an early merry christmas wish :)


Moshi moshi \(^▽^)/ Su is here….! 2016 is about to end in two or three weeks. I spent a whole year here. i never expected this year will be so special to me thanks to all you guys. a month ago i hit 2k but this ff is not to celebrate my followers count. i made this ff to wish my followers, mutuals, and senpais a merry early christmas!! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ).  thank you so much for following my blog. i cannot explain how grateful i am to every single on of you. i wish i could thank you all a million of times.i hope everyone has a beautiful day bc you all deserve this!!! pls always be so kind and lovely <33 also i am sorry for the dumb header i have no inspiration rn

·  To my mutuals: last year i made this blog and started to make edits about this time.gradually, this blog started to gain followers and as days passed i get to meet so many amazing and kind people who always make my day better. everybody here, we all have our busy and tiring daily life..sometimes this things become so essential that we cannot even take a bit rest and work restlessly but as for me, when i open this site and start talking to you, get to know you better, i feel like everyday i can pass more lively. idk what will happen in future, how long we will be together. one day we may all have to go on our separate ways…but even if that day comes, even one day we cannot live so peacefully like now..i want to tell you all that i am really glad i met you, i talked to you, i became friends with you….thank you so much for following me, for reblogging posts from me, for liking my edits, thank you so much everything, for every single thing you have done. i want to cherish my tumblr experience with everyone *TIGHTHUGS*~ ♡

here i start….

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Up to Snow Good

- Holiday Prompt Day Eleven - December 11th -

wonho x reader


871 words

anon nymph wished– Hi!~ can you write, from the holiday prompts, #12 and #25 with Wonho? Thank you in advance❤ and Merry (early) Christmas🎄

Hi love! Thank you so much for your wish! I do hope you enjoy it! and Merry (early ;) ) Christmas to you as well! ^^


#12 I’ve never seen a white Christmas

#25 You know I can’t ice skate

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The Right Moment

Starfireten: Hey guys it’s finally time to publish a one-shot once again and finally for one of my favorite otps, GRUVIA!! I’m so happy and I hope it’s good. This is how I wanted to interpret when Gray and Juvia wake up after for who knows how long. I hope you all like it and please read and review! 

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail or the characters, they all belong to Hiro Mashima! 

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hiharry66  asked:

Dear Santa,

Write a Letter

Hey, i do hope you’re listening. For one thing, awesome job on keeping up with all the kids and even some of the older folk.

I will admit, my belief of and in you isn’t all there. But I do think you are there in some form.

I hope you’re doing well and keep up the hard work. And I wish you a (very early) Merry Christmas

I summarized the current event, but it seems I was too late since somebody else already translated it~ Well, it’s a pity to just let this sit on my laptop, so I’ll just leave this here - but I think it’s best to see the translations instead if you haven’t~

It’s a rather cute story about Ensemble Stars’ pair of curious twins and Heroes-of-Justice-turned-Santa.

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[FROM.IU] 131222 How long has it been?! - 9:33 PM

It’s not even the day my original composition was released, or Christmas yet, why is there a from.iu post during a time like this!!!

Just leaving a message while passing through here. How have you been Uaena!! It’s the winter solstice today, have you had your patjuk (red bean soup) yet?! Of course I’ve had mine. Red bean is really yummy isn’t it? Putting red bean and rice cake together in a bowl and eating that is really exciting!!

Time is passing by really quickly~ I’m almost done filming my drama, had my 4 rounds of concert, released by repackaged album and what else was there again… Well I’m still just like before, enjoying myself, going through tough times, getting angry, feeling happy, getting hurt, being healthy.. and stuff keke You guys’ve been well right? (TL note: LOL she’s like asking and answering her own questions) It’s almost Christmas. I probably won’t be able to leave a from.iu message on that day. If I’m free, I’ll make a surprise visit before I go off again~ Thanks to you guys, my upcoming Christmas will be really warm..kekeke Thank you. A lot more fans came to see me than I expected, so I was really happy!! I’ll work harder to compose songs in future. Receiving love for my original compositions is a different feeling indeed! I feel like I’m receiving love not just for my voice, but for my thoughts, my emotions.mood.the days that have gone by.. hehe thank you Uaena.

For me, this Christmas has really been the busiest, hardest, saddest, yet absolutely delightful.. it’s crazy keke. What I can be certain of is that because of this winter, spring next year will be most sparkly and aromatic spring I’ve ever experienced.. You have no idea what I’m talking about right? I’ve no idea what I’m talking about either, but somehow it just feels that way~ keke

Uaena, no matter what happens, just smile. There are less than 10 days left to go for this year. Let’s just tell ourselves deep inside it’s okay it’s okay and get through this. With a resolution to really start living properly from next year onwards? keke I’m going to be like that.. kekeke Even though I know for a fact that I won’t be able to live properly like I thought!! For the remaining 10 days, no matter what difficulties I have to go through, I’ll just bear with it and get this over with. Hope everyone does that too! Also, don’t get too excited during the end of the year!

Let’s just calmly~ sum up this year!! Uaena is my official fancafe, so I’ll officially post a few photos that came out well (On-the-way-to-Seoul-concert-on-Sunday-persimmon-U. Together-with-snowman-U. Almost-froze-to-death-while-doing-the-album-jacket-photoshoot-U. Fallen-leaves-U) and be on my way. Today isn’t a special day or anything, so I don’t know how I should end my message kekeke Umm! It’s still a bit too early to wish everyone merry christmas.. umm… let’s just go just one! two! three! annyeong!!!! kekeke one two~ three! annyeong!!!!!!! (not looking back and running off)


Chipmunk manager’s tweet: It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. One, two, three, annyeong~!! ㅋ

Translated by squishy with love


So I’m here to early wish you all guys a Merry Christmas and an happy end of the year!! Thank you all for being so nice to me ;; All the happiness for you guys :3
Since I will travel with my parents next saturday (13th) this blog will run on queue until 29th (I guess), but if I got internet there I will try reblog something lmao. Btw this FF was rushed because I have no time bc everything is a mess on home, so I probably forgot tons of people OTL (please forgive me)

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Hey!♥ This Follow Forever is to thank u guys for being awesome! u guys are the best, it makes me smile everytime i see one of u on my dash or reblog me and all of that dsjlka c: also MERRY CHRISTMAS and happy new year a bit early  i wish u the best luck ever and if this wasnt a good year i hope the next one will be better. 

I havent been active lately like i used to and its been a while since I’ve done some graphics and all but now that the exams are over ill be back more than ever if games let me  dsjkalxd and try to make graphics as beautiful as some of u guys do :c

Also thank u for 1.3k Followers, its a lot, i dont think i deserve u guys:c dsjalk. anyway thank u for everything♥ keep being aMAYzing! c:

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SOMANYPEOPLE:C im sure i forgot a lot of u guys:ccc and sorry if i didnt add u in this FF but keep in mind that i love u too!♥

PD: sorry for the shitty graphic dsjak:c

Hello everyone!! 

I’ve been putting this off for so long, but after I finished Zankyou no Terror I finally found the motivation to throw something together to celebrate reaching 5k+!! Thank you guys so much for the constant support, you guys are the nicest omfg 

2014 has been a whirlwind, never did I expect to reach such a number. I’ve made countless amounts of friends, read a whole new bunch of shoujo manga and cried over so much anime through this year. It’s been super guys, and I’m really so grateful. 

I wish you guys all a Merry (early) Christmas!! (I want to say early happy new year too but I feel at a loss saying goodbye to 2014 already (゜´Д`゜))

Thanks so much for everything again! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ 


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Hi guys,

I wish you a belated Merry Christmas and early Happy New year for y’all. This is my first follow forever since I’ve been here and now that I surpassed the 800 followers, I would like to thank to all the people who makes my Tumblr experience as beautiful and amazing as it is. Especial thanks to my mutuals who glamourize my dashboard and makes me laugh every day and to all the people who follows my stories and writings. It has been a very busy/complicated year but also great things happened. Also to the Marco Reus blogs I follow, thank you very much for bless my eyes every day with lots of pictures of bae, it makes me really happy that I’ve found you in my life.

I hope you all had a great year and I wish 2016 is better and greater for everyone.

Now, the real thing:


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No one is bolded bc I love y’all the same. You guys are important and also have amazing blogs. I am really sorry if I forgot someone, it’s just there are too many blogs. Have a great day/evening/night. xx

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We’re wishing you an early Merry Christmas, and hope that the last episode of YOI lets all your dreams come true~