa Doig) in the upcoming season 5 finale.

Law, who currently stars on CBS’ Training Day, first appeared in season 2, where viewers discovered that when Sara (Caity Lotz) left the island, she joined the League of Assassins and struck up a romance with Nyssa, the youngest daughter of Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable).

Talia, meanwhile, didn’t appear until season 5, when it was revealed that she helped train Oliver (Stephen Amell) in Russia — but she also trained his foe Prometheus (Josh Segarra) after learning that Ollie killed her father. Talia had long ago left the League to create her own cult of warriors after she realized her father would never allow her to be the Head of the Demon.

Ever since Talia’s introduction, the eventuality of an epic showdown between the pair has been highly anticipated. “They’re close enough and different enough that I would love, at some point, to do a story with Nyssa and Talia,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim previously told EW.

Well! The season 3 premiere was incredible and I think another Tomco week in order, but there’s a twist. For the next week, I will be working with wholesome-tomstar-week to bring you…

Wait, what? Well, allow me to explain!

So, Stomco (also known to some as Tomstarco or Startomco) is the triad of Star, Tom, and Marco. I fully encourage artwork of all three of them together this time around, though if you only wanna do Tomco, or Tomstar, or even Starco, you still can, I just encourage the inclusion of the third member too in some way. Because no matter what these three are gonna be a great team and hang out together.

So, without further ado, here are our prompts!

Day 1 - July 30 - Makeovers

Let’s be real, all three of them enjoy looking their best. Star does makeovers, Tom may just be wearing eyeliner (crew artwork seems to imply that sometimes) and Marco in his Princess Marco persona is absolutely cool with make-up too. So hey, let’s show them making each other super pretty!

Day 2 - July 31 - Royal Tea Party

Star, Tom, and Marco get all dressed up for a nice spot of tea, with or without their families. And yet Tom is probably hopped up on sugar and Star is trying to balance spoons on her nose while Marco records a video of her. Give me your silliest royal tea parties.

Day 3 - August 1 - Love Sentence

The trio loves Love Sentence. Tom and Marco bonded over it, Star and Marco found that they both love it, so what does that mean? TIME TO PARTY TO LOVE SENTENCE! Karaoke, concerts, watching YouTube videos on the TV, whatever they wanna do to enjoy the most awesome band ever together.

Day 4 - August 2 - Babysitting

Where them babies at?? They get to watch after Buff Frog’s buff babies, or the laser puppies, or maybe even Star’s baby cousins! How do they handle the feeding and the entertainment of such tiny, adorable people? Up to you!

Day 5 - August 3 - Teaming Up

The trio confronts an enemy ready to fight them, possibly to the death. Over what? How do they handle it? Epic showdown time!

Day 6 - August 4 - Dimension Hopping

Marco and Star have dimensional scissors and Tom can teleport. Time for a date in a strange other dimension! Maybe the sky is filled with cotton candy and the rivers are chocolate! Or everything is bouncy! Or they meet weird travelers from another dimension (crossover potential!) Give them a fun time.

Day 7 - August 5 - Cuddle Session

Too many adventures together, the trio is tired. Let’s let them settle down for some warm snuggles, complete with blankets and movies and snacks. <3

So that’s the next week! Again you can choose to focus on certain pairings only if you like but it’ll be nice to include whoever isn’t part of the pairing in the scenarios too. I will be reblogging everything relating to it and using the relevant ship tags for searching later. And wholesome-tomstar-week will also reblog your posts. Now, the rules, which can always be found in the About page!

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Once Upon a Time: Scoop on Wedding's Uninvited Guest, 'Epic' Final Battle

Talk about your wedding crasher.

This Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, bride-to-be Emma used the power of the song that had been inside her since before birth to thwart The Black Fairy’s first attempt at staging The Final Battle. Rumple’s mom, though, was down but far from out.

Instead, just as Emma and Hook exchanged vows (punctuated by a joyous duet-turned-group sing-along), The Black Fairy used the massive stash of fairy dust she had mined to unleash a new Dark Curse, one that snaked out of the clock tower and enveloped the wedding party and guests, as the episode came to a close.

“We’re well aware that we’ve done a curse ‘occasionally in the past,‘” Once co-creator Eddy Kitsis notes with a wink, “but this time we’re trying to do a little twist on it.”

That’s because this particular dark curse was born out the need for a Final Battle that lives up to its name, between the savior, Emma, and Great Evil aka The Black Fairy. As co-creator Adam Horowitz explains, “It was less about thinking of it as a curse and thinking about it as, ‘What is the Final Battle?’ We had a concept for what this Final Battle would be and we kind of worked backwards from that. That led to this curse that you saw hinted at.”

Given the none-more-black nature of this curse, “The usual tricks don’t work anymore” to undo it, Kitsis warns. As Ginnifer Goodwin shared after a press screening of the musical episode, “The breaking of the curse involves something far more dramatic than anything that’s ever broken a curse before. If it were to break! We could all just be blown into oblivion, and that’s just it.”

Elaborating a bit on what it might take to vanquish this threat, Goodwin said, “What broke the very first season’s curse was a kiss — very pure, unromantic true love expressed between mother and son. The love that it takes in the finale… I feel is categorically bigger.”

Setting the stage as it does for their TV daughter’s Final Battle, Josh Dallas avowed, “It’s going to be a showdown of epic proportions,” while Goodwin said that although the face-off geographically goes down in Storybrooke, “Emotionally, they are all over the map.”In addition to bringing to life the darkest of curses and accommodating The Final Battle, next Sunday’s two-hour finale also has the burden of giving closure to the characters and journeys that viewers have spent six seasons with, yet leave the door open juuuust enough to unfold a new tale — if the series gets renewed by Tuesday, May 16 (when ABC announces its schedule for the 2017-18 TV season), and knowing that a chunk of original cast won’t be returning in the fall.

“[The writers] found a magical way to make it go either way,” said Goodwin. “I mean, in classic Once Upon a Time style, there is a twist… and it serves all of the characters very well.”

Dallas realistically acknowledged, “You can’t please everybody. I think that some people will be happy and some people will be angry and upset.” But given that “each character gets something that the fans should be happy with, that each character deserves,” he added, “I think most people will be [happy].”


Quiet || Peter Parker x Reader ||

Characters: Peter Parker x Fem!Avenger!Reader

Fandom: MCU/Spiderman

Request: Hella yeah bless MY FIRST PETER ONE BuT @rafeadderall ur a gem I lov u [can i request a peter parker x reader where the reader is like super shy and reserved in his class or whatever and then he sees her again but on team cap lol? if u can? love u xoxoxoxox] (Requests are always open guys! Send Em through!)

Prompt: You typically keep to yourself at school, however, you have a secret that no one knows about you. You’re different, Just like Peter Parker was different. You both discover each other’s identity during the epic showdown between Team Ironman and Team Captain America. 

Tags: @rafeadderall (if you want to be tagged to get a notification when I post message me!)

Word Count: 2,902

Spoilers: Na, unless you haven’t seen Civil War then

A/N: Yes so my first Peter Parker Imagine, god bless Spider-Man: Homecoming it was such a great movie!!! This however is based off of Civil War so no spoilers unless you haven’t seen Civil War!


Y/N sat quietly in her seat in the incredibly silent classroom. The only sounds were the ever so subtle scratching sounds of pen on paper as the other kids in the classroom attempted to nail their Spanish quiz. Of course, Y/N and one other student had already finished the quiz in record timing. That other student being Peter Parker. Both the two were in the top five percent of students who excelled well in any given task. 

They were also the only two students of the entire school to have secrets. Y/N since she was born was incredibly gifted, gifted with enhanced superhuman abilities and given that she was born with that she was able to hide it, hide it a lot better than Peter could despite him doing a well enough job keeping his Spiderman life a secret. Numerous occasions he was almost caught being Spiderman not just by Y/N but others too, like his friend Ned and Aunt May but somehow he still kept his identity well hidden. 

Peter liked Y/N not necessarily in a romantic way, but he appreciated her wits and intellect. He was nice to her but he wouldn’t go as far to say he had a crush on her, sure she was cute and all but it may have been because she was so quiet and to herself that tarnished that idea from Peters mind. Y/N felt mutually the same toward him, appreciating his dedication and smarts. 

The two locked eyes while waiting for everyone else to finish, offering each other a smile before averting their attention elsewhere. It wasn’t long until the others finished and the room was no longer silent and the students were off to their next class. Chemistry. Today’s Chemistry class was a lot different from the others, this time Mrs Cobwell had assigned projects to the class in pairs.

As luck would have it, both Peter and Y/N were paired and were just as awkward as they were when waving to the other down the hall. Now seated next to each other one would have to initiate conversation eventually seeing as both weren’t extroverted enough for that. Peter gulped and opened his mouth to speak. 

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In many ways, deep and superficial, this ep was all about surrendering one’s self - on every level imaginable. Everyone in the ep had something to surrender. 


I loved how her journey in this ep was constructed, how important it was for us to see her dream and lust for Jamie the way she did first, which tainted all her encounters with Frank after. Because while her memory of Jamie was vivid, and as powerful as it was, there was something elemental missing. No matter the physical needs, nothing would or could satisfy without the emotion, without her heart.

“I’ve seen ye so many times,” he said, his voice whispering warm in my ear. “You’ve come to me so often. When I dreamed sometimes. When I lay in fever. When I was so afraid and so lonely I knew I must dies. When I needed you, I would always see ye, smiling, with your hair curling up about your face. But ye never spoke. And ye never touched me.”

The show’s gone and applied this perfectly to BOTH of them in this ep. She turns to Frank and says “I miss my husband” and she does, it just isn’t Frank. But it tries to serve a purpose, her trying to catch wisps of Jamie’s ghost, while attempting to try and make things work with Frank fail miserably, coz there’s one thing neither can run from - it will never be Frank she sees in those moments. “Open your eyes” he tells her over and over, but she can’t, because if she does, the echo of Jamie she’s trying to recapture, disappears, she shatters the illusion. Everything about their sex (esp the second time) felt awkward, uncomfortable and forced. Nothing felt naturally flowing - for me anyways. When he called her “Baby” I was like NO bitch, reel that shit back in!

I legit CACKLED when we see the wide shot of their bedroom at the end and you see the twin beds! It’s something I was not expecting but welcomed with open arms lol!

Everything with Claire and baby Bree was so beautiful to see! Claire’s baby voice she uses for Bree is something I can just listen to all day. And wee Bree’s wee yellow bonnet is just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, and dem chubby cheeks - I DIE! 

Claire and Joe’s intro was lovely! I totally got an excited jolt when he walks in and immediately makes his way to her - like recognizes like! Friendship from the first moment!


Shell of a man is how everyone had been describing what Jamie would be, and shell he was. Down to the way he walked and carried himself (at times even doubled over like he had a serious case of appendicitis), every step he took was unsure, laboured. He stood folded within himself. Even when he spoke, the lackluster way he said things, there was no recognizing the man he used to be. Only in very few glimpses did the old Jamie peek out. Ian described it perfectly when he said Jamie’s phantom limb was his missing heart.

I’d been very apprehensive about how the show would handle him and Mary, but was pleasantly surprised to see just how close they stayed to the book. It was awkward and sad, and made me feel exactly as I did when I read it in the book. I loved the addition of him being unable to open his eyes, just as Claire couldn’t look at Frank, Jamie couldn’t look at Mary. And even though he gave her the kindness of saying “It’s something I do”, we know and Mary too knew it for the lie it was. 

Additional Thoughts:

- I loved how everyone had something to surrender in some way, shape or form. From Jenny surrendering Jamie to the redcoats which was deeply laced with a bitterness that he’d forced her hand, forced to give him up. Their last convo was so much more than just a show for the redcoats - she meant every word she yelled back at him - she would never forgive him for forcing her hand the way he did. To Ian surrendering his freedom for Jamie’s - and later Jamie doing the same for them. To Fergus losing his hand because he refused to surrender to the redcoats all episode, his defiance lost him his hand. To Frank surrendering to the realization he’ll NEVER have Claire back. To the professor who had to surrender to the changing times whether he liked it or not. To Claire surrendering her sexuality knowing nothing she did would be enough to satisfy that part of her she lost with Jamie. To Mary surrendering to the realization that even as Jamie kissed her, he wasn’t with her in the moment. There were so many levels of relinquishment in this ep that no one came out unscathed.

- Can’t wait to see Claire kick all kindsa ass in the next ep as Dr Claire! Seriously, when that professor was like “Alright Gentlemen” when he knew she was sitting right there, I was even more ready for CEBRF to dominate these assholes! 

- Anne Kenney’s comeback was well worth it! She totally made up for 2x08

- As apprehensive and critical as I’ve been, there’s no denying s3 has started off amazingly. Strong and true in tone and motivation for Claire and Jamie. Moments I thought would leave me ragey, so far, haven’t.  I even didn’t mind the expansion of Mary’s character (though NGL she got to do something I always wished we’d see Claire do - Shave Jamie lol). Moments I thought would be pushed to their unnecessary limits, haven’t. YET. 2 straight eps I’ve enjoyed, and I’m really, genuinely looking forward to next week’s ep! 

- “We’re here for the Dunbonnet. He wears a brown hat to cover his red hair” *literally the next scene* Jamie with his free flowing long-ass hair with a bonnet that concealed fuckall! I honestly don’t see why they unnecessarily over exaggerated his hair/beard as much as they did. The wigs in general were just terrible lol (feel like I’m gonna be saying that a lot)

- Curious to see whether they can keep this momentum going, but by all accounts they haven’t fucked this season up yet, as a lot of us were fearful they might. Next week has nothing problematic in terms of story, and I think we’re ALL looking forward to Claire and Frank’s epic showdowns to the end, and Jamie’s search for his white witch!

- One more major hurdle, guys! I have but one hurdle left to go and I don’t have to think about it for a blessed 2 weeks!

season 6 au: epic main street showdown between regina and the evil queen, with no one daring to intervene until (a portal opens) little john and roland step through

and roland, delighted to find that he’s coming home to not one but two reginas instead, demands to know whether this means double the usual amount of waffles at breakfast, not to mention twice as many stories at bedtime

Romione Fic...

Hey all…

Is there a fanfic where Lavender isn’t an idiot?

Hear me out.

For some odd reason - which has yet to be explained to me - a lot of people hate Ron Weasley. And this… I don’t understand, b/c Ron Weasley is possibly one of the greatest characters ever. And my question is…Why does Hermione Granger get a free pass?

Allow me to explain.

(I think it matters to say here that I am a 35 year old woman, who’s teenage years are far behind her, which allows her some perspective)

Hermione Granger is an amazing feminist character (whether or not the author intended her to be that way is not the question here), but in being a feminist character, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she gets to be a raging bitch, b/c hey, feminism. That’s actually the opposite of the entire point of feminism, b/c feminism means that both genders are treated equally…And anyone want to tell me who in the Golden Trio seemingly always gets the shit end of the stick?!?!?!?

This is not to say that Ron didn’t act like a douche sometimes. Of course he did, he was a teenager, who already had massive issues w/ self-worth & inadequacy, growing up in a family where he felt that he was always the least loved. And I don’t understand how, in fandom, it seems like Hermione’s feelings get all this consideration & sympathy, while it feels like Ron’s feelings are just met w/ a “get over yourself.”


And that’s why I wanna find a fanfic in which Lavender isn’t some bimbo. I want to read a fanfic in which Hermione gets put to task, not b/c I don’t love her (cuz I do), but b/c I feel that Ron’s actions in HBP…Are kinda…Normal? Ron has never felt wanted, not by a member of the opposite sex. Hermione has (does no one remember Victor Krum?!?!?). Why is it thatHermione gets to have that experience, but Ron doesn’t?!?!?

I mean… Am I the only one in fandom who would want to see an epic Lavender/Hermione showdown? I kinda get that Lavender was written has a piece of fluff in the books, but I think I would love to read a fanfic in which Lavender (or some other love interest, who knows?) puts Hermione to task for expecting Ron to just know how she feels, when she spends a good amount of time…shitting on him? Like…Even if it wasn’t for the whole “we were stupid teenagers” thing…Doesn’t that hold merit, a little bit?

And before anyone says anything - they need each other. I completely & utterly believe that Ron & Hermione are meant to be together. I think they make perfect sense, they click in ways that I don’t even think they fully understand. I believe that Ron is Hermione’s heart, while Hermione is Ron’s head. I think they complete each other - not to say that they were incomplete w/out each other, but I think that they’re better people, more complete people themselves, w/ the other by their side. I think Ron knows Hermione a shitload better than she thinks he does. I think Hermione has a love/hate relationship w/ all the feelings Ron brings out in her - hates the way that he can make her lose her head, but loving the fact that he does, & can.

But… I kinda feels to me that people seem to think that Hermione “settled”, that Ron doesn’t deserve her, like she’s some perfect paragon of virtue. She isn’t. No one is. These are imperfect characters, these are human characters, who fuck up & say shitty things, & can sometimes act like complete & utter douchebags. That’s why I wanna read a fanfic in which Hermione is treated like…A human? Not “the brightest witch of her age”, not some incredibly intimidating person who people are afraid of.

No. I want to read a fanfic in which, for once, Hermione does some reflecting. In which it’s pointed out that it’s kinda fucked up that he almost had to die for her to speak to him in HBP. That she needs to do some growing up, too.

Ya know?

You know, if felt like Wizards was setting up for this epic Jace v. Vraska showdown since, like, forever ago, and they kept throwing little hints at it and I was just WAITING for there to be an epic confrontation.

But turns out they were just building up to Jace and Vraska becoming best friends and going on adventurers together. If I could go back in time and tell younger me reading The Gorgon and the Guildpact this, she’d call me a damn liar and slap me across the mouth.

The Final Problem: The Message from Miss Hudson to Mycroft Holmes, 1996

Twenty years ago, Sherlock Holmes spent the summer in America. While he was there a grisly double-murder caused the local law enforcement great trouble. They couldn’t convict the man – he was about to walk free.  This was, of course, until Sherlock Holmes offered his deductions and testified in court. Frank Hudson, ruthless criminal, philanderer, and drug dealer, was sentenced to death.  His wife, Martha Hudson, with whom he had no children, was relieved to finally spring free from his dangerous web. However, there was one person Sherlock did not mean to cross – Frank Hudson’s daughter from another woman. This woman vowed from that day on, if ever Sherlock Holmes were to fall in love, that she would be there to take that all away from him, to take what he took from her. She, from wealth and power funded from that cartel until Sherlock left her “penniless and abandoned” (TAB), sent a message to Mycroft Holmes. The message read as follows:

“From this moment on, Sherlock Holmes has made an enemy of me. I will be in your orbit for the rest of my life. I will take from him what he took from me. You will alert me as soon as he falls in love. The code word is "Love”. Once I hear the word, I will abandon my work to start anew. If you do not do exactly as I say, millions of British citizens will die. I have consulted James Moriarty, to keep an eye on your brother until I am notified. He is a fan of his work and will be watching every online blog, every news outlet for information on his well-being. If I find out Sherlock has fallen in love from him and not from you, millions of people will die.”

I present to you Miss Morstan, who suffered greatly at the loss of her father in The Sign of Four by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In this version, she is Miss Hudson.

There is a letter game running through BBC Sherlock. Thank you @teaandforeshadowing for pointing me to this official Sherlock Youtube channel clue.

Miss Hudson, who has reached out to various people in her attempt to take down Sherlock Holmes, has her minions coded in vowels. AEIOUY – These represent four people in her web. Let’s start with “A”:

This is Janine Hawkins. Her last name changed to “Donlevy” in The Abominable Bride. Keep in mind she is one of the monstrous regiment Mary leads Sherlock to in the crypt. 

“Donlevy” is a callback to Laurie King’s Novel “The Beekeeper’s Apprentice” where Sherlock Holmes solves a mystery at Sussex Downs involving Patricia Donleavy, Moriarty’s relation. 

It is important to note that Janine’s last name is missing the “A” – just like the newspaper clipping Sherlock saw floating past his head in The Abominable Bride. The clip read “Body of Sea Captin Found in Chapel”. Again, missing the “A”. Arwel Jones, the television show’s production designer sent cryptic tweets with the letter “A” mysteriously capitalized in the middle of a word. This is because they’re playing a letter game. 

This is “E”:

Mary Morstan found out about her and “Redbeard” when she threatened Magnussen at CAM Tower. She wasn’t there just to kill him. She wanted more. 

This is I, O, and U:

Here you can hear Sherlock saying “IOU” to himself and Molly enters the shot. She asks him about it. He doesn’t answer. Keep in mind Molly – along with Janine – was one of the women who haunted Sir Eustace in The Abominable Bride. She was the one who killed him, actually. I think she’ll be used more against her will in episode 3, but it’s important to note she will be manipulated in the grand, villainous scheme. 

And, last but not least, we have “Y”:

See the “Y” in blood on his lips? Yep. He’s the consulting criminal that’s helped make this all a reality. He’ll be back in The Final Problem to ask Sherlock “Is this silly enough for you yet? Gothic enough?” – but these questions will be to the audience, as well, seeing series four has been very, very wonky so far. Too dramatic. That’s because we’re rewatching “The Abominable Bride”. He’ll tell Sherlock “It’s not real”. This should be the moment we become grounded in reality – or at least right after. At this moment we’ll be told just why this whole series has been so hard to follow. Patience, patience, everyone. We’re not even to the good part yet. 

Do you know why “Staying Alive” was always a problem for Moriarty? Because it was in his contract to not kill Sherlock even though it would be fun. Miss Hudson never allowed for that. 

Why do you think Mrs. Hudson gave Sherlock a “special deal”? Mycroft, who’s been aware of this impending problem for years, asked her to “look after him…. please”. She has always been a mirror for John – knowing this it’s easy to see Mycroft went to her, too. Mycroft has been playing chess, putting his pieces in position without anyone knowing.

He tried everything he could to make sure Sherlock never fell in love. It was for everyone’s good. Caring is not an advantage. 

Mycroft upgrades their surveillance status immediately as this happens:

And then he gave the codeword “Love” to Miss Hudson to let her know the game is on, so she dropped everything, betrayed her group, and left. 

In The Final Problem we’ll see “Mary” still alive, Moriarty back from the “dead”, our wonky perception disappear, and a monstrous regiment of women (AEIOU) wait to take Sherlock down. Remember, we’re watching The Abominable Bride again. Mary will jump out of the shadows at the last moment, alarming John and tipping off Sherlock of the long game. 

But you’re wondering about Mycroft, about the government? No, those players don’t matter. Moriarty had to distract Mycroft and Sherlock in order for Miss Hudson’s pieces to better close in. Too busy solving the bomb under parliament? Mary inched closer. Too busy solving the Mayfly Man? Mary inched closer. Too busy getting to Magnussen? Mary inched closer. 

You want this to be some epic Moriarty/Government showdown? It won’t be. This is about love and revenge. Simple. Pedestrian. Tedious. 

But this is a love story, after all. 

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