an endless shine


“Kit where are you taking me?!” You were laughing as Kit pulled out of his car and up a hill.

“Hold on baby, we’re almost there.” he said urging you to go faster.

Once you reached the top of the hill your breath caught in your throat. The night sky seemed endless, stars shining brightly against the black of the sky. There were no city lights, no cars around.

“It’s beautiful” you said eyes never leaving the sky.

“That’s why I wanted to bring you here. It reminded me of you.” You looked down and met his eyes, “You’re beautiful [Y/N].”

You blushed under his gaze, he stared at you like you were his air. You felt him take your hand and when you looked up he was down on one knee.

“[Y/N],” he started “I haven’t had an easy life. There are a lot of things about me you don’t know. But when I’m around you I forget all those things. [Y/N], you are the reason I’m still here. I see your face every where; in the flowers, in the stars,” he gestured up to the sky. You could see the tears in his eyes and you felt yours well up as well. “I love you. I love you so damn much. There aren’t many things I need in life but one of those things is you. So please, [Y/N] please, make me the happiest man alive. Marry me baby?”

You sunk down to your knees, and kissed him. You kissed him with every fiber of your being. You loved him so much.

When you pulled away gasping Kit let out a small laugh. “Was that a yes?”

You laughed, nodding furiously “Yes. Yes! Yes, a thousand times yes. I love you Kit.” You kissed him again, he kissed you back just as fiercely before pulling away just enough to slip the ring he had on your hand.

“I love you baby.”

You both laid there on that hill until the sun began to rise, neither wanting to leave the others’ arms. You couldn’t be happier.


Black Sabbath ~ Planet Caravan

We sailed through endless skies
Stars shine like eyes
The black night sighs

The moon in silver trees
Falls down in tears
Light of the night

The earth, a purple blaze
Of sapphire haze in orbital ways

While down below the trees
Bathed in cool breeze
Silver starlight breaks dawn from night

And so we pass on by
The crimson eye of great god Mars
As we travel the universe


Warnings: None.

Word Count: 636

Summary: Based off – Imagine Dean being chased out of a mall by a store detective, and snatching a bunch of flowers for you as he runs to the car.


You looked out of the Impala, sitting patiently, waiting for Dean’s return. You watched through the windows of the mall as people scurried round buying things they didn’t need. It made you smile though, to think that they were so oblivious to what was going on around them. They had no need to worry about what was around the next corner; demons, vampires, werewolves. The list was endless.

The sun was shining bright down on the vehicle and you could feel yourself beginning to slowly bake. Where was he? What the hell is taking so damn long? You thought to yourself while scanning faces to try to find him.

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Hello, I was waiting for you

날데려가줄래 to the galaxy (mayday)

Will you take me to the galaxy (mayday)

끝없는 emergency 

Endless emergency

Here 어둠속에빛을내는 universe

Here shining in the darkness, the universe 

- Galaxy, Ladies’ Code (x)


Hello everyone, it’s been some time~
I have been doing solo activites in Korea, enjoying and doing my best!

I feel really happy to have everyone cheering and supporting me, listening to songs filled with all my thoughts and feelings. Also, I appreciated the endless support given by SHINee members.

The activities for Year 2015 is starting, I will work even harder!

Source: SHINee WORLD J + PLUS | S.M Entertainment Japan Inc
Credit: minoutshine
English Translations: Forever_SHINee[4]