an elegant beauty

Tips for angels💖

🌹 Drop essential oils or perfume on the shower floor before taking a shower!       This will make you smell even better after you take a shower because of the steam. Just make sure to only use two or three drops, too much can be harmful and can smell too strong! 

🌹 Drink lots of water. Keep your body and skin hydrated, love! 

🌹 Wear ribbons, bows, silky fabrics, lace, and faux fur. <3

🌹 decorate your room with whites, soft pinks and blues, and some browns. Add flowers (fake or real) to your room for an even more delicate feel!

🌹 wear pearls and jewels!

🌹 drink tea as you gaze out of your window to bring yourself to a calmer state.

🌹 practice fixing your posture! 

🌹 be more polite and kind around others.

🌹 smile gently to people around you to show your elegance and kindness.

🌹 place flowers like white roses, daisies, and magnolias in your hair!