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“What is it about wearing a tuxedo or that little black dress, that makes us feel confident, beautiful, splendid, even invincible? We put on formal wear and suddenly we become extraordinary. On the days when you feel low and invisible, why not try this on for size: imagine you are wearing a fantastic tailored tuxedo or a stunning formal gown. And then proceed with your day.”


{8.14.17} 3/100

“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself"

Today I started an online JavaScript class and decided to take some notes. I want to learn a couple of coding languages. It seems like a great skill to have in this day and age.


AN: A friend of mine sent this in and though she isn’t on Tumblr anymore it is still something I feel the need to post. This is sorta bittersweet I guess. Anyway, the request was to write about a rainy day with John. As someone who loves rainy days, this was wonderful to write. 

Pairing: John Laurens x Reader

WC: 1978+

Warning(s): Smut; Descriptions of sex; Mostly fluff; Descriptions of thunderstorms

Tags: @rphamilton @hamimagines @a-schuylerr @moonlighting-hope (Let me know if you wanna be tagged!)

All day rain is his favorite kind of weather.

John loves a storm that rises and falls in intensity as it carries itself throughout the day. The kind of weather that makes a quiet house feel like the eye in the middle of the storm. He adores the serenity of the rainstorm. It’s a “gentle tempest”, as he likes to call it.

When the first drops of rain hit the roof, morning is just breaking. You open your eyes slowly and immediately meet his. Perhaps waking up to the sight of someone else’s eyes on you as you sleep should be alarming. Maybe even a little jarring. But you smile softly and kiss his nose.

It’s just John.  

His eyes are sleepy and his smile is lazy. His curls frame his face. You reach out to cup his cheek, stroking the freckles that seem to multiply everyday. His hand overlaps yours and you lie there listening to the rain with your legs tangled together.

After a long while, he yawns and kisses your palm. Then he moves leisurely down your arm to your shoulder and neck. He pulls you close as he kisses your jaw. He presses the two of you together gently as he kisses your lips.

You can taste his lethargy as his lips move in tandem with the rain.

But then you yawn and that ends the kiss. A light giggle bursts from your mouth at his unamused stare. You peck his forehead and roll out of bed. He groans in discontent. You wander over to the window and peek out at the world that can’t seem to touch you. Reality is just beyond your reach.

The storm is your safe haven.

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Greenaway: Gideon, will you tell him that I don’t need to go to the hospital?
Gideon: Regulations are regulations. You’re all right?
Greenaway: Yeah, I’m fine, ‘dad.’
Gideon: Elle?
Greenaway: Yeah?
Gideon: Don’t ever call me 'dad’ again. [walks away]
Greenaway: [to Reid] How do you think he’d feel about 'mom?’
Reid: Let me know when you’re going to do that, so I can run.
—  Elle Greenaway, Jason Gideon, Spencer Reid. Season 1 Episode 9. Criminal Minds quote of the day.