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Vocaloid Song Master List

EDIT: This has been updated! …Again! As per the usual I’ve gone through and added all the new songs I’ve happened to stumble across and ended up liking. I’ve put stars next to the new songs in case you wanted to look at only the added ones! I hope you enjoy!

Seeing as this is only months after the last time I updated, there aren’t as many new songs as last time. The last time I updated it had probably been around a year since I last touched the list, so…yeah. Not as much new content this time, but I figured it would be good to update this before it became to tedious to do so ^^’

I actually made this for my good friend Blacklands, but I figured, hey, if you guys want some good Vocaloid tunes to listen to and don’t know where to start, here you go! Now you know all the stuff I jam to on a daily basis.

Inspiration for everything I do usually comes from listening to Vocaloid music. Hollah.

IMPORTANT: Sooo tumblr is being stubborn and refusing to show all of the links I spent hours putting together, so I decided to put this whole word document in my stash on DeviantART. If you’re lazy and don’t want to go through the effort of looking up these songs, my stash has all of the links attached. This time I didn’t go through and check all of the links to see if they’re broken or not, seeing as that’s like 200-300 songs I have to go through…a very, very long process. So! If you click on a link and it no longer works, please let me know and I will fix it ASAP.
Here’s the link:

Well…here we go, then!

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Imizu Asuhi Icons (Mikagura School Suite)

Requested by anonymous! I felt that I would have done it, regardless, considering I couldn’t find any Imizu icons anywhere. 

Hopefully, it’s easy to see improvement from this dump, compared to the other two I’ve done! The amount of editing I do to the actual icons are minimal, but the amount of screenshots I took was phenomenal. (Especially in Lethargic Coup d'etat!) 

But I still have more than one icon of the same exact picture. Oops.

Sources are from After School Stride, Lethargic Coup d'etat, Ecstatic Vivace, Trashy Innocence, as well as novel art and official art by AKINA! 

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Icon Count: 60

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popcorn-otters  asked:

marceline ::>?

Most Certainly…Undoubtedly…A Goddess!!
An Ecstatic Vivace
Common World Domination
LA Devotee
I Want You
New Machines
El Paradiso

soalxlia  asked:

Usagi sensei, how can or do i get into Mikagura School Suite or what steps should i take to get into the series (the songs, manga or light novel) if you don't mind can Usagi also put it in order for an individual to get into Mikagura School Suite (I MEAN THERE DOESN'T HAVE TO BE AN ORDER FOR SOMEONE TO GET INTO A SERIES BUT JUST FOR ME I WANT TO KNOW HOW DO YOU)

hello lia!!

also i’m not sensei so b s

i hope you don’t mind me publishing this ask! i mean, so other people who wanted to get into this series can look into this post too!! ;; v ;;

Mikagura School Suite wiki: Here

Mikagura-scans group: Here

Song series (in order) :

  1. After-School Stride –> Eruna’s song (NND / YT)
  2. A Lethargic Coup d'état –> Yuuto’s song (NND / YT)
  3. An Ecstatic Vivace –> Himi’s song (NND / YT)
  4. Trashy Innoncence –> Kyouma’s song (NND / YT)
  5. Seeing a Sixteen-Day-Old Moon –> Asuhi’s song (NND / YT)

Also the rest of the song from the album that haven’t got PVs yet (not in order):

  • overture
  • Esoragoto Spiral –> Seisa’s song
  • Hanafubuki Reflect –> Sadamatsu’s song
  • Sekirara Candy –> Otone’s song
  • Fujouri Roulette –> Bimii’s song
  • Kakushinteki Heroism –> Shigure’s song

Manga translations: Here

Novel translations: Here

Also, if you have more questions, you can ask tumblr user pika09, since she’s a big fan of Mikagura and knows a lot of things about the series more than i do!;;;;

Mikagura Seisa Icons (Mikagura School Suite)

Haven’t posted some icons in a while, and I figured, hey, why not do the girl who’s gonna be a faceclaim in one of my rp blogs? 

I’m happier with my icon making skills, although they’re still basic. No fancy borders or anythin’. 

Sources for these icons are official art, pv’s, and novels by AKINA! (I can’t bring myself to make icons of fanart, for whatever reason…)

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Icon Count: 36


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anonymous asked:

How would one start mikagura school suite? i really want to get into it but i dont know how to start. Thanks;;

Hi!!! I’m glad you’re interested in Mikagura School Suite. As for where to start, you’ve come to the wrong place, because I am not a major player in the MSS fandom.

HOWEVER I will do my best ☆~(ゝ。∂), sorry if I do a shitty job on introducing stuff or forget important people.

So ok first of all MSS started as a Vocaloid song series by Last Note. (mylist) with videos illustrated by Akina (pixiv). These two are regarded as the main creators of MSS, and they are involved in all of the MSS stuff.

The first song is called After-School Stride and introduces the main character, Ichinomiya Eruna. So far there are 5 songs, but there will be more. The other songs are A Lethargic Coup d’Etat (Akama Yuuto’s song), Ecstatic Vivace (Yasaka Himi), Trashy Innocence (Kuzuryuu Kyouma), and Seeing a Sixteen-Day-Old Moon (Imizu Asuhi). Even if you don’t get into the series, I recommend the songs as they are very good songs in their own right and have some really good covers, too, if you’re not into Vocaloid.

A quick aside - I haven’t mentioned the story yet and I should here. It’s probably best described as a supernatural-slice-of-life. Ichinomiya Eruna (the protag) is a first-year and her favorite thing is cute girls. Her overly-affectionate cousin is like GO TO MY SCHOOL and she does because the girl in the pamphlet is cute. The school is kind of wonky because everyone is required to be in a club and they kind of have battles between clubs and everyone has really cool powers related to their club. Eruna thus embarks on her exciting new school life and tries to find a club that she wants to join, while duking it out with all of her cute classmates (everyone is cute, imo). Also, there is humor. It makes me laugh, like it is supposed to.

There are kind of a lot of characters but you can get a quick look at their character profiles here. There are even more minor characters but they don’t really have full official profiles yet.

Those profiles were translated by Ame, who also translated the songs I linked above. She’s also translated the first chapter of the manga and some of the first novel, which you can find on the Mikagura Scans site, along with other MSS-related goodies.

Speaking of the manga and novels, let’s talk about those. The manga is drawn by Sayuki and is serialized in Comic Gene, so if you’re hardcore, you can read the delayed raws on pixiv  or Comic Walker every month (only the most recent chapter and the first chapter though). Otherwise, you can read the scanlated manga here, but like I said earlier, there’s only one chapter done (out of 16 at this time). 

The novels are written by Last Note and cover/inside illusts are by Akina and the inside fold-out color illusts are glorious and adorable and you can check them out  (the fold-outs, not the whole book) at full-ish size on the MF Bunko Website. Everyone is really cute, why. Anyway like I said the novel only has a little bit translated.

Anyway the recent big news that probably got the word of MSS to your anonymous ears is the fact that it is getting an anime!! No one knows when it’s airing, but statistics show it’ll probably be in about a year’s time. The official anime website is here and is not very chock-full of information yet, but we’ll see. Also the official MSS site is here but all of the info on there is stuff already translated on Mikagura scans blog.

The anime thing is pretty exciting because, even though BRS and MCA were uh kinda disappointing, we are excited anyway because 1. getting excited is fun and 2. the studio doing MSS is Dogakobo who did Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and Yuruyuri and other things

Anyway I’ve been talking like Ame is the only MSS translator on this planet and she is not. Other people I have seen active in the fandom are pika09 who does a lot of updates on merch and releases and fanart, and littleplanet17 who obviously likes Asuhi a lot and does summaries of the novels and the first part of the manga, though I think you have to hunt through their MSS tag a little find them. I really don’t know anyone else whose blog is MSS-centric I’m so sorry /cries into hands, please tell me if there are other people who do stuff.

I’ve done like exactly one contribution to the MSS fandom and that’s the ch. 16 summary of the manga since as far as I could tell most everyone has kind of given up on the manga??? It is a rather intriguing story though and I think I will continue to do chapter summaries since this time I just did it on a whim but it was really fun and interesting. I mean I caught onto the story kind of despite not having read most of the manga so you should be fine reading it after a brief introduction.

That got so long I’m sorry if I overwhelmed you but that’s MSS in a nutshell!! Nutcase!! Something like that.

Oh yeah one last thing pls buy the manga/novel/merch whatever to support the original artists if you can!! You can buy physical copies on Amazon or CDJapan/HMV/YesAsia (these are english sites) or digital copies from Bookwalker! Amazon and the e-book sites are in Japanese but it’s really simple to buy them via PayPal and I can always help if you get stuck. Even if you can’t read Japanese, buying them feels so cool and you can look at the super pretty illusts so it’s nice. 

Edit: I totally forgot but there’s a MSS wiki and it’s pretty detailed so by all means go check it out! There are spoilers tho, not that spoilers are really a big deal in this series.

Minatogawa Sadamatsu Icons (Mikagura School Suite)

The lack of Minato icons/images/art saddens me. I’m sure there will be more in the future, but I can’t wait that long!

I’m improving, if only slightly. I think I’m satisfied with this dump, in particular. 

Sources for these icons are from all the PV’s, official art, and novel art! 

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Icon Count: 30


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Gumi ~ An Ecstatic Vivace


 An Ecstatic Vivace