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Emma Watson was perfect for her character!

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Team Flash vs Killer Frost in The Once and Future Flash

wait wait wait wait. now dan and phil moving is great and all, but i have just now realized that for pinof9,,,,, there will be a different background than before. dan’s internet support group with be different. the gaming room will be different. evERYTHING WILL BE DIFFERENT.

brb c r y i n g 


“I never feel like I’m looking to get away from my own self. Not as much as I’m trying to get inside the mind of somebody else. That’s one of the things I was into as a kid growing up, I was always asking questions. I was always reading and trying to learn new skills. If I wasn’t making a movie, I was trying to master a new musical instrument or trying to teach myself how to shave with a straight razor. I had to find the weirdest things just to increase my understanding of other cultures or other arts or intellectual pursuits. I’ve just always sort of been mesmerized by our minds and how people think and how people react differently.”